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Trip: questianon !!YbTGdICxQOw
Discord: malt#6065
Reddit: u/questianon

Update instructions. If SD breaks go backward in commits until it starts working again


  • If on Windows:
    1. navigate to the webui directory through command prompt or git bash
      a. Git bash: right click > git bash here
      b. Command prompt: click the spot in the "url" between the folder and the down arrow and type "command prompt".
      c. If you don't know how to do this, open command prompt, type "cd [path to stable-diffusion-webui]" (you can get this by right clicking the folder in the "url" or holding shift + right clicking the stable-diffusion-webui folder)
    2. git pull
    3. pip install -r requirements_versions.txt
  • If on Linux:
    1. go to the webui directory
    2. source ./venv/bin/activate
      a. if this doesn't work, run python -m venv venv beforehand
    3. git pull
    4. pip install -r requirements.txt

If AUTOMATIC1111's Github goes down, you can try checking his alt repo:

Note: If I don't update in a month, I probably decided to step away from documenting and keeping up with SD. If that's the case, my final update will be cleaning up some stuff and doing one big final update. To keep up with news, you can usually use
Reddit (recommended since everything is filtered if you sort by top):
4chan (look at the top comments to see if anything big was added, good if you want to be on top of things):
SDCompendium (not too sure how good this site is, from a quick skim it seems pretty good and maintained. Has weekly(?) and monthly(?) news as well as a ton of other stuff):

Thank you all for your support for this repo and the general development of SD, I really appreciate everyone who's contributed and hope you'll take SD to new heights.






2/23 (this and previous news wasn't posted because I forgot the edit code)




  • Stable Diffusion Accelerated API (SDA) released by SAIL:
    • Uses TensorRT to speed up generation speeds on NVIDIA cards
      • Generate a 512x512 @ 25 steps image in half a second
    • HTTP API
    • More schedulers from diffusers
    • Weighted prompts (ex.: "a cat :1.2 AND a dog AND a penguin :2.2")
    • More step counts from accelerated schedulers
    • Extended prompts (broken at the moment)
    • You can test it on their server before you download it:


11/26 to 12/12


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