Authors note: This is the third of many chapters in this work of pure fiction. The story contains depictions of illegal acts of blackmail and human slavery and is intended strictly for the erotic enjoyment of the reader. All Fictional Charters are adults over 18.

They call me Phallus -- Chapter 3

I felt I had little time to spare, I ran along the building and spotted door "B", my knees were buckling with fear and anticipation. A digital clock on the door read 7:59 AM.

Next to the door was a ticket slot. I waited for the clock to hit 8:00, and inserted the ticket. A drawer similar to a bank night depository opened. A note instructed me to deposit my car keys.

I surrendered my keys and rocked the lid closed. The door started buzzing so I pushed it open. It was like a superstore for Dominatrix's. I looked around and saw several areas that looked like stations of some sort.

Each section had a sign hanging above it, the ones I saw were "Intake", "piercing", "tattooing", "anal", "toilet services." The women working there were all in a uniform of an off-white latex dress, white lace-up boots and a matching leather collar around their necks.

My gaze was interrupted when a Mistress approached me. She was dressed in a blue leather corset, buckled up from her waist to her bulging breasts. A blue leather thong barely covering her shaved pussy, and matching spiked leather high heeled shoes. I quickly arched my back, spread my legs and presented my bare genitals to her.

"Good boy, I'm Mistress Indigo," she said.

She picked up a clipboard from an adjacent counter and asked,

"Slave Phallus 071"?

I nodded yes and she took a small remote control out of her pocket and pointed it at my genitals. I didn't see her actually push the button, but the rapid electrical spasm in my balls told me she had. I doubled over in pain and gasped for breath.



I straightened up the best I could and blurted out,


"GOOD," she said.

"I'm a Colleague of Mistress Ruby," she said.

"I take care of new slave indoctrination and processing, you won't be in bondage for now, but I must warn you, you must have yourself on full display and your ass and genitalia available to anyone. Hands are to be behind your head and back arched, you will receive punishment if you hesitate even for an instant," she said while showing off the remote control in her hand.

I straightened up the best I could, spread my legs and again presented my genitals to her. She took some sort of scanner off the counter and scanned something on the clipboard.


She was looking at her phone and stated,

"We have a complete day set up for you, Mistress Ruby has sent me a series of work orders, let's get to it, we have a lot to do."

She grabbed me roughly by the balls and led me to an area labeled "Slave Intake."

She yanked me up on some sort of scale and weighed me. A computer screen next to the scale indicated "173 pounds" She hit accept.

"Did you follow the rules about eating and drinking"?

"YES, Mistress."

"Ok, well let's see," she muttered as she scrolled down the display.

"When did you last eat?"

"About nine last night Mistress," I replied.

"When did you last drink anything?" She asked.

"With my nine o'clock meal Mistress," I again replied.

"Are you sure," she questioned.

"Yes, Mistress," I answered.

"You do know you will be severely punished if you lie to me, right," she lectured.

"Yes Mistress," I said somewhat puzzled.

"Well, let's check, shall we," she said with a chuckle.

She then took the head of my penis in her hand and pricked it with lancing tool. I jumped, but didn't say a word. She squeezed my swollen head until a large droplet of blood started to form.

She took a blood sugar monitor out of a small drawer, and dipped the tip in my blood drawing it up in a slit on the end. The meter beeped. Then it beeped again.

She looked at the read-out and proclaimed,

"Ninety one, good, we can do some fasting blood work on you today, good Slave."

"The sperm sample that Ruby extracted from you told us a lot about your medical history, but now we can run even more tests." She explained.

"When did you last urinate," she inquired.

I started to blush as I answered,

"Ten thirty, just when I went to bed, Mistress."

"You think you're embarrassed now, just wait, embarrassment and humiliation is now your new life." She said, then continued,

"Let's take a look, yes that's right," she said while checking a printout on the screen.

She told me that the device Mistress Ruby had put on my scrotum wasn't just for punishment, it was also a GPS unit and had a sensor that could record whenever I urinated, and could even detect the volume of the stream.

She explained,

"Mistress Ruby uses these devices as a means to keep her Clients honest."

As she continued, she told me that Mistress Ruby was in the top end cock business. She fills a need for very powerful women to release sexual tension without dealing with dating or any type of relationship. They'd pay her handsomely for services rendered by her male slaves.

These were women who have dealt with the glass ceiling syndrome all their lives and need to release their sexual anger toward men. Ruby charges them by the hour, how many times her slaves ejaculated and even could tell if they used a condom on her slave's penises.

"How many times did you masturbate yesterday' she surprisingly asked.

"Six, Mistress," I quipped sheepishly.

"That's right, but it looks like you only ejaculated five of those times," She said looking at the screen.

"Have you masturbated today yet," she asked knowing the answer.

"No Mistress, the instructions I received said I was not to touch myself unless commanded to do so," I explained.

"I was under the impression that my servitude started when I got out of bed this morning."

"Good Slave," Mistress Indigo said in a pleased voice.

