I paused whilst he looked intently at my bare bottom. The silence was powerful as I could sense his authority and feel his stare on my cheeks, seeing what I had experienced and why the gift was so special.

I felt him move closer.

The back of his fingers came into contact with my skin and he ran them underneath the top of my black thong, which caused it to ride up my slit, collecting my juices. The flirting tonight had excited me, but I was not concerned. Mr. Carver could already see how very naughty I was and my sexual being was always his to share. I enjoyed looking up to see my reflection now in the window. My cleavage was visible, my hair free and the straps of my bra loose on my shoulder. I had submitted to him and I was ready.

I shuddered as he lowered my thong, and pulled it down my legs. I felt my juices transfer onto me as it passed my knee. I lifted my feet as he neared my ankle and removed it from me. Another piece of me was now in his possession.

I paused momentarily as my exposed bottom lay still anticipating his next move. I heard Mr. Carver place my thong in his bag, and I became excited as he returned to me. The suspense only increased with his silence, and I felt the lower half of my body weaken.

As my head looked back down towards the desk, his right hand struck my bottom. My cheeks parted under the force and shivers ran through my body once again. I knew it would not take me long to climax once again and I told myself how naughty I was once more.

I begged for another, but he would not provide it for me.

Instead I felt the touch of lace on my ankles. He lifted my feet, the left first, followed by the right, and slid some fresh lacy hotpants up my legs and onto me. My hands still on the desk, I could feel as they slid perfectly onto my hips and up tightly into my crotch. My wetness had transferred onto them, and the fabric sat close to my red skin covering part of the mark his hand had just left,

He spoke no further, and I heard him slowly leave the room. I was left exposed on the desk wanting more, but I had not deserved it tonight. I considered bringing myself to climax, but decided against it, promising myself that I will receive it from him.

I began my journey home in the fresh underwear underneath my black dress. They felt comfortable and fitted me perfectly. I could not wait to return home and see what he had placed on me. My intimate parts were now wrapped inside his gift, and whilst I would wear them, they would belong to him.

I also recalled the flirting I had experienced with Matthew earlier, and my sex life with Andrew. I admitted how sexual I was at this moment. I was lusted over by each of these men, each wanting their piece of me which I would happily serve at their command. The idea of my shared lust for each was enough to make me wetter inside my new underwear, but I was to hold this release. Mr. Carver was part of me for this moment, and only he would permit my release.

Returning home, I made my way to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My black dress was still concealing my wild desires inside.

Now I was finally to see Mr. Carver's gift.

I unzipped my dress and pulled the top away from my shoulders. My bra had felt tight so I unclipped myself and released my breasts which hung gently onto the dress. My bra slid down to the floor, and I checked myself in the mirror, as I proceeded to gently slide the dress off of me as I saw Mr. Carver's gift reveal itself.

A pair of deep red lacy hotpants.

The texture of them felt incredible against my skin and they fitted my curves perfectly. I turned to hang my dress, and returned to angle myself towards the mirror. I could still make out the outline of Mr.Carver's hand on my bottom. Half inside his gift, and half outside, the redness from Andrew was also present. I had been so terribly naughty to receive punishment from two men, both still evident right there on the surface of my skin.

I continued in front of the mirror, running my fingers across the beautiful delicate lace, telling myself how very lucky I was to have Mr. Carter place these onto me. I again resisted the urge to pleasure myself.

Instead, I stood still for a brief moment staring down at myself and allowing myself to fantasise briefly. I told myself that the gift represented him there with me, and what was underneath was his as long as I wore them. Everything inside belonged exclusively to him, and he was in control. My complete pleasure belonged to him, and it would be my mission to beg him for my release. The sensations were incredible and I had to fight back my urges. I knew I could climax without any touch if I continued, so I stopped myself and resigned to bed for the evening.

The next day I woke late and had arranged to go into work later in the afternoon. I spent the morning relaxing with a slow breakfast and a long hot bath. Feeling increasingly relaxed, I had cleansed my body with a fine soap and conditioned my hair. It was feeling smooth and soft.

