My sister was true to her word. She had gotten hooked the night she fucked me for the first time. And after that, things just got more interesting.

She'd needed some instruction after a guy she dated told her she gave lousy head. So I volunteered of course, and taught her everything I knew. That led to us going to a drive in one night and fucking our brains out.

On the way home, she'd mentioned our cousin Terry. I'd told Susan I'd love to watch her eat pussy, and she didn't seem turned off by the idea. She even mentioned Terry as a possible playmate, which have me some wonderful mental images to fantasize about.

In the meantime, Susan was coming in almost nightly and fucking me to her hearts content. I wasn't complaining at all of course. Having a cum slut 20 get away from me every night was wonderful, and I took full advantage of it.

I still remember the night Susan came in and had something on her mind. She was sitting on the side of my bed naked as usual, stroking my hard cock.

"You know Chris, we have that family reunion coming up this weekend."

"I remember. What have you got in mind? Want to skip it and fuck?"

That made her giggle. "Always. But not this time. Terry's going to be there you know."

"I figured. You're really curious about trying another woman aren't you?"

"Actually, I am. I never thought about it before, but now it seems to be in my head all the time."

I lay there enjoying her hand slowly stroking my shaft. "You know Susan, she might not be into doing family. Luckily you and I don't have that issue."

"I know. But what if she is? We're only cousins you know."

There was that. "So how do we do this?"

Susan smiled. I was obviously on board with it, and she had an idea.

"Here's what I'm thinking. I'll get her alone, and tell her about my adventures with you. If she seems interested, I'll send her your way. Then if she goes for it, I'm thinking you can send her to me."

"I've got a better idea. If she goes for it, why not have a threesome? That way I could watch and join in."

"I hadn't thought of that. I've never had one though. Have you?"

"Several. I've done two girls and one guy, two guys and one girl and even a foursome once where we traded partners. That was interesting."

"Sounds like it. Tell me about it."

"I was dating that girl Teresa, remember her?" Susan nodded. "So one night she and I were drinking with a couple of friends and it came up in conversation. Long story short, she ended up fucking the other guy and I fucked his girlfriend."

"Now that sounds like fun!"

It had been. Her name was Darcy, and she was blonde and built like you wouldn't believe. I still remembered that night fondly.

Back to Terry though. Looking at Susan I told her, "So let's see how interested Terry might be. You tell her about fucking me and let's see where it goes. I'll make sure to be off some somewhere, so if she's interested we'll know right away."

Susan climbed on my cock then. "God I hope she is."

Two days later we were at the reunion. I saw Susan and Terry together, so I caught Susan's eye and pointed to the river. She nodded, and I walked down there to sit and enjoy the water.

Ten minutes or so later, I heard footsteps approaching. I sat there looking at the river until they walked right up next to me.

Looking up, I saw my cousin standing there. "Hey Terry. How's it going?"

"Good." I took the opportunity to check her out then. Terry is tall and thin, and not nearly as busty as my sister. Still there was something about her that caught your eye when you saw her.

She sat down near me, checking out the river. I figured I'd let her take the initiative, and it didn't take too long.

"Chris, can I ask you something? It's kind of personal."

"Go right ahead."

She looked at me, pausing to get it just right. Then she asked me, "Do you and Susan really fuck?"

She blushed and she said it. I looked at her for a moment, then with a perfectly straight face said, "Yes we do. Why do you ask?"

Her mouth dropped open a bit. Then she said, "Susan told me about it, and I didn't believe her. I guess I was wrong."

I nodded. Then I told her the entire story, and she listened with rapt fascination. When I'd finished she said, "Wow!"

"Is that a good wow or a bad one?"

"I don't understand."

"Is that an I'm disgusted wow, or is it that sounds like fun?"

She shifted uncomfortably for a moment then said, "It's not a disgusted one. Actually, it sounds like of hot to me."

"Oh really? Have your ever thought about fucking a family member?"

She blushed again. "I've seen my brothers naked, so I've thought about it. But I never have."

"What about a cousin? Like me for example?"

I saw her glance down at my lap, and I knew Susan had told her everything. "I don't know, maybe I guess. Susan said you were really big though."

"That's true. She wasn't kidding there."

Terry's glances became more evident, and she was looking more often. Finally she said, "Would you show me?"

I smiled at that. "Sure Terry, but let's make it even. Show me your tits. Bare skin, right here."

She looked at me, then surprised me by stripping her shirt right off. Then she undid her bra, letting it fall away from her body.

She really did have nice tits, even though they were smaller than I usually liked. Her light pink nipples were nice and hard already. That was a good sign.

I smiled at her. "Fair is fair. You ready for this?"

She nodded, her eyes fixed on my zipper. I slowly unzipped it, reached in and freed my thick 9 inch cock. Her mouth dropped open as she saw it in the daylight.

"Shit! She wasn't kidding."

"No she wasn't." I stroked it a couple of times, then heard Terry say, "Can I touch it?"

"Go right ahead, but my hands are going to be all over your tits when you do."

She grabbed my shaft smiling. "Be my guest."

