A follow on story from Fancy Dress Frolics.

That was based on a true story, this is my account of what could have happened afterward.

It had been three months since the incident with Paul's friends. Paul and I had talked it through later and Paul had come around to my way of thinking. it didn't matter how much they saw, or what they shouted, in my eyes, none of them had touched me so harm was done. I'd actually enjoyed that they all liked seeing me in my state of undress if I'm being honest. Being used to walking around topless in my home has meant I had fewer inhibitions, but I didn't necessarily go out of my way to show myself off.

"Would you prefer they all thought I was fat and ugly?" I asked Paul, "Or are you not proud that your friends think your girlfriend is extremely sexy?"

Paul didn't reply at first, he was considering how to answer.

"I suppose I was uncomfortable at the time," he finally replied. "All the guys kept talking about for the next week was how hot you were and how unexpected it was to see you wearing so very little in front of them, and how easily you just carried on as normal and laughed off what they were saying."

"So are you saying that deep down you really enjoyed me showing off to them?" I asked.

"As long as people are just watching, then I suppose I could get used to it," he said, a big grin on his face.

"People?" I asked. "Are you planning on showing me off on purpose?"

"I wouldn't say that, but if anyone were to see you I don't think it would bother me now, and I know it certainly didn't bother you!" he explained.

The conversation was left there. I was glad Paul hadn't pushed the subject too far. He still knew nothing about my fancy dress party antics, and I had no intention of telling him. I'd never intentionally cheat on Paul, and I was trying to block that night from my mind. It had taken long enough to get around my flashing, finding out I'd shagged someone else would definitely be the end of us, no amount of explaining I thought it was him would help.

Friday came and I got back from work just as the sun was starting to set. Paul was already home, he'd had an early finish. I walked into our living room and he greeted me with a smile.

"I've got the whole weekend off work so I thought we could visit that new shopping complex that's opened. I fancy a few drinks too so we'll get the train up, ok?" he said.

"Sounds like a plan, there's supposed to be some really nice designer clothes and shoe shops there," I replied.

The shopping centre was about two hours drive away, so the train journey would be much quicker, and I wasn't going to turn down the offer of drinks.

"Anyway, I'm going to get changed into some comfies but I'm going to shower first," I told him.

"No problem, while you're showering I'm going to pop out for half an hour," he answered.

I didn't get a chance to ask where he was off to, he was very quickly out of the door. I sauntered upstairs, entered our bedroom, and did my normal pre-shower routine of stripping off my clothes and then getting my replacements and laying them out on the bed. I'd turned on the bedside lamp which I always left on while I showered, and especially knowing that the room would be darker once I was out. Also as usual, and what Paul always remarked on, I had failed to shut the curtains. The main reason for him mentioning it is that our bedroom windows are full length as they open out onto a small balcony.

I was about twenty minutes in the shower, got out and rubbed my hair as dry as possible, and then walked out of the ensuite and continued to dry my body. I casually tossed the towel on the floor, and lifted one leg, and placed it on the bed. I pulled out some ankle socks and placed one on my foot, then swapped legs and put on the other. I stood up and pulled on my fresh knickers, pulled on some loose-fitting shorts that I wore around the house as they really comfortable (and had easy access for Paul's wandering hands) and finally slipped on an old T-shirt. I decided not to bother with a bra as I'd only take it off at bedtime anyway.

I walked downstairs and had barely boiled the kettle to make me a coffee when Paul returned.

"Where did you get to?" I asked

"I've been around to Geoff's house," Paul answered.

I didn't know who Geoff was. I didn't work with a Geoff, as far as I knew neither did Paul, and he wasn't a family member.

"Who's Geoff again, I forget?"

"He's our neighbour. Probably in his 60's. Lives alone. Well I say neighbour, he lives in the next street down from ours," he said

"How does that make him a neighbour, and how long have you known him?" I asked inquisitively.

"Well his garden is the other side of ours behind the fence at the bottom, and I've known him for around thirty minutes," Paul replied.

I was really confused now. Paul was telling me he'd been to visit someone he didn't know beforehand and I had no idea why.

