The Captain's Daughter

This story is set in a relatively 'hard' sci-fi universe perhaps inspired a tiny bit by series like The Expanse, but please don't assume it's in that setting. Pretty much all consensual heterosexual sex. All characters are over 18.

They say you shouldn't sleep with the boss' daughter, but I broke that rule and have never been happier. It all started during my gig on the freighter 'Leaping Koi' that usually does runs to habitats in the other system.

I'd served with Captain Sato for just over three years when it started. We were in dry dock at Ironforge and he told us his daughter would be with us on the next run. We knew he'd been married years before, but didn't even know he had a daughter! I expected some little girl in a polka dot jumper, but when we saw her talking to the father she was definitely a woman.

Ironforge is a pretty big orbital habitat dedicated to shipbuilding and repair, so even a small independent freighter like the Koi could get a berth in the wheel so we could do the upgrade work in gravity. Bristol, Janey, Murtaugh and Trim had wandered off to the Resort deck for some R&R, but the captain and I were sticking around to oversee the work on the engines. It was mostly normal stuff: Just the usual replacement of worn parts and the software patches you'd expect after eighteen months out in the void. Bristol, the lead engineer, had given me a pretty solid checklist to work through.

That meant I was the first to see Sato walking this cute girl into the repair bay. For a moment I thought Sato had found himself a lover for the layover, but I could tell they were family by the way they hugged. I remember that head-tilt from my own folks, too. Obviously she's getting some version of the "Don't embarrass me" lecture.

The girl was dressed in a striped top that showed a hint of cleavage and flared pants that were probably back in style on Earth. She's carrying a duffel and wearing a backpack. Pretty normal for someone about to travel to another planet these days. I couldn't tell from a distance if it was new rookie spacer gear or some stuff with a few orbits on it.

The girl was undeniably cute. Short at maybe 155 centimeters or just over five feet for the old measures. She was a bit on the heavy side, but it looked good on her, with shiny black hair in a thick braid that reached to a nicely rounded butt. Even a cute ribbon tied in a bow at the end of the braid. Her face was cute: She had her father's Asian features and a broad smile that seemed to make everyone around her calm just by seeing it.

I was obviously smitten.

"So you're the engineer?" she said as she approached. I guess being knee-deep in an open engine compartment made it obvious.

"Junior engineer. Call me Oleg. You're Sato's daughter?" The captain was standing right behind her, smiling himself.

She blushed, but seemed curious about my work, "I'm Hina. Is that the interchange dad told me you had to fix in space a few months ago?"

The captain hurried her inside before I could answer, and said we'd meet later. I was disappointed: Repairing that interchange mid-flight had taken some serious skills, even if we did need to rip out my hasty patch job to do it right now.

After I'd put the interchange back together and started the self-test, I got cleaned up in the backup head down in engineering. I had a hotel room rented over on the habitat deck, but it'd take forever to head over there to change.

Trim and I met in the access way. Apparently he'd heard about our new guest and decided to check her out. He was mostly sober. Oscar 'Trim' Turnbul is a good guy and nearly as good a pilot as Janey (but don't tell her that). He's got his habits, though. When he's on leave he's usually drinking scotch like they've stopped exporting it from Earth.

"Excellent!" The Captain welcomed us into the tiny lounge, "Trim, Oleg: This is my daughter Hina. She'll be joining us on the next run. My intent is to have her shadow everyone on the ship to get some experience. She's taken some academy classes, but needs some real experience."

"Sure, captain. I can show her the cockpit." Trim smiled. He leered, to be honest about it. Thanks, Trim. I owe you one for blowing your chance like that.

Sato's smile turned cold. "Oleg, perhaps you can give her the tour of the ship?"

Trim had blown his chances with her, but I was still in the running. I graciously and politely accepted, and gave her the grand tour.

The 'Leaping Koi' is a bit over 60 meters tall, but a lot of that's the engines, fuel tanks, cargo grapples, and such. It's build like most 'Lighthouse' ships as a sort of tall tower with lots of small decks. Inside I've been in earth-side townhouses that have more living space, but you make do. The repair bay was a giant chamber with a scaffolding to hold our tiny ship in place while we worked on it.

