The Doctor

I got a pretty positive response on my first story so I thought I would pump this one out really quickly. It is much tamer than the first one, and actually an erotic expansion of a true story that happened to me. Hope you all enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing it!

It was my first time going to the doctor by myself. I had finally turned 18 so it was time for me to take care of these responsibilities myself. So, I got in my truck and drove the 30 minutes to the doctor's office I have been going to for as long as I could remember. It was a group of doctors all working in one large office so I was never quite sure who I would get whenever I would go in.

I walked into the office and told the clerk that I had an appointment there. She handed me a clipboard full of forms to fill out, so I walked to one of the dozens of chairs lining the walls of the room. In the center were toys as old as me. Nothing someone can walk away with as kids might steal them, but large tabletop toys like the one with wires that go in loops with drilled out wooden beads. It was something that kept me occupied as a child, but now all the kids have phones anyway, so it seemed to go unused.

Looking at the form it had all the standard info you would expect. Name, date of birth, insurance information, you know the works. Once I had filled it all out (with only 3 mistakes furiously scribbled out) I brought the clipboard and forms up to the desk. The nurse told me to just wait until my name is called.

"Miller!" a nurse shouted from a door behind the desk.

That was me, so I got up and walked to her. Right on the other side of the door was the scale to measure height and weight. The nurse had me take off my shoes and step up onto the scale. 5'8", 170 pounds. I had definitely put on some weight since last time, but I was still in okay shape. The nurse told me to follow her to the examination room, and so I followed her shoes in hand as I didn't have time to put them back on. We walked into the room and she had me sit on the exam table. The nurse pulled out the thermometer and had me open wide, sticking it under my tongue. I had always hated this; they always push really hard and it feels as though my tongue is being stabbed. Next was the blood pressure cuff. Another part of the doctor that I hate. The nurse wrapped the cuff around my upper arm and pressed a button on the machine it was connected to. I guess they had done away with the old handheld pump. The cuff increased pressure and as it released, I could feel my pulse all throughout my arm. Weirdly reminds me of my own mortality, so that's why I hate the blood pressure cuff.

"Alright, just wait here and the doctor should be with you shortly" Said the nurse kindly as she closed the door and walked out.

I knew it wouldn't be shortly. And so, I sat in the room for the next 20 minutes. I looked around the room reading all the posters about health pinned up around the room. I contemplated whether I would have to get any shots, or god forbid two.

Finally, after 20 minutes the doctor walked in. A woman with tan skin and dark hair walked in, maybe mid-40s or 50s, standing just about 5'5' with a shapely body. Some would classify her as a MILF.

"Hello, I am Dr. Cortez, you must be Jacob!" said the doctor in an accent that couldn't be mistaken as anything but Spanish. The European Spanish, not the Latino kind.

"Uh yeah, I'm Jacob" I responded with some surprise in my voice from her accent.

"Alright Jacob, and is there any specific reason you are here today, or is this just a standard checkup" she said looking at her clipboard

"Just a standard checkup, need one before I go off to college" I replied casually.

Dr. Cortez's head perked up. "Oh, you're going off to college? My son is in college right now, he loves it. Okay so just a few questions before we get going. Do you do any drugs, or alcohol?"

"Nope none of that." I responded.

"Good boy, stay away from all of that stuff, can only hurt you." She said in a stern motherly tone. "And are you sexually active?"

"No to that as well" I said to her, somewhat embarrassed as I was still a kissless virgin.

"Alright that should be it for the questions." She grabbed her otoscope and walked up to me. First, she had my open my mouth and look at my throat. "You have somewhat large tonsils, but they should be fine, keep an eye on them" next she put the device into my ears. "Nothing out of the ordinary here. Alright then. Strip" She turned around to put her otoscope down.

What did she just say there? There is no way I heard what I think I heard. I sat on the exam table with a look of total bewilderment on my face. I had to have imagined her say that last part.

Dr. Cortez turned around to me still sitting at the table. "Come on, take off your clothes." She said with a bit of haste in her voice.

So, I had heard her right. I did as she commanded and stood up, first taking off my pants then my shirt, leaving me in my boxers. I sat back down on the table with just a thin piece of fabric separating me from the only woman who has seen me this close to naked. Then something horrible happened. I guess I am a bit of a bottom because I began to get an erection. And there was very little way I could hide it with just my loose boxers. I continued to sit there as she wrote something onto her papers. She turned around and began to use the stethoscope on me.

