**DISCLAIMER: Although there is technically a Thor in DC Comics, this story is based on Wonder Woman hooking up with the more popular Thor from the Marvel Comics.

**This is the third in my Wonder Woman sex series. There is some mention of her encounter with Captain Marvel in a previous story if you want to check out that story as well.

Heimdall had no idea what was going on. With all that he could see in the universe, with that he could see in the future, he didn't know what was going on with the Bifrost, the bridge that can transport people across the nine realms. It was turning on by itself without him his approval, something that was not supposed to happen. The only conclusion he could think of was that someone was accessing the Bifrost from somewhere else and was trying to get to Asgard.

He alerted Thor and the palace guards of the possible intrusion, but before anybody could show up a burst of light appeared from the Bifrost and a figure came out of it. The figure flew right past him, too fast for him to catch. The figure landed outside the Bifrost and onto the rainbow bridge, the path that led to Asgard. Thor, was already on his way when he saw this event and landed in front person who came out of the Bifrost and stood in the person's way.

"Who are thee?" he called to the person.

"I am Princess Diana of Themyscira," she replied. "I'm also known as Wonder Woman."

Thor got a good look at the woman; she was a tall, dark-haired beauty, nothing like any woman he had ever seen. She was dressed like a warrior with her red, blue and gold corset and silver bracelets that covered her forearms. She carried a sword on her back and saw a rope on her side; an unusual choice, but he assumed it had its purpose.

Diana got a good look at the man in front of her; tall and incredibly muscular, much like superman. He had long blonde hair and a beard and was wore an old Viking style armor with a horned helmet. He also held a hammer in his hand, which she recognized as Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor himself. The man before her looked nothing like the Thor of her world, but she was traveling to a different universe, similar to her own but much different, so even the people she from her world would of course look different in this one.

"State your business," Thor demanded.

"It's about your brother, Loki," she told him.

"Damnit," he cursed and relaxed his guard. "What did he do now?"

She first explained to him of who she was, how she was a superhero in her own universe. Thor was surprised and found it interested that she was the daughter of Zeus himself. Diana also told him about the Thor of her world who was different and not seen as much. When she was done telling him a little about where she was from, she began to tell him about how Loki, who somehow managed to sneak into her universe and steal an item of great power. She didn't care about taking it back to her world, it was something that needed to be destroyed immediately. The Olympic gods of her world sent her here, through the Bifrost, to seek out Thor's help in finding Loki and the object he stole.

Thor listened to her story, he was impressed to hear she was one of the fabled Amazons, a very respectable race of warrior women. He began to sense that she was indeed telling the truth and that she was not here as threat, but as a warrior out on quest to stop his brother from causing harm. He considered that he may be just distracted by her beauty, he has never seen a warrior woman look like her; even among the female warriors he fought with on Midgard. But she was not trying to fight him, instead appealing for his help to stop his brother and whatever nefarious plan he has now.

Wonder Woman also had some misgivings of Thor. She was hoping that the Olympic gods would send her to Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel in this world. She had teamed up with her previously when the gods brought Carol to Themyscira to help save her island and later had an amazing night together in her bedroom. But the gods sent her to Thor, so for now she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. And even though she wasn't going to be working with Captain Marvel, she had no problem working with Thor, who she found very attractive and from his physique she could tell he would do very well in bed. If all goes well, she may give him a chance to prove himself to her.

"I understand why you are here and I will help you," said Thor. "My brother has caused a lot of problems for Asgard, I have cleaned up after his messes many times, and I know if he is involved it will be trouble."

"Thank you, I appreciate any help you can offer."

Thor and Diana walked back to the Bifrost where they saw Heimdall standing guard. Diana apologized to him if she caused him any problems, he assured her all was ok and he now understood why she was here and was glad to help her and Thor get to Loki. Thor saw that she was confused by Heimdall's remarks and he explained to Diana about his ability to see all and she understood. Heimdall activated the Bifrost and sent them both down to Earth to a secret military base in the United States.

