Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, "come see me after you graduate." Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age.

Synopsis: Halley visits during Christmas Break.

December, 2016 - River House

It was Christmas week and cold. Randy had texted his Halley over the Thanksgiving weekend to wish her a happy 19th birthday and she had thanked him and told him she missed him, but otherwise the communication between the two erstwhile lovers had been thin. In fact, other than a handful of texts, damn near nothing.

At the family get-together on Christmas day at Randy's parents' house, he had been sitting in a chair in the corner when he noticed her appear to his right, wearing a jean jacket, black gauchos, and boots. She was four feet from him; bent over at the waist with a hand on her knee, a red Solo cup in the other hand and grinning at him.

Randy broke into a smile as she sat on a stool beside him and she leaned over and quietly greeted him, "Hello asshole, long time no see."

The house was filled with close to forty people and he wasn't going to give anything away after a summer of fucking his grand step-niece (see previous stories), but he smiled as she placed her hand on his.

They conversed about school and her first semester of college and when she got asked to help give out presents, she stood and whispered forcefully to him, "Do not leave before we talk again."

Later, as the cleanup of torn paper and boxes was taking place, she slightly nodded him toward the back door, and he followed. Outside she turned to him in the darkness around the corner of the house, their breath visible in the cold. "I want to kiss you so bad, but we can't risk someone walking up on us. When can I see you?"

Randy looked behind him and listened, then turned back to her, "I have left everything open for you all week because I didn't know what your plans were or if you even had any. Hell, I didn't even know if you wanted any plans. How about New Year's Eve?"

Halley shook her head, "I have a party with friends from high school, but I can cancel that."

"No, no. Don't do that. How about the night before?"

"That will work. Can I come early?"

"You can come whenever you want, I've been waiting all fall," and she pouted her lips. "Now you go back in the house the way we came, and I'll walk slowly around and come back from the other side," and she looked quickly behind him, kissed him quickly on the lips and was gone. Randy waited ten minutes to separate their re-entry.


The late afternoon of December 30th found Randy dressed in khakis and a white dress shirt, on which he had rolled the sleeves up to the elbow. He paced while he waited and caught himself checking the time too often, which wasn't like him.

'Damn, this is worse than fucking high school shit,' he thought as the seconds ticked by.

When Halley came to the front door, she wore jeans and a red turtleneck sweater that came up tight to her chin and she had her long blonde hair in a bun at the back of her head. She carried a large leather purse and Randy greeted her at the door. She closed and turned his back to the door, kissing him fiercely and sucking all the air from his mouth as she did so.

Randy palmed the round ass that he had missed for four months as she continued to reacquaint herself with his mouth. Breaking for air, she grinned broadly and leaned her head back to take him in, "God I've missed that. How 'bout a drink?" and she took his hand and led him to the bar. He thought to himself, as he took in her long legs all the way up to her ass, that she had avoided the "freshman fifteen" so far and still had the look of the coltish high school senior that he had begun fucking last spring.

Intrigued, he calmly asked her what she wanted to drink, and she asked for Pinot Grigio. He apologized to her because he did not have any whites and poured her a Bordeaux instead and one for himself. Halley did not sit, instead she walked off toward and down to the living room. Randy followed.

When they had settled in on the leather couch and each taken a sip from their glass, she looked around as if to reacquaint herself with the place and then turned to him and asked in wonder, "You already took your Christmas tree down?"

Randy smirked, "I don't put up a tree. There ain't nobody here but me, I know it's Christmas so there's no need to decorate. If there were more traffic on the river, I might put up some stuff but let's face it, I'm pretty much isolated out here."

"That's sad," Halley replied and took another sip of the wine.

Shaking it off, he asked for the real scoop on her first semester, "the stuff you couldn't say in a crowd."

Halley told him in detail what classes she had taken and filled him in on her excellent grades and then took a deep breath and settled herself before continuing, "Also, I met someone. I have you to thank, or blame, for breaking me out of my shell."

