Cool, brother, said the artist.Or when I get frustrated by my lack of progress.Or when I get scared others in my field will laugh because I’m producing art that is fresh and original instead of copied and derivative.Good, responded the billionaire as he rubbed his muscular abs.Albert Einstein wrote ‘Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.’Love that, spoke the artist exuberantly, displaying an expression that showed his growing pride in trusting his personal vision when it came to his craft.So, we should start there.The three companions were standing in front of the Taj Mahal.The structure was unspeakably sublime as they stared at it, a genuine testimony to the rewards of architectural and engineering mastery.I love India so much, declared the billionaire.One of the greatest nations on Earth.And this place, well, it’s one of The Seven Wonders of the World for a reason.Breathtakingly beautiful, right?True, admitted the entrepreneur as she sipped some very hot coffee.The billionaire held a large water bottle in his left hand.The hero does not become great during periods of comfort.The illustrious and noble souls of our world became strong, brave and moral whilst standing resolutely in the storms of adversity, difficulty and doubt.It is in the moment that you face your deepest weakness that you receive the chance to forge your greatest strengths.Real power, then, comes not from a life of ease but one of intense effort, devoted discipline and demanding action in the direction of what your supreme self knows to be right.To continue at a time when you ache to stop.To advance when you long to quit.To persist in the instant when you feel like giving up is to claim your membership among the great warriors and honorable characters who led humanity to a better place through their earned invincibility.Wow, uttered the artist.Some great poet wrote that?Nope, mentioned the billionaire.Out of the early morning mist appeared an impeccably dressed and very attractive aide.We’re all so happy you’re back in India, Sir.We have missed you, she uttered.Here’s what you asked for.The billionaire bowed slightly and gave his assistant a friendly smile.A spectacularly ornate pashmina shawl was handed to the titan, who stretched it out in the light.As you know, pashmina is a fine type of wool from Kashmir.The term itself translates into soft gold in the Kashmiri language.And if you saw it, you’d agree it looked so.It was all quite unique.Personal discipline is a muscle.The more you stretch it, the stronger it grows.Like other muscles, willpower weakens when tired.Recovery is, therefore, absolutely necessary for the expression of mastery.And to manage decision fatigue.Follow it explicitly for lasting results.Victory demands consistency and persistency.Following through on what is started determines the size of the personal respect that will be generated.The way you practice in private is precisely the way you’ll perform once you’re in public.I don’t wish for an easy life because there is no growth of my powers there.For this makes an iron will.And an unconquerable character.This shawl is my gift to you two, the industrialist went on.It will serve you brilliantly as you encode habits that endure.Within a few moments, an auto rickshaw sped up from an empty parking area off in the distance.Out came a smiling young man dressed smartly in a dark gray jacket, perfectly pressed trousers and polished brown shoes.Namaste, Arjun, said the billionaire as he clasped his hands together.Hey, Boss, was the warm reply of this assistant.Though his words were casual, the way he articulated them demonstrated immense respect for his employer.Please tell us, the entrepreneur requested.She carried a single legal notepad with a simple black rollerball pen.All the billionaire’s early talk of how the misuse of technology leads to the destruction of creativity and an extreme reduction in productivity was having a major impact on her.Like you two sweethearts, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who masterminded this marvel was very much in love.As a symbol of his devotion to and adoration of his wife, Mumtaz, after her death in 1631, he committed himself to the construction of a monument the likes of which the world had never seen.One so extravagantly sensational, staggeringly inspirational and structurally exceptional that all onlookers would understand the depth of this man’s affection as they experienced all its splendor.It does something to my heart when I look at it, murmured the artist, staring at the marble facade that glimmered in front of him.He squinted as the early morning rays struck his eyes.He was looking more fit, calm, confident and poised than the entrepreneur had ever observed.Me too, agreed the billionaire with a note of melancholy in his voice.Seeing the Taj Mahal isn’t just an excursion of the intellect.It’s also a resurrection of the spirit.It wakes even the numbest person up to what we, as human creatures, are capable of producing.But to continue, once the maharaja set his bold intention, his workers started the process of translating that lofty vision into a definite reality.Because, as you both now know, ambition without implementation is a ridiculous delusion.You two are now much more fluent in the insight that anything legendary requires generous amounts of industry, artistry and persistency.Mastery isn’t a sudden event.It really is a ceaseless process that may take years of painstaking craftsmanship, practice, sacrifice and suffering before the finished project intensifies to a level that moves the world.Anyone can be great for a minute.And that takes unusual grit and patience uncommon in these superficial times.The kind that the majority of society today has sadly failed to develop.Know what I mean?The billionaire was animated, energetic and completely jacked up.He threw an arm into the air and flashed the universal victory sign with two fingers.It seemed he did so just to protect his inspiration.And to insulate the fire that had been activated within his heart.Gray delivered an address for salespeople in the insurance industry.Well, offered the billionaire, from my recollection of the pamphlet that was made