The Big Game...

"You don't mean you're actually going to try out for the cheerleading team??" Sara's mother asked, incredulously. "I know it's a great squad, and a wonderful experience - I've been there myself, back in the day, that's where I met your father, but..." Her voice trailed off.

"But what, momma?" Sara asked, a little querulously.

"No doubt in my mind you've got the body, the athletic prowess with your dancing and's just that it involves a big time commitment - a lot of travel, a lot of training, a lot of involvement with the players on the team. Are you up for that?"

"As far as players on the team goes, boy! Am I up for that!!" Sara exclaimed excitedly.

Discussion over...with high hopes and some trepidation, a few days later Sara approached her interview to become a cheerleader for the city's football team. She knew that only a small number of applicants would be chosen, and there were many many hopefuls, from across the state and beyond. Still she had high hopes because she was a strikingly beautiful 21-year-old. Her blonde hair normally cascaded below her shoulders, but today she had it in a pony-tail because of the exercises she knew she would have to perform to show her above-average physical fitness.

At 5' 7'' she was, she realized, at the median height required; her shapely C-cup sized breasts moved easily under her Tee-shirt, and her slender well-shaped legs were shown to advantage by her brief shorts. These also displayed her smooth muscular ass, the product of many years of dance training and acrobatics - boyfriends unanimously praised her "dancer's ass" as they would run their hands, or their lips, or their tongues, or their cocks over its sleek surfaces and inviting crevices...fondly remembering these explorations, Sara could feel a small wet spot beginning to form between her legs.

Just in time, the door to the interview room opened and she was invited to meet the panel, two women and a man. Keeping things fair, multiple interview panels assessed applicants who were in turn identified only by number. Sara was 176. "Welcome, Miss 176," exclaimed the woman who headed the panel (at least, she was in the middle chair). The panel members each had copies of her application/cv, and questions and answers flowed easily about her experience as a dancer and gymnast.

"You began to train for ballet when you were quite young?" "Yes" Sara replied, "I started when I was 5 and kept at it for more than ten years, until the head of the ballet school took me aside for a little word of advice, saying 'you are wonderfully athletic and talented, and you might have a great future in dance, but for ballet...your tits are growing too big.'"

"Well." exclaimed the lead interviewer, "they are not too big for a cheerleader, or a woman. And I see from your resume that you have continued with other dancing and acrobatics." After a short pause came the question: "are you a virgin?"

"No, I'm not," Sara answered, "I've had five boyfriends...why do you ask?" The panel chair responded by talking about the football team, its staff, and its cheerleading team: "we're an organization that treasures the closest intimacy between all members, including sexual intimacy, and we want to be sure that you fully understand this and are ok with it."

Sara recalled her mother's caution about 'a lot of involvement', and she replied "I take it that you're asking am I willing to be sexually intimate with members of the team when called upon?" Sara answered her own question. "I'm ok with that, and I'm willing to try just about anything, with a few exceptions..."

There was a short pause, and then the male panel member asked, "could you be more specific about exceptions?"

"Well," Sara went on, having thought about things for a moment, "I'm not keen on sex with a condom, because you lose sensation with a barrier and I relish the sensation of warm spurts of semen surging into my vagina. That's why I'm on the pill. I also wouldn't do rough sex or the whole BDSM thing, you know - whippings, forcible confinement, and stuff - but I'm ok with group sex as long as it's consensual. I think I've tried most positions, and I'm always game to try a new one!"

The panel chair commented, "that fits right in with our whole desire, that sexuality should be fun for everybody involved, without force or manipulation. Team-members, including cheerleaders, are all regularly tested for STDs, and the pill is prescribed without cost for all women."

The panel chair next asked, "would you undress for us please?"

Sara had been forewarned that this was coming. Without hesitation she rose to her feet as she stripped off, in one motion, her T-shirt, and next reached behind to unclasp her bra, which fell easily to the floor. She stepped out of her flip-flops as she put her fingers between her shorts and her thighs, and peeled them, together with her thong, to the floor. Standing fully naked before the panel, she exclaimed "I'm proud of my body, I know it is attractive, and I love it when people enjoy it. But in the spirit, as you put it a moment ago, of the closest intimacy including sexual intimacy, why don't you three people take off your clothes too?"

