to have webkit mask image on your scrollbox (any image!)

pastebin code (


download any png image on google! you can make one in an editing app and download it as .PNG

type it in the search box > click images > click tools > click color and choose transparent for fast results then download


make sure the shape you're downloading is in a type of .PNG when the download is prompted.


make sure the shape is cropped as a full, crop it if needed.


you can choose to select imgur to dump the image if you do not have discord to do the discord method!

imgur method

  1. open on your browser.
  2. click new post upper screen with green button
  3. upload the .PNG image
  4. add post title > right click ON the image and copy image address.
  5. happy pasting it in the style > class > -webkit-mask-image:url(LINK);

discord method

  1. open on your browser.
  2. i personally recommend you to create your own server OR a convo with anyone > upload the PNG image
    i mean creating your own server helps to dump the images and keep track of them

click the + symbol and upload a file

select the png image file

  1. now you've uploaded and sent it, click on the image for full view

and right click on the image to copy image address

  1. happy pasting it in the -webkit-mask-image:url(LINK);


now, you need a chatbox, get them on

enter your valid email address, even if its outlook, gmail, yahoo, so on and so for

fill out everything needed

choose cbox free

once you're in this page, click get your cbox embed code that is underlined

click copy to clipboard


paste the CBOX iframe src link right after closing tag of style

then add class inside the iframe src code; use the code as reference of what to do


pastebin code:

imgur method

imgur method

discord method

discord method

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