from the talk and then widely circulated to top sales professionals, he said, ‘I had been brought up on the popular belief that the secret of success is hard work but I had seen so many people work hard without succeeding that I became convinced hard work was not the real secret.’So, what was it? implored the artist impatiently.Dude, I’m getting to it, the magnate replied playfully.So, Albert Gray said, ‘This common denominator of success is so big, so powerful ..And it is? interjected the entrepreneur, equally unable to wait for the answer.And profound, observed the artist as he ran one hand down one dreadlock.He, too, sipped some now cold coffee.And the new routine becomes automated.The artist nodded, then stroked his goatee.He was thinking about his art.I truly have been limiting myself because of my insecurities, he thought, once again.I’m so worried about what others will say about my work that I’m not creating enough.I sort of just do what I want, anytime I want.Some days I have some drive, and other times I sleep all day.Some days I work hard.I’m like a cork bobbing in the water, with no steady direction.I play video games a lot, sometimes for many hours.And I have this habit of rushing to create paintings that sell fast when I need some money instead of slowing down and concentrating all my skill on the one opus that will define the extent of my expertise.And turn my whole field on its head by its genius.So, the billionaire expounded, returning to his story about the making of the Taj Mahal.Block of marble by block of marble carried from immense distances by over one thousand elephants, the army of craftsmen steadily erected the structure you’re seeing.They faced architectural roadblocks, environmental extremes and unexpected tragedies along the journey.Yet, they were focused, fearless and relentless, dazzlingly committed to doing whatever it took to get the emperor’s gorgeous dream done.Really incredible, you know, said the artist, as he surveyed the landmark.A butterfly sailed by.A few raindrops sprinkled on his face.And, believe it or not, more doves soared high above the billionaire’s head.It had a quote from Oscar Wilde on it that seemed to fit the newfound awareness of the businesswoman.It read, Be yourself.Everyone else is already taken.We all have the magic.Most of us don’t know how to use it, was the baron’s brief and mysterious reply.So, getting back to the Taj Mahal, after two decades, this mausoleum was complete, he remarked in a hushed tone.And humankind was given one of the greatest products of poetic audacity it has ever received.I’m beyond inspired, confided the entrepreneur.Thank you so much for bringing us here to Agra.I’m ever so grateful.The emperor must have really cared for his wife, mused the artist, delivering a penetrating reveal of the wonderfully obvious.He then looked intently at the entrepreneur.Her radiance went far beyond the basic beauty of starlets, models and women of high glamour.Hers was a quieter, more profound loveliness, the kind that makes sunrises special and moonbeams enchanting.He thought to himself that this woman’s magnetism comes from a place deeper than merely an attractive face.It was a charm born of struggle, an electricity emanating from hurt, an energy emitting through a formidable intellect and a prettiness formed by her robust resolve to step into a person of true power, wisdom and love.The Taj Mahal is such a direct metaphor for you cats to consider on the subject of staying with the commitment to a new habit through whatever hardships show up.And remaining sincere to your ideals not only in the seasons of comfort but especially when it all gets terrifically difficult.And that’s why this morning’s coaching is so exceedingly important.What you’re about to learn will help you implement so much of the philosophies I’ve shared with you up until now.Today’s session isn’t so much about why you should embrace the morning ritual of rising before the sun.It’s much more about how you can get this routine done.As a lifetime regime, explained the industrialist as he rubbed an earlobe like an imaginative child rubbing a magic lamp.Awesome, said the artist.Then let’s go!Two burly security guards then led the billionaire, the entrepreneur and the artist through a private entrance into the complex, usually reserved for heads of state, members of royalty and other global leaders.Once inside the monument, which was dark and still, the billionaire began his discourse.This is a fascinating, riveting, confusing and exciting period in the lifeline of the world.For those showing up as victims each morning, and every day, the future will be very hard, dangerous and frightening because they won’t know what hit them.And they’ll be absolutely unprotected to deal with the environmental, economic and societal upheaval that is coming.And transform all the confusion into a supreme sense of clarity, genius and calmness that allows them to win.The billionaire rubbed his turban and then, for some reason unknown to his two students, began to whisper.The first insight I’ll offer you here is that your brain is constructed for expansion.They’ll fight to the death on the ‘reality’ of why it’s impossible for them to accelerate their creativity, productivity, prosperity, performance and impact.They’ll totally try to get you to believe their rationalizations for being unable to materialize an amazing career and manifest an exquisite private life.They have given away their power to make change for so long, they’ve come to believe their powerlessness represents the truth.Neglect your power long enough and you’ll eventually believe you don’t have any.But, the reality of their conditions is a very different story.Yes, most people are passive instead of active builders of the ambitions within them.And then unconsciously they’ve manufactured a series of excuses about why they can’t show up as leaders in their work and capable creators of their lives because they’re so scared to leave the safety of their stuckedness and make the very improvements that would bring them to glory.The billionaire stopped to draw in a giant gulp of air.A ray of golden [su

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