My body settled into the hot water and the steam surrounded me as I recalled last night and planned how I would serve Mr. Carter this afternoon. I leant forward slightly and glanced down beside the bath to the gift he had presented me. My juices had filled the crotch and I thought about him taking them from me into his possession.

I headed into work later that day on my usual route and stopped on the way at an upmarket food store. I bought a selection of fine teas, some deep roast coffee and a variety of exotic fruits with fresh cream. I knew what I had in mind, and I visualised Mr. Carter and myself indulging in our shared pleasure.

Work in the afternoon was interrupted by an outage of the IT network and the staff headed home early. I had noticed Mr. Carver was working in his office earlier in the day and I messaged him to express my gratitude.

'Thank you Mr. Carver for my wonderful gift', to which there had been no reply.

I went upstairs into his office.

He was reading some papers on his desk and I looked down at his right hand which was holding the papers. The hand which had left its mark on me the night before. He noticed me looking down at it and I looked away awkwardly. 'Sorry' I said. 'I was just coming to ask for the data analysis ahead of next week' I said. He began to explain and as I moved closer, I playfully turned his paper in front him. He looked at me.

'Teasing!' I said jokingly, looking down at his desk.

He stood up and asked me what I was doing. He towered over me and looking up at him I sensed his power and authority. We had been here before, but this time was different. The apology would be very different.

He was still looking down at me as I could feel his eyes on my small cleavage. I had worn a low fitted top today especially for him, and I would make my first apology and begin submitting to him.

I raised my hands behind my back and unhooked my bra. Its texture was just visible through my top, and as I stood looking down at his feet, I slowly lowered it off of my shoulders, and then uncupped my breasts, which now hung delicately under my top.

I stood still, still looking down at the floor and said 'I would like to apologise Mr. Carver'.

He looked down at me, the outline of my nipples were now visible through my top. I explained I had something for us to share, and I would like to serve them to him. I promised to explain myself to him, but first we would share a special moment.

He demanded I turn round and walk over to the opposite wall and turn off the light. I did so immediately and as I walked away from him, I could feel his stare on my hips and bottom, I hoped the outline of his gift on me was visible as I walked away.

I stopped before the switch, and flicked off the light. I thanked him for his instruction, and he requested that I now serve him.

I promised to return in 10 minutes and went quickly downstairs into my office and collected my treats. I prepared the hot water and selection of tea infusions and coffee in the kitchen and chopped the exotic fruit. I poured some of the fresh cream into a small container as I imagined sharing this delicious food with him.

I laid the selections out carefully on a tray, and placed two napkins on each side.

I found my way back to his office with the tray in my hands. I was careful as I walked and climbed the stairs, as it was now dark, and I could only just make out the light coming through the door to his office.

I turned as I entered his office, easing the door open with my back. He was beside the entrance, and stood in front of me as I walked in. He looked down at the food on the tray I was holding and then at me.

'Will you share some treats with me Mr. Carter?', I asked.

He said nothing, and instead took a thick piece of black cloth from his pocket and moved slightly to allow me through so I could place the tray onto the table.

As I positioned the tray, I could feel him close behind me. I was bent over slightly and my mind cast back to last night, and how he had made me wait for my release.

I looked down at the beautiful selection of food in front of us.

The bright colours and beautiful textures of the fruits were complimented by the simplicity of the infusions and smoothness of the cream. I wondered which would be his favourite, and I imagined the flavours as each piece entered our mouths.

Now positioned to the side of me, he placed his hand on the top of my back which relaxed my shoulders instantly. The fabric was in his left hand and my eyes widened when I looked into his before he brought it up to my face. He proceeded to place the folded fabric in front of my eyes and my hands and body remained completely still as he descended me into complete darkness, tying the fabric behind my head.

His hand was still on my back, as I stood in front of the treats which lay on the table. My senses refocused as I became aware of even the slightest sounds and touch. His fingertips slid down my back slightly, whilst his other hand was placed on my stomach as he turned me around and guided me back a few steps.