I took Hina's duffel to be polite and we started in the rear. The lowest deck of a Sylph class is the engineering space and suit lockers where I tend to hang out. It connects to the central access shaft that is basically a big ladder up through the ship to the forward flight decks.

"So is this your first time?" I asked, when I was pretty sure the captain was otherwise out of earshot. I couldn't resist a little double entendre.

"For space, you mean?" she said with a smile. "First time further than a month trip to the moon."

I knew the Academy moon cruises. They use ancient little orbital shuttles that would be insanely risky if it wasn't a bunch of rookies lead by a veteran who made that run at least four times a year in one of the busiest transits around. That cruise was like piloting a sailboat down the Atlantic Coast. It sounds dangerous, but if you're followed the whole way by helicopters with instructors on board the danger is a lot less. It's scary, but pretty safe when it comes down to it.

The corridor was lined with access to small storage bays. The climb was pretty long and I noticed Hina didn't seem at all out of breath as we reached the main decks. The girl had nice legs, too.

There's a deck with four cabins on it that is the next on our tour. Captain Sato gets his own, of course, but they're all equipped for doubles in case we have a passenger or two on board. Janey's got the other single, while Murtaugh and I share one and Trim and Bristol share the other. Bristol's the other engineer, but he had to take some time for a family trip while I handled the repair work.

We've only got three cabins as the fourth is our tiny 'med bay' and I hadn't asked the captain where Hina would be staying, so fumbled a bit. "So, uh, these are the bedrooms. Captain's, Janey's, Me and Murtaugh. Trim and Bristol in the last one. So, uh..."

Smart girl, she could sense my confusion, "Oh, I'm supposed to bunk with Janey. Haven't met her yet, though?"

I dropped the duffel just inside Janey's room, followed by the backpack as Hina handed it to me. Rookie stuff, like I expected, but the backpack had seen some use and had a bunch of pins and patches on it. I dropped it into the cramped room. Hopefully someone would warn Janey she was sharing and the two women on board would work something out.

Next deck has our main head module and a small exercise chamber. Pretty standard stuff. I figured she'd get the hang of the head quick enough. The cutie rushed ahead to do the climb to the next deck first, and I considered maybe she wanted me to take a look at her legs and rounded butt.

Next deck was the galley and lounge. Not a huge space, but it's where the crew usually gathered when off duty. I pointed out that we shared the big screen by votes although Sato had veto power.

Another deck for the main airlocks. I stammered again: I honestly didn't know if we had suit parts that would work for her: I could probably put something together from pieces since Murtaugh was only a bit taller than her, but we had only one set of women's attachments for Janey so anything more than short term might be difficult.

"My dad said he ordered a kit. Should be in soon."

There's a weird sort of 'half deck' in the Sylph design you might not even notice as you're climbing to the flight deck, but it's important space. There's crawl spaces you need to access to maintain a lot of the really important sensors and the magnetic shielding. I pointed this out, and she seemed appreciative. I got the feeling she'd read up on the class and could probably give the tour if push came to shove, but she was enjoying my spin on things.

The topmost deck was the flight deck. It's a cramped space, basically four sets of controls that can be switched over to handle piloting or general ship management as needed. It was a tight space with four people on deck, but we rarely even had three. At critical moments like leaving the station we'd have Janey, Trim, and the Captain, but the rest of us would be belted in at other key locations around the ship.

I was running through my usual patter for the rare passenger we had, reminding her to download any media she wanted for the hike and pointing out the limits on water and such.

"I'm not going to have too much time, though, as I'm supposed to be learning from all of you, right?" She was looking directly into my eyes and I felt a bit warm despite being in a cold dry dock bay.

"You're right, but there's still downtime."

"Maybe we could grab some dinner and talk about it?" The girl was aggressive, but a little part of my brain was wondering if I would be committing career suicide by getting involved with her.

The tour complete, we headed back to the lounge where Captain Sato was going through some paperwork on a tablet. "Ah, excellent. So you know where everything is now, daughter?"

"Yes Daddy! Also, do you mind if I go grab dinner with Oleg here? He's been so nice." She was laying it on thick, but she must have known him better than me. He agreed: I didn't really need to be here until a maintenance crew showed up tomorrow, anyway.