Her hand stroked me as I played with her tits. They were really nice, and teasing her nipples made her moan. "So how would you feel about fucking a cousin now?"

"Right here? Right now?"

"Why not?"

She stood up then, and slipped off her jeans and panties. I watched her get down on her hands and knees then.

"Let's do it."

Kneeling behind her, I slipped my cock into her hot pussy. She moaned when I did, and I had to say, "You're going to have to be quiet if you don't want to draw a crowd."

She nodded, and my hips eased forward, slowly sinking my shaft deep inside her. Terry was something else. She couldn't wait to get my entire length buried in her. Her ass moved as she took me deeper with each thrust.

Finally my hips slapped against her ass. I was all the way in. She didn't even take a moment to get used to it. Her hips started pumping back toward me right away.

I fucked her tight pussy hard and fast, hearing only the softest moans from her. Finally I couldn't take the pleasure anymore, and with one final thrust I buried my cock in her and filled her pussy with my cum.

The circumstances of the moment required we get dressed quickly, and we did. But Terry wasn't done yet.

"Chris, I want more. A lot more!"

"Ok, go talk to Susan. Have her invite you over to spend the night tonight, and we'll do more. Sounds good?"

She nodded, turning to go find Susan. This was going to be an interesting evening.

I waited a few minutes, then went back to the reunion. After a bit, Susan cornered me.

"Terry's going to spend the night tonight. You two muat have hit it off."

I leaned over and whispered in Susan's ear. "I just fucked her down by the river. So yeah, I think she's good with the whole incest thing."

Susan smiled. Then she said, "Meet me down by the river too."

I went back down, back to the place I'd been just a bit earlier. Susan came down a few minutes later. As I watched, my sister knelt in front of me, opened my jeans and sucked my cock right in.

I watched her do that, wondering what she was doing. After her head traveled up and down my length a few times, she stood up smiling.

"I wanted to taste her."

Damn, that was hot! "So? What do you think?"

"Tonight's going to be fun."

I told Susan how it was going to go. "Send her in by herself. I'll talk her into it, one way or another."

We all headed home after the reunion. Terry was obviously ready for fun. I kept getting looks from her all evening. It was hard to get to bedtime without taking her somewhere and enjoying that hot pussy again. Finally though the time came.

My door opened, and Terry walked in. She had the usual on, the t-shirt and panties thing. I don't think anyone who spent the night with Susan ever dressed differently, much to my delight. She was smiling as she sat down on my bed.

"Now where were we?" Her hand slid across the blankets to my cock, which was obviously hard already.

I watched my cousins hand stroke my shaft and smiled. "Terry, I've got a question for you."

"What's that Chris?"

"Have you ever had a threesome before?"

Terry blushed, and I smiled. That looked so damn cute when she did that. She tried to avoid the question by answering with, "Why would you want to know that?"

"Because I'm hoping that three of us can have some fun tonight. Together, if you know what I mean."

My hand was stroking the soft skin on the inside of her thigh by then. She stared at me for a minute, finally answering my question.

"Yes I have. Just last weekend as a matter of fact. That was my first one."

"Was it two guys or a guy and girl?"

"It was a guy and a girl if you must know."

"Tell me all about it."

"It was my friend Mike and his girlfriend Kim. You know her don't you?"

I did. Kim was a busty blonde I'd lusted after for years. Nothing was going to happen there though. I nodded my reply to her, and she went on.

"We were all drinking one night, and one thing led to another. So we all ended up in bed together."

I looked at Terry and said, "How would you feel about doing that tonight? I'd love to see you and Susan together."

After a moment or two, Terry finally nodded. "I'd do that."

"Go get her then."

I knew Susan would be ready to go, so I wasn't surprised when they both came back very quickly. Susan was excited; you could see that right away. I could just imagine how wet she was right then, thinking about the fun that was coming up.

Terry looked a little unsure, so I pulled her aside. "Susan really wants this. She suggested you one night when we were together."

She looked a bit relieved then. Obviously it wasn't going to be one of those awkward experiences for her.

I looked at both girls and smiled. "Ladies, tonight is going to be fun." I had Terry next to me then, so it only seemed natural to start with her. Besides, I wanted to take a little more time with that body of hers.

I turned her so she was facing Susan. Then I slowly slid my hands up, cupping her small tits once again. She watched eagerly as I played with Terry's nipples, making them nice and hard. I could almost tell what Susan was thinking, and hopefully I'd see it soon.

I pulled Terry's shirt off then, and Susan licked her lips. That was all I needed. I gently slipped her panties down then, displaying her body to my sister. You could actually see the lust on Susan's face then. So I moved Terry to one side, and beckoned to Susan.

She came right over, smiling the entire time. Susan's nipples looked harder than usual; they were tenting out the front of her shirt. Looking at Terry I said, "Give me a hand with this, will you?"

She nodded, and reached for one side of Susan's shirt. I grabbed the other, and together we pulled it up and off her body. Her eyes lit up when she saw Susan's dark hard nipples just inches away. Leaning over, I whispered in her ear, "Go ahead, do it."

