A fly was buzzing, doing lazy circles over my head, the sun was blasting in through the open doorway of the tent. My mouth was dry as all fuck and my head pounded with the beat of my blood being pumped heavily through my arteries. I slowly untwined my limbs from the other naked bodies strewn around the tent and crawled out into the daylight and made my way to the ocean. I plunged in, the sea, feeling so good as I lolled about in the gentle, soothing swell trying to recollect the jumble of memories from the bizarrest night of my life. I needed to pee, so I released my bladder as I half floated on my back, my cock feeling tender, but thankful for the internal stimulation as my piss strongly streamed through it, as I impersonated a toppled pissing statue.

Slowly my memories visited my conscious one by one and stayed, each memory leading to another.

What a crazy roller coaster ride of a trip the long weekend has turned out to be. I remember the sunburn from early on and thought I had better get some sun block on ASAP and my mouth was crying out for a drink, so I slowly left the loving embrace of the sea and struggled up the beach to our camp. I rattled around in the cooler and found some water, which I quickly opened and sculled. Feeling refreshed I thought I would look in the tent and see how my darling Sally was, and her friend Kim, smiling to myself with the memories of our sexual adventures. I saw the girls lying near each other, their legs and arms akimbo, looking delicious in their naked and dishevelled state, their skin crusted with dried semen and other sexual juices. Big Boy started to swell up a little at the tempting sight as both their snatches were exposed by the way the girls lay and spotlighted by the morning sunlight.

Finally my eyes drifted past the girls to the darker recess of the rear of the tent. Roger was curled up in the foetal position, as much as his beer belly would allow, Frank was layed out on his back, but what was draped across his torso bought more memories flooding back to me. I slowly made my retreat quietly, letting all the occupants slumber on as my cock firmed harder with the scene and memories.

"Billy boy, get that sunblock on now." I said to myself trying to distract my cock from reaching full erection. As luck would have it as I was applying the sunblock to the last part of my skin, my half hard cock, Old Charlie walked into camp,

"Whoa Big Boy, can't you wait for the ladies to wake?"

"N,n,no Charlie, it's not what you think, I am just putting on sunblock.." I tried to explain.

"It's OK Billy, if I had a young cock that bounced back so quick like yours last night I would have a quick wank too before the girls get up, then fuck em all before breakfast."

"No, Charlie, it really is just so I don't get burnt."

"Haha, I know, I just had to stir you, you looked so caught out when I walked in."

"You surprised me Charlie, I thought you were somewhere at the back of the tent. About last night, there are big gaps in my memory, can you help me out?"

"Sure Billy, where you remember up to? Can you remember when we sandwiched the beautiful young Kim? I certainly can." Ol Charlie broke into a big toothless grin.

I thought how strange, here I am naked talking to another naked man more than half a century older than me in the bright morning sun about how we fucked an 18 year old girl together last night, who was sleeping just metres away, her naked body on full display.

"I think you have rubbed that sunblock in enough now Billy!"

Oh shit, I was wanking to the memories of the night before.

"Sorry Charlie," I said as I took my hand of my hard cock, "by the way what happened to your stutter?"

"It's gone, it must have left for good while I loved on last night!!, I feel a million dollars, you have no idea how frustrating it is to stutter."

"I think you lost a lot of your frustrations last night Charlie!" I grinned back at him.

"Come on lad, we can talk as we walk, we need to check the lines I have set earlier this morning so we can feed the sleeping beauties when they awaken. Grab that bag for our catch. So do you remember when the new guest arrived last night?"

"That would be that goddess draped over Frank right now?"

"Yep, she was like that when I was up a couple of hours ago, she scared the bejezus out of us when she screamed when she came into camp last night, I guess she wasn't expecting to see an orgy going on after she had escaped from the bushfires and headed to a safe place she knew of. She is one fine package of a lady, that's for sure."

"I remember the scream, I was mid blow, arcing cum all over Kim, sorry if any landed on you Charlie. Then I saw the source of the scream, a sex goddess must have fallen from heaven, how else would she have got to our hidden beach. Even in fright she looked like a magazine cover model. What happened next, I am still fuzzy about that?"

"Well, she started to run away until my son yelled out."

"Roger knew her?"

"Sort of, he called out 'Frenchy, it's OK, you are safe' and with that she stopped running and looked at Roger, recognised him and came back and slapped him. With that we all laughed, apart from Roger, and made her feel welcome."

