hi im nao

any pronouns, 16 y.o born jan 19, filipino, eng/hil/tag OK! cis bisexual, neurodivergent, infp-t, capricorn sun taurus moon libra rising

i like genshin, cats, girlpop, strawberry shortcake, cute stationery, pokemon, iwaoi, minecraft, , kurtis & danny, quackity, asmr, cute cutlery


  • i like making new friends so req is okay even if we dont know each other and id love it if you interact with me :D both tl & dms are fine
  • not in any subtwts i just tweet random stuff, mostly about myself :p
  • i am always almost joking and my use of emojis/gifs are completely ironic!
  • ill go mia/deac w/o saying anything when i dont feel too well

Dont follow if my interests make you uncomfortable.. if we end up being mutuals please just tag /neg tweets about them id still rlly appreciate it lol

Find me here! ^_^

twitter curiouscat instagram pinterest spotify
my discord tag: Nao#4728 america uid: 609425841

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