She reached out, cupping one of my sister's C cup tits for the first time. I heard Susan gasp, then her eyes closed and her mouth fell open as Terry leaned over and sucked one hard nipple into her mouth.

I joined her then, taking the other one into my mouth. Susan's hands came up, holding our heads to her tits. She was enjoying every second of both of our tongues lashing against her nipples.

I stepped back then, watching Terry play. Finally I told her, "I'll let you do the honors. Take off her panties."

Terry kissed her way down Susan's body, finally arriving at her panties. I watched her slip them down Susan's legs. Then Terry leaned forward, tasting Susan's pussy.

I thought Susan was going to fall over when she did that. So I gently guided them both to the bed.

"Have fun girls. I'm going to watch this."

Susan laid back then, her eyes wide as she watched Terry bury her face in her pussy. I heard her moan then, and both of us could see Terry's tongue sliding over that slick wet pussy, savoring the taste.

I got on the bed then, naked myself. When she felt me behind her, Terry got up on her hands and knees again. With that right little ass and hot pussy, I wasn't going to resist.

I knelt behind her, my hands going to her hips as my cock slid into her again. She was just as hot and wet as she'd been earlier that day, and I started fucking her slowly as she coaxed Susan toward her first girl/girl orgasm.

She was obviously talented, and Susan was incredibly turned on. A few minutes later I saw my sister reach down and wrap her hands in Terry's hair. She held her in place as she came all over Terry's face.

I had to slow down watching that. I didn't want to cum right away, so my strokes into Terry slowed a bit. Susan's eyes finally opened again, and she smiled at me. She had an idea.

She told me to get off the bed, so I did. I stood there wondering what she had in mind. I got a clue a moment later. Susan stretched Terry out on her back, then climbed on top of her in the classic 69 position.

That put Susan's ass facing me, and I watched Terry drive right back in tongue deep into her pussy. Susan moaned again, but waited for me to join them. I did just that, sliding into my sister's pussy just inches away from Terry's face.

I watched Susan's reaction to that. Her hips pumped back against me a couple of times, then I saw what I really wanted to see. Her head dropped, and I knew she was tongue deep in my cousin.

Watching the two of them 69 was going to get me off quickly the first time. I knew that simply because I was trying my best to hold off the entire time. I finally got to the point where I had to cum, so I did deep inside my sister's pussy. I shot a huge load there, then fell back on the bed to watch as I caught my breath.

Terry went right back to that creampie, sucking my cum out of Susan's pussy. I could see her swallow again and again as she got more of my seed in her mouth.

I watched both girls thrash their way to an orgasm apiece right there on my bed. Finally they collapsed, both of them catching their breath and ready for another round.

Susan recovered first. She got up off the bed and came over to me. "So what did you think?"

"Never mind what I thought. How was it for you?"

"I can tell you one thing. Women are better at that than guys are, that's for sure."

I wasn't surprised. Then Susan said, "So what now?"

"How would you feel about fulfilling one of my fantasies?"

"That depends of course on what it is."

"I've always wanted a blowjob from two women."

Susan just smiled. Walking to the bed, she whispered in Terry's ear. Terry smiled and nodded, and I knew I was in.

Susan sat down, then patted the bed. "Come on. Lay down."

Susan went first, swallowing my cock all the way down. Terry's eyes bugged out at that. She watched in rapt fascination as Susan swallowed my entire length again and again.

Finally, when she came up for air, Terry joined in. She couldn't take all of me, but seeing her sucking my cock was enough of a turn on for me. Susan's joined in then, and I got to watch two hot tongues skip and slide up my length. They alternated sucking my cock with a tongue on my balls, each one taking turns until finally I stopped them.

"Ok ladies. There's two more things I want." I pulled them both up to the top of the bed then. Looking at Terry, I said, "Kiss my sister."

She was up for that, and I watched their tongues slide into each other's mouth. Watching them make out was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. Finally when they'd finished, I told Terry, "Now, last down."

She did with a smile on her face and her legs spread wide. She knew what I wanted, and she was right. I slid into that hot pussy again, marveling at the feeling.

Susan was on her other side. Her head was almost on Terry's belly as she watched my shaft plunge into her again and again. I fucked my cousin hard and fast as my sister watched fascinated by the sight.

I noticed Terry's hand was moving. Sure enough, two fingers were plunging in and out of Susan while we fucked.

We must have fucked for half an hour when I finally felt it. Burying my shaft in Terry one last time, I filled her hot pussy with cum again. Susan watched, entranced.

Finally when my shaft slipped out of her, Susan bent over and sucked me clean. I smiled as she finished.

"Time to clean Terry up now."

Rolling on top of her, my sister returned the favor and gotten not that much earlier. I watched her swallow my cum as her tongue retrieved it from Terry.

I was done for the evening then, and the girls got up to head back to Susan's room. Susan stopped and told me, "You realize we're going to be playing all night now."

I told them to have fun, and fell asleep soon after that. A few hours later I got up and headed for the bathroom. As I passed Susan's room, sure enough. There was Terry on her back, and Susan's head was buried between her legs. I could just imagine the fun they had the rest of the night.

As for me, I fell back asleep, wondering what would be next.

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