S2 ROUND9 changes#

Note - this is BETA round because of drastic changes, the goal is to increase interactions among players. Some disbalances will appear, so the admin may do following:

  • Admin may tweak some Planet Types and Races after the first day of signups (3 days in total)
  • Admin may shorten the round if the winner sector is clear (3 to 5 days notice before round actually ends).

CTF (Capture The Flag)#

  • There is a single flag in the game, one food kd starts with it and 2000 Tanks defence.
  • Player who breaks kd with the flag captures it
  • The flag doubles further VP gains for the whole sector!
  • Player cannot steal the flag from sector mate
  • if kingdom with the flag dies from pop loss, goes to vac mode, becomes inactive or starts deletion procedure, they lose the flag. It will be re-captured by some other player who makes successful attack on anybody else right after that moment.

Victory Points (VP) system in nutshell#

  • Any player earns VP in attacking, using probes and missiles against other players (excluding food and inactive kds)
  • What increases VPs gains
    • War status (x2) (Peace-War also counts)
    • If your sector captures the flag (x2)
    • Aggro probes (2x) over spy missions
    • Attacking/probing kingdoms over half your land and over your full land size
    • Using more WLs per single attack
    • Grabs on food will give fixed 4vp (other vp gain bonuses do not apply).

Maximum VP gain per single grab is 100 x 2 x 2 = 400 VP (war + flag + against larger kd + 4 wl)
Maximum 1 aggressive probe gain is 4 x 2 x 2 = 16 VP (war + flag + against larger kd)

Without war and without the flag:
Spy mission: 1, 2 vp
Aggro probes: 2, 4 vp
4 WLs grab: 25, 50 ,100 vp (below 0.5x land, above 0.5x land and above 1x land)
3 WLs grab: 20, 40, 80 vp
2 WLs grab: 10, 20, 40 vp
1 WL grab: 5, 10, 20 vp
Grabs below 0.5x land will generate some VP for defender (10 vp x bonuses (max 40 per grab)).
Missiles (before war bonus applied): 20, 40, 60

VP income bonus#

  • VPs are accumulated per sector, first 8K points earned will be converted to 20 VP Levels (1K 400 points per level)
  • from 8K to 24K points - another 20 VP Levels (800 points per level)
  • from 24K to 40K sector can earn another 10 levels
  • VP Level 50 is the highest possible level
  • VP Level = Income bonus added to base bonuses for each kd in the sector. VP bonus does not apply to Probes income.
  • VP Level and Sector VP count is updated once per tick turn

Some VP accounting rules#

  • Every kd in the sector earns VP for their sector
  • If kingdom changes their sector, the already earned points stays within the former sector

    KD can change sector 3 times after game start

Food-less round#

  • we start with initial food on the first tick, when the food dies, it resets with huge period of 7-14 days and only 500 land
  • one food kd starts with the flag and 2000 tanks.

Other changes#

  • One probe will generate 2 gold of passive income
  • Missiles will work as in S1 (will raze buildings 4%, 2% and 1%, and cause up to 200 land damage), however missiles will destroy 2x fewer barracks.
  • Minor boost to Xivornai and Quanut races. No PT changes.

Important changes from the past rounds#

  • Normally defensive loses are 5%, however at war it's 10%, in war+peace = 8%, war+defensive=8%, war+peace+defensive=6%. Grabs on small kds also lower loses to base line of 5%.
  • Kingdoms may opt for pre-build newbie mode, you have to self tick only last 24 ticks
  • Spy missions probes defence is lowered to [land x 1 + defender probes].
  • Food should be available at very first tick, we can expect 200-300 tanks defence and 250 land kds. Each grab against food kills 12.5% defense!
  • Food will exit with 1M banks, the banks will run dry soon after.
  • You can change sector 3 times after the game has started.
  • Check game help for kingdom states (recommended) advantages and disadvantages.


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