A shocked silence...then the male panel member, slowly getting to his feet, suggested, "I think Miss 176 makes an excellent point, and I'm going to agree," as he stood, plucked his shirt out of his shorts, unbuttoned, and peeled it from his slim and well-muscled body. In the next motion he unbuckled his belt, and his shorts dropped to the floor.

"I'd like to ask Miss 176 to honour me by taking the last step." Sara could already see the tent rising in his boxers as she moved towards him, knelt down, and pulled his boxers down, carefully stretching the waistband over the rising excitement of his cock. When it was erect and free at last, she let the boxers drop to the floor, clasped his aroused and straining cock with both hands, and asked, "how much intimacy would you like?"

The panel chair interrupted, "probably that's enough for an interview...but I'm going to agree with your suggestion, Miss 176, and we will all undress to be intimate together...I will say", she declared as she divested herself of shorts (and thong), blouse and bra, "that this is the first candidate who has ever made this proposal, which I find utterly intriguing." Meanwhile her other panel member was also rapidly divesting herself of clothes, and soon all four people stood, naked, close, inspecting each other.

Sara immediately noticed that she was the only person sporting pubic hair - her luxuriant black bush, from about 3 inches above her crotch, descended into the depths between her legs and (she knew) extended to her anus. The panel chair noticed her glances, and told her "if you are accepted as a cheerleader, one requirement is that you be divested of hair around your cunt. We don't want the spectators, during cheerleading manoeuvres, to be distracted, spying wisps of hair around the edges of your uniform. Are you in agreement with that?"

"Of course! - I've always found it bothersome," Sara replied.

The male interviewer spoke up, "male cheerleaders also lose their pubic hair around their cocks, balls, and assholes - like me! I used to be a cheerleader."

"Let's go next door to the gym, where we can see your lovely body in action," the chair replied. "Carry your clothes with you, and you can put them back on when the demonstration is finished." A door opened, and Sara was led into a gym about 10 metres square, fitted completely with mats and with other gymnastic fittings such as parallel bars, a balance beam, and a trampoline.

For the next 10 minutes Sara executed various floor exercises at the behest of the interviewers - front rolls, back rolls, handstands and handsprings, balances upon one leg, standing and running jumps, and more - Sara was always careful to position herself so her crotch, cunt and ass were perfectly on display. She finished with cartwheels, to the left and to the right, showing her glistening labia as she slowly revolved, with legs spread wide.

Finally Sara was allowed to rest, while the interview panel consulted briefly together. "Excellently done, Miss 176! You seem to have the stuff of a really great cheerleader. If you agree, Tom here has a few extra details that he would like to cover with you."

As Sara nodded assent two panellists left, leaving her alone with Tom, whose erection had remained rampant - he took her hands, gently placed them around his eager cock, and asked "how much intimacy would you like to give me?" In reply, Sara sank to her knees and engulfed Tom's cock with her mouth, straining to engage its length within her mouth and throat, rhythmically moving it in and out, while cradling his hanging balls with one hand. Then she moved her other hand further back over his wonderfully smooth crotch to his anus, which she gently but insistently entered with her index finger, probing forwards towards his prostate gland, which she found and massaged gently, at the same time increasing the vigour of her pumping of his cock.

"Fucking hell, I'm going to come!" shouted Tom, "unhh, unhh, unhh, unhh!" as rope upon rope of creamy semen shot forth from his throbbing cock into her mouth and throat, almost too voluminous for her to swallow. Sara finished swallowing, slowly licked Tom's softening cock clean, and withdrew her finger from his ass. "I have absolutely never had such a stupendous blow-job in all my life!" cried Tom - "nobody has ever done that to my ass before."

"Is there more intimacy that you would like?" she asked, "or maybe we should we save that for later...?" Tom answered excitedly, "there are a lot of other applicants to see, so maybe later!! Be sure that you've got my vote!"

Sara's notice to report for cheerleading team practice came quickly, and a few days later she presented herself, to be greeted by five other new female recruits, six veterans, and four male cheerleaders (all veterans) who reminded her of Tom - tall, well-muscled and lithe. The head cheerleading coach explained that the new women would wear spandex shorts to mid-thigh until they were bereft of their pubic hair, and appointments for this were scheduled over the next week - all before the first game, their debut.

