On her way to English Comp, Eleanor kept pulling on her long dress, trying to fix the way it fit over her midsection. She woke up late again, and only had a few minutes to get herself situated before heading to class. Annoyingly, her 'problem' was making itself very difficult to fix, and would not sit correctly no matter how much she attempted to adjust it. Her 'problem' was exacerbated by the sight of the woman walking in front of her, whose behind, hugged tightly in yoga pants, made her 'problem' pulse with excitement. Fortunately the woman turned left and departed from Eleanor's sight, and before long she arrived at the door to her class, issue finally situated within her undergarments.

Eleanor Kendall, 19, is a sophomore university student. Plain, tall, and mostly flat, she never considered herself particularly attractive. However, these factors she considered shortcomings about herself paled in comparison to the one, or rather, two major 'problems' she had that hung between her legs. Unbeknownst to all besides her family, Eleanor is a futanari, a woman born with male genitalia in addition to her female ones. Furthermore, her male features grew over the course of her teenage years to exaggerated proportions, her erect penis reaching a size of almost sixteen inches, and her testicles large enough to resemble two plump oranges. By extension, her semen production was magnitudes higher than that of the average male, and a single ejaculation could release as much as several quarts of thick spunk. This nonconformity, combined with her social anxiety and general pessimism, made Eleanor a sexually repressed virgin who didn't dare ever get into any relationship for fear of being rejected over her unique qualities.

Eleanor entered the classroom and sat near the back, where she could finally relax as she could easily hide any potential bulge under her desk. She took out her notebook and awaited the professor to begin class, trying to keep her eyes from wandering to any of the other female students for fear of being aroused. While soft, she could manage to fit her penis into her panties in a way that made it very difficult to notice under her long skirt, but were she to pop a boner, she would have no recourse for masking it. As such, she didn't want to risk getting turned on by any of the attractive students she shared classes with. Unfortunately for Eleanor, her professor had other plans, for he announced at the end of class a group assignment. He instructed each of them to pair up with another student and complete the assignment before the next class period.

Eleanor sunk into her seat, clutching her shoulders with her shanking hands. She shuddered at the idea of having to spend time alone with someone else, especially a woman. Sighing, she decided at the very least she should try to find a male partner, since as far as she could tell she wasn't at all attracted to men, and her plain appearance, in her mind, lessened the chances of men trying to come on to her. However, when she looked up to search for a partner, she noticed a girl standing in front of her desk, trying to get her attention.

"H-hi. Eleanor, right?" she said. "Wanna partner with me?"

Eleanor recognized the girl, and her stomach sunk. It was Katie MacNary, whom she was especially wary of because not only was she extremely cute, she possessed gargantuan breasts that were always prominently visible on her, despite the oversized hoodies she always wore. Eleanor's dick pulsed in her panties, as if it were a slumbering beast beginning to awaken. She swallowed, ignored it, and looked into Katie's innocent face.

It's fine El, I'll just say no, and find someone else.

She looked at Katie but couldn't bring herself to utter a word, for she found Katie's face utterly captivating; her bright green eyes staring back at Eleanor, partially obscured by long black hair and surrounded by a round, unblemished face with a tiny nose and full lips. As Eleanor continued to delay her response, however, Katie's happy expression began to melt into one of disappointment.

Her heartstrings pulled by guilt, Eleanor, without thinking, blurted out, "Of course!".

Despite the awkwardness in Eleanor's voice, Katie's expression returned to her initial jubilant smile, and she asked to exchange numbers. Eleanor agreed, and before long they had worked out the details for when they were going to meet up and complete the assignment.

Eleanor however paid little attention to what either she or Katie were saying, as she was concentrating on keeping her manhood from escaping from her panties. With her penis beating incessantly and balls churning and swelling, Eleanor was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything. Eventually, to Eleanor's relief, Katie said goodbye and left the classroom, and Eleanor's arousal receded to a manageable level.

