The next couple days of rowing camp went amazingly well. After I'd fucked the tall, horse-hung, Irish stud in front of all my teammates, I was indisputably the alpha male of the entire team. As I yelled out orders from the front of the boat, my teammates followed me unquestionably while rowing in unison.

To my teammates' delight, I stopped wearing athletic shorts over my lycra so that they could always see my powerful bulge. This seemed to motivate my teammates while rowing and lifting in the weight room. They also gave me much greater respect. Whereas no one wanted to work out with me before, they all now wanted to be close to me and my big, powerful dick.

My favorite part was the shower room where some of my teammates openly stroked their smaller cocks while looking at mine. I could hardly get through a shower session post-workout without at least one or two teammates offering to give me a blowjob. Morning, afternoon, and night, my sexy teammates dropped to their knees to worship my massive dick and swallow as much as they could.

As the week progressed, I also started to fuck other guys on the team. Damion and Dario begged me to fuck them again—of course—but Michael and Erick also really wanted to become my complete and total cock-sluts.

My roommate, Charles, also became a bitch for me whenever I wanted it. As he sucked me off before bed or first thing in the morning, he would stroke his own big 8-inch dick and beg for me to fuck him. At his request, I fucked this tall, blond, German stud's tight hole and transformed him from an anal virgin into my total roommate bitch.

As the week progressed, I grew sad that rowing camp was coming to a close, since never before had I been surrounded by so many sexy guys begging to suck my cock and for me to fuck them in the ass. But my mind was also focused on the ultimate price: the Sussex Cup.

On the second to last day of camp, we rowed in two races that officially kicked off the Sussex Cup. As I stood in the front of the boat with my massive dick-print showing, I urged my teammates to row as fast as they possibly could. "Go get 'em lads! Today is our day!"

And sure enough, my team crushed it in both races. There were now just two teams standing between us and the ultimate trophy in junior rowing.

That night and early the next morning, I refused to let any of my teammates come near my cock. Even though Amri and Diego tried to suck it in the shower and Charles and Damion begged me to fuck them the night before the finals, I wanted them all horny and on edge to compete the next day. I let my teammates stare and gawk at my dick all they wanted, but I wanted all of their sexual energy focused on winning the Cup.

The next morning, I went to watch the team that we were facing in the semi-final. Like ours, it was a mix of rowers from around the world, many of whom were quite good-looking. They also had a young coxswain from the U.K., who was roughly my height, around 5'5".

As I watched our rivals practice, there was one thing that caught my eye. Like myself, the coxswain was no longer wearing athletic shorts. And in his lycra—visible to me and their entire team—contained what looked to be a very sizable bulge. It was hard to tell from far away, but the snake in his trou looked almost as big as mine, and his teammates all listened perfectly to every word he said! As I watched them warm up, I knew that I needed to do something or else this team might beat us and row its way into the finals.

Thankfully, the coxswain walked away from his teammates a few minutes later and headed to the loo. This was my chance and I followed close behind.

Once inside, I saw that the bathroom had a trough of urinals, a stall, and a locker room area in the back. But to my disappointment, the short little coxswain walked straight into the stall instead of using the urinal, where I stood proudly to unveil my dick.

From within the stall, I heard a trickle of piss. And when he came out of the stall to wash his hands, I too went over to the sink to chat him up.

"Hey man," I said. "I'm Drake."

"Connor," he replied. "Good to meet you."

"Where are you from?"

"London—not too far away. How 'bout you?"

"North Carolina," I replied. "Can I talk to you for a second back in the locker room?"

Connor seemed a bit caught off guard by this but followed me back towards the locker room. He was a cute lad with brown hair, green eyes, and a boyish face. As I glanced down at his bulge, it looked pretty massive. Maybe not entirely as big as mine but still very intimidating, especially on such a short and slender guy.

"I just wanted to talk to you about the race," I said, now that we had some privacy. "I saw your team clings on your every word, and I'm wondering how you keep them motivated."

"Well, it looks like you do what I do," he said, pointing towards the massive bulge in my trou.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know," he said, once again grabbing his bulge and pointing at mine.

"I'm a bit confused."

"Come on, man—you stuff your suit a bit and get the guys to respect you."

"I still don't know what you're talking about."

"Yes, you do! I know you're stuffing in there -- there's no way that thing can be real!"

At this point, Connor reached over and grabbed my package full-on. Where he thought there would be padding or some kind of cushion, all he felt was my giant anaconda, stuffed down my trou without any underwear.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Connor exclaimed. "IS THAT THING REAL?!"

