Demonthorn Chapter 16

Lora was tired. The revelation shocked her as she reached the relative safety of Northorton following their flight from the Below. She had not been truly physically tired since her transformation. Apparently even gifts from the God and Goddess had limits.

Her wings had extinguished some time before, leaving only scorched holes in her armor to show they were ever there.

Lora lowered Samantha to the ground. The frozen Fury was unconscious and clearly badly wounded. Kelli touched Lora's arm.

"Get some fire wood, we clearly cannot go on any further tonight." She said softly.

"I can do it." Lora insisted. "I just need a break."

"No, you are exhausted and stop being stubborn. If we are to lose both Furies I do not think we could beat an all out demon assault, especially after what we saw down there." Kelli said softly.

"Fine." Lora snorted and stomped off to gather fuel for the fire.

The truth was she was tired in more ways than one. Her spirit felt low on energy, as if the use of her powers drained her more than physically. She would have to ask Samantha when she woke up.

When she returned later with an impressive amount of fuel, Lora felt better. She had rested some and even though the sky was darkening, she could still see very well. Another one of the gifts from the divine plane. She dumped the wood and turned to Kelli.

"Who the hell was that anyway?" Lora asked.

"That was Jolie, the Fury of Metal. You replaced her after she died." Kelli said simply as she applied a salve to Samantha's head.

"She seemed pretty able-bodied for a dead woman." Accused Lora.

"We assumed she had died. She had flown out to defend a village that had been raided by herself. By the time our forces got there the demons were long gone and the village was raised. We found sticky bones of a woman left behind and all of her armor. Jolie would have died rather than leave her armor behind, so we assumed the bones were hers." Kelli said, sadness creeping into her voice.

"How the hell would she have turned so evil anyway? Isn't she supposed to be a chosen of the divine plane, invulnerable to temptation and all that?" Asked Lora.

"I don't know anything that could have turned Jolie against us. She was the most approachable of the Furies and we actually spent some time together. I doubt she remembers though." Kelli said. "She did kind of look like a harpie, which makes sense in a way."

"How so?" Asked Lora as she began to build the fire pit.

"When a woman is seduced by a demon, she can be transformed. We think it has to do with the demon seed. If they leave it inside it begins to fester and changes the woman's outward appearance. They become demons themselves when this happens, growing wings and developing a mean temperament." Kelli explained. "If Jolie turned, she would now have the power of a Fury and of a demon."

"I take it that is not good for anybody living Above." Lora whispered.

The fire Fury's eyes glowed and a small fire sprang into life just in the center of her fire pit.

"Handier than a flint." said Kelli with a wan smile.

"I try to be." Joked Lora.

The presence of the fire seemed to calm them both. Lora just sat there, transfixed by it while Kelli felt around Samantha's body for any injuries. Aside from some cuts, the only major injury was to her head, when Jolie had knocked her out of the sky.

"Keep feeling up Samantha and I may get jealous." Lora joked.

"No need." Said Kelli with a smile. "She's a frigid bitch and I prefer someone to keep me warm."

"Come here then, there is nothing more that you can do until she wakes up." Lora said seductively.

Kelli smiled and laid Samantha's head down gently onto one of their small traveling pillows and covered her in her own blanket. Then she crawled over to Lora on her hands and knees, shaking her butt and prancing a little like a cat.

"What are you doing?" Said Lora, stifling a laugh.

"Pleasuring you." Whispered Kelli as she nipped Lora's ear.

Lora felt the electric jolt of desire surge through her. Kelli moved on to her neck and played there with small bites while Lora moaned quietly.

"What if she wakes up?" Asked Lora breathily.

"Let her watch." Kelli said as she covered Lora's lips with her own.

The kiss furthered the desire within Lora and she passionately kissed back.

"Not so hard." Whispered Kelli.

"Sorry." Said Lora.

"Don't worry, you will get a hold of your strength with practice." Kelli said with a grin. "Now let's practice!"

The two of them began prying off the armor they both wore, throwing it everywhere, mingling themselves and their possessions. Every other time with every other woman had never been like this for Lora. She finally felt at peace with everything that had happened since her sister had passed.

"I want you inside of me." Whispered Lora as she bit Kelli's ear.

"Your wish." Kelli whispered back.

The older woman pushed aside Lora's underwear and her fingers found it warm and slick. She played with the outside, promoting some moans form Lora as she gently massaged the clit. Kelli bit Lora's knee and dragged her teeth along her thigh.

"Put it in already." Said Lora in a breathy voice.

Kelli obliged, sinking one finger inside and moving it slowly in and out. Lora began to feel the fire growing inside of her.

"Faster." Breathed Lora.

Instead, Kelli slowed, bringing the fire under control. Lora groaned in disappointment.