All throughout the rest of the day's classes Eleanor could barely concentrate on anything. Every stray thought seemed to arrive at Katie's alluring form; her adorable, unblemished face and ridiculous bosom that swayed with any slight movement firmly in her mind. She knew about Katie's attractiveness, but never saw it so close to her. Even so, she couldn't understand why she couldn't shake Katie from her mind. Between these thoughts and her moderating her arousal levels, the rest of her day went by in a blur, and before long she was back at home, desperate to relieve herself.

The moment she closed the door to her apartment, Eleanor tossed her bag onto the couch, ripped off her long skirt, and ran to the bathroom. Looking down, her panties were stretched to their limit, her cock almost half erect underneath and her balls slowly bulging with more and more cum. She removed them, causing her penis to bounce up and down from the built up tension, and she grabbed it with her right hand, stroking it up and down the shaft as it continued to expand to its maximum size. Once it was there, she added her left hand onto her dick and stroked it with both hands in tandem, fingers only barely touching each other while wrapped around her immense girth. Eleanor could feel her balls crying for release as they continued to churn out more and more sperm, and before long she could sense her imminent ejaculation looming as her head began to feel lighter.

Waddling over to the toilet while still stroking the length of her dick, Eleanor positioned herself in front of the toilet, aiming the head into the bowl. With a final flash of Katie's limerent face in her mind, Eleanor bucked her hips forward as she could feel the ensuing torrent work its way through her cock. At last, the first shot of cum rushed out of her cock and landed into the bowl with a loud splash, followed by another, and another, and another, until finally the torrent slowed to the dribbling of stray semen that flowed from her urethra. Eleanor looked down at the bowl to see it completely filled with her cum, the surrounding floor caked with both overflow and stray shots. The pungent scent of her semen permeated the room, which threatened to turn her on again and start the process all over, so she decided to get to work cleaning up her mess. Thankfully, her bathroom plumbing was specially modified to accommodate her needs, and as such cleaning up required only a few flushes and a rinsing of the bathroom floor.

Before long she was redressed and now rereading the notes she took throughout the day, but despite just relieving herself, Eleanor found her thoughts drifting to Katie, and before long felt that she needed to do so again. Just as she got up to return to the bathroom, however, she heard her phone buzz. She saw from the caller ID that it was Katie, her text asking Eleanor to come over to her house tomorrow to work on the assignment. Eleanor shuddered at the thought of being alone with a woman, especially in their home, and was tempted to respond by telling her she couldn't work with her, but she decided that it wouldn't be fair to either of them, since they were already partners. She sighed, accepted her fate, and responded to the text, affirming that she would meet Katie tomorrow.

The next day, Eleanor stood in front of the door to the address Katie gave her, a small house in a relatively well off neighborhood next to the campus. She wasn't sure how this would go, but as a precaution she had woken up early and spent most of the morning jacking herself off in the bathroom repeatedly, which she hoped would make it harder for herself to get aroused. Eleanor breathed in and knocked on the door, and within seconds it swung open, Katie cheerfully telling her to come in. Eleanor could not help but take in Katie's enticing appearance, her face cute as a button and her boobs swaying with each movement, still covered by an oversized blue hoodie. Despite this, Eleanor's plan presumably paid off, for she could only slightly feel any reaction from her sleeping member.

"Is something the matter?" Katie asked her, "You seem distracted."

Eleanor shook her head. "I was concerned about something, but it's fine. I love your house by the way," she said as she looked around, taking in the homely atmosphere.

Katie giggled. "Thank you, it was my parents' old place, but they moved down south when they retired and let me live in it while I go to school."

With the potential issue of her erection seemingly subdued, Eleanor found it surprisingly enjoyable talking to Katie and getting to know her better. She learned she was a year behind her, but was in sophomore level classes due to her advanced classes in high school. Katie also told her that she played the violin, and that she was an avid consumer of romance novels and romantic comedies. Eventually though, both of them digressed into finally working on the assignment. Despite its difficulty, together they were both able to finish it to their satisfaction by late afternoon, only stopping to eat a quick lunch that Katie prepared.

Eleanor breathed a sigh of relief when Katie finally nodded to her that it was finished. "Thank goodness." she breathed. "Where does the professor get off on assigning us something like that."

