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"So... I'm kind of dating Sam." Alex said, going for casual, but sounding unsure, so she clarified, "I mean, I am."

There was a brief pause and then Kara randomly said, "Water, wet."

"What?" Alex frowned.

"Sorry, I thought we were just stating the obvious." Kara teased with a beaming smile.

Alex stared daggers at her sister for a few long seconds, and then smirked, "You mean like the fact that your dating Lena?"

"What? Me, dating Lena Luthor? No, no, no, no, NO! We're just friends! Like... best friends. What would make you think that..." Kara protested, before weekly trailing off when she saw the look she was getting from her sister, and then she just sighed and blushed, "Okay, FINE! We're totally dating."

"Ah-ha, I knew it." Alex grinned smugly.

"No, you didn't." Kara whined, "You thought that we were dating like, months ago."

"Or pretty much since you met her." Alex added dryly.

"Yeah, that." Kara grumbled, before insisting, "But we weren't. We only just got together, like, a week ago. So all the stuff you teased me about, was just innocent best friends stuff."

"Uh-huh." Alex replied dryly.

"It was!" Kara insisted, blushing as she remembered a particular accusation, "And for the record, we never had sex in any of those places you said we did."

"Uh-huh." Alex replied dryly.

"We didn't!" Kara protested in disbelief, and way too loud for the little restaurant they were having lunch in.

"Uh-huh." Alex replied dryly.

"Seriously! We just had sex last night!" Kara blurted out without meaning to, and then covered her mouth, and blushed with embarrassment.

"Uh, what?" Alex's eyes went wide in realization of what had just been said, then quickly followed up with, "Kara, that's great. Wow. I'm so proud of you."

"You are?" Kara frowned, a little taken aback by this response.

"Of course." Alex insisted, "I've been there, so believe me, I know, that's a big step. And I'm glad we can talk about this. It's what being sisters is all about."

"Yeah?" Kara smiled softly.

"Yeah." Alex confirmed, "Tell me everything."

Which again caused Kara to blush, although after a brief pause, she realized Alex was just as mortified by the idea as she was, so she grinned teasingly, "Really?"

"Not, not the gory details. Obviously." Alex clarified, "Just overall feelings. You know?"

"I know." Kara beamed, initially struggling to find the words before beginning to babble so fast Alex could barely keep up, "Oh God Alex, it was magical! Like, I was so, so nervous, and I almost asked you for help, but... I just couldn't, you know? So, we just did it, and oh my Rao, Alex, it was amazing! Lena was so sweet, and kind, and patient, guiding me through it every step of the way. I felt so... safe. And loved. And cared for. Rao, I could just kiss her all night long, you know? Oh God, it's so... it's so new, and exciting. And not just the sex. I'm dating her! I'm dating my best friend. Oh Rao, I'm dating a girl! And it's just so... like... wow, you know?"

"Believe me, I know." Alex beamed.

"Was that what it was like with you and Sam? Or you and..." Kara asked brightly, before trailing off as she realized who she had almost mentioned.

"Yeah." Alex said softly, before clarifying, "Well, me and Maggie were never best friends, but she was the one to guide me through the first time, and she was definitely sweet, kind and patient. It made it so easy to fall in love with her. It wasn't the only reason, but it helped. And now..."

"Now you have Sam." Kara said softly, before realization hit, "Oooooooooh, only it's different, because now, you're like... the guide?"

"Exactly." Alex smiled, before confessing, against her better judgment, "And you know what? I like it. I like it a lot. I was so scared that I wouldn't be. Scared that I would screw it up. But... wow."

"That's great." Kara beamed, "In that case, I guess I'm proud of you too."

"You guess?" Alex teased.

"I am!" Kara corrected herself quickly, before groaning when she saw the look on her sister's face, "No fair, you're being mean to me when I'm trying to be supportive."

"I know, I'm sorry. I love you." Alex reached across the table and placed her hand over Kara's.

"I love you too." Kara beamed happily, the two sisters shared a smile for a few brief seconds, before she pointed out, "Look at us. Two queer girls living our best lives. I'm so proud of us."

"You guess?" Alex teased again.

"Oh don't even." Kara laughed, before raising a glass, "To us."