"You'll need to explain properly, why did you need to visit his house?" I asked.

"I needed an excuse to be nosey, so I noticed he had a large red bush in his back garden, and went around to introduce myself and ask about the bush. Did you know he has a really weird set up in his living room?"

I was still none the wiser why he'd been to this stranger's house.

"You went to ask about a bush with someone you didn't know. That's weird. What was that about his living room too?"

"Well, he has an armchair which faces towards the rear garden, but his television is in the opposite corner. I wondered whether he just liked to sit and look at the garden so I wanted to try it out. I asked if he could get me some cuttings from the bush to get him out of the way for a bit, and he grumbled a little about missing a show, then went on his way. Once he had left me I sat in the chair. I had a fantastic view of someone naked after showering."

I listened to Paul talking and the words whirled around in my mind. Then the penny dropped.

"Oh god, I was the show he was missing! Do you think he's always watching me?" I asked.

"Judging by the large box of tissues next to the armchair I'd say he does more than just watch!" Paul laughed loudly as he told me.

"Oh my word, you're always telling me about shutting the curtains too. I can't believe he's been wanking over me," I gasped.

"Would you rather he thought you were fat and ugly?" Paul asked.

Touché. Paul had used my own words against me. He explained it wasn't much different than with his friends, if he hadn't been to see Geoff I'd be none the wiser, and I didn't know that none of his friends had later wanked over seeing me wearing very little either.

"How did you know to visit Geoff then?" I exclaimed.

"I was in the garden one time when you were showering. I saw him looking out of his window and waved, thinking he was looking at me. He didn't wave back and I didn't know why at first, then I looked behind me and saw you walking around the bedroom naked. The bush was an excuse to go to his house, and it also got him out of the house for a while so I could check how good a view he has. He certainly doesn't need a telescope anyway!"

I was a little shocked finding out an older man had been watching and masturbating over me, but at the same time, I could tell from my now damp pussy that it was also a bit of a turn on. Paul also didn't seem to mind, he even joked that maybe sometime I could put on a proper show for him, maybe with a dildo or something. Was he joking or was he urging me on? I couldn't gauge whether he was serious or not, so I laughed off his suggestion.

We awoke the next day quite early to make the most of having as much time as possible for our day trip. It was already beautifully warm and there were no clouds in the sky. Paul showered and asked me to find out some clothes to wear, something light as we'd be walking around quite a lot when we got there. I found out a floral skirt that was almost knee-length but quite loose at the bottom and picked a white T-shirt and my white canvas dolly shoes to complement them. I also decided to wear a white lacy thong as it would be cooler. Paul shouted from the ensuite for me to wear stockings, but I told him it was far too warm for them. Begrudgingly he agreed.

I left the clothes on the bed and undressed, and had just taken off my panties when Paul walked out. I showered, dried myself, and then got dressed. Paul had mischievously put some white hold up stockings on my clothes pile, but I declined his offer to put them on. I went downstairs to the kitchen where Paul was putting his phone into a small rucksack. He was wearing shorts with no pockets so explained he was taking the bag for his wallet and keys etc, and the bag fastened so the pouch was at the front for easy access (and also so someone couldn't try to steal anything without him noticing).

He smiled that I hadn't taken the hint to wear the stockings, but seeing the outline of my nipples through my T-shirt realised I had also declined to wear a bra. He nodded his approval, and explained he was commando under his shorts too!

We got the bus to the train station as Paul didn't how much he'd be drinking during the day, and he also didn't want to pay the extortionate parking fees at the train station. About halfway through the journey Paul suddenly starting laughing to himself, I looked out of the window to see what had made him laugh, but everything seemed normal. I turned to him to ask what was funny, and noticed he had his cock out!

I quickly looked around but because we'd sat upstairs there were only 4 other people upstairs with us, and they were at the front. Paul went to stand up but I put my hand out to stop him in case one of them turned around, only to grab Paul by the cock. He groaned as he sat down, just as one of them turned around at the noise. I smiled and they turned back to the front, but Paul was still groaning, although a little quieter now. I looked down and realised that I had started to wank him off instinctively.

