Another Guide on how to setup that client

Step 1: Downloading it / Setting up

Extract it anywhere and open up Microsoft365 E5 Renew Plus.exe

Click the middle button, which translate to Get Started.

Press on this button - Add Account

Now fill in the first option with the email (format
and the third option with the password that you set when registering

Step 2: Creating a API key for it to work

For the second option you will need to create an API key

again double check if you are logged in with the account like

"New registration"

Set the Supported account types to the third option

Proceed to add platform > Mobile and desktop applications > ""

Scroll to the bottom and change Allow public client flows to Yes

Now go back to Overview tab and copy your Application (client) ID

We go back to the Client's add account tab and paste your client id into the second option and press that button

It should ask you to login. After doing that, scroll to the bottom, check "Consent on behalf of your organization" and accept

Lastly, click on the start working button and if you see the blue and the green dot start to increase and it did not fail. Congrats its fully working

Step 3: Optional Stuff

Startup Options:
Start with Windows and Run automatically
Runs automatically after starting up the app

Close button:
Minimize to system tray or Exit the app fully

Those are up to you to change

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