A deadly beast. A nightmare story told to warn lustful men. Her name was spoken either as a cautious whisper, or as a resounding threat. But in his embrace, she was as willing as a virgin on her wedding night.

At his command, Asperelle, Mother of the Unbaptised, lowered her naked body onto the stone altar. She sat her broad, plump backside on the smooth surface, then gently lay down flat on her back. Without hesitation she spread her legs, exposing coarse dark pubic hair. Amongst the hair, her desperate pussy glistened. A hot, red bullseye.

Fenrick admired the demon submitting herself to him. She had taken on a human form. A disguise she used to prey on mortal men. She was a perfect portrait of feminine sexuality. Over 7 foot tall, she was like an Amazonian woman of legend. Her skin was sunkissed to a rich bronze colour, and her long brunette hair was gently tousled. As if it had recently been toyed with by passionate fingers.

On Asperelle's face was a gentle, lusting pout. Her dark lips slightly parted, flashing a hint of her pink tongue. Her eyes, which normally struck any mortal with an intense gaze, were almost closed. From beneath heavy lashes, she watched Fenrick expectantly. To encourage his approach, she ran a hand down her body. From the great swell of her heavy breasts, with their stiff brown nipples, over the gentle bump of her stomach, to her hips. Her fingers came tantalisingly close to her vulva. They briefly toyed with the curls of her pubic hair, before moving on to her thighs.

Fenrick pulled open his robe, presenting the demon with his erection. He let the robe slip off his shoulders, onto the floor, leaving him completely naked. Asperelle's gaze traced the length of his slim figure. From the angular features of his face, past his full strawberry blonde beard. To the slender sinews of his shoulders, his taught, hairy chest, and finally settling on his hard cock. The braziers burning on either side of the altar soaked them both in a warm orange glow.

Slowly, he approached.

A shuddering whimper escaped Asperelle's mouth. She couldn't tear her eyes away from his penis. Fenrick smiled at the thrall he held over her. He reached out a hand to caress her inner thigh. She responded with a short sharp gasp. But as he gently ran his fingertips over her soft olive skin, her tension melted away.

Compared to this demon, Fenrick was almost dwarfed. A single one of Asperelle's thighs was almost as thick as his chest. If she'd wanted, she could have closed her legs around him and crushed him..

Instead, she arched her back in pleasure as he lay a trail of kisses down her leg.

As he grew closer and closer to her groin, Fenrick could feel the heat from her crotch growing against his cheek. He breathed deeply, savouring the perfume of her arousal.

"Erszch K'yazioah," Fenrick whispered the words of a primordial incantation. While he spoke, he traced a circular sigil over Asperelle's labia. His fingers left a trail of golden light that flowed like honey in the air.

Asperelle hips bucked and writhed. His magics sent wracking waves of pleasure through her body. Emanating from the golden circle around her pussy, her body began to change.

The Mediterranean colour of her skin gave way to a dark, slate grey tone that spread over her body in billowing clouds, like black ink in water. Within that new dark colour were intricate symbols that shone with an ethereal blue light.

"Your true appearance," Fenrick told her, "is so much more awe inspiring than your simple human disguise."

Asperelle didn't respond. She growled, and her breasts heaved as her body continued to transform. Two huge curling horns quickly grew from under the dark waves of her hair. Her teeth extruded into jagged fangs. She gripped the edges of the altar with fingers that were suddenly tipped with black talons.

This was the moment Fenrick penetrated her. Her bellowing voice shook the ritual chamber, as the head of his cock parted her glistening labia. Fenrick couldn't stop himself from grunting in pleasure. The hot walls of her vagina pressed tight around his dick. His grunt became an extended groan at the overwhelming feeling. The deeper his penis sank into her, the more powerful the sensation became.

Asperelle's eyes were no longer half closed and sultry. They were wide open, staring at Fenrick. Begging for more. Fenrick obliged and pumped his hips, fucking his demon lover in ernest.

Asperelle released her grip on the sides of the altar to instead grasp at her crotch, while Fenrick thrust into her over and over.

Fenrick leaned over the beautiful demon as much as he could to allow his hands to explore her body. Despite her infernal appearance, her skin was soft and smooth. Asperelle threw her head back and roared as Fenrick's dick slammed against her g-spot. Seeing her pleasure made Fenrick's own arousal swell. His hands gripped tight on the huge curves of her hips. His fingernails dug into her flesh.