"To us." Alex parroted, touching her glass to Kara's, before the sisters took a sip of their drinks. Just then their phones buzzed, and given their jobs they were quick to reach for them, Alex groaning when she saw the news, and then told her sister, "You know I hate to cut these things short, but I have to go."

"Me too." Kara said sadly, and then quickly added, "Because I'm a reporter. And I have to go and report. You know?"

"I know." Alex said softly, before warning her sibling, "Just be careful. You're only human, you know?"

"Yeah... yeah, you too." Kara stammered in reply, and ran off.


Alex thought nothing of Kara's awkward reply, as her sister had always been weird. Besides, she had much more pressing matters to attend to, namely a small group of alien terrorists causing havoc, not too far away from where she was trying to have a nice, normal sisterly lunch with Kara. Normally she didn't get there first, but she thought this might be the exception to the rule.

But no, by the time she arrived Supergirl had things well in hand, although it looked like they had given her some trouble, as her face was busted up, but somehow still pretty, and her clothes were in tatters. Her cape in particular had been torn away, but that was just fine with Alex, as it gave her a great look at Supergirl's butt being hugged by that bright red miniskirt of hers.

She talked to some reporters first, giving Alex a chance to admire that goddess of a woman from afar. Part of her felt guilty for that, given that the DEO had worked with Supergirl in the past, and would likely do so again, and it was very unprofessional of her to stare at a work colleague, even if they didn't notice.

Of course, she mostly felt bad because she had a hot date tonight with an extraordinary woman, one who Alex could feel herself falling for, if it hadn't happened already. Then again, there was nothing wrong with looking, right? Or at least there shouldn't be, so why did she feel like the wrong outweighed the right? It was all very confusing, especially as she had a weird flash of something she couldn't make sense of, just before Supergirl came over to her.

"Alex!" Kara initially beamed happily, before clearing her throat and offering in her more 'serious Supergirl' tone, "I mean, Agent Danvers, hi."

For a few long seconds Alex just stared blankly at the superhero, and then she stammered apologetically, "H, hi."

Suddenly very concerned Kara asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Alex dismissed, and then when Supergirl gave her a look she explained, "It's just... have you ever thought there was something you're supposed too... I don't know, remember, but the thought was just out of reach? I don't know, maybe I just left my door unlocked or something. Anyway, the situation seems to be well in hand, so thank you."

Kara just stared at the other woman for a few long seconds, and then quickly babbled, "You're welcome, all in a day's work for Supergirl."

"If you say so." Alex shrugged, and then after a brief pause, asked "Was there anything else?"

"What, no... no, I'll see you later." Kara blathered unconvincingly, before adding without thinking, "Good luck on your date."

"How did you know I had a date?" Alex frowned.

"Erm, lucky guess?" Kara offered lamely, really not used to having to lie to her sister.

There was a brief pause, and then Alex questioned, "Wait... did you over hear me and Kara at lunch? Because I get it, if you did. You have to eat. But it's rude to eavesdrop."

Another brief pause, then Kara nodded, "Yes, yes... that's what happened. I just couldn't resist overhearing. Sorry."

"It's okay, I get it." Alex grumbled, before realization hit, "Wait, does that mean you know about Kara and Lena?"

"Yes..." Kara cautiously admitted, and then questioned, "Why?"

"Well, are you okay?" Alex questioned, before elaborating when Supergirl continued staring blankly at her, "It's just, the way you two were staring at each other, I wondered if the three of you were in some kind of weird love triangle, or something? Or maybe like... a throuple?"

"Alex! No! No, I wasn't staring! And Lena wasn't either. I told you, we're not oblivious love struck teens. We're just..." Kara complained, before realizing she was saying too much, and then just blurting out, "God, you always do this!"

With that last bizarre statement Kara shot up into the sky and out of sight, leaving Alex shaking her head and grumbling, "God, what happened to make her so confused and oblivious?"


For the rest of the day, at least whenever she had a free moment from the usual chaos, Alex thought back to that last conversation with Supergirl, and tried to make sense out of it, but just couldn't. Ultimately she just had to be happy that Supergirl didn't seem mad about Kara and Lena being a thing, especially as she had other things to deal with.

