Rose stood by the bar, nursing her drink, twirling her tongue delicately around the straw as she stared aimlessly across the room. After a long day networking at her company's conference, she longed for nothing more than an outlet to release her pent up stress and completely let go. She scanned the room lazily; it was the last day of the conference and she had seen all these faces before. As she reached the end of her drink, she suddenly fixated on a man at the other end of the bar. His face was unfamiliar and somehow, he'd managed to slip by her these past few days unnoticed. His caramel-colored skin managed to glow in the poorly lit room, making him the only attraction. He was strong but lean, with sharp features and a mop of curly dark hair on top of his head. He wore a collared shirt and slacks that gave off a cute and dorky aura that was paradoxically edgy at the same time. He twirled his hair between his fingers as he daydreamed to himself, and as she examined his face and body, she felt a strong, irresistible tug between her legs. She knew HE was the answer.

Matt had flown in from Reno to attend the world-renowned Sales conference in Manhattan. He socialized politely in the bar with a few other coworkers but finally managed to get a moment to himself. Standing in the corner, he couldn't help but notice the girl across the room with bright eyes and a figure-hugging black dress look his way. Her semi-messy hair fell in waves around her face, her body had curves in all the right places, and his eyes gravitated towards her tongue playing masterfully with the straw in her drink. After realizing he was staring at her he quickly looked away and feigned curiosity in the darts game picking up on the other side of him. Matt tried to get interested in the game but found his mind wandering; he kept imagining that same tongue, those perfectly-shaped lips, wrap around something else...

The more Rose gazed at the man at the bar, the more excited she got. She imagined him leaving the bar with her. She thought about him pressing his face against hers, kissing her, undressing her...

"Okay quit it." Rose said to herself, "One step at a time."

Before losing the effects of her liquid courage, Rose strode confidently across the room. She was ignorant to the looks she gleaned herself. Men around the room tried to slyly turn their heads to catch a glimpse of her hourglass figure, her firm ass and liberated tits bouncing in sync with her step. She finally approached her target, and didn't hold back. She wasn't going to let him slip away.

"You from around here?" Rose asked, her big, brown eyes looking up at Matt and her eyelashes fluttering in a ridiculously seductive manner. She leaned in towards him, so that her hips were placed only a few inches away from his. The electricity between them was exhilarating. Her breath quickened as she waited for his response. But the confidence she felt just a few moments earlier diminished as quickly as it came. She suddenly felt overwhelmed by nervousness. He was even hotter up-close. Would he even find her attractive? What if he had a girlfriend? In the span of a few seconds she managed to go from feeling like the most confident woman in the room to scolding herself for her brazenness. Had she made a mistake? She wondered if he could feel her heart pounding frantically in her chest.

Matt almost couldn't answer. Her body was so close to his. In one swift movement he could push her up against the wall and make her his. He could feel something build quickly between them. She was clearly doing more than making friendly conversation. And he wanted more from her, too.

"No, I'm from out of town. And you?" he managed to get out.

Rose smiled in relief. His response felt reassuring. Feeling slightly more emboldened, she said, "How have you managed to elude me these past few days? I would surely have remembered someone like you."

"Someone like me?" Matt questioned, raising his eyebrows. He, too, quickly grew more comfortable. "I think the real question here is how you managed to elude me."

Rose laughed light-heartedly. Matt took half a step closer; they were almost touching now. Rose could smell his cologne. Oh god, he smelled good. It took her everything in her power not to jump on him that very moment. She wanted him so badly, and based on the look in his eyes, she knew he wanted her as well.

"So you must have a room next door then." Rose said cautiously.

Matt grinned. He knew what this meant.

"And what if I do?" he replied.

Exercising some serious self-control, she tiptoed so that her face was less than an inch away from his. She smiled and her lip gloss glistened softly under the dim lights.

"Why don't we do what we both want and get out of here." She whispered in his ear, right before flicking his earlobe with her tongue ever so lightly.

Goosebumps shot down Matt's arms and he could feel himself growing inside of his pants. He wanted his fantasies of this woman to become a reality. Matt threw back the rest of his whiskey, slid his arm around Rose's waist, gave her ass a tight squeeze and ushered her out the door.

"Wait," Matt stopped suddenly as they exited the bar, "What's your name?"