We had dinner at a noodle bar on the habitat deck and she did actually have a lot of questions about 'real' shipboard life. Smart girl, she knew the Academy was a little too perfect in classes sometimes. She had just turned 21 and was taking time off for the 'internship' with us before finishing the academy's program as a double specialist in Environmental Systems and Navigation Tech. Weird specialties: Sounds like she wanted to work on a habitat in deep space or maybe one of the big passenger liners that were doing the Earth-Mars run.

She was also pretty obviously aware of what her hand on my thigh was doing to me, especially as she rubbed my leg while asking me questions. I paid for dinner but didn't want the night to end.

"So." she said licking her lips, "Any place we can got that's a bit more private?"

I stammered, unable to speak. I had a huge crush on this girl, but knew I would be the former junior engineer of the 'Leaping Koi' so quickly if I messed around with the Captain's daughter.

She leaned over, throwing her arm around me. With our height difference she was burying her head in my chest. She smelled wonderful. "Relax. You're worried about my father, right?"

I grunted in affirmation. At least I got to enjoy a pretty girl curled up against my chest for a bit.

She pulled back, but moved so we were eye-to-eye, her looking up at me. "He knows I'm an adult. I hate to tell you this, but you wouldn't be my first."

She smiled, "He met mom on a flight he was on, from what I've heard. He told me about Janey and Murtaugh and said that as long as it's my choice it's OK."

Janey and Murtaugh had a weird 'thing' that they'd been doing for years even before I signed on to the Koi. All business while we were out in the void, but when we were docked they had some sort of really involved BDSM thing worked out. I'd seen a few pics.

Her face grew dark as she frowned, "Trim reminded me of an ex, actually. Not worth wasting time on someone who's drunk half the time." She poked me in the chest. "You, on the other hand, have been a perfect gentleman..."

She leaned back in to whisper up at me, "...And you deserve a reward."

I was committed. The growing erection in my jumpsuit certainly indicated interest. I lead her to my hotel room nearby with her arm around my waist. As we entered, she pushed me against the wall, dragging my head down for a long, sensual kiss. She was ferocious, "Naked. Now."

She'd been cute but polite back at the ship; Fun and flirty back in the noodle bar. Now she was aggressive and lusty. Her hands were on my chest, one stroking while the other unzipped my jumpsuit. I started to pull her shirt over her head, but she stopped me so she could unbutton her top. I shrugged off the top half of my jumpsuit as she finished removing her top and tossed it on the room's chair. She had a bra underneath, a padded green number that contained her ample bust, but let a tantalizing amount of round skin show at the top. She was a bit heavyset and I found myself drawn to her femininity. Her large breasts, the soft rounded belly. rounded hips that shivered with anticipation as I put my hands on them. I grabbed her rounded ass and picked her up. She was heavier than I expected, but I felt like I could carry any load as she wrapped her legs around me.

I deposited her on the bed and she began fumbling to remove my clothes, leaving me standing in nothing but plaid boxers. She laid back, unbuttoning her own pants which I removed to reveal a green thong that cut deep into her ample butt. She began rubbing herself between her thick thighs, "I can't wait to feel you. I've been so lonely."

She had been cute in her 'vacationing student' outfit, but now she was broadcasting 'sex' on all frequencies. I noticed an odd tattoo as she spread her legs: A red-bordered rectangle, with what looked like a bar code pattern and some lettering. Some sort of medical marking, perhaps, judging by the small 'double helix' logo. "VG-3" whatever that meant.

I dropped my boxers, looking to gauge her reaction to my erect cock: She seemed please, as she leaned forward with another million-watt smile and rubbed the head over the top of her breasts. I felt a jolt go through me as my sensitive head touched her soft chest. She reached behind her back and removed the bra, flinging it to join the other discarded clothes. Her breasts were perfectly formed round hemispheres that hung down a tiny bit from her body. I reached toward her, rolling one dark nipple between my thumb and forefinger while gently sucking at the other. She moaned in pleasure and I felt her legs moving beneath me. We kissed again as our hands explored each other's bodies. Her long braid of hair seemed to wrap around us both as we kissed.