"I didn't mind it." Katie said. "Besides, I don't think I would have gotten to hang out with someone as cool as you if he didn't assign something like this."

Eleanor raised an eyebrow. "Why not?" Eleanor asked. "Surely you could have found someone else in class you clicked with."

Katie shook her head. "No, I'm not comfortable around most people." she explained. She patted her breasts with her hands. "Most people only see these things when they talk to me. The guys just want to cop a feel, and the girls are often hostile towards me. But when I see you everyday just sitting in the back of the room, and the way you were yesterday, I see someone just as uncomfortable with people as I am, and well, I figured outcasts like us should at least know each other, and I'm happy I asked you to partner with me, because I think you're really cool."

Eleanor couldn't find any words to respond with. Katie had just opened up to her after knowing her for less than a day, and called her 'really cool', and in the end all she could do was bow her head and utter, "T-thank you. I think you're cool, too."

Katie giggled and patted Eleanor on the shoulder. "Thanks, Eleanor. Hey, you wanna do anything else?"

Eleanor nodded. "Sure, what did you have in mind?"

For the rest of the afternoon, Eleanor and Katie hung out while they talked about themselves, their dreams, likes, dislikes, everything they could think of. Eleanor couldn't get enough of this, just talking to someone. She had very few friends growing up, and none after hitting puberty and her genitals grew to their immense size, and now she was hitting it off with someone she was initially wary of.

Eventually, Katie stood up. "I've had a blast today Eleanor, but it's already 9, and I've been up since early morning."

Eleanor's eyes widened in disbelief. Nine, already? I swear the sun was still up when we finished the assignment. she thought. In the time she was in Katie's house, Eleanor was largely distracted from her fear of getting aroused, but that fear came right back into her mind as she saw Katie remove her oversized hoodie. Her breasts were obviously large even when obfuscated by her hoodie, but seeing them only covered by a tight, form-fitting t-shirt was entirely different, as they looked much bigger and more shapely, and Eleanor could swear she could see the outline of Katie's large nipples poking through as well. She could feel her dick beat harder and harder in her panties, and she knew that if she didn't leave soon she wouldn't be able to stay in control.

She turned to Katie eager to say goodbye, but Katie already laid herself down on her bed and had seemingly fallen asleep. The sight of Katie's shirt riding up her breasts, revealing vast amounts of underboob, sent shockwaves through Eleanor's dick. In all her life Eleanor had never seen anything so erotic, let alone been in its presence, and now she was in arms reach of it, her penis seemingly begging her to take it out and masturbate right now. She could feel her hands move closer and closer to her likely visible bulge, but before her hands could reach it, she thought back to Katie lamenting how she felt everyone only saw her for her assets and not her, and here Eleanor was, on the precipice of conforming Katie's belief yet again.

Taking a deep breath, she expelled Katie's form from her mind and shook her awake, telling her that she was going to leave now and let her get some sleep. Katie looked down at her compromising form and blushed, pulling her shirt back down, then into Eleanor's eyes. After a few awkward seconds between them, she nodded.

"T-thank you, Eleanor. I'll lock the door behind you. Good night." she stammered.

Eleanor walked over to the entrance to Katie's room, trying to keep her skirt from rubbing her half-erect cock, then in a burst of inspiration, turned back to Katie. "Hey, how about we do something fun tomorrow? You're not busy, are you?" she asked.

Katie flashed a big smile and nodded. "Absolutely. I'm looking forward to it."

With that, Eleanor left Katie's house, and upon returning to her apartment she ran to her bathroom and relieved herself several more times before falling asleep on the floor of her bathroom, surrounded by the results of her many immense ejaculations.

Eleanor woke up, her back killing her from sleeping on the hard floor. The strong odor of her spunk all over the bathroom made her feel hazy, although part of her stupor was probably a result of her massive morning wood. She sighed and decided that before cleaning up she better rub one more out.

