Tracy watched her cousins progress. She gently held Jamies head and kept brushing her hair out of the way so she could see everything Jamie was doing. Her breathing got deeper, her stomach rising and falling in waves as Jamie got lower. When Jamie reached the patch of hair over her cousins vulva, she reached around one thigh and began to stroke the hair. Tracy's breath caught and she swallowed hard. Jamie dropped a shoulder and spread Tracy's other thigh our more and used that hand to slowly pet the lips of Tracy's sex.

Tracy dropped her head back onto the pillow for a second and shuddered. "Uhhh! That feels pretty good." Jamie looked up at Tracy and smiled. When Tracy opened her eyes again Jamie made a show of inhaling deeply and winked at her cousin. Staring up at Tracy, Jamie lowered her head and stuck her tongue out. She just barely made contact with the crease of Tracy's sex and swiped upwards. It was more like a tickle than anything and it sent chills up Tracy's spine. "Fuuuuuccck!" was all Tracy could muster as her head fell back to the pillow. She clutched the sides of Jamies head and felt it lower to begin another swipe upwards, this time delving slightly between the lips. "Uhhh! Ohhhh! That feels so good." Jamie licked Tracy's pussy a few more times keeping constant eye contact to see how she would react. With each swipe of Jamies tongue, Tracy felt herself shudder and she felt as though she was dripping wet between her legs.

Jamie got a taste of what was to come and wanted more. She brought her arm back from around Tracy's thigh and pushed her legs wider. Then she took her thumbs and splayed Tracy's pussy open. She looked closely and could see how the lips had turned a deep shade of red and had swollen with arousal. She noticed how wet they were with secretions and saw the little nub at the top of her slit standing taller than its surroundings. She spread Tracy's lips wider and lowered he head, tongue out like a spear and dove in. She started at the bottom of Tracy's opening and wiggled her tongue to push it in deeper, then began a slow movement upwards, pushing in and from side to side as she went.

Tracy couldn't believe how wonderful her cousins tongue made her feel. She slid her feet up and splayed her thighs wide to give her cousin full access to her sex. Her head dropped back to the pillow again and she grabbed Jamies head harder forcing it down into her sex. "Oh fuuuccck! Don't stop! Jamie! Don't stop!" She was gasping for air, her stomach rising and falling in great swells and when Jamie finally reached the apex of her sex and licked across her swollen clit, Tracy exploded. "Aaaaarrrrhhhh! Coming! Fuucck!" Her feet pushed down on the mattress and her thighs locked Jamies head in place as her whole body tensed and released with her orgasm. It seemed to come out of nowhere and surprised Tracy with its intensity. For her part, locked in like in a vise, Jamie kept flicking her tongue across Tracy's clit and finally sucked on it while Tracy shuddered.

As Tracy started to come down from the intense feelings of her orgasm her thighs fell to the side and she gently pushed Jamie away. "Too much! Too much! Sensitive." Jamie took one final swipe at Tracy's splayed lips to drink down as much of her come as she could gather in that one final lick. She sat up on her haunches and rubbed Tracy's thighs and smiled down at her while she licked her lips.

"Mmmmmmm. You taste great! Different from Mom, but good too. How about you? Did you like it?" She giggled, knowing that Tracy liked it, a lot!

"Holy shit! Are you kidding me! It felt fantastic!" Tracy sat up and took Jamies hands. I was embarrassed and nervous at first, but after the first time you licked me all that went out the window. I didn't want you to stop it felt so good. When you finally stuck your tongue in me, well, I was hooked! Then, when you flicked your tongue across my clit, it came out of nowhere! I was surprised that my orgasm hit me when it did. I had no warning, like when I play with myself. I was feeling really good and suddenly, WHAM! I'm coming." Tracy was still breathing hard, but she leaned over and they kissed. She tasted herself for the first time on Jamie's lips and tongue and was intrigued. "Thank you for sharing that with me. I'm not sure how to do it, but I'd like to return the favor, or, at least try. Can I lick your pussy and see if I can get you to come?"

"Of course you can. It's easy. Especially now because I'm totally turned on and super wet. It won't take long and I bet you'll like it too!"

