My next-door neighbor Amy had a thing for me, I sensed it. I could tell by her eyes when we she looked at me, by her body posture and especially by the tone of her voice when we talked and others weren't around.

You know what, I liked her, too. I connected with Amy, she shared my same sick sense of humor. Seems we were always laughing about something when we were together. We had great sexual chemistry and I knew she felt it, too.

Trouble was, she and my wife are friends.

So, the powerful unsaid thing between Amy and I was this: lets' you and I enjoy the sexual attraction for what it is and understand that it doesn't go anywhere.

She was small, about 5.1, with jet-black hair and well built in an athletic way, she was a swimmer in college and continued exercising in her adult life. It showed, even in her early 40s her legs had that wonderful smooth-muscled swimmer's tone and, god, I loved to look at them when she mowed the lawn in summer in her shorts...When she saw me, she would always give a big smile and wave "hi!" and sometimes she'd stick her tongue out.

I wondered if she could tell that I was imagining the two of us naked somewhere and making love, her beautiful legs wrapped around me, her toes curling in pleasure. Yeah...that thought always made my yard work pleasant.

One warm summer evening, Amy called me at my house and told me that a pipe in her basement had sprung a leak and she wondered if I could help her fix it. It was a weekend and I was by myself as my wife had gone to the beach with the kids to visit one of her college friends.

I told Amy that I'd get my tools and come on over. When I arrived, Amy answered the door in short jean cutoffs and a black tank top that didn't do much to hide the fact that she was braless...and what a magnificent chest she had! I could see her nipples poking through the black cotton.

My momentary fantasy of her breasts unencumbered by the little tank top was starting to give me a woody so I tried to put it out of my mind as I went downstairs with her to the basement.

I could see the problem right away; a split in an overhead water pipe was leaking badly. The only way to stop it was to replace the cracked piece with another length of pipe and couple them together with a sleeve. Well, it just so happened I had a length of PVC pipe in my toolbox that I could cut to fit and a plastic coupling sleeve.

I could tell by her face that I had saved the day! She asked what she could do and I told her to please shut off the water to the house. Amy padded off to do that and was nice enough to bring me a beer when she returned .

Like all plumbing problems, the job turned out to be tougher than it looked. The split was in a tight area between the furnace and the corner wall.

"You are not claustrophobic, are you?" she laughed as I squeezed in there.

"Well, yeah I am a little", I replied, winking at her, "but it'll only show it if you start to brick me in here."

Soon, I had replaced the broken pipe with the piece I had cut. However, I discovered I couldn't hold the two pipe ends and tighten the coupling sleeve by myself.

I turned to Amy and said, "Can you hold the pipe while I handle the coupling part?"

I saw her brown eyes flash as she registered this. Then they crinkled and the corners of her mouth turned up in amusement. Slowly, she raised a single eyebrow at me.

I lost it and started sputtering, "I mean, I meant...the OVERHEAD pipe."

"Ooohhhh", replied Amy trailing off in mock surprise, "that's what you meant..."

A big smile was still on Amy's face and I couldn't help but see the look of delight that flashed across her eyes. She got a stool to stand on and moved into the tight corner with me. Standing up, Amy grasped the pipe; putting her breasts almost in my face. The position was as ridiculous and embarrassing as two people who were not, uh, intimate could experience.

She raised that eyebrow again and looked at me questioningly, " this a little game of plumber's Twister?"

We burst out laughing again at the obvious awkwardness of our position!

I tried to be nonchalant but the truth was that I was highly aroused by the feel of her skin, her soft hair brushing against me and the fact that I had a crush on her. I sensed Amy was aroused, too, and was trying just as hard to hide it.

With Amy's little body next to mine, I began tightening the coupling sleeve. It was a real physical effort to turn it and the muscles of my body pressed hard against her for leverage. Oh God, this was so sexually exciting! I could feel her nipples against me as I twisted my upper body and her hips digging in to try and keep me from losing my leverage.

This continued for minutes and we were absorbed in the joint effort of the overhead work. Our minds were elsewhere, though, no doubt about it.

As the sleeve connected to the last thread of the pipe, I became aware that I now had a rock-hard erection from the presence of her body against mine in our effort. Shit! I was only wearing cotton shorts and my crotch was against Amy's bare legs.

