Physmite's DNI + BYF list

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ewie DNI if you...

fall into the basic DNI criteria support endo systems excuse actions behind mental illness are a proshipper/comshipper misuse tone indicators on purpose bad mouth others behind their back believe of bi-pan lesbians,here's why


helluva boss + hazbin hotel alfred's playhouse south park omori

WHY? you may ask, I've had too many poor experiences with people of said fandoms,
I'd rather avoid them all together,
only exception is if you're a casual enjoyer & not heavily involved.


I am neurodivergent, I may not catch/know tones at times.
However, I am completely responsible for my actions
& i'd appreciate if things were told or be known!
communication is key in any relationship kitty hearts

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Pub: 21 Jan 2023 02:31 UTC
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