This is a short story about an elderly gentleman, our next door neighbour, who taught a young lady, myself, all I needed to know about gardening.

Hello My name is Martha, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 41 years old. I'm a teacher. I have natural long blonde hair, with green eyes, generously size breasts and long sexy legs. In fact I'm only an inch short of six foot; my husband offer calls me his Amazonian Princess because of my height. We'd married quite young when I was 24 and James was just 21.

Anyway, this is a story from quite a few years ago. It was summer time and the weather was rather pleasant for the north of England, with long warm settled day.

But all was not well. I had just been made redundant from my job of 5 years, as a buyer for a mail order catalogue. I'd loved that job, it was my first job from leaving uni, and at the age of 26 I found myself become terribly depressed. Finding a new job was proving very difficult. I decided needed something to keep my mind occupied, I'd have gone crazy at home alone all day on my own. So to keep me occupied my husband, James, suggested I build herb garden. I thought this a great idea. I'd always liked gardening and cooking. That night I sat myself down at the kitchen table and planned out my new garden, with pathways and trellis work.

The next day, Sunday, I took James out into the garden to show him my plans. I was rather excited by the plans and decided to start work on it that week while James was at work. Just then we heard a voice from the side of us, it took us a little by surprise, We looked over to see our next door neighbour Ronnie peering over the fence.

Ronnie was retired and just celebrated his 70th birthday the month before. I always felt a little sorry for him since his wife had died the previous year and he now lived on his own. Having said that he was still a very active man for his age, always out in his garden doing odd jobs, come rain or shine.

"I couldn't help but over hear you talking about putting a herb garden in. I have some plants you can have to help you get started." Ronnie told us from over the fence.

"That's very kind of you Ronnie, that would be much appreciated, thank you." James replied.

"In fact I have some free time on my hands so if you'd like a helping hand, I'd be only to please to come round." suggested Ronnie.

James turned his head to me, "That's up to you babes?"

"Yes why not. The company will do us both good, won't it Ronnie?"

"Aye, it will that." Ronnie nodded.

"Okay, but you must let me pay you for the work you do."

"You most certainly will not!" Demanded Ronnie with a smile on his face. "The occasional brew and the company of the lovely Anne is payment enough for me."

The following week we started on the project. The forecast for the week was good, warm and sunny with only a slight chance of rain on the Wednesday.

On Monday after breakfast and James had left for work, I got ready and went out into the garden. The sun already felt quite strong.

Ronnie was already out in his garden and called out that he'd be straight round.

Right from the start Ronnie spoke to me in a very suggestive way. He was for ever praising my figure and he never lost an opportunity to brush against me or press close. At first I was annoyed and wondered whether I should tell my husband. But gradually, I was disturbed to realise, it was making me feel excited.

Tuesday was even warmer so I decided to get more daring with more loosely fitting clothes, which showed off my ample cleavage to its full, and tight shorts which when I was bent over caused Ronnies eyes to nearly pop out of his head. Soon his touching happen more frequently, and he linger longer.

That night I masturbated furiously in bed. James was working away. As I fingered myself I thought of Ronnie, and his reaction to my show. It didn't take long for my body to start to shake as I reached climax, then fell back on the bed and went to sleep. I had never been so turned on.

Wednesday again was hot and sunny. Again I'd dressed in shorts with a rather small thong underneath, and a revealing blouse. We had taken a break from working in my garden and I was helping Ronnie in his, as he had some branches he needed move, and I felt it only fair I returned the favour of his kindness. It was around 11o'clock, when there was a heavy down pour. the weather forecast had been bang on at the start of the week.

Ronnie said, "Come on we'd best take cover." and we hurried into Ronnie's kitchen. "I'll put the kettle on"

"Thanks, coffee with just milk for me please." I replied. I went over to the sink to wash up some cups and plates he left there. Whilst I was bending over looking for the washing up liquid under the sink, I became aware of his presence close behind me. I stood back more upright. He was very close now.

With his mouth close to my ear, Ronnie remarked in a slightly seedy way, "What a lovely arse you have!"

He followed this with a gentle strokes of the outside of my shorts. I should've stopped him there and then, but I was so aroused and my hormones had taken over, and I could feel the warmth growth in my knickers.

His hands moved to my hips and I pushed back against Ronnie. I could feel the hardness of his penis against my buttocks. He took this as some kind of encouragement, and ran both hands down to my thighs and rubbed them. With still no resistance from me, he put his arms around my waist into my stomach. I felt he's hot breath on my neck. By now I was feeling a throbbing sensation in the pit of my stomach to my pussy. Pulling my blouse from my shorts, He quickly unbuttoned it and groped at my breasts through my bra. He move back slightly to slide me blouse off my shoulders, then he unclasped my bra to expose my breasts. Kissing the back of my neck he fondled my breasts and gently stroked my nipples, which I responded by hardening to a degree I have never known before. I couldn't believe this was me, responding to an old man so easily. His hands now moved down my shorts. He loosened them and pull them down to my ankles, and I stepped out of them so that I was naked except for my tiny knickers. Still with no protest from me, Ronnie put his hand on the front of my knickers and gently stroked my pussy through the thin fabric. Then he pulled the material to one side to stroke my wispy pubic hair.