And then, just when it looked like she got everything sorted and was going to make her date, there was another crisis, forcing her to cancel. Which also broke her heart, because she had been looking forward to it ever since Sam was forced to leave her place a few nights ago, and they hadn't seen each other since. Although it turned out to be for the best, as Sam was busy too. Or was that just an excuse to make Alex feel better? It was impossible to tell, and quite frankly, Alex had other things to worry about.

Proving herself the perfect girlfriend, and way too good for Alex, Sam offered her the chance to swing by her place after work, as long as it wasn't too late, so at least they could see each other. Honestly, it helped Alex push through the last few hours of the day, and the ride back to the Arias's residence. She did the responsible thing of texting Sam when she was on her way, who texted back that the door would be unlocked.

Not something Alex approved of, normally, but it did help that she could simply open the door, and then close and lock it behind her without having to wait around. Then Sam Arias came around the corner and smiled at her, and suddenly her previous wariness was forgotten.

"Honey, you're home." Sam beamed.

"Uh-huh." Alex hummed in agreement, before teasing, "What, living out a housewife kink?"

"No." Sam blushed and looked away, which she hated herself for, as it was very telling. She then quickly added, as Alex smirked at her, "It's just... I'm not used to having a date to cook for, and... it's kinda nice."

"You're kinda nice. More than, even." Alex said softly, "Seriously, thank you. I'm sure your day was equally as stressful."

"Maybe, but no one tried to kill me, so... you win." Sam quipped.

"Please, I'll take killer aliens over horny and condescending old men any day." Alex quipped back, before following Sam into the kitchen, "And you got the food, so you win."

"It's fast food?" Sam raised an eyebrow.

"It's perfect." Alex grinned.

The two women shared a laugh, and then tucked into their 'feast', while sharing some disarming casual conversation. It was so sweet, domestic, and Alex loved it so much. Especially as she couldn't remember smiling this much with anyone else, at least since the last time they were together. Or when... when things had been good between her and Maggie.

Something which still hurt to think about, but it was getting easier and easier every day, mostly thanks to Sam Arias. Something which Alex was determined to thank her for every day. And for today, the food. And she kind of got the vibe that Sam was hoping to be thanked, leading to the obvious question...

"So, is Ruby here?" Alex questioned softly.

"She's at a sleepover." Sam explained softly, blushing slightly as she admitted, "Which was her idea, by the way."

"Was it now?" Alex grinned.

"Yeah." Sam admitted bashfully, "She's already so invested in this relationship working out, and it honestly scares me. But in a good way. I just-"

"Don't want her to get hurt, I get it." Alex said softly, knowing that they were talking about more than Ruby's feelings.

"She... she also said..." Sam blushed, revealing to defuse the tension in the air, "I should do anything to keep you."

"Anything?" Alex grinned, enjoying the blush on Sam's face for a few long seconds, before offering her hand, "Well, we better not disappoint her."

In response Sam just smiled shyly, and took her hand, and allowed herself to be led towards the bedroom. Then her Mom instincts kicked in, and she insisted they clear up first. Or at least wash their hands. Which made Alex groaned, but it was the responsible thing to do, and didn't take long. Plus, it helped that towards the end they locked eyes, and then just fell into a gentle kiss, which gradually got more heated as they headed to Sam's bedroom.

As she was unfamiliar with the terrain, Alex managed to bumped herself and Sam against a lot of things on her way to her destination, but ultimately, they made it there in one piece, and stripped each other of their clothes along the way, so when they fell into the bed, it was their naked bodies which were pressing together.

Which was always a tremendous thrill, especially because Sam landed on her back, and Alex landed on top of her. They did this with such force it would probably wind most people, but Sam wasn't even phased and just kept kissing Alex back.

It was a reminder that this girl was Kryptonian, and even though being separated from Reign had depowered her somewhat, there was definitely still some lingering strength and stamina. Something which had proven to be very, very good thing for them both, as they continued having some very adult fun together, the DEO Agent grinning as she grinded down onto the body beneath her, broke the kiss, and started kissing her girlfriend's neck.

However, after a few long seconds, Sam gasped, "Wait!"

Immediately Alex lifted her head up so she could look Sam directly in the eye, while she asked, "What?"

"I, I want to be the one who, you know..." Sam stammered, before closing her eyes, taking a deep and calming breath, and then opening her eyes and telling her lover, "I want to go down on you?"