First, she put the stethoscope over my heart. The cold metal was a bit jarring on my chest. Next, she moved it slightly and said "deep breath in." So, I took in a deep breath. "And now out, slowly" to which I breathed out very slowly.

"Okay good" She moved the stethoscope to my back and repeated the breathing check. Then she turned around to put down the stethoscope and fill out some more information.

As she was writing something on the clipboard turned away from me, she told me to lie down. I knew that if I laid flat my boner would stand like a flagpole, so I put my back down onto the table and lifted my feet onto the table, so my knees were bent and pointed upwards. This way any protrusions from my private area would be either invisible, or just seem like bunched up fabric, sort of like I was sitting. But I knew this was a precarious situation as I could feel myself only getting harder, despite my inward pleas to the contrary.

She turned around and walked to my side. "I am going to need you to put your feet down and lie flat."

This was my worst nightmare. I couldn't let her see my throbbing erection. But I knew I could no longer hide its existence. With no other option I sat up and wrapped my arms around my legs, completely hiding anything from her, mumbling words that even I couldn't understand myself.

"What are you- oh... ohhhhh" Dr. Cortez said with a small grin on her face. "Oh, come on, don't worry about that, its normal, happens all the time, now come on, lie back." She said in a way attempting to calm me down"

And somehow, it worked. I didn't feel as awkward when I unfurled and lied back. All 6 inches of my erection prominently showing through my boxers, now shaped like a tent over my crotch.

The doctor examined my torso, I assume checking for some lumps or something, I wouldn't know, I am not a doctor.

She spoke up again. "Alright, and now just stand up and take off your underwear."

This again seemed too crazy to be true, but I knew it to be. Knowing she has already seen pretty much everything I did as she asked with no hesitation. And so, I stood completely nude in front of this beautiful Spanish pediatrician, my full erection making itself known.

Then the unthinkable happened. She put her hands down there. "Alright, just need to check your testes." She used one hand to check my balls, and the other grabbed my penis and lifted it upwards out of the way. "Hmm, that's not great." She said in a somewhat concerned voice.

"What? What isn't great?" I said in a bit of a panic.

"Oh, it's nothing that can't be fixed right here. Go lie back down flat on the table."

And so, I did, just as I was before she made me take off my boxers.

Dr. Cortez walked up to my side. "Alright, well I did notice a bit of swelling in your testicles. So, I will help to alleviate some of that pressure for you, you should be right as rain in a short while here." Before I could fully process what she was saying, the doctor grabbed the shaft of my penis and began stroking it.

Thousand of thoughts rushed through my brain in that moment. But one never came to my mind. I could not truly believe this was happening. My brain refused to let that thought go through. I guess though, it did happen.

Her pace started off slow, easing me into it. I think she could see how absolutely in shock I was. Her touch was light, but I could feel every bit of it. I stared at her hand as it pulled the skin from the shaft of my penis up and down. Suddenly she stopped and opened a drawer in the cabinet under the sink. I just laid there watching her do something turned away from me.

After a moment she came back with a bottle of something and put a little bit onto the head of my cock. She took her hand and spread the substance around, which I quickly realized was some kind of lubricant. I didn't want to think of why there was lubricant in a paediatrician's office, but it looked medical grade, so I am sure it has its uses. I could sure think of one now.

With the lube added, the pleasure was immeasurable and within just a few strokes I could feel an orgasm approaching quickly.

"Does this feel good? Want to make sure I am able to relieve you of any pain and swelling." The doctor said with a slightly professional tone.

I couldn't bring my mouth to say anything, so I just nodded meekly in response.

I could feel the pressure build sharply in my pelvis. My breathing began to speed up and my eyes forced themselves closed.

She could tell what was happening and began to go a bit faster, focusing more on the head.

With stifled moans I experienced the strongest orgasm of my life. My entire body went tense as all of my nerves began firing at once. I could feel rope after rope of cum landing all over my body, one even landing directly onto my face.

Before I could come down from the high of my orgasm the pleasure was switched out with a little bit of pain as Dr. Cortez continued her quick pace over the now extremely sensitive head of my cock. My body tensed up quickly, and she put a hand over my mouth as I began to moan in a mix of pleasure and pain.

After about 30 seconds of post orgasm torture I could feel another wave of pleasure building, and I once again shot a rope of cum hard into the air. After this she finally let go of my pleading cock.

She moved her face close to mine and licked off the shot of cum that reached my face. "Alright, you should get cleaned up. I think we should schedule another visit next week, is that alright with you?" She said shooting right back to that formal professionalism from before.

I just looked at her and nodded. I hoped I will be back soon.

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