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Leon & Cole's Shared DNI Criteria
Get The Fuck Away From Us

Basic DNI, Bijuu Mike Fans, Blackwashing Believers, Colatwt, Devsisters & Hoyoverse Supporters, EDtwt, Fujoshis, "Lesboys", Lolicon, MCYT Fans (dsmp, qsmp, etc), "Mspec Gay/Lesbian", NSFW, Poppytwt, Shotacon, SHtwt, TERFs, Zoophile

Family & Close Friends Only

Hazbin Hotel Fans

Thin Ice

Genshintwt, South Park Fans

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Get The Fuck Away From Us: Ships

Chocobros, Chreon, Junkhog, McAshe, Opbee, Pharah x Men, Soldier: 76 x Women, Startron, Teaclair, Tracer x Men

Family & Close Friends Only: Ships
Thin Ice: Ships

Aeon, Cynari, Eimiko, Focalette, Itthoma, Kavetham, Lattemond, Spideypool

Pub: 27 Aug 2023 03:43 UTC
Edit: 01 May 2024 20:08 UTC
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