San Diego (starting May 1, 2023)

Hosts (§510.01) ⇗

  1. A license is required for all short-term residential occupancy
  2. A host may only hold one license at a time and may not operate more than one dwelling unit as STR
  3. A Tier One license is for 20 nights or less, and be at the hosts primary residence
  4. A Tier Two License is only allowed in the host’s primary residence (homeshare), and the homeowner occupies the home for at least 275 days of the year. This includes duplex properties and eligible accessory dwelling units.
  5. two consecutive night minimum stay by the same guest is required at a whole home rental in Tier3/4
  6. maintain and use the dwelling unit at all times for residential occupancy only (no commercial usage)
  7. for Tier Three / Four Licenses, use the license a minimum of 90 days each year during the term of the license and submit quarterly reports to the City Manager containing the number of days the dwelling unit, or any portion thereof, was used for short-term residential occupancy to demonstrate utilization
  8. A hosting platform offers booking services through which a host may offer short-term residential occupancy.
  9. whole-unit, full-time STRs can be no more than 1% of housing supply
  10. do not allow the short-term residential occupancy to create a public nuisance;
  11. provide a Good Neighbor Policy notice to all guests
  12. signs on the premises promoting a business are not allowed;
  13. designate a local contact who shall be responsible for actively discouraging and preventing any nuisance activity at the premises, pursuant to Chapter 5 of the Municipal Code
  14. The host or designated local contact shall respond to a complainant in person or by telephone within one hour for all reported complaints and shall take action to resolve the matter;
  15. post a notice on the exterior of the dwelling unit in a location visible to the public from the sidewalk or public right-of-way, whichever is closer, that includes the Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate number, license number, contact information and telephone number for the host or the designated local contact and for the City of San Diego Code Enforcement Division. The host shall maintain the notice in good condition while the dwelling unit is operated for short-term residential occupancy.
    1. The notice shall be 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
    2. The notice shall use all capital letters in black, bold font in at least 20-point font;
  16. include the Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate number and license number on all advertisements (,, etc)
  17. post, in a conspicuous location within the dwelling unit, guidance for guests to report human trafficking

Platforms (§510.02) ⇗

  1. Notify any host listing a dwelling unit through the hosting platform’s service:
    1. the requirement to obtain a license prior to any listing
    2. the requirement for a transient occupancy tax certificate
    3. resources or training on the prevention of human trafficking, if provided by the hosting platform.
  2. Upon request, a hosting platform shall provide documentation to the City Manager demonstrating that the hosting platform provided the required notification to hosts using its services in the City
  3. A hosting platform shall not process or complete any booking service transaction for any dwelling unit offered for short-term residential occupancy unless it has a valid license
  4. A hosting platform shall use reasonable efforts to not process or complete any booking service for any host with a Tier One License that has exceeded the authorized 20-day limit hosting
  5. platform shall collect all required transient occupancy taxes
  6. provide on at least a monthly basis and in a format specified by the City Manager and maintain records of:
    1. the license numbers for each listing;
    2. the name of the person responsible for each listing; the street address of each listing
    3. and for each booking that occurs within the reporting period, the number of days booked
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