not for the first time i found my hand in my crotch stroking my pussy. the scenes had been so intense my pussy has been dripping for hours the towel i am sitting on changed multiple times. my dildos and vibrators lay around the room like toys the day after christmas. i had stopped worrying that i was also on a webcam hours earlier and decided to simply watch and please myself however i chose when i chose. webcam was perhaps a bit of an understatement. the thing was state of the art and remote controlled at the moment by my private audiance. he could zoom in and out and move the angle. the little monitor screen in the corner showed me what he was seeing. often he had zoomed in so close all you could see was the lips of my cunt wrapping around my fingers as they slid in and out bringing me to yet another orgasm. other times he would watch my face as i came or scan my D size tits or nipples.
he had the system installed the last time my husband was out of town so he could keep an eye on me... us really since there was one in our bedroom as well. hidden of course but i knew where it was at and so far my hubby had not commented on my new habbit of leaving the lights on when we made love. the idea of him watching my tits bounce as my pussy was getting stuffed with cock made me even hornier. something my husband had commented on in a very positive way, both verbally and in the frequency of his cock finding its way into my waiting cunt and other places i normally only let him use on special occassions.
he was on his way home now of course. i still wasnt sure what i was going to say to him. i know where he had been and what or to be more precise who he had been doing all weekend. he is after all who i had been watching all weekend.
i was out of time so i cleaned up the messes i had made and climbed in the shower.
i put my cum fuck me now red dress on along with my crotchless net stockings. sprayed a hint of his favorite perfume between my tits and sat down by the computer waiting for his return. i flipped it back on and got it ready as he had instructed. they were sending on their end and i watched them lounging out by their pool. they noticed i had logged back in and they waved. i smiled and modeled the dress for them. when i sat back down i made sure the camera could see the short distance up my dress to my pussy which was wet again.
it was not that hard to tell that Frank was enjoying the view since they were both naked and his cock had throbbed back to attention. Sharon simply reached over and patted his cock.
i felt a twinge of jeaulousy since she had both frank and sams cocks all weekend to do whatever she pleased with and oh yes she had been pleased many times. most of which i watched but unfortunately not all. some of what happened i had to be content with their description and depending on how things went when sam got home maybe he would fill in some of the gaps.
i had decided that i was not going to be the first to talk about any of the past couple of months and especially this last weekend unless sam brought it up first. with that decided i sat back showing the cam my wares. feeling like the slut i know i am turning into already starting to plan how i could have a weekend like sharon had. i wanted both of their cocks at my disposal instead of one or the other which is all i have had so far. for now though i was looking forward to fucking sam. his cock was longer and got at some hard to reach places better.
i heard him pull into the driveway. i turned off the feed from their side and turned off the monitor. positioned myself so he would see all of me when he walked in. i knew he was going to be pretty well spent with empty balls which meant this was going to last a lot longer then normal. i was so ready for a real cock I could hardly wait.
i waited for sam to drop off his bags and find me, pussy juices seeping from my swollen cunt. he eventually wandered in. his eyes grew large as he eyed me in my new fuck me dress. he walked up and grabbed me and hugged me tight. he backed up a bit and started fondling my tits sliding my dress down over my shoulders with his other hand.
moaning softly i released his cock from his pants. not wanting to wait for him to finish with my tits i slid my ass to the edge of the chair leaned back and rubbed the tip of his cock against my wet waiting clit. i teased him by rubbing it around for a minute before letting it slide into my pussy. he grunted as the head slide inside me. then he slammed it all the way in with a savage thrust. i felt his balls slap my ass as his cock explored my hole. i was so horny it only took a few of those thrusts before i cried out and came on his cock while he was in as far as it would go.
my already wet pussy became flooded as my body convulsed on his cock. he laughed at me and called me a slut as he pulled his cock out slowly. he moved down slowly kissing and licking me until he could suck ny pussy lips into his mouth. while he was holding my cunt lips in his mouth he started flicking his tongue into my pussy, every so often he would run his tongue up to my clit or down to my ass. it wasnt long before i felt another orgasm coming. i grabbed his head and pushed it hard against my twat. he let his teeth push against my clit and jabbed his tongue in my tunnel. i came again and he lapped at my cunt until i finished.
he stood back up and i wrapped my tits around his cock squeezing them around and licking the drop of precum that had formed off the head of his dick. i could smell sharons perfume on him and it made me both jealous and horny again at the same time. i sucked on his cock for a bit and ran my tongue around the head. he wasnt done with me yet though and so he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. we were soon in a 69 position and were enjoying each others oral skills. i found myself wishing there was another cock (franks) sliding in my cunt while i sucked on sams. this thought brought me to another spasming orgasm. sam laughed again commenting on my insatiable apetite. i laughed back and asked if he was sad about it. he said no. i decided to prod him a bit further since he had not cum so far by asking if he was ready to cum yet or if his girlfriend had wore him out. he stiffened slightly and instead of saying anything rolled me over slid me to the edge of the bed and started pounding his cock into my pussy from behind.
it didnt take too long before he grabbed my hips shoved his cock in up to his sack and shot a load of cum into my again orgasming pussy. to his credit it was a big enough gob that i felt it spurt inside me. i gripped his cock with my cunt as he wrapped his arms around me and played with my tits.
we showered and he asked me about my weekend and why i was so horny. i decided it was now or never so i said i had been watching a porno. he laughed again and said really since that was not something i would normally do. yeah i said it was really hot. i asked him if he wanted to watch it. he said sure so i told him to get comfy. i grabbed us a drink and plugged in the video i had made over the weekend of him and sharon.
it only took a second for him to realise he was busted and he opened his mouth to start talking. i quickly shut him up by stuffing my tits in his face and waiting for his cock to rise so i could ride him while he watched himself fucking my friend.
he came again of course and we laid back and watched more of the video together when he was done.
i told him my part of the story (part 3) and how we had reconnected and arranged for his seduction. he was still in shock about the whole thing.
i asked him if he wanted to watch the other video, the one of my trip to phoenix. he eagerly accepted. i told him he had to let me look at his disk while he watched. he laughed and said ok. for the next hour or so we looked at each others pictures and the video clips. wetalked for awhile and shared what we had each enjoyed the mosr about our weekends and what we would like to do if we had another weekend. his was predictable wanting us both at the same time so he could eat and fuck pussy at the same time. he laughed at first when i told him i wanted both of you at the same time to. but then said wait you little slut you want both of who? i laughed back and said with a wink thats my secret. he sighed and said well someday maybe. i giggled and said they have invited us to their house for summer vacation. he smiled and agreed to go. maybe if your good i wil sit on your face while she rides your cock and later you and frank could do me. sharon and i have agreed to share you to. speaking of sharing i said i need to show you the upgrade to our computer system. when i turned it on sharon and frank were fucking hard and i couldnt help notice sams cock jump to attention at the sight of her jiggling tits.
i still have a few secrets to share with sam but they can wait. for now i was just enjoying sitting in his lap watching the web cam.
it was going to be a fun summer...

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