"For this first day," said the coach, "I want you all to strip naked and to handle each other, feel each other, men and women alike, as we practice our manoeuvres. Become totally familiar with each others' bodies. There are manoeuvres that we execute on-field that require you to throw each other, carry each other, catch each other, and unless these are performed seamlessly, with absolute assurance that a feel of a cunt or a grab of an ass won't put you off your stride, accidents might happen on-field. So let's practice naked for this first hour."

Without a moment's hesitation all the cheerleaders quickly stripped off their clothes - Sara noted that four of the veteran cheerleaders were completely hairless, while the other two sported small Vee-shaped strips of pubic hair that ended just above their outer labia. "Before we start exercises, the coach suggested, "why don't you all enjoy a big group hug?" Sara found herself near the middle of the enthusiastic pack - she could feel a cunt pressing against her ass, a cock insistently rubbing against one hip, an ass against the other, and she was facing a lovely pair of fully-shaped tits and a cunt rubbing against her own.

"Squeeze!" cried the coach, "now, change partners and squeeze again!" This was repeated four more time, until everyone was sated, excited - the men's cocks were fully erect, and the women, Sara thought, must be dripping with arousal like she was.

Then followed, to the end of the session, practices at exercises, shoulder-stands, jumps and throws. Sara performed her signature move - that slow, measured set of cartwheels, first to one side then the other, with ample display of her glistening labia and thick black cunt hair. "Oh, when will I be rid of this hairy bushiness?" she thought to herself, just wishing.

Her wish was to come true 2 days later, when she reported as requested to the club's medical clinic. She was greeted by a male and female nurse, who asked her to come in and disrobe. Quickly naked, she was helped up onto an examining table, with stirrups at one end. She was positioned so that her ass was partly on the end of the table, and a band around her hips secured her in place. "Next we'll adjust the stirrups so your legs are as wide apart as possible, and high enough for us to work and you to be comfortable."

Sara felt totally exposed, from her asshole to her bellybutton! "Now," said the male nurse, "we need you to decide how much hair to remove. The three possibilities are, first, a small edge removal, like this." He held up a photograph of a cunt, taken from below, showing a small strip of hair removed on each side of the outer labia. "Next, there is the Vee pointing to the sporting section." He held up another photo (perhaps one of the two senior cheerleaders?) of a cunt bare except for a narrow vee that ended at the top of the outer labia. "And finally, there is the complete removal," he said, showing a third photograph of a totally smooth bare cunt. "These are all actual photographs of previous cheerleaders' hair removals."

Sara thought for a moment, and replied that she wanted the complete removal. The nurse then explained that laser hair removal happened one hair at a time, and it could be uncomfortable without local anaesthetic. "We'll show you, by removing a single hair, when you're ready?" Sara nodded, and next she felt a sharpish stinging sensation, low down on her right outer cunt lip.

"Whew! I think I'd like the local." "Good choice," explained the nurse, "it allows us to work faster, and you will be lying more still. Now you'll feel four little jabs, two near the top of your cunt and two near your ass. Then we'll wait a couple of minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect, and we'll be off! One of us works from the top down, and the other from the bottom up."

Next, a sheet was suspended so it was draped across Sara's breasts, and a television monitor was positioned above her head where she could see it easily. She was handed the remote. "You might not want to watch the whole process, particularly since we'll be getting in the way. So you can watch progress, if you wish, from above on Channel 4, or from below on Channel 5.

Or if that's boring, Channels 6, 7, and 8 are carrying video of previous years' initiation parties for cheerleaders, and you might find them interesting. Here's the top view of your cunt" (flicking the remote to channel 4), "and here's the bottom view, showing your perineum and asshole." (flicking on channel 5).

The other nurse asked, "ever wonder how much pubic hair you have?? You'll soon find out, because each 'click' of the laser records on a counter - we'll be able to give you an exact count at the end, of how much you had before it was removed. So, lie back and relax!" With that, they both disappeared behind the sheet, and the rhythmic rapid 'click, click, click' of the laser counter indicated speedy progress.