It was not a surprise, he half expected it. He knew from the beginning that it would occur. Nevertheless, he felt the first pangs of melancholy set in as he responded positively.

"You're 19 now, it's about time. When do I get to meet him or are you scared to introduce me to him?" this with a tight smile and a touch more enthusiasm than he felt.

"You don't get to meet him; you turned my last boyfriend gay," and she teased him with a broad smile of her own.

"No," he replied matter-of-factly, "he was already gay, I just proved it to him, and to you."

"Yeah, you did," and Halley hesitated before she switched subjects.

She asked him as she drank more wine, "Can we have an arrangement? Kind of a relative with benefits thing? I am still in love with you and don't want to give you up; even though I can't get home for spring break or anytime really, I have to work to pay for stuff, but I want to see you when I can. As much as I can."

Inside a circle of moisture on the table, Randy watched himself twirl his glass by the rim with his fingertips, "What about this new boyfriend?"

"What about him?" she asked in a tone that made clear, that on this subject, he was irrelevant.

He turned his face to look into her eyes, "Don't be so quick to take for granted the relationship babe. I'll always be here when you need me, but time marches on, even for me, so I won't always be capable. The bond we have will always exist, even after I'm gone, but" and he let the thought trail off.

Halley put a palm up and with closed eyes shook her head, "I don't want to think about that now. Ever really. He's a good guy and he treats me well. But he ain't you," and she downed the rest of her wine in one gulp.

He rubbed her back, "We'll make the most of what we have Halley, while we have it," and she leaned back into him and cuddled silently until he asked, "Is the new guy the reason I didn't hear from you much?"

She did not answer right away and when she did it was as if she were recalling moments as she picked at her jeans, "At first I didn't call you, or text, because I really didn't know what to say. Then I met James and we hit it off, so yeah, he's partly responsible. But mainly it's on me. I just figured that you didn't want a string of texts saying how much I missed you. That wouldn't have done either of us any good."

Randy could see the logic in her thinking. He was actually rather impressed. She smelled good nestled into his chest as they sat there and he mused aloud, "Now that you know your friends down there in Savannah do you think I could slip down there sometime and visit for a weekend without them catching on?"

She broke into a laugh and reached for his wine, taking a sip of it before turning back to him and answering, "Oh hell no. They gossip worse than our family."

She settled back against him again with her legs crossed and his wine glass at the ready for several quiet moments. After a while she pointed to the covered glass dish on the coffee table, "And what the hell is this? I thought you didn't decorate Mr. Scrooge," the latter being a statement, not a question.

He half-shrugged behind her, "What can I say, it is Christmas. I usually get a bowl of red and green peanut M&Ms, but I thought maybe you might come over so this year I only got green. That's my one change of d├ęcor for the season and it's for my benefit."

She rose from leaning back into him but stayed seated as she placed the goblet on the table and reached to grab a handful, "I know it's bullshit, but just for kicks," and she turned to kiss him. He heard metal jangle, the sound bringing her want into prominence for them both as she fed them both pieces of the candy between kisses.

After two pieces of candy, he leaned his head back away from her and asked, "What was that sound a second ago?"

Halley smiled and straightened from him. Still sitting, she ate the last of the candy herself and then reached down with crossed arms and took up the hem of her thick sweater, pulling it up and off and shaking lose the bun from the back of her head while continuing to chew.

Her nipples were huge and Randy thought she must have been using the nipple cups regularly. She had on the ringed bondage collar with the Russian writing on it that he had given her at their last rendezvous.

"Interesting choice of an accessory seems like someone has already been eating green M&Ms 'cause someone sure seems horny," he teased, and she leaned into him on the couch, forcing him down onto his back and kissed him with the passion and heat that a four-month absence had wrought.

As Halley pressed her body down into him, she whispered with a sly smile, "Wait until you see the rest of it," and she got up and started to gyrate her hips seductively in front of him as he lay on the couch.

