Well, I don't know what everyone has been up to over here, (besides cooming) but I've been working on this thing well, more prompt/character? for the Llama webui (.cpp users dont stop reading)

RPBT.json (RPBOT was 3 chars) Basically the idea is that, instead of writing a character and world for each different AI, you can have RPBT "pretend" to play them, this give you more agency to do OOC things, and it WILL change to talking as NPCs (at least most of the time, you can tell it OOC if it needs to).

The prompt is written mostly implying you are the MC, and you have some sort of sentient companion with you that RPBT will focus on playing. It is generally up to the player to introduce new NPCs, well, I've not seen the bot do so yet. I dont know how it is for coom, but it cant be that bad. I would recommend either reading the prompt for an example of what to put in your first comment, and knowing the "commands" (OOC) and (end OOC). It is very important to describe the world, the main characters, and it also seems like a good idea to set the scene for the bot as well, by speaking in character after your prompt.

pic related all 30b 4bit GPTQ regular ass llama

This is the main test I have been doing, in full up to now. I did have to retry a couple of times, once before I specified that my companion was human (it described her like a goblin or something) and then a couple of times testing the (OOC) stuff I think it was wanting to call her ana instead of Ana since its 1 token vs 2 maybe? oh and it took a few to get it to switch from "ana watches from the bushes" to actually playing as the goblins.

And THIS is the conversion another anon did so it can be used with llama.cpp

This isn't "done" by any means, feel free to change everything rewrite the example prompts whatever, I just think this style of prompting has a ton of potential

example pic

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