When Lisa looked at herself in the mirror the next morning, she saw that the marks on her breasts had changed into thin, irregular black and blue lines circling her nipples, and that the marks on her hips were slightly dark bruises. Her ass had the slight hint of bruising from Bill's punishment two nights ago. She pulled on her shortest exercise shorts and tiniest bra, and noticed that the bra covered the bites, but a little bruising was visible on her hips. She felt the desire to show off a bit, so she decided to wear those instead of shorts that might cover the bruising.
When she sat down for breakfast, she realized that she was a little sore, just enough for a reminder. She told Bill about her conversation with Dr. Armbruster, and he seemed relieved that her estrogen usage was no big deal.
As she got up to head to the gym, Bill said, "I assume you noticed that there's a little bit of bruising showing on your hips."
"I did," Lisa said.
"OK," Bill replied. "I'll just put that in my 'I love her, and I work every day to understand her complicated and beautiful mind' file.'"
"Is there any room left in that file?" Lisa asked with a grin, then added, "I'm meeting Mel at the gym so I have to run."
Lisa parked near Mel's car in the parking lot, and Mel got out when she saw Lisa. As Lisa walked towards her, she remembered that her first impression of Mel years ago was "spunky". She was a redhead, roughly 5 feet tall, and she had the kind of posture that shorter women sometimes get where they are standing up straight as possible and constantly looking up at the world. Mel had an hourglass figure, and Lisa thought she looked pretty good — she certainly hadn't put on a lot of weight. Her red hair was in a pony tail, and she was covered with freckles.
"Good morning! I was too shy to go in by myself so I'm glad I saw you pull in," Mel said, her green eyes shining with excitement, "Nice piercing, and I guess we're out about liking it a little rough?"
"Morning. Yeah, the piercing is just a couple of days old, and I don't really know how rough I like it yet - still experimenting. I just feel like I want to be out about a lot more things, I guess," Lisa said, wistfully.
Mel said, "Is that how people dress here? I feel like I'm wearing a burqa."
Lisa said, "Just brace yourself. We're the oldest and probably the most out of shape. I'm certainly not going to be the most lightly dressed. I find it motivating, but also a little intimidating," As they went through the front door, Lisa added, "I'll give you a quick tour and introduce you to Del, the owner."
Del was near the front door inspecting an elliptical machine, so Lisa took Mel over and said, "Del, this is my friend, Mel Armbruster. She might be interested in joining. I hope you don't mind if I show her around."
"Nice to meet you, Ms. Armbruster," Del said as they shook hands. "Lisa, take as long as you need showing her around, and if you're interested in joining, Ms. Armbruster, please come back and rescue me from trying to fix this infernal machine."
Lisa gave Mel a quick tour, telling her the new lifts she was doing when they went by the weights. At the back of the gym, Lisa heard music, so she opened the door to the pole room. Dee and Ellen were both working out, but as soon as they entered, both dismounted their poles and walked over.
Dee said, "I'd lay on some hugs but I'm dripping sweet. Good to see you outside the office, Dr. Mel. Lisa, are you recruiting now?"
Lisa's response was interrupted by Ellen running over in heels and not much else, yelling "Dr Mel!" She leaned down down and picking her up in a hug. Ellen clearly wasn't concerned about being too sweaty to hug, which fit in with the rest of the outgoing persona Lisa had seen the day before. Mel seemed to have participated in the Ellen/Roxy show before, so she just smiled as Ellen completed her hug and set her down.
"Roxy," Mel said, "I keep forgetting how strong you are. How's it going?"
"Fabulous, now that you're here," Ellen said. "And, Lisa, sorry, I just love Dr Mel — I got excited when I saw her. How are you babe?"
"Great, Ellen. I was just showing Mel around the club. She's thinking of joining," Lisa said.
"That's so exciting! Dee is helping me with my new act. Always have to keep it fresh for my reg-u-lars," Ellen said in a drawn-out singsong. "Dave likes to watch me work out, so he bought me a full professional gym setup at home. I only come here to use this room and work with Coach Dee. But it is a great club, and you should totally join, Dr. Mel."
"So, Mel, ready to talk to Del?" Lisa asked.
"Yes, I think so. I'll be motivated because I'll be surrounded by beautiful, strong women like all of you," Mel said.
"Oh, you're so sweet, Dr Mel," Ellen said, as she planted a kiss on Mel's cheek.