"The first one is often the best." Kelli said. "I will bring you there eventually, don't worry."

Kelli worked her fingers in and out. Sometimes there were two, other times on one. All Lora knew was that she had never felt so good.

Kelli turned to check on Samantha. The other woman's eyes were open as she watched the two of them together. Kelli just stared back as she pleasured Lora. The younger woman did not see because her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

The two older women locked eyes for the next five minutes as Kelli brought Lora to orgasm. Just as she came, the fire roared in response, startling all three.

"I guess I don't know my own strength." Said Lora with a giggle as the fire calmed down.

"I guess not." Said Samantha.

"You're up!" Lora said.

"Yeah, have a hell of a headache though. We have any willow tea?" The frozen Fury asked.

"No, but I can make you some." Kelli said as she turned to her bag.

Lora hastily dressed herself.

"Why aren't we back at Ravencrag." Groaned Samantha.

"We had to stop and rest." Lora said simply.

Samantha nodded in response.

"I slept for a whole day after I killed my first demon." Samantha said. "You should be tired."

"Oh good, I was wondering if that was normal." Said Lora with a sigh.

"Your wings will stay longer and longer each time you call them too, if you were wondering." Samantha said.

Kelli handed Samantha a cup that contained a mixture of mint, tea and willow leaves that were ground into a powder. It was often used for battle injuries to help the injured sleep and heal.

"Thank you." Said Samantha.

"Don't mention it." Kelli said as she began to put her own clothes on.

"That was who I thought it was, wasn't it?" Asked Samantha after a pause to drink.

"Yes." Kelli said simply.

"And Garesha?" Samantha asked.

"You killed her." Kelli said.

"Are you sure?" Samantha asked.

"Knife through the heart." Lora said.

"Like she put a knife through mine, poetic." Grunted Samantha as she drank her tea.

The three women sat in silence for a short time. The fire crackled and it continued to get dark. An owl hooted quietly, but otherwise the entrance to the doomed city was quiet and menacing.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Lora.

"Give the information to the council. They will in turn do nothing." Shrugged Samantha.

"Why? We have to do something! She might be held against her will." Exclaimed Lora.

"She isn't." Kelli said.

"You can't know that!" Howled Lora. "We shouldn't abandon any one, let alone someone as powerful as a Fury."

The two older women shared a glance and let Lora calm down a little.

"There is nothing we can do. She has been stained beyond all hope of redemption." Samantha said softly. "You do not know what you are talking about."

"Then tell me." Said Lora.

Kelli took a breath.

"A woman only takes on the characteristics of a demon once she has submitted, heart and soul." Samantha said. "She is going to be desperately in love with him."

"So? We can reach her, I am sure." Lora said.

"She won't want to. Anything we say would just seem a lie to her." Samantha said.

Lora was quiet.

"How many times did they try and fail?" Lora asked quietly.

"Dozens." Kelli said. "All of them died rather than betray their demon."

They all sat with that thought in their head.

"We should move out in the morning." Kelli said. "I think we are far enough away from the entrance to avoid capture tonight."

"Fine, get some sleep." Samantha grunted.

Just then, Lora heard a snuffling sound, like a large pig searching for mushrooms. The two furies looked at one another.

"You hear that?" Lora asked.

"Get your sword." Samantha said.

Just then, the area flooded with smoke. Lora lost sight of the other two women, but grasped her sword and jumped to her feet. She heard a roar like the water during a flood. Her eyes tried to pierce the smoke and darkness, but she couldn't.

She started moving toward where she had last seen Kelli, but just stumbled to the fire. She heard the roar again, which seemed to come from behind her. She whirled around and raised her sword, her back to the fire.

Then she saw two eyes in the darkness. They shined like a cat's, but these eyes were almost twelve feet off the ground. She gasped as a sudden wind cleared the smoke and revealed a dragon that stood before her. The giant lizard was golden red in color and it had horns on it's head, with giant bat wings that sprouted from it's shoulders.

It bellowed at her and charged, it's clawed hands and feet scrabbling at the ground and it's mouth opened and fangs extended.

Lora raised her sword and tapped into her inner rage.

"Come and get it!" She roared.

The dragon was within striking distance when Samantha fell from the sky and pierced it's head, pinning it to the ground. The body thrashed and the massive tail whipped back and forth. After a minute the animal grew still and was clearly dead.

"I thought they were only the size of cats?" Lora said.

"Normally they are, but they can get bigger." Kelli said, walking up. "This one grew back in the city, feasting on the detritus of the city and rats."

"These could be set loose on us and devastate us." Samantha said, prying her sword from the beast's head.

"Great, killer dragons and a turned Fury." Lora said, sheathing her sword. "This was a productive trip."

"Yes, it was." Kelli said. "We got you in return."

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