"Later we can get a sample and check your daily sperm production, sperm is money to us and we know you have plenty."

"I suppose your bladder is quite full by now, isn't it," she inquired.

"Yes, very, Mistress," I said with a strained voice.

"Well, you know those carnival games where you have to squirt water into a clowns mouth and you can win based on how well you aim?"

"Yes, Mistress," was my puzzled answer.

"Well, do you see that hole in the top of the pedestal before you, the one with the red balloon on top of it?"

"Yes Mistress," I answered with excitement in my voice.

"Well, let's give your sphincters a little test shall we," she said while donning latex gloves.

She grabbed my semi-erect member and stroked me to full erection. She got behind me and ordered me to present my ass to her. She then lubed her gloved fingers and asked,

"You don't have an allergy to latex do you?"

"No Mistress," was my reply.

"Good, we use a lot of latex in this business and that would be bad if you were. We go through enough Benadryl as it is," she proclaimed.

She started probing my exposed ass, first with one finger, then two, then three.

"Have you ever been pegged before," she inquired.

"Only when I did it to myself with the butt plugs I ordered off the internet, Mistress," I replied.

"So you're basically an anal virgin aren't you?" She didn't wait for my reply.

"Hmm," she said as she smacked her lips.

She grabbed her phone and hastily typed a text and excitedly hit send.

"That's good, you won't be by the end of the day," she announced.

She reached around and forced a balled up towel into my mouth. With her fingers on my prostate she ordered me to straighten up. She walked me forward and had me aim my penis at the hole.

"Go," she commanded.

I released my Urinary Sphincter and my pent up piss shot into the hole.

"STOP," she commanded.

I tightened my muscle and the flow stopped.

She paused, I was in pure agony, I bit down hard on my towel gag, as I tightened the muscle.

"Wait, Wait," she ordered.

"Ok, you can start again."

I loosened my urinary clamp and the flow started again, relief at last.

"Stop," was her command and she paused for a second time.

"Ok," she instructed.

I started my stream again.

"Stop," again she ordered.

This went on more times then I care to remember. As my stream started to weaken she kept pushing me forward until my purple head was all the way into the hole.

When the flow finally stopped she commanded,


I did as she said and remained at attention. She removed her fingers from my ass and walked beside me. She pulled the towel out of my mouth and used it to gather up the remaining drops of urine as my penis deflated.

She then wiped her soiled fingers on the towel and forced it back in my mouth. It tasted horrible.

"Get used to it, we're just getting started," She said as she stepped back and pressed a key on her computer.

She informed me, "Only urine will be used to quench your thirst from now on."

"One good thing,"

She continued,

"It does show that you have enough capacity in your bladder so you won't have any issues with accidents while in storage."

"Storage?" I wondered to myself.

She tugged at my deflating shaft and led me over to "Legal," and pushed me into a cold metal chair in front of a metal desk with a see-through glass top. I quickly realized that I needed to be on display so I shifted forward so my balls hung over the top of the seat with my flaccid penis hanging down in full view.

The blonde business-looking forty-something women in a gold cat suit seated there peered at me over her wired-rimmed glasses. Mistress Indigo pushed a folder in front of her and she nodded in acceptance.

She introduced herself as Mistress Safire,

"And you are to be known a Phallus 071" she exclaimed.

"Umph isph afirre" I mumbled through the rolled up towel in my mouth.

The two women looked at each other and smiled,

"We usually get new slaves on that one."

Mistress Indigo said as she presented a waste basket under my chin and ordered,


I used my tongue to push the gag out of my mouth and into the waiting container.

"Good Slave," Mistress said and added,

"Most slaves fail that test but you didn't, you waited until allowed to spit out the gag."

She turned to Mistress Safire and they commenced to talking as if they were co-workers at a water cooler. Mistress Indigo turned and started bragging to Mistress Safire.

"We may have hit the jackpot with this one, his sperm count was off the charts, and his bladder number is good as well."

"And look at that rod he's packing."

Mistress Safire smiled as she craned for a look at my uncovered genitalia. She nodded her head in agreement.

They started talking as if I wasn't even there.

Mistress Safire asked, still focused on my crotch,

"What do you think Ruby is going to do with 748 now that we seem to have a worthy replacement?"

"Well," Mistress Indigo said and continued,

"Connie may want him but I think she's still pissed off at Ruby for out bidding her on the finder's fee."

"Yes," said Miss Safire,

"I heard that the gal that recognized him from the workout club had several women interested in him."

"She did it the right way," Mistress Indigo added and continued,

"She had videos and pictures of him beating off in his car before and after the meetings. She also had some hilarious video of him trying to waddle out of the meetings when he thought nobody was watching."

Suddenly Mistress Safire pointed at me and said,

"Look, he knows we are talking about him, his hard-on is dead giveaway."

Mistress Indigo patted me on my head and said,

"No more masturbation for you, your cock is OURS!"