Rose didn't stop walking. Matt stared at her fat ass sway from side-to-side as she strutted down the sidewalk.

"Does it matter?" Rose said without turning around, "Come on now, try and keep up."


The door to Matt's hotel room burst open and Rose and Matt tumbled inside. They couldn't contain their attraction for each other. Rose wanted to feel all of him. She wanted his body pressed against hers and his dick to fill her up. She wanted him to ravage her pussy, to make her scream and moan and beg for more. And more than anything, she wanted him to make her his; to give herself up completely to this enchanting stranger who she has just met. He was the reason her panties were soaked, her sex pulsed and her heart seemed to jump out of her chest. Her hands explored his face and chest as their lips melded together, tongues alive and writhing. Rose could feel Matt's erection hard against her stomach. She could barely wait any longer to feel all of him inside her. Matt grabbed her ass and pulled her body against his, his enlarged cock and slacks the only thing separating them. Rose couldn't help but let out a soft moan from between her lips, which only spurred Matt further. Neither one of them could wait another second. Matt smoothly unzipped Rose's dress without separating their faces and tore the cloth of her body, exposing Rose's bare breasts and black lace underwear.

"Holy shit, you're fucking stunning." Matt said. Holding onto her face, his eyes examined every inch of her body. Her tits were perky and nipples dark and hard. Her small waist and wide hips made for the perfect silhouette, and her legs were elongated by the black stiletto heels she still had on her feet. Matt moved his hands down her body. As he gently brushed his hands over her nipples Rose shuddered with pleasure. Matt squeezed her supple tits and another gasp escaped from Rose's lips, bringing a smile to Matt's face. His hands continued to trickle down her stomach, until Matt reached her underwear and slowly peeled them off her body. He could see the strands of her wetness cling to her as her panties slipped down her long, lean legs. Matt couldn't help but take his fingers and slide them along her slit and into her lubricated insides. Rose moaned again, loudly this time, and threw her head slightly aback.

"Jesus Christ you're wet as fuck." he said, taking his fingers out of her and sliding them along her clit as he finished pulling down her underwear. His fingers were coated with her juices. Rose couldn't reply; her mind and body were consumed with anticipation. She quickly stepped out of her last piece of clothing, her heels making a soft clicking sound on the ground as she did so, and was left completely naked. She stood there in front of him with nothing to cover herself, completely exposed. The idea of her being completely vulnerable turned them both on. Rose could feel wetness drip down her inner thigh, not unnoticed by Matt.

"Yeah, that's right baby," he said, scooping up her juices with the same fingers that were inside her just moments earlier. He grabbed her face with his other hand and stuck his fingers her her mouth. Then he wiped his wet fingers over her cheek, smearing her lip gloss across her face.

"You like that?" Matt whispered in a low and husky voice.

Rose nodded obediently and muttered something unintelligible. Her body wanted to scream for Matt to do more. Matt's mind raced with all the things he wanted to do to her.

In a hurry to speed things along, Rose bent down to take off her shoes but Matt quickly grabbed her arm to stop her.

"No," he stated firmly, "don't you dare take those off."

Rose looked down at his strong, veiny hand gripping her arm tightly and felt herself get even more wet. She smiled innocently up at Matt and said, "Oh, sorry. Whatever you want, daddy."

Now both of Rose and Matt smiled at each other, for they had a mutual understanding of how this night was going to proceed.


Matt's boner was nearly piercing through his pants at this point. Rose couldn't help but look down at the giant bulge that was soon to reveal itself. Matt caught Rose looking and grinned.

"Want a taste?" he whispered to her.

Rose responded by kissing Matt once again. She guided him slowly towards the bed, expertly navigating the room in her heels. On the way over, she pulled off Matt's shirt and felt his hard abs pressed against her.

Matt couldn't get enough. His hands were all over her body: her chest, her nipples, her waist, her ass, her thighs. He wanted more. He squeezed and flicked and rubbed and bit but he was insatiable. As they approached the bed, Rose pushed him down onto the mattress. She kissed him passionately, but slowly edged away from his mouth to his chin, down his chest onto his torso, until she reached the rim of his belt. Now kneeling, Rose looked up at Matt and unbuckled him. This time, it was her turn to undress him. Without breaking eye contact, she unzipped his pants and slid them off his legs, revealing the giant tent in Matt's boxers. Rose kissed Matt's ankle and slowly moved her way up his calf. Matt was losing his mind at this point, and even more so when Rose rested her hand on his bulge and started rubbing. Still kissing up his leg, Rose moved her hand up effortlessly and down his cock. He groaned loudly and grabbed her hair.

