Shower session

"Wait, why are we doing this party?" you ask, mildly confused
"Don't worry about the details, okay?" Bae responds, giving you a slap on the back
You had the entire council at your home, with IRyS being dragged along by Bae
You guess the brat organized it
As sudden as it was, you still had an enjoyable time playing games, drinking and just talking with them
Kronii, however, already had plans with you so she was grumpy the entire party
After a good while, the council went away leaving a mess behind
"Ugh, I feel disgusting. I need a break, I'm taking a shower" Kronii tells you while walking away
"Oh good I get to clean this by myself, then" you respond with a very sarcastic tone
"Don't worry, Anon, I'll help!"
"OH FUCK" you jump
It was IRyS, she didn't leave?
"Sorry! Didn't mean to startle you"
"I thought you left with Bae" you ask her while you're still recovering
"Ohh... Don't worry about her, she seemed pretty happy with Sana" she tells you
"Anyways, I think Miss Kronii needs a little pick me up"
Her lips curled into a smile
"You think so? I'd just leave her alone for now", you respond
"Oh that won't do, Anon! Give me like 10 minutes before you drop by the shower"
"Excuse me?" you ask her as she's already walking towards the bathroom
"...You'll see"
It took you this long to notice it was her devil side talking
"...Oh..." you finally say, getting excited
Meanwhile, Kronii was already in the middle of showering, when she heard the door opening
"Anon? What did I say about intruding when I'm busy" she sounded really upset
"Oh don't worry about it, he decided to leave with the girls"
That was IRyS' voice
Kronii jumped and turned around
"It's juuuuust us two now" IRyS continues, pinning Kronii to the wall
"W-what are you doing?!" Kronii tries to get away, but it's already too late
"What's wrong, Kronii? Don't wanna enjoy yourself for a bit?" IRyS said with a pout
IRyS started to have her fun, biting her ear, kissing her lips and neck and wherever she wanted
Her resistance only made IRyS more excited
"Now, let's move to these..."
She started to fondle her breasts
"They're soooooo big, Kronii. How does Anon handle them?" she asks her
"D-don't bring him into this" she pleaded
"Why not? I don't think he'd mind a little skinship between us friends"
She went on to pinch her nipples, pulling and twisting them
"Ah... fuck..." Kronii couldn't help it
You've played with them so much they've become too sensitive
Hope noticed this, and grinned
"Kronii, are these your weak point?" she giggled as she gave one a quick bite
"Ahn..." she moaned louder
"Alright, time to keep moving" she said as she grabbed the shower-head and let the water run down Kronii's body, finally stopping at her pussy
Then she went down too, giving slight kisses along the way
She ended up right next to her crotch
"Awww there's a little bush here!" she giggles
"Does he like it this way?"
Kronii was too embarrassed to admit it, so she kept quiet
"Don't worry, I like it too"
"I don't care what you-- AH!" Kronii tried to object, but she felt something sliding around her pussy
IRyS was already feeling around with her hands, rubbing Kronii's clit carefully
"Oh... I think there's a tasty snack here" she says as she removes the shower-head and starts running her tongue down her labia
Kronii kept moaning, but tried her hardest to cover her mouth
"Let Hope in, Kronii" she playfully tells her while licking her clit
"J-just shut up" Kronii finally fought back and shoved IRyS' face to her pussy
IRyS responded by licking her nonstop
"Oh FUCK" Kronii screams, there went the plan of trying to be silent
Her legs gave in and she slumped to the floor
"Hehe, did you enjoy that?" IRyS looked down at her, satisfied with what she's done
While still in the afterglow, Kronii heard something
It was the door again
"Oops! Guess I lied" IRyS responds, laughing at her
"Kronii? You okay" You ask her
"Y-yeah I'm fi--"
You open the shower curtain, and you look at her
She's a mess, still basking in the afterglow
Thanks to staying right behind the door, you heard everything
You've never had such a raging boner until now
Kronii stares at it with eyes wide open
"Now Anon, what's the plan?" IRyS asks you
"...I think it's my turn to enjoy myself", you say as you grab their heads and bring them closer to your cock
Kronii wasn't getting her break anytime soon

t. Nameronii

Pub: Nov 16 2021 06:30 UTC
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