This is the continued account of our adventures on vacation two years ago. I strongly advise you to read the first part first. It is about realizing my silent dreams, wishes and desires that would not have been possible without the guidance of John, my sweet, inspiring and caring husband. Corona didn't exist yet and life was easy and not so complex with fear...

The next day, on Sunday, John went to the grocery shop to get our baguette, butter cheese, a bottle of wine and to order a baguette again for Thursday, four days later as decided by the roll of the dice. That's when I'll go shopping there and pick it up. This time I stayed in the car being fully dressed, as I would go in there in the nude only, having asked the shop keeper his agreement to do so during my last visit. Now we only made a reconnaissance trip to prepare for my next 'bottomless tour' and naked challenge. When John was back in the car, he established: 'As you'll travel in your t-shirt we can as well go some further and still be in time to have an interesting walk.. ' When he told me his plan to go for a walk around a lake, I was terrified at first, saying: 'No way...!' , but John calmed me down and convinced me to trust him and his judgment. He said: 'As early as we go for your walk, we'll perhaps meet some fisherman and an early jogger, so there is nothing to be worried about. There won't be that many visitors so early at that hour of day. I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of it; you'll see what it is like when we go there now.'

So we drove to the lake and parked our car at the parking and checked at the billboard that the tour around would be some more then a mile of length. We went on our way, knowing the walk would take about half an hour.

The path gave a view on the lake and as the lake was situated in the woods, at our right hand side we looked at the woods; sometimes there was a small meadow and we came along a few pick-nick sites with tables and benches. We had a nice walk enjoying the view, although most of the time we walked in the full sun and that made it was very hot. Saying so, John answered that it would be more comfortable on Thursday morning as the nights stayed hot, but the sun would be mild around 7 o'clock when we would be walking here.

Once we had passed about three quarters of the walk, we saw a cafeteria with a cozy terrace and decided to have a cup of coffee. When the waiter came we ordered and John asked; "What time do you open in the morning?" The waiter replied that they had their first customers around seven in the morning, usually fishermen. But of course they were already busy with preparations so that early birds could already go for a cup or thermos of coffee.

John remarked: 'That of course gives us perspective to get off there in the morning, we could take a break here.' I answered: ' I'm not sure that I dare.. but we'll see then...'

After we had finished our coffee, we went on our way again and went back to our car.

Having all settled, we then drove to the woods to have a pick-nick as we had planned before. We drove in a path backwards to park the car, like we do when I'm having a walk naked at home, I went to the back of the car as and undressed as I'm used to. John had opened the trunk and undressed too. Our clothes went in, we took our plaid, food and necessities for our pick-nick and went on our way hand in hand. When we found a sunny spot, we settled down and had our meal. We took the things together except for the plaid and had one another as desert. Starting in sixty-nine, we changed for missionary fucking. When John almost came, we stopped fucking; I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him of, swallowing his cum. When he had come to rest and he had said I could stop sucking, I laid back as it was his turn now to lick me to my orgasm. Thinking of what was to come in a few days, I had a tremendous orgasm. When I had come to rest, I thanked John and kissed him giving him a taste of his own cum. We walked back to our car where we dressed again and left for home.

The days went fast; John prepared me, shaving me on Wednesday evening for my trip, I washed my hair, did my nails and we went to bed early. Everything went as before; I sucked John off, swirling my tongue around his glance and teasing his little pee hole and when he had delivered his load in my mouth, I swallowed it and kissed him good night granting him a smell of cum in my breath before we went to sleep, dreaming of our adventures the next morning.

I woke up before the alarm as usual and took a shower keeping my hair dry, did my make up and 'dressed' with the blue t-shirt John had given me. Looking in the mirror, it looked like a very short dress; I saw it covered all it should, but a gust of wind could immediately and inexorably change that. I had to stay aware of that when the situation would become critical, especially when returning home....

I went down and made us a cup of coffee, and sat down on a towel again, waiting for John. After we had had our coffee, John said it was time to go to the lake. He took two bags along for shopping later on and opened the door; I slipped on my open shoes and off we went. As before John said: 'After you..' Once at our car, he gallantly opened my door for me to get in and closed it after I was seated and we went on our way to the lake.

