"How do I look, Anon?"
Kronii poses in front of you, a finger pushing up her new accessory on the bridge of her nose.
She flashes a smug grin, one eye closed and looking at you in an attempt to be cool.
"Breathtakingly awesome right? Super cool? Kakkoii?" Flicking back her bangs so you can see the entire frame.
They had a light blue tinge on the lenses to help her eyes during streams, the lenses themselves were held by a rather thick-rimmed oblong frames, Kronii evidently wanted attention drawn to her glasses rather than herself. That was a futile task.
The gospel of a wisened fox-friend raced through your mind at mach ten, Kronii was eagerly awaiting a response
It was all you could say.
That was not what she expected.
"Cute! You look cute! So cute!" The term was all you could prattle off.
Kronii stopped her vain attempt at posing to be cool and put her hands up, shaking her head.
"N-no I'm not! Sh...shut up! You're meant to call me cool!"
As you got closer, feeding your fingers through her's and continually calling her some variation of "cute", Kronii's glasses began fogging up. Her beet-red face was flushed with embarrassment at your remarks, the metaphorical steam one would express in such a situation was being made manifest.
She looked off to the side, pouting, avoiding your puppy-eyed gaze as you pulled her towards you, she was struggling to prevent her cool aesthetic from being broken down by you.
"I-I will tolerate your misplaced adoration for today..." She mumbled as she turn her face back to you, resisting the growing urge to give into you and kiss you for making her feel this way. She just gripped your hands tighter as a compromise.
"What a cutie" you think to yourself, "she truely is the one and only."

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