Mikaela (aka Mika/Kae) or Yeva
it she him, fifteen, transneutral and unlabeled
fujinshi yaoi enthusiast, NEED my daily dose

main interests are hgsn, pgr, hc, bsd, d4dj, litc, itigokuruiza, ff, naruto, hxh, nge, corpse party, and my ocs.
i like to read and write. i draw sometimes but my style is so inconsistent i gave up
you can find the full list here

i have no dni. i dont care unless you are actually weird, just have a sense of morals and we should be fine.
i fw fujoshis fudanshis etc, antis be aware of that
before you interact: i wont use tonetags but can clarify my tone if asked, i talk about graphic topics often, my humor is crude but can be toned down if need be, i indulge in genuine toxic yaoi/yuri, i dont care for pointless internet or pride discourse, i like (drawn) gore and dont typically censor when w/friends (im not annoying about it i promise)
i hold no genuine grudges, time is fleeting. please come to me with any problems i am civil.

i love: vinh, tahlia, alex, jenthe, jake, noodle, mike, caleb, clo, tate, oliver, june, al, and tiff
shoutout to my sister jules i love u

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