"Ahhh, it's starting to come back now, she was so delightful and open minded, talking to us while we were all nude, not being shy at all. I loved it when she chided Roger 'You were a very naughty boy for zee taking of zee intimate memories from the camera.' with her French-English."

"We made her feel safe, your girls gave her a drink and asked her what happened and how she got here. Her story babbled out how she was heading back to the city in a rental car to catch a flight home, as her dickhead Aussie boyfriend dumped her, the bushfires sent her back this way, she had no where else to go and she managed to find the track into the beach but got bogged and walked for an hour. So she was tired, emotional, exhausted and traumatised when she stumbled on our sex party. She thought she would have the beach to herself to wake up at dawn and swim nude in the sun one last time, before she went back to cold Europe."

"I remember, shortly after that my Sally said to her you must try some of Dr C's amazing salves and lotions, Sally sweet talked her out of her clothes in no time and she and Kim uncovered the most spectacular female body I have ever seen."

"I agree Billy, Gigi is feminine perfection, her mixed parentage has made her so unique. And I really enjoyed applying the lotion on her dark brown nipples and her gorgeous clitty at the end of her incredible long legs, almost as much as I did when I touched Sally for the first time. I know Kim has lovely long legs too, but Gigi is special."

"My Sally was such a hussy, spreading herself so wide open for you then, you were shaking so much as she teased you."

"Sally is welcome to tease me any day Billy, here we are, now let's pull some fish in, you grab that line and I'll grab this one, be careful, they have multiple hooks."

We walked back with a fine catch of fresh fish, which Ol Charlie and I had cleaned, and there was movement back at our camp. Roger and Frank looked refreshed after a swim and were setting up a dining area from the dishevelment of the campsite through the wild activities the night before.

"Hey Dad, you'se done fucken great!" Roger called out to us as we approached.

"Shhh Roger, you will wake the girls." I tried to hush him.

"Ya silly Billy, they have gone to wash their gunky cunnies out, hopefully we can get another crack at filling em up after brekkie." Roger crudely replied, rubbing his crutch and grinning at me.

Why was he grinning at me, I still could not recollect all the events last night, but Roger's grin was unnerving. His Dad had a genuine smile, Frank had a smirk that hid what he was really thinking, but Roger seemed to be gloating with his grin.

I looked away and searched the beach for the girls, and saw the three of them lolling in the shallow waters a little way further down the beach. They have must have gone there for a bit of privacy and girl talk. The four of us got busy with breakfast and soon the aroma of fresh coffee, pan fried fish and the just squeezed oranges enticed the trio of feminine beauty back to camp. Sally, Kim and Gigi acted all shy, covering their boobs and crutches as they neared, to an audience of 4 naked men enjoying their implied nudity.

"Oh kind sirs, we have lost all our clothes and money, please do not take advantage of our young nubile, nude bodies." Pleaded Sally, slowly revealing her stunning tits, glistening in the morning sun with the beads of water clinging like jewels to her flawless skin.

"Would you be kind to us and allow us to share in your breakfast, we will be very, very grateful if you do?" asked Kim, dropping her hand and letting her bigger tits bounce up and down, shaking the water droplets from them, before sucking each of her nipples in turn, releasing each one from her lips with a loud "pop" whilst keeping eye contact with us.

"Je vais prendre un cafe mes amours!" purred Gigi, sensuously rubbing one hand over her perky small breasts, causing her very dark nipples to extend way past the large areolas, so now they protruded about an inch long and were perfectly symmetrical. The other hand fluttered in slow tight circles on her bare Mons, before spreading her dark vulva lips and flashing us the contrasting redness of her exposed cunt.

The four of us males were transfixed by the girls play acting and sexy reveal of their femininity. We were speechless, motionless and slack jawed as we kept staring at the stunning vision in front of us. I could feel Big Boy swelling up but felt no shame in having the start of an erection in front of 6 others.

"Oui Oiu Oiu, je gagne!! I win!!" Gigi squealed.

The three girls burst into laughter and hugged and danced in a memorising fluid movement of gorgeous curves. Finally the girls broke apart and looked back at us with sparkles in their eyes and smiled.

"We are such teasers, you poor men have done so much for us and all we can do is stir you. We had a bet between ourselves as to how many of you would get a stiffy if we did a little show for you. I bet 2 of you would, Kim went 3, but Gigi went 4, but Kim and I think she cheated. But we all like the results!!" Sally said, looking directly at the 4 male erections in front of her.