I prayed she hadn't noticed my hard-on yet and began turning to one side to move it away from her. Well, it didn't work. I caught her eyes and she was looking directly and softly into mine.

Time stopped as we stared at each other. Nothing was hidden anymore and Amy's look said it all; "I do like you, ... and this has turned me on like you can't imagine." she dropped her arms slowly from the pipe and put them around my neck, pulling her mouth to mine.

We kissed...a wonderful deep, soul-wrenching kiss that was clearly long overdue between us. I pulled her off the stool and out of our tight working space and we continued our passionate groping and kissing in the basement room.

Amy unbuttoned my shirt and was kissing me all over my neck and chest while I had my hands wandering all over her back and down her shorts to feel her smooth behind. I moved around towards her front. Suddenly, she paused and grabbed both sides of my face with her hands.

Amy looked at me in a loving but intense gaze and whispered to me; "You know what? We're going to continue this in my bed and I know it will be wonderful, but this is the only time you and I will make love and we can't ever speak of this to anyone, not ever... do you understand?"

I returned her gaze and nodded in quick agreement.

Amy took my hand and led me off to her bedroom. When we reached her bedroom, Amy shut the door and stood in front of me. Never taking her eyes off of me, she pulled off her jean shorts, panties and tank top one by one, in sort of a strip tease motion; allowing me to savor my first sight of her beautiful, naked body.

I kicked off my shoes and shorts and moved towards her. She had almost no pubic hair, completely shaven in a bikini cut except for a thin black line that ran down her crotch to the top of her moist crevasse. Her clit was huge, sticking out through the lips of her fat labia and begging for me to put my mouth around it...and, God, did I.

I pushed her back on the bed and clamped my lips over her clit, running my tongue all around it. Amy adored this, grabbing my head and moving me around on her loins. I kissed and sucked on her sweet vaginal lips and she writhed around on the bed in her excitement.

She turned around into a 69 position and reached for my cock. Amy took me in her mouth almost all the way to my balls and slowly drew back and forth as she sucked...pleasure that drove me right out of my mind! I felt her breast and nipples brush against my stomach as her head bobbed up and down on my swollen organ. She began to run her tongue over the head of my cock...slowly and our foreplay suddenly became an athletic contest ...a game of who will come first. Clearly, she was going to win this contest very quickly if I didn't change the playing field.

I pulled my member from her lips and turned around. We met each other face to face on the bed, ready to mate hungrily. Amy pushed my lower body down until my penis was pressed against her soaking wet pubic mound. She spread her legs until her knees were practically touching the bed. The head of my penis found her moist opening sticking out from between her labia, inviting me in.

I plunged my shaft into Amy's mound! It felt like 400 degrees inside her vagina, wet and slippery and soaking in her juices. I thought I would come in a heartbeat!

After a few moments of furious pumping, Amy pulled me close and whispered in my ear; "slow down babe, let's enjoy this."

She took over the motion and rolled her hips around mine taking my shaft in and letting it out slowly in a wonderful sucking motion which brought me right to the edge with every stroke. I felt every muscle of Amy's body rubbing against me as we fucked, like when we were pressed together under the water pipe only now, we were naked and enjoying each other in incredible abandon.

She started to moan a low, purring "ooohhhhh" sound and picked up the pace. I couldn't hold back any longer and she could sense it. We embraced with all our might; our genitals locked in ecstasy. I put both my hands around her butt cheeks and then I started to come. Amy's backed arched as I wrestled with her in orgasm, shooting volumes of wet cum deep into her vagina as we fought to finish our climax together. The intensity of my pleasure felt like the world's end.

For at least a minute, I emptied my juice between Amy's legs, her swimmer's legs clutching me in a near death grip as I came and came. Exhausted, we lay there awhile in each other's arms and caught our breath, still soaking from our athletic lovemaking. I ran my hands over her smooth body and looked into her eyes knowing that our intimate moment was over and would never be repeated.

We got up and dressed and I started to say something, but Amy put her finger to my lips and kissed me passionately on the mouth for a long minute. Then she handed me my toolbox and said, with a completely straight face, "thanks, babe ... you've done absolute wonders for my plumbing." We both burst out laughing.|-Updates-on-Wyoh%E2%80%99s-Sex-Stories-id1874082-id181335925?country=us

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