By this point I had my eyes closed wand was moaning from the pleasure I was experiencing from Ronnie the kissing my neck and and the attentions I was receiving. He hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of my knickers and pulled them down dropping them to the floor. I step out of them. He knelt behind me and open the cheeks of my arse to expose my need little arse hole, he pushed his face into my buttocks and ran his tongue around my anus.

Soon he stood back up with a groan. He was doing well for a 70 year old. I turned to face him, he was in the process of removing wire fronts, having already discarded his shirt and jeans. He exposed what appeared to me to be quite a large penis for an old man, fully erect, and a pair of heavy looking balls with a thick mat of grey pubic hair.

He luridly played with his penis as he turned me back to the sink, bend me over it and carefully kicked open my legs. With his hand between my thighs he stroked my pussy before slipping a couple of fingers between my sodden lips, probing with a finger the length of my slit a few times before touching and squeezing my clitoris.

Ronnie was a real expert, and soon I was in ecstasy, writhing as my pussy positively dripped with my juices. With his wet fingers he continue to explore my pussy then my anus making that wet as well.

I reached behind myself and founded the penis and tried working his foreskin up and down, and stroking his hairy balls, begging him to fuck me. Bye now he was hugely excited for. I felt the tip of his stiff penis probing and searching, I wasn't sure where he would enter me as at first, he rubbed his cock up my slit and over my anus. He probed my anus pushing against it. But then his fingers worked on my pussy lips and opened them up and I felt his penis gently enter inside me. He pushed into my well lubricated pussy for a short distance then started to withdraw, I went frantic, pushing back to keep his penis in me, but I need not have worried. He soon pushed back in this time going in with a full length until his balls were pressing tight against my mound and our pubic hair intermingled. Feeling him so hard inside me was marvellous.

With me telling him to, "Fuck me please, fuck me hard", Ronnie held my thigh tops and started fucking me withdrawing almost completely before pushing back in, giving me his full length. I wanted it to go on forever, I had orgasm after orgasm.

Ronnie grunted, "I want to cum inside you!"

I did not object.

He held onto me tightly. I could feel his cock throbbing deep inside me, and with a jerk and a groan, he released a flood of warm sperm deep into my pussy. He went quite.

Once I caught my breath I asked, "Are you alright Ronnie?" He did not reply, just wanted heavily. After a short while he pulled out of me and I felt a trickle on cum rum down my leg. I stood up and I turned to face him, Ronnie sat back in a chair still trying to catch his breath. I looking at his now semi limp penis, with his foreskin pulled back, glistening with our combine juices. We were both exhausted and somewhat subdued as we looked longingly at each others naked bodies.

After some time, Ronnie took my hand and lead me to the stairs, and with his hand on my bottom he guided me up to his bedroom. Seating me on the edge of his bed, he crouched before me opened my legs wide, he put his head between them, and began kissing and licking the inside of my thighs. Raising my legs his tongue found my clitoris, which he licked vigorously as he working my pussy with his fingers. By this time I was helpless, frantically holding his head to keep it in place.

Eventually his stopped and climbed onto the bed beside me. I turned my head to see his formally limp penis in front of me. It had started to thicken again and was coming back to life. I knew what was expected of me. Holding his testicles, I kissed and licked his cock until it was close to fully erect, then I took the end in my mouth. I was hesitant at first but the taste of my juices and his cum intermingled was turning me on even more and made me bolder. I tried to take as much of his cock as possible into my mouth. Still holding his balls I moved my head up and down his length. It seemed to grow to an immense size in my mouth and I realised he was near to coming. Now he held my head in place, so I knew he wanted to release his load in my mouth. But I wasn't prepared for that, I wanted it in my pussy.

He wasn't happy but relented and mounted me in the missionary position, and fucked me hard. I cried out for him to fuck me harder and clawed at his back in my excitement. After about couple of minutes of slamming his cock right up in side me, I felt the familiar throbbing sensation, followed by the release of his sperm.

Old Ronnie rolled off me and we lay on the bed resting, both of us out of breath and unable to speak.

I have to say I was impressed with Ronnie's stamina for a 70 year old.

Eventually Ronnie turned back to me and sucked on my nipple while squeezing my other boob. Then told me, "I want to come and stay at your house when your husband is away!"

But I draw the line at this, and told him, "No. But I think I like you helping me with my garden."

When my husband returned home that night I was pleased to see him, and that I treated him to my very wet, cum soaked and swollen pussy.

Although it was a few months before I told Eddie what had happened, this was the turning point and we have seen a tremendous improvement in our sex lives.

For a while after I continued to encourage old Ronnie, and had sex with him quite a few more time over the following months, with Eddie's approval; but I've also started to looking for a young lover, but that's another story. X

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