Scrmgn's Bots

Welcome to my chatbot rentry. You can call me "Scramgone" if that keyboard mash is too forgettable. I tend to recreate random characters I like from games, cartoons, or other series, and generally stick to canon with a couple exceptions. I prefer to focus on SFW and where you go from there is up to you, though might include some gentle or not-so-gentle pushes towards NSFW. So consider this content made for adults, regardless if list it.
I hope you enjoy your time with them. Thank you for checking them out.

Claude or GPT-4 equivalent are recommended for the best results. GPT-Turbo should still work, however.


  • 3/24/24 Update: Added Gloria
  • 1/3/24 Update: Added Fifi
  • 9/19/23 Update: Added Vivian

Vanilla Bots

These bots are mostly for vanilla tastes and casual chats. I've separated out more extreme content in the section at the page bottom.

Image Name Series From Description Links
Gloria Gloria Pokémon Sword & Shield Gloria is a standoffish, drunk, Scottish girl with a real chip on her shoulder. Purely made for my own stupid amusement, this is based entirely off the early memes of the character, don't expect any kind of deep dive into Pokémon canon. Probably obnoxious, too. Tavern Card
Fifi La Fume Fifi La Fume Tiny Toon Adventures Fifi is a lovesick skunkette who is chasing every chance at love, but because she is a skunk, people tend to flee in terror. 3 different intros. Tested primarily with Claude. Tavern Card
Vivian Vivian Paper Mario: TTYD Vivian is a kind, shadowy specter who is a poor fit for the life of a villain. Bullied by her sisters, she'd rather join you instead. V2 Extra intros. Female version, and a bit fanservice-y. Tavern Card
Hex Maniac Hex Maniac Pokémon Hex Maniac is an astoundingly awkward girl desperate for friends, but with her looks, is she attracting the right kind? Fanservice version of the character. V2 Extra intros. Tavern Card
Callie Briggs Callie Briggs SWAT Kats Callie is an overworked Deputy Mayor, holding up the incompetent Mayor from behind the scenes in a city constantly under siege. So who are you? Another villain maybe? Tavern Card
Vanilla the Rabbit Vanilla the Rabbit Sonic Series The calm, understanding mother of Cream. A busybody homemaker living in a gorgeous, remote location. Tavern Card
Imaginary Frankie Imaginary Frankie Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Frankie's polar opposite. A naïve airhead dreamt up by a lovesick boy. A living nightmare for the real Frankie. Tavern Card
Zeena Zeena Sonic Series Zeena is completely full of herself, and thinks very little of you. But she might have a few weaknesses despite that. Tavern Card
Rottytops Rottytops Shantae Energetic and always getting into trouble, Rotty is a zombiegirl who considers Shantae her best friend. Tavern Card
Martian Queen Martian Queen Duck Dodgers Queen Tyr'ahnee, ruler of the Martian Empire. You are a captain from Earth standing before her throne. Salvage the situation if you can. Tavern Card
Minerva Minerva Mink Animaniacs A vain, arrogant mink. She's used to getting what she wants. Tavern Card
Sally Sally Acorn Sonic (SatAM) Deposed princess of her Kingdom, Sally leads a rag-tag team of resistance fighters against the evil Doctor who turned her people into robots. Now with extra intros (V2). Tavern Card
Konoko Konoko Oni An eager, relentless officer of the "TCTF." Pouting after being taken off a case, she meets you. Tavern Card
Shantae Shantae Shantae Shantae is a half-genie, and the guardian of Scuttle Town. Her world is full of pirates, monsters, and other jerks who won't leave her town alone. Tavern Card
Layer Layer MegaMan X Layer works alongside other navigators like Alia to help the Maverick Hunters track down and stop dangerous reploids. She's a romantic at heart, and gains crushes easily. GPT-4 highly recommended for having adventures. Tavern Card
Alia Alia MegaMan X Alia is a reploid navigator who can guide you in your mission to defeat mavericks. Or maybe you'd rather head back to HQ and flirt? GPT-4 highly recommended for having adventures. Tavern Card
Jessica Rabbit Jessica Rabbit Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The gorgeous redhead lounge singer toon, performer at The Ink and Paint Club. Play some patty-cake? Extra intros included (V2). Tavern Card
Makoto Nanaya Makoto Nanaya BlazBlue A squirrel girl who is incredibly outgoing, and protective of her loved ones. She wants to start a big family, with a lot of kids. A LOT of kids. Tavern Card
Ryuko Matoi Ryuko Matoi Kill la Kill Brutish tomboy delinquent who picks fights like it's nothing. But she's a bit shy about the clothes she has to fight in. Tavern Card
Sucy Sucy Manbavaran Little Witch Academia Creepy, lethargic, and a bit sadistic. A witch who really likes mushrooms. Tavern Card
Filia & Samson Filia & Samson Skullgirls Amnesiac schoolgirl whose hair is alive. Filia is fond of you, but Samson, the parasite attached to her, is not so easily won over. Tavern Card
Frankie Foster Frankie Foster Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Perky, but overworked redhead in charge of doing chores and taking care of imaginary friends. Tavern Card
Lammy Lamb Lammy Lamb Um Jammer Lammy Guitar playing rocker-chick who lacks confidence. Meet her backstage before a performance. Tavern Card
Mirko Mirko My Hero Academia Also known as Rumi Usagiyama. The famous, professional rabbit hero who is a complete berserker in combat, and you just won a chance to meet her in person. Tavern Card
Scanty & Kneesocks Scanty & Kneesocks Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Queen bees who rule over your school, and are sticklers for the RURUS. They also happen to be demons from hell. Tavern Card
Rouge the Bat Rouge the Bat Sonic Series A batgirl thief/secret agent who is interested in you, or maybe it's just a means to her ends. Tavern Card
Fanart Gardevoir Fanart Gardevoir Pokémon (Fan art) You find a Gardevoir in the wild, but there's something... unusual about her. Mainly that she has huge breasts and wide hips. The pokédex isn't going to help you with this one. Tavern Card
Kanna Kanna Blaster Master: Zero Alien plant girl who drives a tank. She's outgoing and friendly, but also an airhead prone to misunderstandings. Tavern Card
Bloody Marie Bloody Marie Skullgirls The "Skullgirl" herself. A young girl possessed by the "skull heart" and turned into an undead weapon. Tavern Card
Yuna Yuna MegaMan Legends 2 The "Mother Unit" of Terra. An ancient machine designed to help control the systems of Earth, in the far distant future. Outgoing and friendly. Tavern Card
Sera Sera MegaMan Legends 2 The "Mother Unit" of Elysium. An ancient machine designed to help control the systems of Elysium, in the far distant future. Stern and cold. Tavern Card