They spent the next hour together with Jamie talking, as much as she was able while being eaten, Tracy through the fine art of dining in another girls vagina. Jamie had a quick orgasm in the beginning as Tracy started to lick her and then, as things progressed, she had a huge one and drenched Tracy's face with her cream.

Tracy took to it like a fish to water. As Jamie was explaining things, Tracy would try them. It took only a couple of licks for Tracy to decide that the taste of Jamies pussy was not at all displeasing. After that, she worked hard to get as much of her juice as possible. The first little orgasm Jamie had was nice, but she wanted more and worked hard to get it. When Jamie came the next time, she squirted a mouthful into Tracy's open lips. Tracy was proud of herself. She had learned about giving and receiving cunnilingus with her best friend and cousin and had even made her squirt while doing it! The taste wasn't bad at all and she was looking foreward to the next time they could get together and do it again.

The girls lay together afterwards and caressed each other while discussing what had happened. Never again would they be embarrassed to be totally naked together. They talked about their boyfriends and what they hoped for the future. Jamie explained that Uncle Don was going to teach her all he knew about sex. She said she loved what he had done with her so far and was looking foreward to some more lessons. Tracy got a far away look in her eyes for a moment. Then she looked down at Jamie and spoke.

"Do you think Uncle Don would be willing to teach me too? I know you said nobody was supposed to know about you and him, but I think I'd like my first experiences to be a lot like yours with someone who cares about me a lot."

"I don't know. I think he would really be mad if he found out you knew about us. I don't want to lose the chance to learn and have great sex too! I mean, I think it would be great if he agreed to teach you too, then we could all be together and have a great time. But how would we do it? Without making him, and my mom, mad?"

The girls sat there for a while and discussed different options but finally decided that the best way, the only way, was to tell the truth. With that decision made, the girls decided it was time to clean up, so they changed the sheets and then showered together, each making sure the other was squeaky clean. After the shower they decided that it was best to just get it over with and let the chips fall where they may. They were nervous about Don and Judy being mad, but what else could they do? They decided to plan for the best by each wearing sexy underwear and nice clothes when they went over to Dons. Tracy kissed Jamie and left to go home and change. When she was done, she was coming back and they were both going over to Dons, even though it was earlier than planned. Jamie put on the sexiest underthings she had and a nice skirt and blouse, then sat down and updated her diary on the days newest events.

When Tracy came back she was wearing a short skirt and red blouse opened low enough to show a little cleavage. Jamie whistled when she saw her, gave her a quick kiss and lifted the hem of the skirt to see what was underneath. Tracy was wearing a crimson thong that barely covered her vulva. Jamie smiled. "If we both don't get shot and he decides to teach us both, he's going to love it when he sees that!"

With a nervous smile, Tracy responded. "Let's pray that he gets to see it! I'm nervous. I hope he doesn't get too mad. Especially mad enough to cut you off! It's my fault for being so nosey!"

"Don't worry about it too much. He's taught me a lot already and even if he does get mad and cut me off, I'll show you everything else I know. It's not much, but anything is more than we knew last week! But, I'm thinking that he won't be mad for long even if he does get mad. He is really into sex and said he was looking foreward to teaching me. Besides, what guy, especially an older guy like him, could resist having not one, but two hot teenagers to fuck whenever he wanted? Lets just go and get it over with."

Don was just finishing up with the arrangements for the evening when he heard the knock on the door. He was surprised to see Jamie had brought Tracy with her. He had plans to introduce Jamie to some light bondage this evening and maybe even some anal play, but now that seemed to be on the back burner. As the girls entered, he gave each a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Hi girls. Good to see you. You both look really nice? Going out somewhere?"

Jamie spoke first. "Actually, Uncle Don, we have to talk with you.

"O.K. Lets go into the living room." They went in and sat down. Both girls were wringing their hands and had a hard time looking directly at Don. Could see they were nervous and wondered what could be so important. "So, what's going on?"

The girls looked at each other before Jamie began to speak. "Uncle Don, I keep a diary. Well, this morning Tracy came over because we were going to spend some time together. She caught me writing in the diary and took it from me. She read it. She knows about what we have been doing."