I found out later that 748 was Slave Alex 748, the Slave I was to replace. His demand for billable services to Mistress Ruby's clients was dropping and he was no longer profitable to her. I heard he still netted a good price at auction. Slave outcasts from Mistress Ruby held their value well.

As the two Mistresses were talking a young lady in a nurses outfit came to me and ordered,

"Extend your right arm and make a fist!"

I did as she ordered and she proceeded to draw blood samples from me, four vials total were filled. When she was done, she told me to bend my arm upright and left.

Mistress Safire apparently thought it was time to get back to business.

She started going over the slave contract with me, it was seven pages long and spelled out exactly what my new life is to become. I was to initial every clause one by one. I had seen it all before in the outline Mistress Ruby had given me.

She pointed to a video camera on the wall and said everything I would say was recorded. All copies of the contract would be property of Mistress Ruby. When I got to the signature line, she me handed a glass of a bright red liquid.

"This is Mistress Ruby's color-coded urine, it contains your first dose of drugs and hormones," she said in emotion-less voice.

She then handed me a note and told me to look directly into the camera and recite the words as written on the note.

I cleared my throat and stated,

"I, Slave Phallus 071, do herby sign my mind, body and all my earthly possessions over to Mistress Ruby, I drink her urine as a symbol of my lifelong devotion to her."

I took the offering and choked down every drop.

Next was the Power of Attorney,

"I, Slave Phallus 071 do hereby sign total power of Attorney to Mistress Ruby," my voice was hoarse from the salty liquid I just drank.

Lastly was the Slave Registry, it was a certificate that assigned me my barcode registration. I signed the document and slid it over to Mistress Safire. She examined all the documents and slid them over to Mistress Indigo to sign as a witness.

When all the T's were crossed and I's dotted, Mistress Safire took something out of her drawer, it sort of looked like an electric razor with a blunt end. She used it to scan the barcode that was on my Slave Registry Certificate.

She then walked over to my right side, had me tilt my head to the left, and firmly pushed the instrument against the skin of my upper neck. She told me to hold perfectly still as she activated the device. The small rectangular area of my skin that she had covered felt as if it had been lit on fire as tiny needles tore into my skin leaving a black barcode tattoo behind. I heard a scream and realized that it came from me.

She patted little droplets of blood away from my neck and scanned my new tattoo. She looked at her computer.

"There," Mistress Safire proclaimed,

"The scan worked, he's now official!"

Mistress Indigo ordered me to my feet and examined the tiny black lines etched into my neck and the numbering just below it. She seemed pleased.

"You are to no longer speak, you communicate with your actions by following orders without hesitation. Our Clients prefer slaves that don't talk."

"Do you understand?"

I answered by putting my hands behind my head and assuming the presentation stance.

"Good Slave," she said as she grabbed me by my balls and led me to the center of the building, it was the "Toilet area."

"Mistress Ruby wants me to start your toilet training now,"

she said as she pointed to a bench and motioned for me to lie down. She ordered me to lay on my back and scoot forward until my new barcode lined up with a scanner attached to a short pole.


Then my Slave file appeared on a small computer on a wall column. Mistress Indigo then scanned her identification card.

Mistress Indigo explained,

"We keep records of all fluids and drugs in and out of our slaves, along with food and bowel movements. We also document who it was that administered them.

It's our way to monitor the quality and health of our Slaves."

She pushed a glass funnel with a rubber tip into my mouth, exposed her pussy, spread her legs, and squatted over my face. Just above the rubber stopper in my mouth was a tiny flow meter.

"I've had a lot of coffee this morning!" she exclaimed.

I looked up at her shaven pussy and admired the perfect shape and color of her pierced clitoris. It had a silver pin in it with blue jewels holding it in place.

"You need to catch every drop," she said as her urine started to cascade down my throat and into my gullet.

I gulped and choked as she pissed into my waiting mouth, hastily swallowing every drop. Once her bladder was empty she removed the funnel.


She ordered as she lowered her vagina down to my lips.

I extended my tongue and licked her pussy clean, she moaned as I probed at her pierced clit.


She commanded as she pulled away.

"You'll have plenty of time for that once you get your piercing."

She ordered me to my feet, grabbed hold of my balls and said,

"Now for cleansing and hair removal."

She led me over to an area aptly marked,

"Cleansing and Hair removal."

Four female attendants in the off-white uniforms surrounded a series of tables, chairs and chains mounted from the ceiling and floor. I was led past a scanner and I heard the familiar,


Mistress Indigo cupped my balls and said,

"See you in about an hour, take good care of him ladies."

I was ordered to surrender myself to them and I quickly was strapped down tightly to a chair. Next a buzzing sound as my curly locks fell to the floor. Shaving cream was applied to my head and in a jiffy I was totally bold. I was moved to a table, made to lay on my back, and was bound in a Spread eagle position. They used creams, waxes, razors and even tweezers to remove all hair from the front of my body, paying extra attention to my genitals.

Next I was ordered to lie down face first and they removed all hair from my backside.

To be continued....

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