36: Friday July 17, 0815 hours CST: Is It a Dream or a Grind?

Zach walked spinward towards Charisse and Alexis's place. He was a little late, but with any luck they were asleep. It was two hours past their bedtime. He thought he would maybe have Charisse first and then Alexis. As he walked, he called Colleen, but she didn't pick up. He left the voicemail, "I propose every evening at 8 PM. Let me know what you think." He duplicated the message by text.

Charisse and Alexis were always easy work. They knew what they wanted out of Zach. They knew how to manage his state of arousal to suit their desires. They knew how to manage their level of stimulation so that they got everything they wanted. They got under him when they wanted a pounding. They rode him when they wanted more control. This morning, which was in the middle of their sleep cycle, they each wanted a quick pounding. They made satisfied sounds as he chased his own pleasure and inseminated each of them.

As he neared orgasm in Charisse, he whispered another profession of love to her. She sleepily put a finger over his mouth to stop his talking. He finished in her with no further comment other than a satisfied grunt as he climaxed. He put his scrubs on and left as the women returned to slumber. He needed to chill with regard to blurting his undying love to Charisse. She needed time. It was clear to him that he had just crossed the line with her from enthusiastic to pushy. It was a line he hated to step over even accidentally. Honestly, he shouldn't even bother to communicate at all with any of them. They all seemed to know what he was thinking and feeling better and sooner than he himself did. He needed to shut the fuck up.

Zach did an hour and a half of work. He got a text from Colleen confirming their 8 PM regular time. At 10 AM, his time for Michaela, Zach met her in Control A as she ended her shift. They climbed through the axis of the ship from Radial Arm Bay A1 to Radial Arm Bay B1 to reach her and Aanya's quarters. He asked after Aanya, and Michaela said everything was fine with her. Michaela understood how orally fixated he was. She sat on his face and directed him how best to lick her. She filled her time getting orgasm after satisfying orgasm from his happy exploring lips and tongue. She was wonderfully fragrant and tasty for him after anticipating him during her whole watch. He absolutely loved it, as she knew he would. She rode his mouth until his face was sore and tired. She climbed off and excitedly spread for him. This was another thing they both loved. She had him pound her missionary and piledriver style to several more orgasms with her legs over her head and out. Satisfied with his pounding, to top it off, she coaxed a big batch out of his balls to fill her satisfyingly. Then she told him lovingly and a bit worshipfully to piss off and rolled over to take a short nap. He donned his scrubs and left.

Having had her all by herself like this, Zach considered how perfect and perfectly herself Michaela was. She was a depressive and pessimistic person. He was clear he would never want to be closer to her than a fuck buddy. Yet, what a woman! He wanted more for her badly, just not with him. Along with this, he was smart enough to know she understood all this already.

Zach called Colette and met her in her quarters. She was adhering to the dress code. The lashes across her quim had cleared up nicely. He gave her four more, which visibly excited her and sickened him. She forwarded a message from her husband to Zach's phone. Zach promised to read it later. He face fucked her and climaxed in one squirt onto her held-open and freshly tenderized twat. Without a word, he pulled up his scrubs and left. Zach took a thorough shower, trying to wash away and forget his ambivalent feelings about the whipping.

He got another hour of work in before meeting Berte at noon. They agreed he would tuck her into bed at 1 PM from now on. As usual, she wanted to do everything. Colleen had spoken to her, though, and Berte was determined to get him on his way quickly. He nursed on each of Berte's glorious breasts for a short while, leaving him hungry for more. She sat on his face long enough to get a few orgasms. She got on all fours and had him take her from behind. She had a butt plug in. She had him remove it while he continued to fuck her. She stopped him near the end and, shouting carefully prepared obscenities, had him switch to her asshole and climax there. He climaxed and ejaculated strongly into her rectum. She derived a toe curling erotic thrill from this. He left her in her bed thinking up things to shout at him next time and masturbating furiously with Jill. He went and rinsed off in the Head B2 shower.

Zach got another hour and a half of work in before meeting Aanya in Hydroponics Bay B1. They talked about their lives and kissed. Aanya took out one breast at a time for him and he nursed on them. This led to him kneeling in front of her and putting his head up under her dress. She held his head through her dress and whimpered delightfully each time she orgasmed. She was much more relaxed in her safe haven filled with her beautiful plants. He felt good serving her, petting her, focusing entirely on her. She'd had too little of that in her life. They made a date for this same time next week when they were back in Houston. After that glorious taste of her especially, he could hardly wait for this evening. She would probably want the mock rape fantasy from him again. Holding her down tightly while he came deep in her fully stretched vagina would be incredibly satisfying. He left their encounter with a gentle hug and kiss and a massive stiff erection.

Zach got another hour and a half of work done. Afterwards, he met Charisse and Alexis in Recreation A for a game of foosball. Every time a player scored a point, they got a minute of standing oral from the loser. They almost got caught while Charisse was sucking him off one time and Khushi and Ayana walked in. He was facing away from them as they entered. He pulled up his scrub pants as if he was just casually adjusting them. Charisse on the floor in front of him looked pretty suspicious. She made a point of loudly saying she was looking for a foosball that had dropped there. Ayana and Khushi ignored the situation and chatted amicably with the three of them for a few minutes.

Both Charisse and Alexis beat Zach handily but still managed to suck him off to an orgasm between them. He came with excruciating satisfaction down Charisse's throat. She and Alexis then played each other while he watched and cheered them on, especially the oral part. It got so they were trading orgasms near the end. It was close, but Alexis won. Her prize was furtive missionary style on the couch from Zach while Charisse stood lookout while jilling.

Zach rinsed off in Head A2 and worked another hour before slipping naked into Michaela's bed. Aanya listened to them and masturbated with Michaela's vibrator. Michaela straddled him and rode him to several orgasms. She had him roll her into missionary position. She ordered Aanya to come over and cuddle with them. He continued in Michaela while she in turn kissed and fingered Aanya. As he spent with satisfaction into Michaela's womb, she herself climaxed. She also put Aanya over the edge so that they all orgasmed together in a glorious three-way cum.

It was Aanya's turn. She led Zach into her own bed where she continued to vibe herself while he enjoyed her enthusiastically from behind. No rape fantasy tonight, no problem. His energetic pounding sent her into spirals of cascading orgasms. He was able to last a long while in the ecstatic Aanya. He finished and squirted deeply and satisfyingly into her as he'd been dreaming. She switched off the borrowed vibe. He tucked her in cozily with a towel and a kiss. He quietly left them both to complete their sleep cycle.

Zach rinsed off in Head B1 and did another hour and a half of work before meeting Colleen. He enjoyed sitting and talking with her for a few minutes before they went to bed. Waking her up for sex was fine, and if it was only occasional, kind of spicy. But he found he much preferred wooing a conscious Colleen to pouncing on an unconscious one.

Without getting into the sickening specifics, Zach confided to Colleen. It was enough of a struggle for him to work through his emotions about what Anming had told him. Juxtaposed with him whipping Colette with a belt, it was a heavy burden. Even though he knew darn well that Colette was gratified by it, it made him feel unclean. That was one reason why Ayana's careless statement had stabbed him so deeply. He was afraid he really was ethically implicated in Anming's torture. Colleen worked through with him the good things he was doing for each of these women. It gave him some relief.

Zach relaxed in his study after a long day of testing for contaminants and fulfilling his crewmates' sexual needs. Was his life a dream or a grind? For the time being, at least, it was a dream. This pace forever would be a grind. He expected that over time, the honeymoon period would settle down and his crewmates would want him less often. He didn't think it would ever end up becoming a grind.

(To be continued)

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