Not wanting to watch the whole proceeding, Sara switched after a while to Channel 6 where she saw a bed bathed in strong light. On it, in doggy position (on knees and elbows) was Barbara, one of the senior cheerleaders, and she was being fucked very vigorously by Tom, her interviewer! Sara watched, fascinated, as Tom's strong strokes drove his raging cock deeply into Barbara, who responded forcefully by driving her dripping cunt against his thrusts and groaning, "harder, harder...oh yes I'm coming!! Fuck me for all you're worth..." Tom responded "unhh, unhh, unhh!", a cry Sara remembered, just as she recalled her mouth filled with his copious cum, his throbbing cock.

Spent at last, the couple fell to the bed that point Sara noticed for the first time that there were 5 other naked men, football players, standing watching, three of them sporting enormous erections! "Next is number 3," announced a voice, and one of the men stepped forward with his large throbbing erection.

He opened an envelope, and read out "missionary. I will be fucking in the missionary position." Barbara was raised to her feet by the men, turned, and helped to lie back on the mattress, with her legs spread and raised, just like Sara.

"Would you like a minute for your cunt to cool off?" asked the waiting number 3, whose cock measured a good 8 inches, "or shall we just get at it?"

Barbara replied, "I can't wait to get stuffed with your lovely man-meat, but could I please have a glass of water first?" This was provided, after which Barbara said "this fucking is dry work, but it's fabulous fun. Let's go, big boy!!" He needed no further encouragement, but climbed between her thighs and found her wet vagina expectant for his thrusts. "Oh, oh, push it all the way in. Fuck me hard, and don't stop until you fill me with your sperm!!" cried Barbara.

Sara suddenly flicked to Channel 4, and saw that her own cunt was bare nearly to the beginning of her outer labia...turning to Channel 5, she could see that her asshole was completely bare, and one of her outer labia was hairless almost up to the opening of her vagina. Things looked well-advanced to completion...she surfed back to the adventures of Barbara, whom she saw was lying with her legs open, an immense amount of cum leaking from her gaping cunt.

"Next I'm number 4," a voice announced, "and I will be enjoying oral sex - a blow-job." Barbara was helped to her feet, and then guided to kneel down on a cushion, before her number 4 turned to her and presented his thick 7-inch cock, with pre-cum already glistening at its tip. Barbara began by slowly licking this expectant member from balls to tip, from tip to balls, before taking his balls completely into her mouth. Next, she slowly guided her tongue up the bottom of his cock, circled his glans, probed at its slit with her tongue, and then expertly guided his hardened cock into her mouth.

She next abandoned use of her hands, and allowed him to take total control, holding her head in his two hands. He began to pump in and out, in and out, with steadily more insistent thrusts, until Sara could see that the tip of his cock was entering past Barbara's mouth, into her throat, with each eager thrust. Fascinated, Sara watched his endless and overpowering thrusts...

Sara next switched to Channel 7, where she encountered another bed, another room, another group of 5 men watching excitedly, and all of them sporting huge eager erections. A sixth man was waiting while Amanda, another naked senior cheerleader, was positioned on her knees and elbows with her ass towards the end of the bed. A voice said "it's ok, Amanda, if you want to say no to this, having the bad luck to draw an anal fuck from your first partner of the evening. But if you would like to go ahead, we'll prepare you, and him, with thorough lubrication. And Michael, your partner, will be very gentle."

After reflection, Amanda responded, "I'm kinda scared...I've never done anal before, so I'm scared...but I want to be able to do anal, and want to pleasure Michael because he has such a lovely cock, so this is a good place to start. And" she continued, looking at the other five rampant cocks in her field of view, "I love the cheering section!"

Hands, apparently from an attendant woman, carefully spread Amanda's ass cheeks, and covered her asshole and crack with lotion, some of which coated a finger that slowly slid in and out of her hole. Amanda squirmed a little at this, and then seemed to get used to the rhythm of the finger insistently probing and retreating, probing and retreating. The finger was withdrawn, recoated with lubricant, and joined a second finger that repeated the back-and-forth motion, until Amanda began to respond by pushing back against the probing thrusts.

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