Randy sat up and started to rise, but Halley put a fingertip lightly to his chest to stop him and then ran her hands down her sides to her jeans, which she unsnapped and began to wiggle out of slowly. As she did, a black thong was revealed and when she turned and bent over to remove the jeans Randy saw the rest of it, a black anal dilator in her ass. His face broke into a wolfish grin. It was becoming apparent to him that Halley had spent the absence preparing herself.

Naked now except for the thong, she climbed aboard the coffee table in front of him with her knees wide apart and her torso upright, flexing her ass together and hiding the retainer disc of the plug as the thin black of her thong contrasted with the white of her fair skin. She clasped both hands together and put them on top of her head, elbows out, and shook her ass at Randy, teasing him.

That was all it took. He rose from the couch and came to stand behind her, cupping her breasts in his hands and kissing her neck and left ear before whispering to her, "Bend over."

Halley went to all fours on the table and he feathered his hands lightly down her back and took the thong along the way, down to the bend in her knees. Focusing now on the plug in her ass, he began to slowly tease it out. It was a Klystra type and two inches wide of hard plastic. He watched as her asshole slowly released the gun shell shaped plug and maintained an inch-wide gape. The plug was clean except for some lube.

As he set it on the table, Halley stepped down to the floor, out of her thong and bent at the waist with her legs still straight. She unbuckled the belt in his khaki pants and dropped them to the floor, along with his boxers. Taking a firm grip on his rigid cock, she gazed up at him with a shy smile, "Seems like someone else is horny too," and she kissed the head of his cock.

She then went to work on the buttons of his dress shirt, standing as she worked her way up and then put it on herself without buttoning it; the red of her hard, puffy nipples contrasting with the white of the shirt. It was then that she reacquired her hold on his dick and tugged it to lead him to the bedroom.

They didn't make it.

As they ascended the two steps leading to the bedroom, Randy took her shoulders from behind and forcefully turned her to face the wall of the short hallway. He fondled her tits as he rubbed his cock on her ass and kissed her from behind.

She uttered "fuck my ass" in a barely audible voice and he grasped her hips and backed her off the wall so that her upper body was parallel with the floor and her hands still against the wall. Randy used his feet to widen hers and then flipped his shirt up on her back before lining up his cock. He felt her ass for lube, decided to add to it by spitting several times in the gape of her asshole and then slowly inserting his cock inside her.

Halley stiffened and exhaled as she felt the mass of his meat and when he bottomed out and held it there, she told him in a husky voice, "Damn I forgot how big your cock is."

It was then that Randy began to slowly fuck her, the rings on her collar jangling with the motion. He started out by just moving his cock in small increments in her rectum, but over time he increased the length of his stroke and in minutes he was long stroking her anal tunnel in full force.

Halley was enthralled by the size and girth of his cock and four months of absence from it had her breathing hard as she began to work her hips back into him on each stroke. She hadn't let James, her new boyfriend, fuck her ass yet. He was a passionate lover and gave it his all, but he was nothing compared to this and she realized she had needed it much more badly than she had thought. It was then that the endorphins took over her body, the rattle of her collar grew more frantic and she announced quite loudly "I'm gonna cum!"

When her orgasm took her over, she lowered her head between her arms and gasped as her legs shook violently and her feet sought purchase on the floor.

Randy had stopped fucking her with his dick still hard and buried to the hilt, which helped to hold Halley upright. He stood there, occasionally flexing his cock and deriving a moan and when she had somewhat recovered, he removed his cock to a loud sucking sound as her ass sought to maintain its hold.

Taking her by the elbows, he marched her to his bedroom, sitting on the foot of the bed and pulling her down onto his lap but not on his dick, again pausing to move the tail of his dress shirt out of the way between them.

"That was so, so good," she whispered longingly as he hooked his ankles inside of hers and forced her legs open like those of a frog.

