I squirm helplessly on the bed as I eagerly await the first touch, my body aching for attention. My wrists are tied to the bedposts, leaving my arms spread wide, while your tie is placed between my teeth and tied at the back of my head to produce a makeshift gag. The gag prevents me from begging for the things I crave but at least you have kept the blindfold off this time. At least I can drink in the sight of you as you devour me with nothing more than a gaze.

The way your eyes have darkened with emotions I can't even begin to name makes me shiver despite the heat coursing through my body.

The torture of having to wait is too much and I try to beg, but no recognisable words can escape the gag. And yet, you still make me wait.

I spread my legs wider apart, lifting my hips from the bed in a wanton display of need, trying to show you how desperately I ache for you. And yet, the sight of my slick and swollen petals so openly displayed does nothing but coax a low growl from somewhere deep in your chest.

Never have I felt so perfectly helpless. Never has it been so perfectly obvious that you are my predator, and I am your prey.

The moments stretch endlessly, and I have no idea how long I've been tied to the bed. I need more. I ache for your touch. But there is a part of me that never wants this to end. A part of me that needs to be kept in this state of desperate anticipation for you.

Because it is in these moments that I know exactly who and what I am. I am yours. Nothing more than a cherished pet who can only think of one thing. You.

Consumed by you. Bound by you. Loved by you.

At the same time that I feel a tear of frustration slip from the corner of my eye, I also feel a drop of arousal seep from my lower lips to leave a glistening trail along my taint. Even that teasing touch of liquid heat across such sensitive skin is enough to make me moan. My lower body bucks and writhes on the bed as my eyes lock with yours, pleading wordlessly.

Finally, you take pity on your needy kitten, reaching out to wipe away the tear with gentle fingertips. I lift my head and nuzzle my face against your palm, needing your touch. But your hand doesn't stay there for long.

Instead, your fingertips trail slowly down my cheek, along my jaw. It's nothing more than the gentlest touch, your fingers barely grazing my skin, yet it is enough to start a fire within after waiting so long for you.

I whimper through the gag as your touch moves lower, gently caressing my throat before your fingers come to rest upon the spot where my pulse flutters beneath delicate pale skin. Our eyes are still locked as your hand wraps slowly around my throat, squeezing gently.

My eyelids flutter closed with the pleasure of your touch, feeling your power and your control over me now more than ever. My soul soars, feeling a freedom that only ever comes in these moments. A freedom that is only possible in the deepest moments of surrender to you.

But even as my soul soars, my body sinks deeper into your control, going still as your firm touch keeps me pinned to the bed just as much as the ropes tied around my wrists. A peace surrounds me, enveloping me in a warmth that leaves me feeling almost drunk.

"Open your eyes, kitten. Look at me," I hear you say through the fog of desire that you have created.

I obey instantly, even though my eyelids feel heavy and want to stay closed. A whimper escapes as I see you are now leaning down over me, your face close enough that I can feel the warmth of your breath caress my lips.

Whimpers flow freely from behind the fabric gag that is now damp from my saliva. I want to beg you for something - anything - but my brain is too fuzzy to work out how to string words together even if I could speak.

"You belong to me, kitten. You are mine."

More whimpers flow as your words sink in, causing droplets of arousal to ooze from my molten core. My body aches for you more than I ever knew was possible, but there is nothing I can do to relieve that ache. I can only look up at you and plead silently with my eyes as the overwhelming craving for you consumes me entirely.

"Are you mine, kitten?"

I nod eagerly, whimpering in my desperation to tell you just how deeply you own every little part of me. The wide smile on your face shows that I must have succeeded at least a little in my intention.

"Good girl," you whisper as you lean down further to press soft kisses to my lips around the gag. "Are you ready for me, kitten? Ready for me to claim your body completely?"

Even as my core clenches in anticipation of all the pleasures that always come with being claimed, my heart sinks a little. Don't you realise how much you already own me? How my every waking moment is consumed by you, as well as every moment in my dreams?

As I nod once more to show my readiness for you, I vow to myself that I will do everything I can in the future to show you how utterly devoted I am to you. But as your hand releases my throat and your lips begin a slow exploration of my body, all thoughts slip away until nothing exists but you. Until there is nothing but my surrender to you and the pleasure of being owned and claimed.

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