He half turned me again, and his hands left my body.

I paused for a second, wondering what his next move would be. My body stood still and my breath became deeper as I relaxed and my mind settled into submission once again. I focused my mind. I thought of him stepping back and looking at me here powerless and under his command was a turn on. My bra now removed, I could feel my nipples becoming firm against my top, and became aware of his gift underneath my jeans.

My thoughts were halted as I smelt something sweet and fresh. The smell filled my nostrils but I struggled to pinpoint exactly what it could be. My eyes still covered, I would use only my remaining senses and a few seconds went by, before he slid a slice of fresh ripened kiwi between my teeth, passing my lips. I held it there, inside my mouth moving it slightly with my tongue to explore the texture.

'Thank you Mr. Carver' I whispered gently to him

I would then hear him taste the kiwi fruit as well. The sound as he picked it up off of the plate and placed it in his mouth, exploring the texture and sweet taste just as I had done so.

I waited patiently for more.

As I stood waiting, I felt his presence behind me once again. My mind raced, as his hands slowly positioned themselves onto my hips. One of each side, they rested there for a moment as I became aware of his fingers working their way under my top. I stood completely still as he very slowly slid my top up. First, my hips, then my waist and then my chest were exposed as he lifted my arms up and my top off of me.

I anticipated his next move with the same excitement. I loved the feeling of the air now passing over my exposed body and the thought of my delicate frame contrasted with his big muscular arms, and my small round breasts positioned there for him. I wished him to do more and take me further.

As I sensed my legs weaken further, he tugged strongly at my arms which were by my side. He had pulled them behind me and closely together. The pain of his hands and force of the pull on my weaker body was especially nice as the feeling of being restrained became stronger.

I became further aroused as he placed a pair of leather handcuffs around my wrists. He continued to tie them tightly, and there was very little movement possible now. I lost myself in the feeling of him being in control, and I shook further as he walked in front of me and undid the buttons to my jeans.

The thought that I was now at his mercy made me ask him for more. He responded by undoing the remaining buttons on my jeans and lowering them off of me. His hands wrapped around my ankles as he lifted my leg up and slid my jeans off.

I visualised him enjoying seeing the restraints he had placed on me as he looked back at me. His little submissive stood in front of him, completely naked except for the beautiful underwear which he had placed on her the previous night.

My thoughts were interrupted as his hands touched my ankles once more and he placed another set of leather shackles onto me. I was further restrained. My arms and legs were now both tied and I was powerless. I had granted him complete control over me and I loved how little I felt in that moment.

I could hear his gentle footsteps as he walked away from me briefly, only to return. I could sense he was close, as I again smelt something fresh and delightful. My lips parted as he placed a slice of grapefruit, coated with cream into my mouth. The texture was smooth but the layered kernels provided an interesting texture. The taste was slightly sour and quite intense, but softened somewhat by the smooth white cream.

I thanked him again and asked politely for more.

He returned to place something warm close to my mouth. I could smell the spices I had mixed in the tea infusions, and I lowered my lips towards the small glass. My hands still tied, he tilted the glass for me as it slid into my mouth, and I tasted the warm spices.

As I had accepted the tea from him, some had spilt onto my chin, and slowly worked its way down my neck and top of my chest. I could feel the warm liquid there against my skin. Unable to move I would depend on him to wipe the liquid from me, and I moved back slightly as his fingers did just that, slowly lifting the liquid off of my chest.

The feeling of the back of his hand on my chest sent me into an even deeper arousal, and a rush of excitement ran through my body as he pulled sharply at my nipples. They stretched away from my body, bringing my soft breasts with them.

I collected my thoughts and realised I needed more of that pain and so I quietly begged him to do it again.

He again placed his fingers on my nipples once more, this time slightly further onto my breast and pulled hard. The pain caused by the stretching of my skin sent shivers down my body, as my legs began to feel weak and I shook slightly, my juices now spreading slowly down between the top of my legs.

