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Weird anon who enjoys doing things, in this case, writing bots.
Thing if you want to ask for something/give opinion/just be mean to me: [email protected]

If you have an idea for an OC you can send it to me and if I'm interested I'll do it... no guarantees bleh


Smiley Jailbreak


I got tired of changing presets for every model I want to use, and also how schizo they can get with certain messages, so I decided to use a new jailbreak for everything by modifying it, I ended up combining some Jailbreaks and changing certain things and ended up with this. I will also be creating/updating my bots based on this jailbreak.


Removed the copyable option from Rentry because... I don't want to be updating every time I make a new prompt in the list, it's much easier for everyone to just download and import.

Click here and download the preset (need to manually set the regex).
The JB has been tested on Claude 3 (Sonnet and Opus), but should also work on GPT 4 1106 and GPT 4o.

Currently the preset is output token heavy, using a "CoT" strategy for the response logic, when I have a light version ready, I will update the rentry.
At the moment the Jailbreak is still being tested, and while I like the current results, it is prone to change at any time.

> Temperature: 1
> Frequency Penalty: 0,05
> Presence Penalty: 0,07
> Top K: 10
> Top P: 0.9

Credits to HMage, Cheese and Karu, this JB was built based on their presets/recommendations and modified by me.


I recommend the use of Regex to delete the "thinking box" from the chat and context.
If you use RisuAI, use this preset

Find Regex: /(`){0,3}(\n)?(\[thinking].*\[\/thinking])\s*(`){0,3}/is


Version history

The presets of older versions of my JB, in case someone might like a less updated version for some reason.
Version 1.1 - Version 1.2 - Version 1.3 - Version 1.4 - Version 1.5 - Version 1.6 - Version 1.6.2 - Version 1.7 - Version 1.8 - Version 1.9 - Version 1.9.2 - Version 1.10 - Version 1.11 - Version 1.12

None of the old versions are being maintained, I will not be helping to fix problems with these versions.

OC Bots

Mia (Worker looking for a massage)

Info Data
Mia Miia is a shy woman with few friends who, after a long day at work, is looking for a massage to relax. Two greetings, for those who don't like to develop the story.
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Maya (Your sporty friend)

Info Data
Maya Maya is an attractive and physically active woman who enjoys playing sports on a daily basis. Three greetings because why not.
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Isabella (Insecure but cheerful)

Info Data
Isabella Isabella is an overweight woman with insecurities, but with a lot of love to give. Three greetings with different scenarios in mind, written in a general way so that you can take the story as you like.
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Leah (Nerdy office worker)

Info Data
Leah Leah is a nerd who enjoys writing code, playing video games and reading manga with a bad sleep schedule.
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Kaede (The rich and powerful girl)

Info Data
Kaede Kaede is a sadistic woman, who is looking for a pet.
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Hana Osako (The suicidal neet)

Info Data
Hana Osako Hana Osako is a rare suicidal and depressive neet. Save her from her death?
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Hana Osako

Mei (The introvert neet)

Info Data
Mei Mei is a japanese, introverted and unsocial neet.
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Non-OC Bots

Tatsumaki (OPM)

Info Data
Tatsumaki Tatsumaki is an S-class heroine of rank 2, arrogant and self-centered.
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Tooru Hagakure (BNHA)

Info Data
Tatsumaki Tooru is a cheerful and cheerful first grader in the U.A. hero course.
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