everybody's super sonic racing try to keep ur feet right on the ground

living in the city you know you have to survive

benny / jay (⌐■_■)
15 | he/they ✡ gay boy

twitterspotifylastfm ⭐️ listography
my switch fc is SW-6674-4950-6891 feel free to add or join me in games :]

interests: lego ninjago, lego monkie kid, splatoon, pop'n music, and more on my listography
but im hyperfixated on splatoon and my splatoon ocs at the moment! :3

i am strictly multifandom but i mostly talk abt lego stuff on my twitter

extra: lmk if i break any boundaries, i may not reply right away, do not follow/int if youre proship/nsfw
i am very rambly about my interests at times
i am very shy but i try my best to interact, i usually like posts though!

youve got to keep the dream alive

when ur super sonic racing theres no time to look around

Pub: 19 May 2022 06:45 UTC
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