As Connor looked stunned, I stripped off my shirt and started slowly pulling down my trou. Inch by inch, I unfurled the beast before Connor's very eyes.

"Holy shit," he said, as my massive softie came into view.

"Do you like it?" I asked, nonchalantly. "Let's see yours to compare."

Connor now looked sheepish like he wanted to leave, but seeing my massive dick also compelled him to stay. He first took off his shirt, which showed off a very slender and toned body just like mine. Then he started slowly pulling down his lycra trou.

Instead of going commando—like me and most other rowers—Connor was wearing some kind of underwear with a contoured pouch that looked pretty massive on his small body. "Are you happy?" he asked, sheepishly.

"No," I told him. "Keep going."

Connor looked crestfallen as he slowly removed his underwear. As he did so, a cup fell out that looked like something someone would wear on a baseball team. It padded his bulge and made it look several times bigger!

As the cup fell out and Connor's underwear fell to the floor, I could see why he had felt the need to stuff his lycra to make a bigger bulge. His penis was tiny! Even Michael, the smallest-dicked guy on my team, looked like a giant compared to him.

Now my rival coxswain stood before me in all of his glory—just a little nub of a dick, maybe 1.5-inches soft. In comparison, my flaccid horse-dick hung down at least 7 inches—many times longer than Connor's tiny penis.

No wonder he needed to stuff his shorts! I thought.

We hadn't said a word, but Connor was clearly fascinated by my cock. "Is that as big as it gets?" he asked.

"Oh no," I laughed. "Hardly. Does that little thing get any bigger?"

Connor looked sheepish as he reached down to touch his tiny penis to make it grow. Without asking me, he started stroking his cock while staring at my own. While it normally took a couple minutes to make my dick fully erect, Connor's stood at full attention in less than 30 seconds. All 4 inches of it was now straining upwards and still only about half the size of my flaccid cock.

"Wow," Connor said with shock in his voice. "Yours is soooo much bigger."

Without asking my permission, Connor reached over to grab my thick, flaccid 7-incher. "WOW," he said again as he felt its weight and heft. With his other hand—and really just two fingers—he kept jerking off his thin and short little boy cock.

"You're so fucking massive," he continued, clearly infatuated by my man meat.

"You want to take a closer look?" I asked. "Why don't you get down on your knees?"

This short little coxswain who had such an imposing bulge just minutes before now dropped to his knees before my dick. Like a greedy little boy, he started to kiss and worship it. And instead of playing with his little boy cock, both of his hands now fondled my massive balls and towering snake as it rose to attention.

Connor was shocked that my dick could still get so much bigger. As it grew in his mouth, it became over twice the size of his best effort. Licking my entire man-meat from base to tip, Connor devoured my dick. As I looked down between his legs, I noticed that his own little 4-incher was still straining and throbbing but completely untouched.

Slapping my behemoth against Connor's cheeks, I then aimed it directly for his mouth. Inch by inch, my fellow coxswain welcomed me into his throat and started choking on my dick.

"Good boy," I said, as he suppressed his gag reflex. "I want you to swallow every inch of my big fucking dick."

While the short British coxswain dutifully obeyed, I decided to amp up the trash talk.

"I can't believe you stuff your lycra because your prick is so tiny. If only your teammates saw you now—on your knees where you belong—sucking your rival's massive cock."

Fully enthralled in my dick, Connor kept sucking on it with abandon for the next several minutes.

"Look at you now—just my British bitch boy, sucking on my massive cock!"

As the other coxswain choked on my man-meat, I reached down with my foot and gently touched his small, little penis. And to my surprise, Connor's entire body started shaking as he unleashed a load of cum all over the floor. Just from my foot, his penis exploded with merely the slightest touch.

I then pulled out my ten-inch dick and started cumming all over Connor's face and chest. Shot after shot coated his hair, nose, face, and lips.

Almost as if he was entranced by my dick, Connor dove at it again, taking it inside his mouth, and licking it clean. While he was covered in cum, my own man-meat was squeaky clean and ready to tuck back into my trou. So as Connor knelt naked on the floor covered in my seed, I calmly put my lycra back on.

Grabbing the cup that fell out from his suit when he exposed his little penis, I started heading towards the bathroom exit. "Guess you won't be needing this anymore!" I said, throwing it in the trash. "See you in the water!"

Like the rest of us, Connor would now have to go commando in his trou, his little pencil dick barely visible for all to see.

Thirty minutes later, my team completely crushed Connor's on the water. The confident exuberance that I had seen from his crew while warming up had vanished during the race. Connor seemed hesitant when making commands, and his teammates didn't follow him while rowing in total disarray.

