Shyne Labs#

ShyneLabs Scam Warning


Our business is up and running on the clearstream. Vendor located in the US offering pure unadulterated research chemicals.


2F-DCK crystal Price ( all out / dont know when restock)
250mg $35
500mg $60
3-Meo-PCP hcl Price ( netherlands batch)
1 Gram $70
3 Gram $190
3-Meo-PCE hcl Price ( netherlands batch)
1 Gram $60
3 Gram $150
2-FMA Price (new batch, order quanity is low)
1 Gram $70
3 Gram $185
ODSMT Price (low stock)
1 Gram $60
3 Gram $150
diclazepam powder Price
1 Gram $75
3 Gram $180
flualprazolam powder Price (new batch)
1 Gram $80
3 Gram $210

(ask for bulk discounts) :)

cominngs soon - apihp, NEP

Payment Methods#

  • Bitcoin preferred, msg if you wanna work an easier way

Shipping & Contact#

  • Only using standard priority. Price is $10 and will show up 1-3 business days. I try to be very active on protonmail as much as I can. you have to set up an account to email me You can find my contact information down below @

Thank god, it's Christmas :=)#

To not lose money to a scammer, maybe send your email to
Emails to this address will never be read.

Have a happy day!

ShyneLabs Scam Warning. A proton, black on white

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