I looked out of the window again to see where we were, and how far we had left before we had to get off the bus. We were just approaching the stop before the train station. I started to wank Paul faster and he threw his head back, then quickly removed my hand, stood up, and told him we needed to get off the bus.

I laughed and ran towards the stairs down to the bus doors, leaving Paul to quickly fasten himself back up and get downstairs to get off the bus. As the bus stopped I jumped off onto the pavement and turned and looked for Paul. He sheepishly got off the bus holding his mini rucksack in front of his crotch, trying desperately to hide his still semi-erect cock.

He playfully smacked the top of my arm while grinning at me, and said "I owe you one now, I won't forget."

We walked across the road towards the train station. It wasn't one of the bigger stations, so it didn't take us long to pay for our tickets and go through to the platforms. We looked for the destinations board to see what platform we needed, our train was in fifteen minutes and we had to cross a bridge to get to the other side of the tracks.

I asked Paul if he wanted a bottled drink for on the journey, and he said yes. The drinks machine was back over by the entrance so I walked back over the bridge. I selected what I wanted, and realised I hadn't asked Paul what his choice would be. I turned to shout to him to ask but realised he wouldn't hear me. There weren't many people by him, but a train was pulling into the platform behind him. I pulled out my mobile phone and rang him.

"What flavour drink do you want?" I asked.

He looked over at me and answered "I'll have water if they have any."

"Yeah they have water, I'll get you one."

Before hanging up I smiled over at Paul and lifted my T-shirt to flash my tits at him. Paul almost dropped his phone. Nobody else saw what I'd done. I laughed at him and hung up.

I got back over to Paul just as our train was arriving. We got on the train and Paul selected some seats in the last carriage, furthest away from the driver. As there was no-one else in our carriage Paul sat right at the end and I sat opposite him so I was facing the back of the train. The rows of seats faced each other so I couldn't see if anyone was behind us.

A little while into the journey I remarked on how warm it was on the train, and Paul smiled and said "Take off your top then."

I laughed at him but realised he was being serious.

"I can't take off my clothes on the train, people will see me," I said

"There's nobody else in here, and if I see someone coming I'll let you know in time to put your top back on," Paul replied.

I got up and looked about, and checked up the gangway into the next carriage along. No-one was in sight. I was getting a little too warm and decided if anyone did enter the carriage we were in I would have time to slip on my T-shirt before they saw me. I pulled the top over my head, making sure it wasn't inside out before setting it down on the seat beside me.

Paul cheered and wolf-whistled me. I almost blushed. Strangely sitting there topless I could now feel a draught, or at least that's what I was telling myself why my nipples were suddenly standing to attention. Paul leaned forward and tweaked one, and a surge ran through my body. Nobody was about but I was getting very turned on.

I suddenly got bought back from my daydreaming by realising the train was slowing. We were approaching a station! I grabbed my T-shirt to put it back on, but Paul stopped me.

"Leave it off, you'll hear the doors open if anyone comes in," he said.

I turned my head to look up the gangway but no-one was around. The train started pulling away and Paul said "Well they enjoyed the view anyway."

I turned towards him and followed his gaze. Two men aged around forty were standing on the platform, their eyes on stalks as they marveled at my naked breasts on show. Without thinking I stood up to give them a better view and blew them a kiss. They both waved back with big grins on their faces.

"I'm not sure who enjoyed that more, them, you or me," Paul said.

I looked down to where he was squeezing his rapidly growing cock through his shorts. He unzipped the rucksack on the seat next to him and took out his mobile phone. Selecting the camera mode, he said he wanted to take some snaps 'to remember the occasion I made two voyeurs come in their pants'. I played along, Paul taking quite a few photos off me, some just sitting there, then playing with my nipples, then leaning on the seat rubbing my tits up the window. Paul wanted to go a little further and lifted my skirt, but I stopped as we were slowing for the next station.