Upon their arrival, they saw hundreds of soldiers on the ground in various positions. The sirens were going off but no one was moving, and they saw no sign that any assistance was coming.

"Do you smell that?" Diana asked.

There was a faint odor in the air, something unusual.

"I don't know what gas this is, but it must be why these soldiers are asleep."

"It must only affect humans, not being such as ourselves or else we would be sleeping on the ground as well."

They moved towards the base to the front entrance that was two large metal sliding doors. They each took one panel of the doors and pushed them open with great ease, showing off to each other their immense strength. As soon as the doors were opened, they were both struck by two large men and forced them back several feet. The two men came out along with two others behind them; Thor recognized them instantly as a group of hired mercenaries with great strength, known as the Wrecking Crew. It was led by their leader, Wrecker, followed by Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball.

"You again," called out Wrecker.

"Aye, it is me." Said Thor. "So, you best run away now or else face another embarrassing defeat."

"And miss out on a chance to wrestle with your new sidekick here," said Piledriver.

"What did you call me?" said Wonder Woman, now suddenly very angry. She was a warrior and a leader, not a sidekick that tags around heroes like Robin does with Batman.

"Don't worry lady, we'll go easy on you," said Bulldozer. "You won't be breaking your delicate fingernails on us."

With that comment, Wonder Woman flew right at Bulldozer at an incredible speed that none of the Wrecking Crew members have ever seen outside of Quicksilver, and struck Bulldozer with a mighty blow, knocking back a hundred feet.

The rest of the Wrecking Crew attacked Thor and Wonder Woman. Wrecker going after Thor and was backed up by Piledriver; Wonder Woman was attacked by Thunderball and when Bulldozer got back on his feet, he came after her as well. The battle raged on for a long time, the Wrecking Crew were not going to go down easy for them. Thor saw how well Wonder Woman was handling herself fighting two of them, and in some cases three of them at the same time. He has fought with many warrior women from Earth, but never one as skilled as she was. Diana was also impressed by Thor's skills; he was more about using brute force, but had plenty of skills. She was also impressed by his control of his hammer and the electrical forces he was summoning with it to strike his enemies.

Eventually, they defeated the Wrecking Crew, forcing them to flee the battle. Wrecker yelled at Thor that he will get him one day, which was nothing Thor hadn't heard thousands of times from his enemies before. Even Wonder Woman thought his threats were incredibly lame and laughed with Thor about it.

They entered the building and searched everywhere they could for Loki and where he took the device, but didn't know the layout of the compound so they didn't know where to find Loki. It wasn't until they ran into an elderly man in white lab coat who was hiding in a storage closet their luck has changed.

"Oh, thank God it's you Thor," the scientist said. "And, I'm sorry I don't know who you are."

"I'm new here," was Diana's response.

"Where is Loki, the mad man causing this trouble?" Thor asked.

"He's in the main laboratory, messing with a very dangerous prototype of a nuclear generator."

The scientist led them both to the lab area he was talking about that was several levels down under the base. He told them that Loki was using the generator to connect it to a device that he has never seen before, something not from this world. Diana said it was probably the device he stole from her world and Loki was probably using the generator to power it up.

In the lab, they saw three-foot cylindrical device that was connected to the generator that the scientist told them about.

"The generator is not stable, we're still working on it when Loki stormed the base," the scientist told them.

"Where is Loki?" Diana asked.

"He's right here," Thor answered.

Thor swung his hammer and struck the scientist, knocking him into the wall of the lab. Wonder Woman, horrified at seeing Thor strike an old man, grabbed him and threw him in the opposite direction into another wall.

"What are you doing?" Diana yelled at him. "He's just a scientist and an old man."

"No, he's not," said Thor as he stood back up. "Look."

Diana looked at where the old man was on and watched as his image faded away and was now looking at Loki himself. He had cast an illusion of a scientist to try to hid from them and lure them to the lab.

"For once, you finally didn't fall for my tricks," said Loki.

"It wasn't your best act," said Thor.

