Travis fucked his mother Debbie as he had never fucked a woman before. He didn't treat her like his mother, and that was the thrill of it. Instead, he treated her like his possession, ordering her to do this and that, and everything he wanted of her.

His cock buried deep inside her wet vagina he fucked her on the kitchen table, her huge ample breasts bouncing beneath him as he did her. Every few minutes he would pull out, slide down to her pussy, and eat her out as if she were the most expensive meat on the menu.

Occasionally, he would also pull his cock out and take her hair in his hand pulling her, or rather dragging her, mouth onto his cock.

Debbie was by no means poor, she was comfortably well off. Yet, for some women, no matter how much money they had, they always wanted a lot more.

Travis, her son, had become a rich and successful IT guru who had already made millions in his teens, and at the tender age of eighteen, he could have anything he wanted.

It had only been a few months after his eighteenth birthday that he had realised what he wanted more than anything else. Seeing his mom, still sexy in her late thirties, breasts bursting out of the sexy dresses she always wore, he knew his uncompromising business mind had set him on stripping his mom naked and owning her and using her for his every sadistic need.

When he woke up in the morning, he knew for sure, that today was going to be the day. Dressed in an amazing long red dress, slits down the side showing off her amazing, to-die-for legs. A strapless number highlighting her huge boobs as they attempted to escape from the top, she was irresistible.

Travis had always fantasised about screwing his mom, as every boy does, but he never truly thought it would ever happen. Yet as his bank account grew, his success continued, and he became more and more accustomed to getting everything he wanted. He knew he needed to fuck his mom next.

His cock dragging in and out of her mouth, his pre-cum and her saliva making a real mess of her makeup, he owned her like a dog. Gagging on his thick, hard, long cock, she was secretly enjoying every moment of this wild erotic incest fuck she had agreed to.

Putting on her makeup in her bedroom, he had approached her and told her exactly what he had been thinking about and feeling, and what he knew he wanted from her. He wanted to see her stripped naked and he wanted to have her as his dad had. He wanted to use her for his wild sexual gratification, and he wanted to fuck her incestuously, like a wild crazed animal with no concept of paternity.

She had of course refused him at first. But he was ready for her rebuffs. Offering her thousands of dollars to become his private whore, he could see that she, like every woman, had her price. Initially assuring him that she was not for sale, he knew better.

It was when he offered her $100,000 as his last offer, that she eventually buckled. He had won many business deals by now, and this was just another one of them.

Now flipping her over on the table, he lathered up her ass with lubricant ready for the highlight. There was something about fucking his mom in the ass that just made him go wild. He felt sure it was the complete control it meant he had over her.

Sliding his thick hard shaft into her ass after prepping her for entry with first his finger, then anal-balls, he felt himself almost scream out as if he'd just scored the winning goal in the World Cup as he slid his cock fully into his mom's ass. A wild scream of pain, she had agreed to be entered there, and she knew it would be painful the first time, but she'd told him to just get inside her and do what he wanted.

Doing just that, he fucked her hard and fast. She was his now and she knew it.

Fucking her harder and deeper with his final throes, as he started to pump his frothy white cum into her ass, he knew that she had truly, desperately, wanted her son inside her too.

He wasn't an IT millionaire for nothing.

Secretly, he had been hacking her computer and checking up on her activity. When he discovered her secret porn addition he was at first shocked. Delving deeper into her viewing habits on Pornhub and other popular porn sites, and realising she had not only a dark desire for anal sex, but he also discovered she was addicted to mother and son sex videos too.

His wild fantasies set alight by the discovery, after seeing her most recent videos involving sons paying their mothers for sex, it was clear to him, what his next move would be.

Pulling his filthy cock from his mom's ass, his cum quickly seeping out after it, he was sure the money he'd given her, would be back in his bank account by the following morning at the latest. And true to his beliefs, it was.

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