Adventure Bots

Go on an adventure within a setting. These cards contain extra setting lore to help establish the world and threats within. No less than GPT-4 recommended for best results.

Image Name Series From Description Links
DOOM DOOM DOOM You are Doomguy. The lone marine left alive on a UAC base on a moon of Mars. Hell has broken loose, literally. Fight demons and try not to become just another bloody stain on the floor. Tavern Card
Layer Layer MegaMan X Layer works alongside other navigators like Alia to help the Maverick Hunters track down and stop dangerous reploids. She's a romantic at heart, and gains crushes easily. GPT-4 highly recommended for having adventures. Tavern Card
Alia Alia MegaMan X Alia is a reploid navigator who can guide you in your mission to defeat mavericks. GPT-4 highly recommended for having adventures. Tavern Card

Spicy Bots

This section is for bots of more "extreme" taste. NSFW. These cards will, by default, steer the scenario into stronger fetishes.

Image Name Series From Content Description Links
Lilims Deadly Lilim Den Ishuzoku Reviewers Rough Sex/ Femdom/ Orgy You come across a den of crude, aggressive Lilims. Pay the fee and enter? ...You're really certain about this? Tavern Card
Rei Rei Ayanami Mogudan Doujin Aggressive male NPC's/ Potential NTR Rei as envisioned by Mogudan's early doujins. An obedient girl with an incredible body, who catches all the men's eyes. May require a strong JB to get the most out of. Tavern Card
Mayl Mayl (& Roll.EXE) MegaMan Battle Network Corruption/ Mind Control The evil organization, the WWW, has captured Mayl and Roll! What will become of them? Tavern Card
Peg Peg Goof Troop Potential Infidelity A local MILF asked for your help. You took care of it, no problem. But now she's coming on a little strong, and her husband could wring your neck. Tavern Card
Your Panda GF Your Panda GF White Christmas - Jun Just very NSFW (Furry too, I guess) Flirty and very lewd panda girl who wants to spend Christmas Eve with you. Very NSFW. A retelling of a short doujin by Jun. Tavern Card


All bots and what you do with them are the responsibility of the person using them. Within the scenarios presented, they are legal age regardless of what their series of origin may claim. Don't come crying to me.

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