"What! You know you were never to tell anyone. It could mean a lot of trouble for us!" Don was angry and upset. He looked back and forth between the two girls. "Who else knows? Tracy, what do you plan on doing with your newfound knowledge? Are you going to tell anyone? You can't! I'll."

"Uncle Don, calm down. I promise I won't tell a soul. I Promise! I had no idea until I took Jamies diary from her. She wouldn't tell me what she was writing and since we have always shared things, I figured it couldn't be too bad, so I reached for the diary. Jamie tried to keep me from seeing it and we actually wrestled until I had her pinned down and took it from her. It's not her fault! Please don't be mad!" She sat foreward and watched Don's face for a reaction before continuing. "I read a few lines and was in total shock! Jamie started to cry and begged me not to continue reading, but I did anyway. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was like a really sexy romance novel, only my cousin and uncle were the stars! It really affected me. I was instantly turned on and jealous. Turned on because it was so hot how she described what you guys had done. Jealous because not only had she finally gone all the way, but it was with you and the way you really made love to her while doing it. That's how I want my first time to be. Just like hers."

Don sat there quietly, a million thoughts going through his mind. He was worried that word would eventually get out to others about his actions and how it could negatively affect his life. His marriage would be over and his friends and other family members would shun him. He'd be ruined. Then the last two sentences she spoke hit him like a ton of bricks. Could she really mean it? Did Tracy want him to be her first? "Wait a minute! You're telling me you're a virgin and you are suggesting what? That I be your first?" He glanced at Jamie then looked Tracy directly in her eyes.

Jamie started to speak. "Yes, Uncle Don. That's it exactly."

"Be quiet! I was asking Tracy a question, not you!" Don stared at Jamie and she quickly stopped talking and looked down at her hands. It was the first time he had raised his voice to her. "Well, Tracy. What, exactly are you suggesting?"

Tracy was shocked at Don's outburst to Jamie. She looked at her cousin and then back at Don. She looked down to gather her thoughts and then slowly looked up at his face. He was staring directly at her, waiting for an answer. "Yes, Uncle Don. That's what I meant. After I read her diary we talked for a while and she described what it was like when you touched her, licked her pussy and made love to her. I kept asking her questions about things, especially when she described her first time having her pussy licked and then what it was like to lick her own mother's pussy. We wound up doing it with each other!

"You two actually ate each other out?" Don was surprised. Other thoughts started to go through his mind. "Did you like it when Jamie licked you? Did she make you come? And did you lick her pussy and make her come?" He had visions of them together and his cock started to rise. Jamie noticed it first and then Tracy.

"Oh yea, Uncle Don. It was soo cool. I was really nervous at first, but once we got into it, it was great. It was so different from making myself come! The orgasm was really intense. Then, when it was my turn to lick Jamie's pussy, I was hesitant at first. It tasted so strange, but in a good way. Kind of sweet and salty at the same time with a musty smell. Once I got into it and saw how just using my tongue on her could make her squirm, I was hooked. When she finally came, I drank it all down."

Don had been picturing in his mind what Tracy had been telling him. How it would look when each was lying between the thighs of the other and sticking their tongues into the pussy before them. His cock was fully hard now and tenting his pants. Both girls saw it and felt more at ease.

Tracy continued. "When she described how you first made love to her, how gentle and caring you were, well, that's how I want my first time to be. With the boys our age, all they want to do is stick it in until them come. I don't want that. I want someone that will take their time and make sure I'm ready. Someone who actually cares about me and how I feel. Someone loving and gentle. Someone I care about and love in return. Someone like you." She sat up and slid to the edge of her seat. When she did, Don could see a flash of crimson between her open thighs. He wondered what the pussy behind that patch of crimson looked like. He looked up and she was looking pleadingly at Don. "Uncle Don, will you be my first? Will you take my cherry, show me what it's like to be made love to, teach me all about sex the way it should be?"