Del was back in his office when Lisa and Mel left the pole room. Lisa said, "I'm glad you're joining. I'll drop you off here. When you're done, stop by. Today is upper body. I can cut it short, and we can talk for a minute if you have a little time."
When Mel had finished with Del, she and Lisa sat down at one of the tables near the front windows of the gym. They caught up on their kids. Timmy, Lisa's son Robbie's friend, was on the five year plan at a small college an hour up the road, and their daughter Tina was a junior at UNL. Tina was probably going to be a therapist of some sort, and Timmy didn't know what he wanted to be.
"Timmy's like his dad, kind of a bad boy, doesn't really love school but he sure likes being in a place with lots of young women around. We'll see how that goes," Mel said, "How about Maisie and Robbie? I haven't seen Maisie since she shadowed me when she was in her last year of Nurse Practitioner training."
Lisa told her that Maisie was still working at Planned Parenthood in Seattle, loving the work and the city. Over the years, she'd had a few boyfriends, nobody who she had been serious enough to marry. Maisie had always been very independent, and Lisa wondered if she would ever get married. Robbie, who was six years younger than Maisie, was still with his high school sweetheart, Staci. He was working on a PhD in statistics at Berkeley. Staci had moved there to be with him, and Lisa assumed that they would be married someday. Like Bill with Lisa, Robbie only had eyes for Staci. When Robbie and Staci had both moved to Lincoln to attend UNL, Lisa had felt like her son and second daughter had moved away.
"I always thought that Maisie would become a doctor, but she tells me that she can do everything a doctor does in that office, except for surgery," Lisa said.
"I imagine her day and mine are very similar, now that I've cut back," Mel said. "Do you remember Dawn Frederickson? She was a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood back when Maisie was in high school. Buzz cut, facial piercings, hair color that changes every month?"
"Yeah, I remember her, she's the reason Maisie is a nurse practitioner and works at Planned Parenthood. It's a long story that I'll tell you someday," Lisa replied.
"You know I love trading stories," Mel said, "Well, Dawn went back to med school in her mid thirties and she's the medical director for Colorado Planned Parenthood now. So Maisie could still follow that path if she feels that she wants to do more in her practice."
Mel consulted her watch and continued, "I have to jet in a minute, but I was thinking about our talk about your weekend plans. You should try a pocket rocket, you know, one of those clit vibes, to help you relax during. And, since you're clearly experimenting with other things, you might want to stop in at Hidden Pleasures in Denver. It's a sex store that has quality stuff."
"Thanks," Lisa said, "I'll put it on my list of places to visit this weekend."
"Can I give you one more piece of advice?" Mel asked.
"Sure, as much as you have — I feel like I have a lot to learn." Lisa replied.
"It's a long story and I want to share it with you, but the short version is that I had been pretty repressed in high school, and when I got to college, I went wild. I felt like I had missed out on so much, so I put myself out there in a big way. I had a lot of fun. But I also got myself in a few jams, and there were some tears. I realized that the situations that I didn't enjoy were also ones where I was so impatient that I didn't listen to the voice inside my head telling me to slow down. That's my experience, for what it's worth," Mel said with a rueful smile.
Lisa nodded. They got up, hugged, and confirmed that both of them would be at the gym tomorrow.
Lisa showered, changed and headed to the bank, where she spent a mostly uneventful morning. She learned that Annie had gotten the green light from Linda and her friend Peggy to take Terry on a thrifting expedition that weekend. Lisa was happy to hear the news, and she gave Annie an envelope with $250 that she had withdrawn at an ATM on her way to work.
Lisa was looking at her phone, researching some activities in Denver, when she glanced up to see an apparition in pink float through the lobby. Ellen/Roxy had arrived, her already tall appearance enhanced by the tallest platforms Lisa had ever seen on a pair of vinyl go-go boots. The pink boots matched the pink net stockings and a short pink mini. A pink crop top branded "Pink" completed her outfit. She had pink sunglasses tucked into her blonde hair, and a small sequined pink purse on a gold chain over her shoulder.
Roxy looked around and, before Shawna or Terry could say anything, she strolled into Lisa's office.
"Lisa! How you doing, mommy?" Ellen asked.
"I'm great, Ellen," Lisa said, "What brings you to the bank?"