By the time she cleaned, showered, and got dressed, it was already past 11:00 AM, and she was eager to text Katie to set up their next hangout. Looking at her phone, it seemed that Katie had already asked her when and where she wanted to hang out. Drawing a blank, she simply invited Katie to her apartment at 1:00 PM. She got an immediate confirmation, which brightened her mood considerably, and was now trying to figure out what they should do, or whether or not she should prepare something to eat or not. In the end, Eleanor opted for ordering pizza and finding a movie to stream on her TV. She considered preemptively masturbating as she did yesterday to control her libido, but with less than two hours before she arrived, she wasn't confident that she could finish and clean up in under two hours time, so she decided against it.

Almost exactly at 1:00, Eleanor heard the doorbell, and she opened the door to allow Katie into her apartment.

"What a nice place." Katie said, looking at the main room. "You have any roommates?"

"Nope. I somehow managed to get one without mates, so it's pretty quiet most of the time." she answered, not elaborating that her parents paid the extra costs to ensure she wouldn't share living space with others and risk them discovering Eleanor's secret.

Katie breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness, no offense to anyone else here but I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd be here if there were others besides you." She noticed a smell wafting from the kitchen and asked, "What's that smell? It smells really good."

"I wasn't sure if you'd eaten yet, so I got pizza." Eleanor answered. "I figured we could eat and maybe watch something on TV."

"Oh that's sweet of you, Eleanor." Katie responded. "I'm famished, actually."

Eleanor closed the door and motioned Katie to the couch, then walked back to the kitchen to retrieve the pizza and a couple of plates and drinks. Upon returning to the living room however, Eleanor nearly dropped everything when she looked at Katie, who'd sat herself on the couch and removed her signature hoodie. Rather than the tee shirt Eleanor saw yesterday, Katie opted for a surprisingly revealing white tank top which not only showed off her breasts' shape and size, but a line of deep cleavage.

Unsurprisingly, Eleanor could feel the rhythmic pulsing of her aroused cock, but she ignored it and tried her best to act casual. Placing the pizza box on the coffee table, she handed Katie a plate and soda and sat down on the opposite end of the couch.

"Thanks, Eleanor. So what do you want to watch?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure." Eleanor responded, trying to moderate making eye contact with Katie without looking down at her breasts, "How about we browse and select something from there?"

Katie agreed, and a short time later they decided on a romantic comedy that Katie highly recommended. They watched it while eating their pizza, and while Eleanor enjoyed sitting down eating one of her favorite comfort foods, she lamented not being able to concentrate on the movie, as she was trying to keep herself both from popping a boner or from staring at Katie. Some time later, she compulsively glanced at Katie, who looked back at her and smiled, but something seemed different.

Is she in the middle of the couch? I thought she was sitting on the other end.

Eleanor turned back towards the TV, continuing to try to concentrate on the plot of the movie, but the nagging of her throbbing cock made it increasingly difficult. Eventually she managed to get her erection under control and even started to focus on the movie, but at some point she felt the sudden feeling of warmth on the side.

She looked to see Katie, who at some point scooted herself beside Eleanor and leaned on her. She could feel the softness of Katie's breast touching her arm, and she didn't dare look down from her vantage, which would give her a full top down view of Katie's incredible cleavage. Once again, it took every ounce of concentration to keep her ensuing erection under control, which was of even greater imperative now that Katie was almost on top of her. Suddenly she felt Katie's head fall on her shoulder, and she instinctively looked to see Katie staring right at her, her deep green eyes looking right into her hazel ones.

"You're m-missing the movie." Eleanor uttered, trying desperately to keep herself from losing it.

"I t-think there's s-something else I'd r-rather watch." she replied in an awkward cadence. Eleanor could only guess that she was trying to be flirty, but couldn't quite deliver her line confidently. However, it became immediately clear to her what Katie's intentions were now, and there was no way she was going to escape.

Resigning herself to her fate, Eleanor leaned in and planted her lips on Katie's, causing Katie's eyes to widen in shock, then slowly narrow in a contented, dazed stare. Eleanor was scared she was going to mess up, having never kissed anyone before, but she found the feeling of Katie's warm lips against her own incredible. Nothing else was on her mind, all she wanted was for this intimate moment between them to last forever.

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