Mike first transexual experience part 6 B

Please read 1 -- 5 before this one.

After texting Enna when I got home, I got ready for bed and was just lying in the dark thinking of our night when my phone went off. I looked to see it was a message from Enna.

"Are you still awake?"

"Yes, I am," I replied.

Enna asked, "I want to see you again tonight, can I come by you?"

I was surprised by the request, but I had no problem with her coming so I replied, "Yeah, sure."

I gave her my address and awaited her arrival. About 40 minutes later, my phone went off again, "I am here."

I went to my front door to see Enna walking up my walkway. She was wearing a long black loose fitting summer dress and summer sandals. I greeted her at the door with a big hug and invited her in. Enna says, "Thanks for letting me come over, I was thinking about you and I couldn't sleep."

"No problem," I reply.

Just as I closed the door, I felt Enna's hand slide across my back. I turned towards her as she leaned in for a deep kiss. Her lips soft and voluptuous as she presses against me. Our lips part and our tongues touch again. I feel her wrap her arms around my lower waist as I step in closer to feel her sexy body pressing it up against mine. As the kiss continued, I felt myself getting hard. I was only wearing old pair of men's cotton shorts -- no underwear -- and a white T-shirt. As the passion between us got hotter as I reached my hand upwards and touched her augmented breast.

Enna steps away from out kiss and slips her sandals off. I know why she's here so I took her by the hand and guided her to my bedroom. At the foot of my bed our kissing starts again and I am right back to being rock hard. I rub may hands up and down her back finding the zipper to her dress. I unzip it as she steps back, sliding out of it. She is wearing nothing underneath and she is standing there in all her glory, her cock partially hard, her nipples erect and sitting perfectly on top of those plump luscious tits. Enna pulls me back in for another kiss as my hand lowers grabbing a hold of her shaft. I stroke her cock as our heads twist back and forth, our lips parted and tongues swirling around each other's mouths. I feel her hands at my hips pulling down my shorts releasing my fully erect cock.

Enna kisses around my neck and chest, until she pulls my T-shirt over my head. We are both standing in the shadows of my bedroom, naked, hard and horny. I drop to my knees and position myself at the right height sliding her throbbing cock back into my mouth. I slide back and forth on her cock getting it wet with my saliva, looking up past her tits to her face, filling with pleasure. I am taking every inch of her cock deep into my mouth and down my throat as I enjoy sucking her dick. Enna moans in pleasure as I slide back and forth on her shaft, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Enna pulls my face from her cock grabbing a hold of her shaft and smacking me along the side of my face and lips asking me, "Do you like this cock? Do you want this cock?"

"Yes," I reply.

Enna asks me, "Do you have condoms?"

"Yes," I reply.

I go to my night stand and pull out a box of condoms and the bottle of lube. Enna grabs the items from my hands and says, "Suck my dick more."

"Yes ma'am," I reply. Enna sits on the edge of my bed, spreads her legs as I get down onto my knees. I get in-between her legs, edging in closer, bending my head down and place her big hard cock back in my mouth. Enna sits just watching me sucking her cock as she starts fondling with the condom wrapper. She gets one open asks me, "Do you like it on your knees or your back?"

"Knees," I reply.

Enna pulls me from the floor and guides me onto the bed. I climb up and edge to the point where my feet and ass are hanging off of the bed. I feel her pour some lube on my asshole and use her fingers to slide it up and down me. Enna stands in behind me and I feel the bugling tip of her cock hit my asshole. With one hard thrusting push I feel her slide inside me. I groan in pleasure as she slowly starts pumping me back and forth. My hands grasp and pull at my blankets as her dick starts fucking my tight ass. I feel her thrusting back and forth as her cock slides deep in and out of me. My cock rock hard and dying to cum as I am being fucked. Enna pumps me for the better part of 5 minutes, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes, just using the tip quickly back and forth; or burying herself deep inside of me and leaving it as far in as she can before pulling back out. I am in absolute pleasure as her cock pounds me.

Enna pulls her cock from my ass and says, "On your back!"

I oblige and lay flat down. Enna pushes me further back and across the mattress as I see her hard condom covered cock sticking straight up in the air. Enna climbs onto the bed and I feel her hand slide behind my left thigh lifting my leg up in the air as my right leg spreads open and out. After adjusting to the right height, I see her hand guiding her dick back to my asshole. She finds my opening and pushes forward sliding back inside me again. I moan in pleasure again. As I lay in absolute awe and enjoyment of feeling her cock deep inside my ass. She starts thrusting her hips forwards and backwards as her tits swing back and forth. My mouth wide open as soft subtle moans emanate from my mouth. My cock rock hard as I watch this beautify tranny pound my ass with her thick throbbing cock. Enna breath is thick and heavy and I can see her starting to glisten with sweat as she continues fucking me.

On occasion I reach my and down and stroke my cock, but I am so excited and pleasured so well that I am staying rock hard. I hear the sound of her breathing and the squishy, lubricated sounds of the cock slamming in and out of my ass. I feel like I could cum at any moment and hope I explode while her dick is pumping me hard.

"OMG." I moan out. "ENNA, fuck me hard."

I continue by moaning out, "Cum in me baby, cum in my ass."

Enna's eyes light up and her pace quickens as she continues sliding her cock deep inside me. I grunt with every deep thrust of her cock inside me. I pulled both of my legs to my chest letting her to push deeper and farther inside me. My cock harder than ever before as the sound of slapping skin and heavy breathing fill my room. "Fuck me Enna," I cry out.

As I lay there getting ass banged, I think to myself, I am completely in love with cock. I can't get enough! Just the feeling of having a thick hard cock sliding deep in and out of me is bringing me to pleasures I have never felt before. In my mind I am screaming out, "Bury your cock in my ass, fuck my man pussy." I feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm and I couldn't take it anymore. I reached down and started stroking my cock as her cock continue sliding in and out of me. "Enna, I'm going to cum," I cry out.

My hips start thrusting back and forth as my ass slightly lifts off of the mattress and I feel myself start cunning. I watch the cum flying out of the tip of my dick squirting everywhere as I moan out on pleasure. "I'm fucking cumming."

Enna pulls her cock from my ass, letting my legs fall as she slides around towards my face. She rips the condom off and starts stroking herself. After about 20 strokes her cock starts shooting her cum all over my face and in my open and awaiting mouth. I pull her down towards me as start sucking her cock again, making sure I get every drop of her cum.

I moan through my nose, "Umm"

I feel her hand grab my shaft and slowly stroke me as I continue sucking her dry.

When I finally pull her cock from my mouth Enna leans down and kisses me deeply as I feel her sweat and body heat radiating on my face.

"That was amazing," I whisper to her.

Enna laid next to me for a while and we just cuddled in the dark quietness of my room. I asked her to spend the night - cause to be honest I wasn't quite done with being fucked and sucking her cock -- but she said she had to be at work, mid-morning so she had to head home.

We laid there for awhile until I started playing with her cock again. We gave each other a very hot round of blow jobs in an erotic 69 until we both came again. She finally left at about 1:100 A.M. and I fell asleep that night naked, ass up awaiting more cock. That whole day and night with her was amazing.

The next morning, I got a picture message from her when she was in the shower showing me her hard cock. The caption read, "I guess I am ready for more."

I was too....

To Be Continued...

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