Alex's heart skipped a beat, and her eyes went wide, and she tried to manage her expectations, while gently asking, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Sam replied softly, and then when that wasn't enough for the other woman, given the look on her face, Sam insisted, "Really I do. We've been having sex for a week, it's way over due."

Alex gave her a look, then pointed out softly, "It's not a matter of owing me something, especially not by a certain date."

"I know. It was just a turn of phrase." Sam insisted, before adding, "I want to do this. I promise. I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

There was a brief pause, then Alex nodded, "Okay."

"Okay." Sam beamed in response.

Before they could get lost in repeats of the word 'okay' Sam suddenly flipped their positions, enough to make Alex gasp into their latest kiss, which lasted a few long seconds, until Sam broke it, and started kissing Alex's neck. That was the easy part, and unsurprisingly the Kryptonian lingered there for a few long seconds, probably trying to have the courage to go lower. Something that Alex could definitely understand, given that it was not that long ago that she had been the exact position.

She just hope that Sam would be just as stubborn as she had been, pushing through any fear and anxiety, and just doing it. And not even for her own selfish enjoyment. No, she just wanted her lover to do it, so she wouldn't have this first time hanging over her anymore. Over both of them, for that matter. Because she was anxious too, but had faith that it would work out.

Sam liked to think the same thing, but she couldn't help be nervous, especially as the big moment was getting closer and closer. Although that wasn't the only reason why she was lingering on Alex's neck, as also, she just wanted to tease her a bit. It was the same reason why, when she finally came out of her comfort zone, she didn't just go straight for the other woman's pussy so she could get this over with.

No, if she was going to do this, she was going to do it right, and that meant a slow, gentle build-up. So Sam slowly kissed her way down Alex's chest, up one of her boobs, and eventually sticking out her tongue and cautiously sliding it over a nipple. This was actually something she hadn't done before, as her time with men had been restricted to a few fumbles in the dark with her boyfriends back when she had been a teen.

Compared to what came later, this wasn't so scary, and she was immediately emboldened by Alex crying out softly in pleasure. Then she continued making those soft cries, gasps and whimpers as Sam took that nipple into her mouth and sucked on it, before repeating the same process with the other breast.

She even had the presence of mind of kissing her way back and forth, and slowly adding her hands into the mix, pushing whatever boob she was working on more firmly into her mouth, and playing with whatever nipple wasn't being worked over by her lips and tongue. Admittedly, this was taking a cue from what Alex had done to her before, but still, she deserved at least some credit. Which again, she continued getting, thanks to the sounds Alex was making.

It was possible those sounds were being exaggerated to boost Sam's confidence, but she was as sure as she could be that wasn't the case, and she was simply doing a good job. And either way, it didn't matter, as the result was the same. Namely Sam just able to relax, and just enjoy the experience of worshiping Alex's body for a change.

Because she loved all the things Alex had done to her, but they had left her feeling guilty. Made her feel like she was leaving Alex to do all the hard work, and that wasn't fair. Besides, she really wanted to return the favour. Something she became so lost in she didn't realized just how long she been doing it until she got a little push to move on to the next, and scariest, stage.

"Lower!" Alex whimpered softly, before clarifying, "Oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, please Sam, baby, go lower. Lick me! Lick my pussy, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, Lick it! I know it can be scary, mmmmmmmmm, and if you want to stop, at any time, that's okay. But... if you're gonna do it, please, let it be now. Please? Oh yes, good girl, that's it, mmmmmmmm, good girl. That's sooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd, ah fuck! You were doing such a good job before, and I know you're going to be amazing at this. Oh baby, oh yes, please do it. Please? Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss! Oh Sam! Ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooddddddddddddd!"

When Alex started to talk Sam actually blushed, realizing just how long she had lingered on her lover's nipples. Then she felt kind of proud to get that reaction, but it sounded like Alex really needed her. Alex needed her! Oh God, Sam loved the sound of that. In fact, it was a thought which pushed her to go lower, but again, not to rush it by diving her head straight down.

No, she began slowly and gently kissing her way down the soft yet firm flesh beneath her, this time down Alex's flat stomach, until her mouth was hovering over her final destination. Something which made the other woman whimper with frustration, but if she complained Sam would be only too happy to point out, this was simply giving her a taste of her own medicine.

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