"Of course Gigi cheated, I was winning before my new friend splayed open her French Flower, that devious act lifted Ol Charlie's cock piercing up to the sun!" Kim whined, while enjoying watching the hard cocks saluting the girls show.

"Ohh mon amie, let me make it up to you?" Gigi said as she caressed Kim's breasts.

"Stop that you two, I am starving, I feel I ran a marathon last night and I need to eat. Boys, your offerings looks delicious!!" Sally proclaimed, with a wink at the end.

The girls broke into laughter once more as the four males bumped their hard cocks into chairs as we served their breakfast. I noticed Frank had sat opposite Sally, who, when she saw where Frank sat, spread her legs open and shuffled her butt to the edge of the camp chair to show off her young gash to him. I swear I saw Sally's pussy start to blossom, with her lips swelling, as she looked across at Frank. Gigi had sat between Frank and I and was engaging both of us in her mixture of French-English, of which I could understand about 70 percent of what she said. I just smiled and nodded most of the time as she prattled on. But when she said,

"Après le petit déjeuner, Billie va me baiser le cul, Fronk va baiser ma chatte, OK? Yes?"

Sally burst into laughter so hard, she spat out the food she had in her mouth, while Gigi's eye's sparkled with a new level of cheekiness and dare.

"OK you young fillies, what is going on?" Frank demanded, not used to being teased and used as the butt of a joke.

"Oh, it's just Gigi was planning her day Frank..," Sally started to say before breaking into another round of laughter, "I am sorry, it's a plan I have never heard discussed at a group breakfast before."

"Well Sally, what is Gigi on about?" I asked my giggling girlfriend.

Sally took a deep breath, "Well Gigi wants to do somethings after breakfast has been digested."

"You mean like fishing, or swimming?" I naively asked.

Sally burst into another round of helpless laughter, her young tits dancing firmly on her chest.

Frank and I turned to Gigi with pleading eyes, wanting to know what she wanted. She reached out and grabbed my cock before saying,

"I want ziss one in my boom while I have ziss one in my, err, how you boys say, cont?", as she grabbed Godzilla.

Well, now it was Frank and me that were spitting out our mouthfuls of food, with the sudden impact of Gigi's forward post breakfast proposal and the feel of her soft gentle hands stroking our cocks.

"Well I never want to disappoint a guest, how about you Billy?" Frank agreed.

My mind was reeling, I wish I knew what had happened throughout the blanks in my memory of the night before, could I really agree to double teeming this goddess while my girlfriend sat opposite me? I looked to Sally to see if I could get a read on what she was thinking. But Sally just sat there with a curious smirk and laughing eyes watching me squirm with my decision.

"What about me? If the young bloke ain't up for it I can root your arse for ya." Roger interrupted the eye to eye standoff Sally and I were having.

"Ohh Rojjerrrrr, you are so kind, maybe later OK?," Gigi sighed "But I need Billie and Fronk, it is my dream."

In the harsh light of day, free from the effects of the potions from last night I was morally tormented.

"Excuse us all, Sally and I need a private moment." I explained as I rose from my seat, Gigi's hand not wanting to loose my cock from her grip. I reached out and helped Sally up and we walked into the tent and hugged.

"What is going on Sall?"

"Billy, remember that feeling of freedom we had when we first stripped off here, being in tune with nature?"

Yeah Sally, seems so long ago now."

"Well remember we said it was great to be free from the shackles of society and do anything we wanted without regret or judgement from the suburban rules we lived under?"

"I certainly remember."

"Well I told Gigi our philosophy last night and she really wants to have a gentle lover take her from behind while she is ravaged by Frank, do you fancy making love to Gigi?"

Was this a trap? How do I answer that?

"Sally I only love you, so I can't make love to anyone else. By the way, what happened last night after Gigi was treated to Charlie's lotions, I can't remember?"

Hopefully my answer dodged the awkwardness of Gigi's daytime request and I can get some answers to what happened last night.

"Ohh, last night, wow, what a night Billy. Roger was pleasuring me with his oral skills and I was doing the same to Frank when Gigi arrived, and you were pounding my girlfriends little bum, you arse bandit. I think we might call you Backdoor Billy, heeheehee." Sally recalled, "Then once we had Gigi calm and I stripped her naked, Ol Charlie lubed her up with his magic potions and Kim and I eased Gigi into the amazing buzz that the oils gave us. Do you remember the three of us girls all writhing around licking, sucking, feeling, fingering and manipulating each other. I mean you couldn't forget Gigi's bullet like nipples jutting out and grazing my clit like a mini vibe, I can't!"