Matt couldn't take it anymore. He pulled Rose's hair back, lifting her lips off his thigh. Rose gasped at the abrupt motion and the light stinging on top of her head that made her drip even more. With his other hand, Matt pulled off his own boxers. His cock sprung up in front of Rose's face and he watched her eye's widen in its presence. Matt held himself in his hands and rubbed his member along her lips.

"Tell me you want it." Matt demanded.

"I want it," Rose begged. She opened her mouth for Matt. Matt took his dick and slid it across her lips and onto her cheek, smearing her lip gloss further, right before slapping her with it. She gasped again, and looked up at him earnestly, craving more. She felt so helpless, just waiting for Matt to decide what he was going to do with her, to her. She was just waiting for him to let her please him. At this point, Rose was dripping onto the floor. Her clit throbbed hard and seemed to pulse through her whole body. Unable to stop herself, she moved her hand between her legs and started touching herself. She didn't break eye contact. She dipped her fingers into herself and used the natural lube to rub small circles on her clit.

"Please," Rose begged again in between moans, "Please, I want it so badly." The desperation in her voice made Matt's cock grow even harder.

Without warning, Matt pulled Rose's head onto his rock-hard dick and felt himself hit the back of her throat. He groaned, loudly, and let his eyes roll back. Rose gagged and jerked back but Matt held her head firmly. Then he started moving her head, up and down, along his cock.

"Good girl" Matt purred.

Rose's muffled moans continued as she touched herself, moving her fingers faster and faster. Her other hand glided up Matt's inner thigh and began massaging his balls.

"Oh FUCK." Matt yelled as he slammed his hips into Rose, past the back of her mouth and into her throat. He continued to thrust himself in and out of the back of her velvet throat. "Fucking take my cock, you dirty little slut."

Matt grabbed one of Rose's tits that bounced slightly as her head bobbed up and down. He squeezed it and felt her hard nipple under his thumb. Rose's body shivered from his touch and she moaned into Matt's dick.

"Ooh you like that, huh?" Matt teased. He used the other hand to grab a handful of her boob and used the other one to pinch and twist her nipple.

Rose could feel the heat building up inside her stomach. She kept moving her fingers vigorously on her clit. Matt's was twisting both her nipples now. The tingling heat spread down her legs and into her feet. She was getting closer.

"Oh fuck" Rose moaned, barely even understandable with her lips around Matt's cock, "I'm so close, baby."

"Let me finish you." Matt said, while lifting Rose's face off himself and throwing her on the bed. He moved Rose's hand from her clit and spread her legs as far as they could go. While on her back, Matt got a view of everything between Rose's legs. Rose was so fucking wet. Her juices had dripped down her ass cheeks and her legs, leaving shiny trails for Matt to see. Matt bent down and followed one of the trails up Rose's thigh with his tongue, leading him to the hot, pulsing source of her fluids. Matt spread Rose's lips and gently began to flick her clit with his tongue. Rose was already so close; the feeling building up inside her was dangerously near exploding. Matt quickly evolved from gentle flicks to strong strokes along Rose's clit with his tongue. Rose was moaning continuously now, unable to contain herself. Her back arched but Matt slammed her hips down to keep still. Matt started sucking on her clit, and with one hand he moved in and out of her vagina; he could feel her muscles tightening. Rose grabbed her boobs and flicked her nipples aggressively. Her breath was quickening and a few seconds later she had one of the hardest orgasms of her life.

"Fuckkk I'm comingggg!" she screamed into the room, throwing her head back and shutting her eyes. She clutched her tits while arching her back and this time Matt didn't stop her. Instead, he grabbed her ass and held his face between her legs, still moving his tongue along her as she came. Rose's body trembled so violently that when she moved her hands to grasp the bedsheets instead, her tits jiggled around while her body shook. Matt could feel her pulses against his tongue; Rose cumming was so hot to him he felt himself get closer just by watching her.

When Rose's trembles died down, Matt slurped up her juices and swallowed. He peered up at Rose from between her legs, looking down her core and past her boobs. Smiling, Matt stood up, completely naked, his hard cock glistening from Rose's saliva. He opened the drawer next to the bed and pulled out a condom. Matt smoothly tore it open with his mouth and handed it to Rose.

