monochrome gradient code divider

a small black and white image that says: "C:backslash>reg", referring to the microsoft windows registry sparkle divider

monochrome edit of a girl drawn in anime style sitting with her head touching her knees and a dove pulling her long hair, with a background constituted of microsoft windows errors, a teddybear and two black ribbons, the name "chiffon in a small font being repeated multiple times. at the bottom, there's a white gradient. monochrome cmd divider left bat wing blue screen of death in windows 10, but with the background white and the text black text says "chiffon or jinx" right bat wing black lace divider

registry editor windows icon but in black and white    。      .           open          regedit           two interrogation marks moving rapidly > yes          > no

monochrome folder pixel      HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT monochrome folder pixel      HKEY_CURRENT_USER ╰             monochrome folder pixel            BasicInfo ╰               monochrome folder pixel                    DniByi ╰                monochrome folder pixel                                Int monochrome folder pixel      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE monochrome folder pixel                                                HKEY_USERS monochrome folder pixel      HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG

sparkle divider

monochrome gradient code divider

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