Don sat back and pondered, but only for a second. "Tracy, if you are 100% sure that's what you want, I would be honored to be your first. There are some ground rules though. First and foremost, NOBODY can ever know about what we do. There are too many things that could wind up hurting all of us. I will, of course, have to let Judy know. I'm not sure how she is going to take it, but let me worry about that. Also, from this point foreward, what I say goes. That's for both of you. I promise to never do anything that will really embarrass you or hurt you in any way. I will teach you everything I know about sex and how to please a man and be pleased. Some of it might really push your comfort zone, but if you trust me, I can assure you it will be worth your while. But for that, I demand total control. If I tell you to strip, you strip. If I tell you to suck me, you drop to your knees and do it. Is that understood? Do you both agree to my terms?

Both girls nodded in the affirmative and smiled. Don looked at them both and smiled back. "Good. Now, Jamie I want you to go into the basement and wait for me. I'll be right down." He turned to Tracy and told her: "Go upstairs and take a shower. As hot as you can stand it. Wrap yourself in one of the big towels and then come downstairs." Both girls got up and ran to Don. They hugged him and each kissed a cheek before doing as he had bid. Once alone, he called Judy and informed her what had taken place. She was upset at first, but with his assurances, quieted down. Finally, she said she might drop by when she was done with her girlfriends. He hung up and thought about what he was going to do with the two of them.

Don went into the basement and saw Jamie standing by the massage table that had started her sexual growth. She looked up at Don expectantly. "Jamie, I am pretty disappointed that Tracy knows what happened between us. But, as long as we can keep it between the four of us, we should be alright. Tracy wants me to be her first fuck. I'll gladly do that. I think she's hot as hell and I care about her as much as I do you. But you are going to help me make it special for her.

"I'm sorry about Tracy finding out, but I really did try to keep her from reading my diary. She is stronger than me and I couldn't take it away before she read it. She had me pinned." She looked up to Don and shrugged her shoulders. "I'll do anything you want to make it up to you. What do you want me to do?"

"Strip down to just your underwear!" Jamie did. "Now I want you to put the massage oils on the warmers, turn the music on and light some candles. I'm going to hop into the shower down here and take a quick one."

Don went into the bathroom and took a quick shower and put on some shorts he had stored in the basement. When he came out he was pleasantly surprised at what Jamie had worn. She had a push-up half bra on that showed her nipples and areola. Her thong panties were almost non-existent and looked like dental floss with a small patch of cloth in the front. His cock started to grow. "Come over here and suck my dick until Tracy comes down here." Jamie scooted over and dropped to her knees in front of Don, pulled his shorts down and when his semi erect cock flopped out, grabbed it and smiled up at him.

Jamie licked him, beginning at the base and ended up at the crown. She kissed him there and felt his erection grow. "I love your cock, Don. I can't wait to feel it inside me again. I think Tracy will fall in love with it too!" Don grabbed her head and held it in place and began to rock his hips, fucking her face. Jamie opened her mouth wide and let her tongue slide down the bottom of his shaft while he used her.

"When Tracy comes down here, we will have her lie on the massage table and cover her mid-section with a towel. I know it would be embarrassing for her to lie there fully exposed for her first massage. I will begin at her top and start the massage. You will start on her feet and work your way up. DON'T touch her pussy! You can massage all around it, but don't touch it. We should meet in the middle. Hopefully, by then she will be relaxed enough for us to remove the towel.

"Mmmooh kaayy" was all Jamie could respond with Don's cock slamming into her mouth. The heard the door open and Don pulled out of Jamies mouth and tucked himself back into his shorts. Jamie wiped the saliva off her chin with the back of her hand and stood up. They both turned and watched Tracy descend the stairs. She was wrapped in one of Don's big bath sheets and had a towel wrapped around her head like a turban. In her hands were her clothes.

"Wow! You look sexy as hell, Tracy. Come on down here, put your clothes over there and lie on your back on my massage table. I'll turn my back and you can give Jamie the towels. She'll give you one to cover up for now. I don't want you to be embarrassed." When Jamie told him she was ready, he turned around and walked over to the table. "Don't be nervous, Tracy. I'm going to give you a massage and help you to relax a bit." He bent down and gently kissed her lips. Don adjusted the top of the towel to a point where the swell of her pert breasts began to show. "I'm going to start up here by your head and Jamie will rub your feet and legs. I think you're going to like it. If either of us do anything you don't like or something hurts, let us know right away and we'll stop. O.K.?"

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