"Put it on me." he commanded, "It's time to get started."


Rose was still recovering from her orgasm when Matt handed her the condom. Her legs felt like jelly. Even though she just came, she wanted Matt inside her more than ever. Rose sat up and slowly rolled the condom over Matt's girthy dick.

Matt grabbed Rose's face from beneath her chin and pulled her face up to his. He kissed her softly, yet passionately, before shoving her back down into the bed. Matt crawled onto the bed, grabbed Rose's ankles, and held them above her head. He rubbed himself along her slit.

"Ravage me." Rose whispered into the air.

"Be careful what you wish for." Matt said softly, before slamming his swollen member into Rose's pussy.

Rose screamed when Matt entered her. She was still contracting from her orgasm so she could feel all of Matt inside her tight walls. Matt was moaning continuously and gripping her ankles tightly above her head, digging his nails into her, all which turned Rose on even more. Matt began by thrusting slowly. He felt so good inside her. But Rose wanted more.

"Pound me, daddy." Rose begged.

Matt dropped one of Rose's legs and put his fingers around her neck. He leaned his head by her ear, so that's his lips brushed her earlobe softly.

"I'll do what I want, baby." Matt whispered into Rose's ear as she gasped for air, "But since you've been such a good girl, I'll reward you."

Matt tightened his hand around Rose's throat and pounded her with all his strength. It seemed a miracle that Rose's body didn't break from the force. Her tit's bounced rhythmically and Matt's balls slapped against Rose's ass with each thrust. Rose held on tightly to Matt's muscular forearm and her eyes rolled back in sheer pleasure.

"Fuck yeah, you're so fucking tight," Matt said. He released Rose's neck and she choked just trying to get air in her lungs again.

Matt pulled out and sat back on his heels, his balls dripping with the Rose's juices. Rose looked both quizzically and desperately and Matt, wondering why he'd stopped.

"Turn around. On your hands and knees." Matt said.

Rose obeyed. She turned around so that her ass was up in the air towards Matt. Matt put his hands on her firm and juicy butt.

"What a view..." Matt murmured, before entering Rose once again.

From behind, Matt was able to get so deep inside Rose. It had been awhile since Rose had felt this good in bed. She could feel his big dick shove its way inside her, taking over her, and destroying her insides. She moaned uncontrollably; she felt like something else had taken control of her body, so that the only two sensations she could feel were pleasure and lust. Matt thrusted into her over and over again, and she wondered how a man could have so much endurance. Matt pulled her hair so that her back arched for him and slapped her ass, hard. But the stings Rose felt only contributed to her pleasure.

Matt wrapped his hand around Rose and held onto her boobs that were swinging beneath her. Rose derived so much pleasure from people playing with her tits. She pushed her hips back into Matt's dick and moaned softly to show her satisfaction.

"Ohh, that feel good?" Matt teased. "Tell daddy you like it."

"I like it," Rose whimpered as Matt massaged her boobs and twisted her nipples, "No, I fucking love it."

Encouraged by Rose's words, Matt slammed into Rose so hard that her elbows came out from underneath her and her face slammed into the bed. Matt moved one hand down to Rose's clit and started playing with Rose while he continued to fuck her.

Rose couldn't handle how good she felt. With one of Matt's hands playing with her nipple, the other on her clit and his dick deeply embedded in her, she felt a second orgasm coming.

Before Rose could articulate she was going to come again, she heard Matt groan from behind her, "I'm so fucking close baby. I'm going to fucking cum for you."

"Me too, baby." Rose said, breathing heavily, "I'm so close, take me all the way."

Matt fingered Rose aggressively. He slammed his body against her, into her. He could feel the pressure building up inside him. Rose could feel the heat slowly spread and take over her body. And a few moments later, Rose had an earth-shattering orgasm, and she was swallowed up by that feeling of pure, untainted pleasure. Her mind could not comprehend or think of anything beyond the waves of physical satisfaction that roared through her. Her pussy contracted and pulsed as she came, and in doing so, Matt exploded inside Rose. The two shook and trembled, tensed and tightened, moaned and gasped as their bodies surged together, before collapsing on the bed in a mess of tangled limbs.

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