"What are you doing?" she giggled as he trapped the crook of both her elbows behind her back with his left forearm and began to play with her pussy with his right hand.

"Shhhh, just relax and let me take you away," and he worked his fingers into the folds of her vulva as he leaned her back, spread her legs, and held her tightly to his chest by her arms.

Halley closed her eyes and felt her pussy come alive as his manipulation began to turn the lips red and her clit began to harden. Her breathing shallowed out and after a while little mewing sounds involuntarily began to escape from her mouth. Then Randy began to work one finger inside her. Then two, and finally three and she began to writhe in his grasp and grow louder. It was then that he turned some attention to her love button with his thumb and she felt her body stiffen as she knew another orgasm had commenced its march to the surface.

Slowly Randy began to finger fuck her with three fingers. As he increased the timing and force of his movements, Halley began to cry out unintelligibly until the final crescendo of her orgasm came with a wailing contraction of her body within his grasp.

He laid her back upon the bed and took station beside her, playing softly with her nipples as she recovered, pausing for only a moment to remove the bondage collar and toss it further up onto the bed.

After several minutes she reached out and playfully tweaked one of Randy's nipples, "Can I cum again please?"

"My, aren't we horny," he playfully shot back at her as he pinched both her nips hard.

She winced and replied, "Hey, it's been almost half a year," and watched him as he held a forefinger up and rose from the bed.

Sitting up on the bed, she followed him with her eyes as he traversed to the music console and began to search for what she knew was some playlist that had popped into his mind.

Barry White's "Can't get Enough of Your Love" came pouring out of the speakers he turned to her and crooked a finger to summon her to the two wingback chairs that faced the atrium.

When she arrived he told her, "This is what us old people fuck too," and he sat her down in one of the chairs and went to the floor in front of her. Placing his hands under her knees, he folded her long legs back and draped them over the arms of the chair and Halley tried to steady herself as her ass slid down to the edge of the seat. It was then that Randy's tongue swiped from her asscrack to her clit and she closed her eyes and moaned, "Oh shit."

He sucked on her clit and ate her pussy with a thumb inserted into her asshole that he stroked in time with the hi-hat beat of the song.

Halley tried to sit up, but found that in the position he had her, she was unable. His tongue was about to drive her to cussing; she wanted his cock in her pussy and the little mews were escaping her lips again. In a moment of lucidity, she heard the lyric, "the more you give the more I want" and she forced her hands to his head and bent it back off her slit before she came again.

Emphatically she told him, "Fuck me now asshole."

Randy stood and held out a hand, which she took with both of hers, and he pulled her out of the chair and switched places with her. She began to automatically drop to her knees on the floor, but he stopped her, "No. Climb on top of me."

She placed her knees on either side of him in the seat of the chair and climbed on facing him, but before she could settle, he took her hips and lifted her, "Knees over the arms of the chair."

"Again?" she questioned.

"Again," and when she did, he lined her pussy up on his cock and dropped her, watching her pussy lips split and take his width as she slowly sank down the ten inches of his manhood. As she did, she cooed and turned her head to the ceiling and "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC came over the speakers.

"Oh yes, I love it deep," Halley declared as she began to root her pussy on his cock. As the first verse of the song began, Randy placed his hands under her ass and began to lift her up and let her drop back down on his cock and they developed a rhythm that Halley eventually took over by placing her hands on the back of the chair for leverage and he busied himself with her nipples. Her movements merged with the beat of the drums and she worked herself into a delirium on his dick as her juices coated it.

He took her in in all her beauty, sexy as fuck in the dim light as she worked herself toward the needed orgasm on him while wearing his white dress shirt. Somehow the garment enhanced her beauty and he felt himself shudder.

Before the song ended, she looked him in the eye and told him to let her know when he was about to cum as she herself was approaching liftoff. Less than a minute later, she climaxed in a roar of delight and shivering, collapsed onto him, breathing hard and forehead to forehead, but she still grinding on him.

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