I sat back down and picked up my T-shirt ready, just as the door to our carriage opened. I quickly pulled on the top to Paul's disappointment, pulling it down just as an old man sat in the seats on the opposite side of the gangway from us. He sat facing the same way as me towards the back of the train but was turned slightly to see out of the window. I twisted to be facing him and lifted my top, just enough so the underside of my breasts were showing. I held that pose for a few seconds, then adjusted my top again. The old man didn't move.

I looked over at Paul and he was nodding his head in encouragement. I lifted my legs to put my feet on the seat, my skirt was pulled around my knees so the old man wouldn't see anything from his angle, Paul, however, had a very good view of my very damp thong. I hooked my right hand, the one out of view of the man, and slipped it under my leg, and gently eased my thong away from my pussy. I bit my lip as my finger traced across my clit, and left it in place. The train bumped now and again which pushed my finger across my clit, and sent surges through my body.

I glanced over at the old man and he was still oblivious. I put my legs back down, and keeping my gaze on him, reached under my skirt and slipped off my thong, putting it on the seat between myself and the window. I reverted to my original position with my feet back on the seat and shuffled forward slightly to get my arse as close to the edge as I could. Paul took out his phone again and making sure it was on silent and the flash was off, took a few quick snaps. I quickly reached for my clit again.

Suddenly the old man got up, but instead of moving up the gangway, he sat on the other side of the seats so he was on the same side as Paul now. I quickly put my legs back down, and he looked over at us.

"Silly me, I'm showing my old age," he said, "I've only just realised I've been looking at where we've come from instead of where we're going." He got comfortable but I noticed his legs were facing towards me so his view out of the window was awkward.

We went through another stop, but nobody else entered our carriage. Paul showed me he still had the camera out and actioned that he wanted to take more shots. I glanced over at the man but he didn't seem to be noticing what I was doing. I put my legs back up, all the time keeping an eye on him to see if he turned to look. I slipped my hand under my skirt again, and this time slid two fingers straight into my now very wet pussy. I gasped louder than I intended and froze. He still wasn't looking. I started to slowly push my fingers in and out, Paul had placed the phone on his lap so it wasn't obvious what he was doing.

I kept watching the old man while doing this, I was getting close to coming but knew I wouldn't be quiet enough to not give the game away. I pulled my fingers away and looked at the window the man was looking out of and caught his gaze. He wasn't looking out of the window, he was using it to try to watch me!

I looked over at Paul and nodded towards the old man. Paul looked over at him and then realised the same thing. A big grin came over his face, and he picked up his phone. I saw him typing something on the screen, then heard my phone's message alert tone. I picked up my phone and saw I had a message from Paul.

"Dare you to put on a show for him," Paul had written.

"Are you sure?" I messaged back in reply.

"Why not?" he answered, "You could always pretend it's Geoff watching you after showering!"

Paul knew that since he'd told me about it, I'd mentioned a couple of times wondering about Geoff wanking over me, and wondering how many times he had. Secretly it had turned me on more than I thought it would, especially as I didn't even know who Geoff was.

I looked back over at the man on the train. He could be Geoff for all I knew. He was certainly about the right age, Paul had described him as being in his 60's. I instantly made my mind up that I was going to pretend this was Geoff in front of me, and give him the best show of his life.

I turned my body around so I was leaning against the corner of the seat and the window, so my legs were facing towards the old man. I still didn't want to make it too obvious, and we still had another 5 or 6 stops before we reached our destination. I stretched one leg out across the seats and turned to look out of my window. Using the old man's trick I could see he was now trying to look up my skirt. Without turning my head I bent my knee, and I saw him gasp as he saw my exposed pussy. He looked up at me to see if I'd seen him and saw I was looking out of the window. I then raised the other foot onto the seats, so he now had the same view Paul had had earlier.

I looked at Paul and he had the face of an excited puppy, he was grinning from ear to ear. He nodded his approval, and I knew what he wanted. I stopped looking out of the window, stared straight at the man, pulled my skirt right up to my waist, and thrust two fingers straight into my pussy. My pussy squelched excitedly.

The man looked up at us both, expecting to be shouted at. Instead, Paul nodded at him and asked if he was enjoying the better view now.

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