"I recall Gigi being stripped but after that my mind is a blank. Sally, are you OK, did you get raped or anything?"

"Oh Billy, the oils must have really affected you, you can't remember performing like a female ballet dancer before you went over and started to rub Frank's cock with your bum?"

"No way, I didn't!!"

"Seriously, you can't remember Frank telling you to 'Suck it before you fuck it' and you squealed like a little girl at Christmas getting a pony, clapping your hands together before turning around and dropping on your knees and..."

At this point Sally burst into uncontrollable laughter seeing my horrified expression on my face.

"Please Sally, tell me you are making this up, I need to know?"

"Ahh Billy, your look was priceless, come and give me a kiss my sweet boyfriend."

"Tell me Sally, I didn't go gay for Frank, did I? I am never touching any drugs again if I did."

"No silly Billy, you went all sleepy on me, I was just winding you up about dancing for Frank as you can't remember what happened."

"So no one hates me, I didn't do anything bad?"

"Not yet Billy, but after breakfast we might get you to do something bad." Sally smiled then continued with a serious look, "I really want to see you fuck Gigi's butt. Now, let me go, I am starving and breakfast is unfinished."

Sally walked out of the tent to join the others while I stared at her naked bum dancing as she walked on the soft sand, her firm glutes making her arse look so amazing. I loved this girl so much, but I was still so confused. Why is she obsessed with me fucking her new friend up her bum?

"Billy, are you playing with your willie in there?" Kim called out.

This broke me out of my deep thoughts and I rejoined the crew to their laughter, as my cock had hardened up from kissing and cuddling my gorgeous nude Sally, so they assumed I really was having a tug.

"Ohh Billy, pleaze wait until after our meal OK?" Gigi smiled, but at the same time gently stroked my cock when I sat back down, keeping me hard, as well as confused.

What had the girls talked about last night? Everyone else was chatting away, but my mind was striving to remember last night in full, but I had no luck, just a blur of the three girls writhing around, the intimate details of their actions not clear at all in my memory.

"I wish I could see a video of what happened here last light after Gigi arrived." I mused, apparently out loud as Roger said,

"How did you know about my video?"

"You filmed the girls last night Roger?"

"Ah fuck yeah, I wasn't going to let that show go without filming it, I mean fuck me, three stunners in a feeding frenzy, this will keep me company for many a long lonely night." Roger grinned, patting his backpack lying at his feet.

"Ohh la la, perhaps after we clean from breakfast we can have a viewing inside ze tent, no?" Gigi was keen to see it and not the least bit embarrassed about it.

"It might explain why I was a bit sore this morning?" Kim pipped up.

"Oh fuck." Roger cried, suddenly looking at his feet.

"Come on Rog, you have to show us all, I think everyone is a bit hazy about what happened, especially Big Boy, he has his head held high wanting to see it!" giggled Sally, as she watched Gigi gently fondle me.

"Slow down you lot, we need to make sure we are all covered with sun cream first, I don't want anyone getting burnt today like Billy did on Friday. Then we can relax and watch the video and after that we can look after our International Guest, won't we Billy."

"Yes Frank." It came out of my mouth automatically, before I could think.

"Awesome, this is going to be a great day!" Sally cried out, clapping her hands, smiling at me reassuringly before she looked longingly at Frank.

All of a sudden I felt sick in the stomach, was I going to see Sally get fucked stupid by Godzilla on the video, or worse, did I really do those things to Frank Sally was teasing me about. I needed air, even though we were sitting outside.

"I am just going to have a cool dip before we get started." I mumbled, as I broke free from Gigi's caressing hand and stumbled to the ocean.

I dove in, the water was clear and felt amazing, I could feel all my fears, apprehensions and a lot of my tension disappear and I lost track of time. I cast an eye back up the beach and saw the three girls walk off with a shovel and a roll of toilet paper to do their business, and just lay on my back, floating, eyes shut, Mother Ocean gently rocking me, as the sun kept me warm. I was dreaming that my cock was hard and was being gently sucked and pulled by an octopus, with its tentacles sucking every part of my cock as I lay spreadeagled on my back on the surface of the sea. The dream felt amazing, it was so incredible. Until the octopus started giggling and my mind triggered a panic to my brain which woke me up from my slumber.

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