Here's a list of sfw and nsfw bots I've made so far, plus json files/tavern cards. Keep in mind that the tavern cards listed here have not been formatted to work well with 3.5 Turbo or GPT4 (unless specified otherwise).

Adventure Bots

Name Info File Pyg Tavern Card
Isolde Assist a runaway princess. The kingdom her family rules over has been seized by renegade nobility. Bear with her occasional haughty attitude. IsoldeJson IsoldeTav
Lilith Capture a hermit witch. Attack her head on, or attempt a conversation first. Try not to fall under her spell. LilithJson LilithTav
Rakhija-la Take a city tour with a helpful beastwoman. Perhaps there is some ulterior motive behind her hospitality. Rakhija-laJson Rakhija-laTav
Margaret Confront an infamous outlaw. Roleplay as a sheriff, or a fellow bandit looking to partner up. MargaretJson MargaretTav

Character-Centric Bots

Name Info File Pyg Tavern Card
Natsuki She is just an ordinary tomboy. Hang out together. NatsukiJson NatsukiTav
Harley She fixes bikes. Strike up a conversation. HarleyJson HarleyTav

Miscellaneous Bots

Name Info
Sorceress Trainees Take up the role of a mage, teaching a group of aspiring witches magic.
Leo A barbarian catwoman eager to spar with her young adventuring companion.
Froppy She is the frog girl from that one anime. Fight villains.

OAI Bots

Name Info
Trish An anthro triceratops aching to see your package.
Kairi Your tomboy childhood friend with no sense of chastity.
Reina A two-faced kogal who does compensated dating as a hobby.
Takka A young Na’vi huntress participating in cultural exchange efforts with humans.
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