My team, on the other hand, obeyed my every word and rowed with a vengeance. We'd now earned our spot in the finals, where we had just one more team to beat.

We now had a couple hours to kill before the final, so my teammates and I ate lunch, lounged around, and stretched out our fit rower bodies. There was a definite sexual energy to the team now, and all of the guys except me were very horny now that they hadn't experienced sexual release in over a day.

As we sat around outside, some of my teammates straight-up asked me if I would fuck them. "I need it so bad," said Damion, the hot Irish stud. "Come on, man," Michael added, "let's all go mess around as a team."

I stood firm and said that we needed to focus only on the match. "There will be plenty of time for that once we win," I added.

As we chilled together as a team making small-talk, we finally saw our rivals approach the dock. They'd all been in the boathouse just minutes before and now were stretching and warming up.

I have to confess that our rival team was a damn good-looking group. If our team was the most attractive at rowing camp, then theirs had to be a close second. All eight rowers were total STUDS from around the world, and even their coxswain was stunningly handsome and a few inches taller than me.

"Wow," Diego said. "Their team looks jacked."

Sure enough, each of the rowers had lean muscles bulging out of their lycra suits. It also looked like they had some sizable bulges in their trou—just like some of the studs on our team.

The coxswain of the group looked fairly muscular himself and stood about 5'8" compared to my 5'5". He was an attractive guy from Costa Rica and looked very confident as he led his team. To my surprise, he also walked straight up to me as his teammates followed closely behind.

"Hey losers," he said. "Are you ready to go down in flames?"

"That's quite a bold statement," I replied. "Especially since it's going to be you guys who bite the dust today."

"We'll see about that," he said. "If you look at the times from the last race, your crew is much slower than ours."

"Oh, I'm not too worried. We were just saving some in the tank to crush you this time."

The trash talk between me and Carlos (as I learned his name was) grew more intense as our teammates started joining in.

"We're going to kick your ass," said one of Carlos's handsome teammates.

"More like you'll be licking our ass," Dario replied.

"Can't wait to see you boys lose in disgrace."

"Bet you boys will be jerking your little cocks once we fuck all your girlfriends."

As the trash talk grew more intense (and overtly sexual), an idea popped into my head. "ENOUGH!" I shouted until everyone quieted down. "How 'bout this? Instead of just talking, let's race. And the winning team gets to force the losers to do whatever they want for an hour after."

Both sides listened silently to my proposal, until Carlos spoke up. "Anything?" he smirked. "You do realize that your entire team is going to become our bitches, right?"

"We'll honor the bet," I said, "and we hope you're men of your word too."

"Oh, we'll honor it," he replied. "We'll honor it when we rub our giant balls in your faces. Can't wait to beat you little pin-dick losers out on the course."

And with that, Carlos's team walked away. They had the final word, but the race was about to begin. Never in my entire rowing career had I seen an entire team bet against another. But I knew that now more than ever, I needed my team to focus or we could all become cum sluts for the rival crew.

The stakes could not have been higher and my teammates knew that. Each one of them focused in on the ultimate prize of winning the Sussex Cup, with the added bonus of having complete power of our rivals for an entire hour.

At the sound of the gun, we started rowing as fast as we could. Both teams were flying down the course and rowing quickly in unison. Both Carlos and I were yelling out commands that were instantly followed by our teammates. But I saw something in my teammates' eyes that I hadn't seen before. Deprived of sexual activity for the last two days, they had hunger and thirst in their eyes. As their sexy bulges filled their lycra trou, their bulging arms rowed together in unison. And inch by inch, then foot by foot, we stared passing the other boat.

Carlos saw us passing him and barked out orders for his teammates to pick up the pace, but they didn't have the hunger or determination that my lads had. Through sheer force of will and skillful discipline, we cruised across the finish line a few yards ahead of our rivals. They had been vanquished and we were now the winners of this coveted prize.

As we exited the boat, we all posed for a picture on the dock with the Sussex Cup. I could tell that my teammates were excited both emotionally and sexually. Their soft, flaccid dicks made a sizable imprint on their lycra trou, and some were definitely excited by the prospect of sexual domination over our opponents.

The rival team, meanwhile, looked deflated. They had been so cocky and aggressive half an hour before, but now looked crestfallen and confused.

After posing for pictures, I walked over to Carlos and slapped his sexy butt. "Nice try!" I said. "You sure have a big mouth and I hope you know how to use it!"

Carlos didn't laugh at my joke but simply asked me where we should meet to carry out the bet. "Let's meet in the locker room in 10 minutes," I replied. "I hope your team lives up to their word.";area=summary;u=10657

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