Inside the hard, throbbing shaft of his cock, Fenrick could feel an orgasm beginning to rise. He clenched his jaw and slowed his pace.

He must finish the ritual first. He had to feel her cumming before he could release the energy building within him.

Fenrick raised both hands and, while he continued to pump in and out of Asperelle, drew more arcane sigils in the air. Once again, the golden light flowed from his fingertips. Like a shimmering mist, the light of his magicks spread over the whole of Asperelle's figure. It swirled gently around the pitch black areolas of her nipples. Strands of it stroked the side of her neck with the care of a lover's hand.

Asperelle's breath caught in her throat. Her legs trembled as she teetered on the edge of an orgasm. Fenrick lowered his left hand, letting the tips of his index and middle fingers come to rest on her clitoris. The moment the golden light touched her hard pink nub, Asperelle burst into guttural howls of pleasure. Her pussy clenched and spasmed around Fenrick's cock.

Immediately he pulled out of her and fell to his knees. With an insatiable greed he clamped his open mouth over her labia. The rich flavour of her hot juices flooded his mouth. He lapped them up, swallowing with an extreme thirst. In the throws of her orgasm, Asperelle began to thrash. Fenrick feared she may wrestle her cunt away from his mouth. With a flick of his wrists he summoned shining golden shackles. They flew out from the altar, wrapping around Asperelle's wrists and ankles and tethering her in place. She bellowed in protest but Fenrick noticed she also started thrusting her hips, pushing her pussy into his mouth harder.

When Asperelle's shuddering orgasm finally subsided, and Fenrick had supped on enough of her hot nectar, he took his lips off her vagina. He stood up, and smiled at the colossal woman in front of him. The head of his cock was again positioned next to her wet opening. The temptation to plunge back inside her was almost irresistible. But the ritual had other demands. Fortunately, they would not leave him unsatisfied.

Fenrick turned away from her open legs, and calmly walked around the Altar. Asperell, still held in place by chains, watched him approach with anxious eyes. Fenrick's cock was still slick with her juices. A dew drop of precum on his helmet sparkled in the dancing light of the braziers.

When he neared the head of the altar, she instinctively opened her mouth, inviting him inside.

Gently, Fenrick guided his shaft between her lips. Without hesitation she sucked him. She devoured his cock with almost the same voracious appetite as Fenrick had drunk her cum.

Almost immediately Fenrick could feel an orgasm pushing up through his shaft. With one hand he grabbed Asperelle's cheek, the other seized her hair in a fist.

"Orzc'tka xensstrite" Fenrick muttered more primordial rites. The string of words, though in a language dead for millenia, had a meaning that both Fenrick and Asperelle understood.

"Feed from me. Let me sustain you, as you have me. Let this be our communion and give to each other without question."

As soon as the last syllable of his evocation had left his mouth, Fenrick began fucking Asperelle's mouth. He thrust his hips forward, plunging the head of his cock down her throat. It was so tight and wet and hot. Over and over he pumped his cock between her lips. The demon moaned in pleasure as he fucked her mouth like a pussy. The sound vibrated through his shaft and balls.

The pressure in Fenrick's cock rose and rose with each thrust. Until finally, it burst out of him.

Grunting in intense pleasure, fenrick tightened his grip on her hair. Asperelle eagerly pushed her head forward, forcing his throbbing cock even further down her throat. She swallowed his cum with loud gulps. Every last drop was hers.

As she drank, the blue symbols covering Asperelle's dark skin began to glow more intensely. Soon the light coming from them grew so bright it even dwarfed the flames that lit the room. As Asperelle savoured the last pumps of Fenrick's cum, her body flooded the room with a blinding light.

When it faded, and Fenrick was able to see again, the altar was empty.

He slowly climbed onto the stone where Asperelle had lay moments ago.

It was still warm.

The urge to sleep was almost overpowering. But Fenrick had one last duty. Lying on his back he stretched out his hands in front of him, and drew an intricate pattern in the air. His fingers threaded the golden light that poured from them into a spell's sigil, formed from the characters of Asperelle's name, and the primordial characters of gratitude.

"Your gifts are treasured," he whispered. "Your absence is lamented. I am blessed by your visit, and will remain bereft until your return."

With the incantation spoken, and the sigil drawn, Fenrick closed his eyes.

For now he would sleep. When he woke, he would see with eyes of a demon.

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