"I have my off days, occasionally," said Loki.

"What's going on here?" Diana demanded to know.

"The generator isn't working," Loki began to say. "I was hoping to find a way to get Thor to strike the device I brought here from your world with a powerful lighting strike to activate it."

"How would you have made me do that?" asked Thor.

"It's not that hard for me to get you to throw lighting at me, you do it almost every time we meet."

Thor couldn't fault him on that logic.

"So, what is this thing?" Thor asked.

"Something you will never find out," said Wonder Woman.

She raised her arms up, clasped her fists together and slammed it down on the device, smashing it completely. And for good measure, she smashed it several more times, destroying every small piece of she could find so that it could never be reassembled in any way.

"So, you're never going to tell me what that was, are you?" asked Thor.

"Not if I can't help it," she answered. "The less people that know about it the better. Where's Loki?"

They both looked around and saw that Loki has run off. Thor told Diana that he was incredibly cunning like that, rarely has he ever been able to apprehend him and take him into custody. Diana knows the feeling with several of her own nemesis's back I her own world. They both left the compound and saw that the soldiers were finally about to wake up from the gas that put them all to sleep.

"I guess it's time to go," said Diana.

"I'll summon Heimdall to take us away," said Thor.

He called up to Heimdall and a flashing light overcame them and took them away from the military compound. But instead of taking them back to Asgard, Diana found that they were on a hilltop of watching over a jungle that stretched for hundreds of miles around. Among the creatures in the jungle, were several types of dinosaurs that she recognized.

"Where are we?" asked Diana.

"This is called the Savage Land," said Thor. "A most remarkable place of wonder and danger, and a nice place to relax and enjoy a nice meal."

Next to them she saw a blanket on the ground with pillows and a large assortment of foods and bottles of wines. Thor picked up a wine bottle, poured some in a glass and handed it to Diana and she took it.

"Should we partake in this assortment of wonderous foods from—"

"Ok, hold it right there, Romeo," Diana interrupted him. "I don't know how many women fell for this, but I'm not one of them."

"I don't know what you mean," said Thor. He had actually tried this once before with Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, but it didn't work out with her either.

"Save it," she said. "It's a good try. I'm guessing you signaled Heimdall to set this up for you for when we're doing going after your brother."

"No of course not," said Thor. In fact, he got Heimdall to get some other people do set up the picnic for him.

"Listen, I can actually get back to my world on my own, I can just call out to my Gods to take me back, so I don't need you."

"I see," said Thor, feeling very embarrassed about the situation.

"I was going to leave, but after seeing you fight today, I thought it would great to have some fun sex with you before I leave, so you didn't have to do this."

"Oh," said Thor. For a moment he thought he lost his chance with her.

"But before we do, please just admit what you were doing here."

Thor laughed; he was surprised by how this was going.

"I'm sorry," he told her. "I underestimated the type of woman you are. I should've known that a great warrior and demi-goddess such as yourself would not have fell for this. I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness."

"You are forgiven," she told him with a big smile.

She drank up her wine and threw the glass away. She then walked up to Thor and kissed him hard on the lips. They fell to the ground, clinging to each other, not letting go of their kiss. They rolled around in their passionate embrace, until they were at the edge of the cliff and fell off. They fell all the way to the ground, nearly five hundred feet, onto a clearing that was nearby a river. The impact of their fall caused a massive quake that scared off all the creatures of the savage land. This all happened while not letting go of their kiss.

Wonder Woman began to rip off Thor's armor, exposing his massive muscular chest to her; she had to hide her excitement from seeing such a powerful body. Thor tried to take off Diana's corset but had trouble removing it. No matter how hard he tried, it was immoveable. He now knows how other people feel when they try to pick up his hammer and could not move even slightly.

"It's enchanted by the Olymic gods," said Diana. "Only I could remove it."

"I see," said Thor.