"I want to open an account, so I don't have to pay so many fees on my paycheck card. Dave takes such good care of me that he lets me keep all my money on my card. All my camming and porn site money goes there too. Dave knows that the only things I'm good at are dancing and fucking," Ellen added in a conspiratorial whisper, "I'm even better at fucking than I am at dancing." She continued to her regular voice, "but he was looking over that paper they send you to tell you about your money..."
"Your statement," Lisa prompted.
"Yes, that's it," Ellen smiled, "Dave was looking at my statement, and he saw that they were really dicking me with fees. When I get dicked, I want to make money, not lose it, except with Dave of course."
"Of course," Lisa added. She glanced up to see looks of intense curiosity on the faces of Shawna and Terry, and she thought that this conversation was better had in private. She excused herself, closed the door, and returned to her desk. "Go ahead, Ellen."
"Anyway, Dee said you helped her with her account, so I thought that I would do the same thing as her," she added, giving the impression that she had just ended a momentous speech.
"OK, Ellen, as I'm sure Dee told you, we need two forms of identification to open an account," Lisa said.
"Well, I think I have my drivers' license here somewhere," Ellen said, and dumped the contents of her purse on Lisa's desk. It was condoms, spare change and small bills, lipstick, a small container of lube, a Nebraska state drivers' license, and Bill's card. "There's my license," Ellen said, "but I don't have a second id, can you help me?"
"Yes," Lisa said, "we can help you apply for a birth certificate in the state where you were born, or get a replacement Social Security card. We know that people who don't have bank accounts sometimes struggle with that, so we have a couple step-by-step guides to help getting ID, and we can go over them if you'd like."
Ellen was distracted as she made a show of comparing Bill's card with Lisa's nameplate. She gave a little surprised look and asked, "Lisa, are you related to Bill Hansen?"
"Yes, he's my husband." Lisa sensed that Ellen, who was clearly putting on a show for whatever unknown reason, was going to try something, so she decided to play along, "Why do you ask?"
"Oh, I see him all the time at the club, and after club hours, if you get my drift. He has such a gorgeous cock I'd almost do him for free, but that's not how you make money in this business, Dave always tells me," Ellen said with a mischievous grin.
Lisa sat with that for a moment, realizing that Ellen was trying to wind her up. She decided, impulsively, to give Ellen a little bit of her medicine.
"Ellen, cut the shit," Lisa. "If Bill's cock ever got close to your skanky pussy or your little white asshole, you wouldn't use a generic word like 'gorgeous' to describe it. One of the most noticeable things about Bill is that he is fucking hung. I mean, it took me a long time to learn to take that monster he carries around in his pants, but I do it at least once a day, any way he wants it, because I keep my man satisfied.'"
Jesus, Lisa thought to herself, where did that come from?
She was on a roll, so she continued, "You'll need to do better than that to work me up. Besides, he told me about changing your tire when I described meeting you yesterday, and he was happy to learn that you're OK."
"I also know that you're a college grad, supposedly really smart, and you probably have a birth certificate, a social security card, and a passport that you used for a couple of years of study abroad before you decided to slum it in Rogers. So, I'm happy to open an account for you, but let's not play games and waste my time," Lisa said.
Ellen laughed, put up her fingers like claws, and replied, "Rawrrr, I really like it when bitchy Lisa comes out to play."
Lisa didn't return Ellen's smile. Ellen noticed, adjusted her posture to sit up straighter, and began speaking in a less val gal tone, "Yeah, sorry, I was fucking with you. Knowing Dee, she rolled up here in her Beemer, wearing Dior, with everything she needed to get an account, and no fucks were said. I wanted to see how you and your staff would handle a ditzed out mess like Roxy."
"You could have just asked if you wanted to know," Lisa said. "And by the way, she was wearing Chanel."
Ellen returned Lisa's smile, and continued, "I guess that's not how Roxy rolls. I just wanted to know if it would be safe to refer some of the girls I dance with over here, because the world has shit on them enough. They don't need to be humiliated when they go somewhere that they're probably scared of in the first place."
"I understand that banks, in general, aren't interested in the unbanked, who are usually poor and high maintenance. We're different. We've developed a strategy for people like your friends to help them make their first experience with a sometimes scary institution go well," Lisa said.
