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  • the edit code is the password to access your rentry !
  • if you forget or lose the edit code , there's no way to get your rentry url back ,
    although you can copy and paste the published content into a new rentry
  • it's best to remember the edit code ( memorize it , write it down , etc ) if you
    have a particular url that you like .. as an example , I accidentally set the wrong
    edit code for and I lost the url now grrrr >:(

  • here is a compilation of markdown you can use in rentry !

    link. . .⠀⠀[text goes here](leave this empty unless you want to put a link to something)
    bold. . .⠀⠀**text goes here**
    italics. . .⠀⠀*text goes here*
    strikethrough. . .⠀⠀~\~text goes here~~⠀. . .⠀⠀( remove the backslash )

    codeblock. . .⠀⠀`text goes here`
    bold codeblock. . .⠀⠀**`text goes here`**
    italic codeblock. . .⠀⠀*`text goes here`*

    highlight. . .⠀⠀==text goes here==
    highlight and codeblock. . .⠀⠀==`text goes here`==

  • extra markdown combinations for links !

    bold. . .⠀⠀[**text goes here**](link here)
    italics. . .⠀⠀[*text goes here*](link here)
    strikethrough. . .⠀⠀[~\~text goes here~~](link here)⠀. . .⠀⠀( remove the backslash )

    codeblock. . .⠀⠀[`text goes here`](link here)
    bold codeblock. . .⠀⠀[**`text goes here`**](link here)
    italic codeblock. . .⠀⠀[*`text goes here`*](link here)

    highlight. . .⠀⠀==[text goes here](link here)==
    highlight. . .⠀⠀[==text goes here==](link here)
    highlight and codeblock. . .⠀⠀[==`text goes here`==](link here)

  • to stop markdown from appearing , use this backslash ->⠀\
    ex.⠀typing out⠀backslash at the front of *hi*⠀gives you⠀*hi* , instead of making the text italic
  • you can also leave [](this) area empty , so the text is just blue for decoration !

text alignment
  • you can align text in rentry too !

-> these arrows make your text appear in the center of the rentry <-

like this !

-> these arrows make your text appear at the right corner of the rentry ->

like this !

without using these arrows , your text will automatically appear in the left corner of the rentry , like this sentence !



  • hover over the image below to see the description !

Give me your feets pictures please liv senpai :((

  • there are also more colorful dividers that you can put in your rentry !


!!! info
!!! note
!!! warning
!!! danger


!!! info This is a title !
(press space four times here)This is regular text ~

This is a title !

This is regular text ~

!!! info This is just a title !

This is just a title !

!!! info
(press space four times here)This is just regular text !

This is just regular text !

  • to make another type of divider in your rentry , you can type *** on a separate line where there isn't any text
  • it creates a thin grey divider like the one directly below this text !


this is not an entirely full guide to rentry , but rather a way to more easily explain the main concepts to those who aren't familiar with it yet ! I wish you lots of luck in rentry making , and if you have any questions feel free to ask them on my retrospring

you can also refer to my resources rentry or carrd if you're looking for materials to use ♡♡

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