During their battle with the Wrecking Crew, he did wonder how she could fight so much in that outfit without her breasts falling out on top, and now he knows why. Diana took off her entire uniform and revealed to Thor her perfect nude body. Thor was astounded by her nudity; he thought she was a work of art brought to life. He took off the rest of his clothes and revealed to her his massive erection. Diana nearly went squealed like a schoolgirl when she saw it, but quickly controlled herself; as excited as shew was, she wanted to still behave like a warrior, not like a human woman who couldn't control her emotions.

Diana grabbed Thor's dick and began jerking him off with such vigor and speed of which never felt before. He's been with plenty of superpowered women before, but none of them jerked off his dick as perfectly as Diana was doing right now. Thor reached up and grabbed her breast, it felt so perfect in his hand; he pinched her nipple which she definitely loved. Diana moved in closer to Thor, getting herself ready for him to enter her body. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by a loud noise rumbling that was coming from the jungle. From above the trees, they saw large Tyrannosaurus Rex coming their way.

"I don't think so you foul creature," said Thor.

Thor reached up his hand and his hammer flew into. He then pointed the hammer at the T-Rex but pushed his hand away.

"Don't you dare hurt that creature," said Wonder Woman.

"I would never even think of doing such a thing, my lady," Thor assured her.

Thor pointed his hammer back at the direction of the t-rex and when it got closer, several lightning strikes hit the ground all around the t-rex. It struck and destroyed several trees, but not hitting the dinosaur itself. The bursts of lightning scared off the t-rex, making him run off in another direction and away from Thor and Diana.

"That was impressive," said Diana. She suddenly found herself more attracted to him after seeing how he humanely dealt with the near extinct creature.

She kissed Thor hard on the lips and made him get on top of her. She was now ready for him to take her as his lover. Thor pushed his massive erection hard into her body, it was painful but felt wonderful. Thor began pounding away at Diana, making her scream into his ear. They were causing a massive rumble on the ground beneath them, so powerful it was scaring off other animals in the jungle, especially other dinosaurs that were originally approaching them.

Diana wanted to have her turn and forced Thor to turn over on his back. She began riding his dick, gyrating in various ways Thor never seen before. He was impressed by her skills and was more than glad to have her be in control for the time being. Her hair was flying everywhere and her breasts bounced around as she was going wild on his dick, she wanted to have as much fun as she could being on top of him and in control.

Diana was eventually forced off of Thor's body and he made her get on her hands and knees. She always thought doggy-style was a degrading position for an Amazon to be in, but accepted it this time. Thor held his hand firmly on her hips began pounding away at her from behind. Their screams of passion were heard from miles around them. She commanded him to go faster and Thor was more than happy to comply with her orders.

This went on like this for hours, getting each other in various positions of control, laughing and pleasuring each other. Eventually, Thor was on the verge of finishing and Diana sense that. She let Thor be on top of her for the ending and he rapidly pounded his dick into her; he tried to get as much time with Diana as he could before he finished. He couldn't hold off much longer and he shot his cum into her body. Diana enjoyed the feeling of that hot ooze filling her body; she had never felt the cum of another god in her body, it was like her body was being filled with ambrosia.

Thor got off of Diana and they looked at each other as they tried to catch their breaths, their love-making tired them out more than most of the battles they've ever been in. They both hadn't had been that tired out from sex in a long time. When they relaxed a little, they got up and walked over to the river to wash up, the whole while nude. They went back to where they left their clothes and dressed themselves back up.

"That's it," said Diana. "I have to go now."

"Can't you stay a little longer?" asked Thor.

"My world needs me; you must know how that responsibility feels."

"Yes, I do, and I understand."

She got close to him and gave him one last kiss.

"Hopefully we'll meet again," she said. "And tell Captain Marvel I said hi."

"Wait, you know Carol?" asked Thor.

Diana didn't answer him, instead called out to her Olympic gods and in a flash of light took her away from this world and back to her own. Thor was left alone in the savage land; he had no idea how she knew Carol Danvers, but he didn't think much about it. He just smiled thinking about his time with Wonder Woman. He called out to Heimdall and was taken away back to Asgard.


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