After a drive of some twenty minutes, we arrived at the car park of the lake. Two cars were parked there already and John parked next to them. I took of my t-shirt, handed it to him and stepped out of the car. The air was still cool, but comfortable, like John had expected. He took my hand, saying he was proud of me, lifting my hand stretching my arm and having me make a turn around on my axis, saying: 'You're looking great! Look at your protruded clit and nipples...' I stopped to kiss him and I said: 'Thank you for your lovely compliments, guidance and support making me confident to enjoy my naked walk fully!' We went on our way again passing the billboard.

Like usual during my nude walks, we had a nice chat about everything but my nakedness, but now I brought the subject to visiting the cafeteria later on. I said to John:'I wouldn't want to miss it, and when they accept me in my naked state, I would love to go there for a coffee and breakfast..' We were already some ten minutes on our way when we saw the first fisherman. As we didn't want to hide, we didn't choose to be silent thus we continued our conversation on our way. One of the men turned his head and saw us; it was obvious he had told the others about the naked woman on the path. Although they whistled and made comments, they stayed where they were, so I waved and we continued our way to the cafeteria for our breakfast break. The temperature seemed to be already rising slowly now, maybe that was also because we were walking the path uphill. Once on higher grounds, we saw the cafeteria in minutes walking distance; we both looked forward to our break although I told John I felt nervous about going in. Who would we meet and how would their reaction be?

He said: 'Don't worry, you just step in, you won't have to defend on being naked, most men will like what they see and the female workers can always ask if they want. You could suggest this to be the outcome of a dare.'

We arrived at the cafeteria and seen from the outside there was just one person at the bar and one in the kitchen, so we stepped in, me first, asking: 'Could we have breakfast?' The man at the bar answered looking me up literately from head to toe: 'By all means! Be seated..'

We took a table at one of the windows, thus being able to see who would come in but realizing we could being seen in the same time; we supposed that it would prevail one that wouldn't like my naked presence to come in.

We ordered our breakfast and took our time to enjoy it; in the mean time two men came in. As they definitely had noticed us before going in, me in my exposed state, my naked breasts to be seen before entering the cafeteria they didn't cause any problems. They just looked, without making any remarks.

After finishing our breakfast, John asked for the bill and we left the cafeteria leaving a nice tip.

Once we got back to our car and John had opened it, he handed me my t-shirt that I put on and we went on our way to the grocery shop.

When we arrived, I undid my seatbelt and shirt, handing it to John. He stepped out of our car and went to my side to help me out too, taking our bags with him. We crossed the road and I went into the shop, handing the open door to John who followed me. I took a basket and went into the shop meeting a woman, some older then us, but good looking in her tight summer dress. When she turned her head in our direction I immediately recognized... the farmers wife that we had encountered at her farm as she was looking after her chicken. Seeing me she reacted: 'Oh my, it's you again; great to meet you! So special; we recognized a lot, my husband and I.. he still talks about seeing you, how he enjoyed that... By the way, I didn't introduce myself; I'm Anna..' We shook hands and presented ourselves, that is in addition, naming our names. Then Anna said: 'I would like to invite the two of you at our house; would eight o'clock tonight suite you?'

We looked at each other and nodded in agreement; I said: 'We're honored and surprised by your invitation; we'll be there; we are happy to accept it!'

Now we continued to pick the things we needed and when ready, we went to the counter to go in line after our new friend. She also took a bread and asked for a package of condoms that where on a shelf behind the counter. That made very clear we would spend a very interesting evening together..!

Anna said: 'Bye..!' to us and the shop keeper and left, turning with her waving, long, blond hair. We payed and left with our shopping saying goodbye, me thoroughly checked out by the man at the counter. He clearly had enjoyed our visit to his store, and he said so. We walked back to our car, laid our shopping in the trunk and got in. I dressed again in my t-shirt and we went on our way home.

On our way there, we discussed our luck to have met Anna; as we love swinging we looked out to meet the couple in the evening.

We stayed at home for the rest of the day and had a barbecue at noon, looking back to our trip and forward towards our evening invitation. At dinnertime we had a light meal knowing well we had a physical active evening ahead of us.

Of course we discussed how to dress for the visit; we decided that John would wear casual clothes with shorts, a blouse and sandals, I would leave in my t-shirt and open shoes, discreetly getting into our car to change during a stop on the way to our visit. I would change my t-shirt on that occasion for a short, black, bolero-like jacket that only covers my shoulders and is open at the front. My black open shoes and my pussy clip with its red pendants to emphasize my exposed intimacy would be part of my ensemble, but would be already part of my attire beforehand when leaving our house.

