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implying this is worth saving

This is a temporary solution unless Rentry proves to be a reliable platform or if a better place is found.


OP Template
This didn't get nuked (it's technically newer and meant to be more compact and remove the FAQ, but has never been adopted - up to the rest of the general otherwise).


Reverse Searching Basics and High Resolution Image Saving for /trash/men (and other fine Anonymous)
A fairly old Pastebin giving advice on finding the source and getting higher quality images where possible.


/scaly/ Writebin Archive
Courtesy of one anon.



Monster Hunter Doujin/Smut Index of Monster Pornography
Also got nuked and so was also moved to another solution.

https://rentry.co/advmonhun (Archive)

/scaly/'s Index of Argonian Mods for Skyrim
Elaborate lists of Argonian-related mods for TES5 but also contains a little TES4 on the side.


Flight Rising Keyboard Controls Userscript
One anon's script to use KB controls in a browser game (uncertain if this is still relevant but w/e).


Angels with Scaly Wings Demo
Demo of the general's favorite VN.


Dragalia Lost Alliance
(Unsure if this is still active.)

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