I pulled back, moved my hands down to grasp her panties. She lifted her butt as I pulled the thong free, revealing a neatly-trimmed circle of dark hair with a glistening treasure within. I moved in for another kiss, again massaging her those awesome breasts. We merely kissed and fondled each other a bit, but then she flipped me over and I found her on top of me, my cock deeply buried within her waiting orifice. I moaned, grabbing again at her breasts as she bounced on top of me. her pussy was warm and tight and I could feel muscles within her rippling, grasping my shaft. I felt my orgasm approaching like a mass driver and begged her to slow down as she cried out in pleasure. She was speaking Japanese, so I had no idea what she was saying, but she was definitely enjoying herself. She stopped, shuddering and moaning, as an orgasm rippled through her. Despite my protestations, she sped up and I felt her again shiver and moan before finally I felt my own orgasm as I exploded within her.

"So, uh... protection?" I embarrassedly mumbled in bed as we lay in our post-coital haze of relaxation.

"I'm on the pill." she said as she nuzzled contently into my side. "I'm hoping you don't have space-herpes or something to tell me about?"

As far as I know 'space herpes' was an urban legend, but the regular kind was still a thing. Not here, though: I assured her I was clean as I moved to the bathroom to clean myself up. She used the facilities after I did, and seemed reenergized as she returned, her face gleaming with a fresh wash. She crawled back into the bed, straddling my. "Not done yet, I hope?" she said to my manhood, then smiled again at me.

I felt myself rising to the challenge as she licked her lips. She fondled then licked my rapidly growing cock, running her tongue along its length until she reached the head where her wonderful tongue lingered. I leaned back, grabbing at the sheets, as she took my entire length into her mouth and began bobbing her head. Each time I felt a wave of pleasure run through me. She was the best at this I'd ever experienced and I knew I'd blow my load soon, but she stopped just before and said, "My turn, love boy."

She backed up, laid down in the chair with her legs spread. I stood, my cock almost painfully sensitive , then went down on my knees as I buried my head between her generous thighs. My tongue penetrated the thin matt of hair covering her vulva. My tongue darted as I rubbed her soft thighs with my hands. I could see nothing but her crotch and the soft curve of her belly above it as she moaned in pleasure. I felt her tense and quiver again as I added my hand to aid my tongue's frantic efforts. My free hand reached up, stretching to pinch one dark nipple, cupping her ample breast. She screamed again in pleasure, then again as her arms wrapped around my head, holding my head against her wonderful femininity. She tasted better than any other woman I'd been with, an almost sugary-sweet tang to the normal taste of a woman I expected. I stood, and leaned over her to align myself, then landed my cock in the waiting hanger bay with a cry. It was still achingly sensitive from her earlier efforts and I can't have lasted long before I felt myself climax.

We decided to shower together in the futile hope it'd help save the room's water ration, but one thing led to another and I knew I'd see an extra charge tomorrow. Ewe were too busy cleaning each other and then pleasuring each other to worry at the time.

Finally clean, we laid out on the bed, exhausted. She was out in minutes, while I had trouble going to sleep, wondering if I really had traded my career for the night of pleasure.

She woke, murmured, "You're pretty good. I needed that. Haven't been able to do anything like that since the last semester break." She burrowed into my side a bit, her body smooth and soft next to me. her skin was cool to the touch, strangely different from the hear of her passion earlier.

I wasn't that older than her at 26, but it had been a long time since I'd been sleeping with a college student. She must have felt my tension, "I know you're worried but I just wanted a cute guy to fill me up for the night. If it makes you feel better, when you were int he bathroom I texted dad and told him I was heading to the resort deck to visit an auto-brothel."

I choked with surprise. The auto-brothels were 'guaranteed clean' but most parents would be a little hesitant to hear their child was hitting them up for a quick fuck.

"Kidding. I did say I was hitting a bar after leaving you in your room to jack off or whatever." She fondled my flaccid cock as she sad the last part. "He knows I can handle a casual hookup. Practically a class in High School these days."

She turned, sensually stretching. "I meant what I said, though. Dad knows I'm a big girl and can make my own choices. And he's not really against shipboard romances. But since it makes you uncomfortable we'll head back to the ship separately tomorrow, OK?"

I deferred. I respected Captain Sato, but I also found his daughter incredibly erotic. Janey was attractive, but the tall blonde was more like a sister to me after three years on board together. I'd never slept with a passenger but Hina was really more of fellow crew, really. Maybe I'd survive this.

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