She went on to explain how a combination of a no-fee debit card, a mobile app that was best in the business, and a low minimum balance requirement made it possible for the working poor to use Great Western's services without falling into the traps that are set by big banks for small depositors. She also explained that they had step-by-step guides, and trained tellers and officers who could help people get their paychecks deposited into their bank account instead of their screwjob payroll vendor account.
"By the way," Lisa said, "that starter account, and a lot of those materials, were developed here, by me and my staff. I have an all-woman branch, and we're all professionals. Everyone who comes through that door gets the same respectful treatment, as long as they are respectful to my staff. If they can't be respectful, I deal with them."
"Yeah, just out there every day, doing good, I get it," Ellen said, sarcastically.
"First, fuck you." Lisa smiled and Ellen gave her a sly grin. "Yeah, we're in this to make money, but the average starter account is probably a break-even proposition on a good day. We know eventually some of those folks end up getting car loans, or a mortgage, and we make money then. Plus, we only extend the credit they can afford, because we don't like bad debt on our books. If you've ever heard of our CEO, Tom Wallace, you'll know that he has a personal vendetta against those 'fucking paycheck stealing bastards' as he puts it, who have taken over the low end payroll business. He watches how many customers we take from those vendors closely. This branch is the smallest in the system, but our unbanked conversion numbers are some of the best. If you think you can get some of your co-workers to open accounts, I will bend over backwards to work with you to do it."
"I'll have to go home to get my passport to open the account," Ellen said. "But I would like to strategize with you about how to get some of the other dancers on board."
"How about dinner at my house sometime next week. Bring Dave so Bill will have someone to talk to while you and I talk business," Lisa said.
"We should probably invite Dee, too,' Ellen said. "This is sort of a group effort, though she's probably going to have to be dragged along."
"That would be great. Now let me introduce you around, and we'll get you set up as soon as you get that passport," Lisa stood up.
As Ellen was gathering the contents of her purse, she said, "If Bill wasn't so big, I'd give you a couple of these condoms. Every color is a different flavor."
Lisa chuckled, "Bill does have a gorgeous cock, but it's just a little above average. We don't use condoms, but thanks for the offer."
Ellen smiled and said, "Take a couple, then. I saw those bruises today, so I figured you're a little kinky. Dave and I do a hooker roleplay where I put it on with my mouth. It's fun."
Lisa chose a purple and red condom and put them in her purse. She thanked Ellen and took her around to meet everyone.
After she and Terry closed the branch that night, Lisa headed to the mall to do some shopping. She hit the "tramp shop" and picked out a couple of items, then shopped a couple sales to get some more revealing casual clothes. That took care of Friday afternoon and Sunday, and Bill had her covered for Saturday. She had a thought about a dress that had been sitting in her closet for a long time for Friday night, so she headed home.
Bill wasn't home when she got there, so she threw on a pink teddy with matching g-string that she had bought at the tramp shop on her first trip. She was pleased to see that the marks on her breasts were visible, as well as the bruises from Bill's fingers on her hips.
Bill walked in the door with his hands full of bags. He took a look at her and said, "You surprise me every day, and I'm liking it." He set down his bags and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips.
"I picked up a few things that I want you to try on after dinner, but let's eat first. I was downtown so I stopped at that bistro you like on 5th," he said.
Lisa and Bill had a quick dinner where they caught each other up on their days. Lisa related the basics of the Ellen story, leaving out her attempt to get Lisa to think that Bill had used her services. Bill was happy to hear that they would have guests for dinner next week. He offered to cook and clean up since Lisa was going to be busy planning with Dee and Ellen.
"So, why don't you come into the bedroom and I'll show you what I got," Bill said. He seemed both excited and a little nervous.
Lisa saw four boxes from Eve's on the bed, a small bag, and three shoe boxes on the floor. Eve's was a boutique that sold high-end ladies clothes and footwear. It was by far the nicest store in Rogers. Lisa shopped the sales there, but generally felt that she could get nice enough clothes cheaper, so she wasn't there often.
"So I called Eve's and spoke to Eve, naturally. She told me they have the sizes of what you've bought recently in their computer. I thought I would have to go through your closet to get sizes, but they said that women's dress sizes really depend on the dress. I told them what I wanted and they helped me pick out a dress that should fit you. Since that dress had just come in, they one a size smaller and one a size larger that they let me bring home. I also got you this — take a look and see what you think." Bill handed her the smaller of the four boxes on the bed.r"

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