Letting go, I paused to take in the feeling, before he returned again, with more delightful fruit.

He teased me with a soft slither of mango fruit, as he passed it over my lips. My tongue had reached out to catch it as he moved it away. My lips still savouring the taste, I angled my head upwards as he gently lowered it back down and into my mouth where I savoured the intense flavour and smooth texture.

I felt an urge to express my gratitude, and my legs wished to open. I was desperate for him by now, but the shackles would prevent me, and I would have to beg again.

The mango fruit was followed by a herbal tea. The gentle warm flavours found their way into my mouth and throat and then into my body.

I listened as he once again moved away, and indulged in some deep black coffee which he had weakened with some cream. I wondered if he may share it with me and was pleasantly surprised when I felt something warm against my bottom lip. I sipped the coffee, as he took it back from me.

I was completely and totally at his mercy, and would accept only, and whatever he served. I envisioned him standing there enjoying seeing me desire the fruit with my tongue first and then inside my mouth.

He would return again, only to move a piece slowly in front of my face under my nose. The smell was invigorating, a sort of earthy sweet smell with a hint of spice.

I craved to know more, but as I moved forward, he lowered my shoulders down to the floor, and positioned me on all fours with my hands and feet still shackled. The fruit would again pass by my face and I showed my desire by reaching once more with my tongue. Unbeknown to me, he had moved the delightful fruit away from me and I would need to crawl forward and reach it.

I could sense how he enjoyed the teasing of my senses, and he helped to guide me as I slowly made my way towards the fruit hanging from his fingers. The shackles made my movement awkward but I would follow his instruction and search for the fruit he was to serve me.

When I reached the fruit, I was rewarded with his hand holding my chin whilst the other slid the fig quarter inside of my mouth. The texture was unusual with a slightly grainy texture on the inside and a very smooth and soft outside skin. I enjoyed the contrast and the sweet taste, but a small piece had now found its way onto my lower lip.

I paused as I expected him to remove it from me, but instead he left it there and his hands moved underneath me. I felt another sharp pain as he pulled hard on my breasts again, pulling them down towards the floor. My nipples by now were very hard allowing him a good grip. I imagined the skin on my breasts stretching as he pulled hard on them, and the pain once again sent sensations through my body.

I looked up at him. My blindfold concealing my lustful eyes underneath. My submission was the most wonderful experience and I opened my mouth to show my desire. My desire for him, and to beg for him to allow me to share my pleasure, as I so desperately needed.

I arched my back and pushed my bottom back slightly as I looked up to him. My mouth still open, I needed Mr. Carter and I begged him as I asked 'Mr. Cater, please, please allow me'. He again said little but he moved behind me, and I bent forward slightly further as he kneeled down towards my ankles. My legs by now were aching to be opened wide and my slit pleasured.

He began to remove the shackles from my ankles and I pulled my legs apart as the first one came loose. Pushing my head down towards the floor, I opened myself further to him, exposing my crotch from behind. I knew my juices by now were visible through the beautiful red lace he had placed on me. This now was the only thing standing between Mr. Carter and my pleasure. I thought of him touching me through the fabric, so I pushed my head down onto the floor further and eased my bottom further back towards him. I knew his temptation would overcome him, and the smell of my juices take over as I got closer.

I begged him to release me, as he swung his right hand across my bottom. 'Again', I pleaded and he obliged with a second swipe onto my left cheek. My skin tingling from his hand, and my body shaking from the sensations. I needed this and I told myself this naughty girl was going to get her release tonight as I fantasised about this punishment being repeated if I was ever to miss a gift.

I knew there was one remaining thing I must do. I was to show Mr. Carter my pleasure. He would experience it first hand, just as he had imagined, with all those gifts I had presented him with. My crotch was already tingling as I begged for one more. Instead he followed with multiple slaps across my cheeks, one after the other, as the sensations overwhelmed me and I climaxed intensely, my body shook. My contractions would be visible to him inside the red lace, and I parted my legs further as my release was felt from deep inside.

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