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  • the edit code is the password to access your rentry !
  • if you forget or lose the edit code , there's no way to get your rentry url back ,
    although you can copy and paste the published content into a new rentry
  • it's best to remember the edit code ( memorize it , write it down , etc ) if you
    have a particular url that you like .. as an example , I accidentally set the wrong
    edit code for and I lost the url now grrrr >:(

  • here is a compilation of markdown you can use in rentry !

    link. . .⠀⠀[text goes here](leave this empty unless you want to put a link to something)
    bold. . .⠀⠀**text goes here**
    italics. . .⠀⠀*text goes here*
    strikethrough. . .⠀⠀~\~text goes here~~⠀. . .⠀⠀( remove the backslash )

    codeblock. . .⠀⠀`text goes here`
    bold codeblock. . .⠀⠀**`text goes here`**
    italic codeblock. . .⠀⠀*`text goes here`*

    highlight. . .⠀⠀==text goes here==
    highlight and codeblock. . .⠀⠀==`text goes here`==

  • extra markdown combinations for links !

    bold. . .⠀⠀[**text goes here**](link here)
    italics. . .⠀⠀[*text goes here*](link here)
    strikethrough. . .⠀⠀[~\~text goes here~~](link here)⠀. . .⠀⠀( remove the backslash )

    codeblock. . .⠀⠀[`text goes here`](link here)
    bold codeblock. . .⠀⠀[**`text goes here`**](link here)
    italic codeblock. . .⠀⠀[*`text goes here`*](link here)

    highlight. . .⠀⠀==[text goes here](link here)==
    highlight. . .⠀⠀[==text goes here==](link here)
    highlight and codeblock. . .⠀⠀[==`text goes here`==](link here)

  • to stop markdown from appearing , use this backslash ->⠀ex.⠀typing out⠀backslash at the front of (asterisk)hi(asterisk)⠀gives you⠀*hi* , instead of making the text italic
  • you can also leave [](this) area empty , so the text is just blue for decoration !

text alignment
  • you can align text in rentry too !

-> these arrows make your text appear in the center of the rentry <-

like this !

-> these arrows make your text appear at the right corner of the rentry ->

like this !

without using these arrows , your text will automatically appear in the left corner of the rentry , like this sentence !



  • hover over the image below to see the description !

Give me your feets pictures please liv senpai :((

  • there are also more colorful dividers that you can put in your rentry !


!!! info
!!! note
!!! warning
!!! danger


!!! info This is a title !
(press space four times here)This is regular text ~

This is a title !

This is regular text ~

!!! info This is just a title !

This is just a title !

!!! info
(press space four times here)This is just regular text !

This is just regular text !

  • to make another type of divider in your rentry , you can type *** on a separate line where there isn't any text
  • it creates a thin grey divider like the one directly below this text !


this is not an entirely full guide to rentry , but rather a way to more
easily explain the main concepts to those who aren't familiar with it yet !

hopefully it was helpful for you, though ! ♡

you can also refer to my resources rentry or carrd if you're looking for materials to use ♡♡

Pub: 21 Aug 2023 22:08 UTC
Edit: 24 Apr 2024 06:27 UTC
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