We arrived at the farm and parked in front of the house. We didn't have to ring the bell, the door swung open and Anna came out to welcome us, stark naked. She looked great; her perky breasts with stiff nipples on pretty areolas her Brazilian style shaved pubic hair high enough to let her swollen clit stick out between her labia. She was visibly just as physically excited as I was ...

Anna said: 'See how you look; so lovely and so sexy! ' She hugged me, skin to skin, touching one another with all parts of our bodies. There seemed to be a spark and we kissed, then she hugged John and kissed him as well.

She said: 'let's go in, then you can meet Jan, I'm sure you'll like him. He has a lot in common with John with our shared sexual preferences ... but we'll discuss that later. Come on in!'

She led us down the hall to the living room where Jan got up and walked over to meet us. Like John, he wore casual clothes. He too hugged me and kissed my cheeks and said, "Of course I've seen you before, but you look even sexier with your ensemble now!" He shook hands with John saying, ' We are lucky guys to be able to share this evening with such beautiful and horny women!' John fully agreed, saying, 'But I think they'll share first... That's also worth enjoying, also for us to see them doing it!'

We noticed there was an inflatable bed placed at the other side of the room with some towels to the side of it and I complimented them saying: 'I see you two as hosts have well prepared for a social and comfortable evening!' We sat down and Jan asked, 'Would you like something to drink?' A little later we ladies were all sitting behind a glass of wine. Then Anna explained that Jan likes to see her naked in and around the house, which happened regularly in the summer as she likes it too. She had got so used to it that it was a small step to go for a walk naked in the woods near the farm. They hadn't gone any further, especially because they lived there, and wouldn't risk to be the talk of the town. Therefor Jan always carried her dress in a bag with them on those walks. They understood all the better that we were taking advantage of our holiday to go further with it.

I told about our walk this morning; it excited Anna and she put her hand on my thigh while she asked me questions about how I experienced that. I liked to talk about that and as her hand went on to my pussy, I spread my legs to give her access and she started massaging my clit with her fingers. We kissed and started making out. I asked her to stop for a moment and gently slid my clit clip off my labia and put it on the table so we could continue unhindered. Anna said: 'Let's get on the bed and make ourselves comfortable..' We went over and stared to fondle. After paying attention to each other's breasts and nipples, we smoothly transitioned into position 69 where we started licking each other's pussy with Anna on top.

Meanwhile our husbands had undressed; John positioned himself in front of Anna and presented his dick to her while Jan came to me, stroking me with his.

It was clear it was time to take care of our men, so Anna and I let go to suck them. I was surprised by Jan's cock, how handsome but big he was; I went out of my way to take as much of it into my mouth as I felt comfortable and started sucking on it as it thickened a bit. To give him a good treat, I twisted my tongue around his glans, making sure to make good contact with the edge of it. I took his dick in my hands to admire the shape stroking it. When pre-cum came out of his dick, I licked it from his glance, playing with his pee hole with my tongue and I started sucking him again.

The desire arose in me to welcome this masterpiece into my pussy to have my cervix massaged by his gaze and I told him so. He took a condom, put it on his dick and started to get into me. Luckily he was very patient, so my pussy had time to adjust to his size. He was fucking me in a heavenly way, but when he almost came I told him to hold back because I wanted him to get into my mouth. Jan pulled his dick back and I immediately ripped his condom off his dick to put it in my mouth.

Normally I'm a real swallower; no drip leaves my mouth other then past my throat. This time, when Jan came, it was so much cum he released spur after spur that I didn't succeed to swallow all and a part leaked from the corners of my mouth over my chin. I scooped the cum with my index finger putting it back in my mouth to swallow the last drops. It tasted good and fresh, some sweeter then John's cum normally does. Then I went over to John and Anna who were fucking in missionary position. I kissed John, knowing how much he loves is when cum is in my breath and then I kissed Anna. It sent her over the edge tasting Jan's cum in my mouth, she had her orgasm and John next.

As Jan is not a star in English, lying down on my back and spreading my legs, I mimed with face and fingers to him I wanted him to lick me to have my orgasm. He led down between my legs to lick my gaping pussy. John came next to me and took my hand. Lying there hand in hand being licked, in minutes, I reached a tremendous orgasm..

When I was back on the world again, I thanked Jan and we we followed John and Anna in the garden to take a seat having a break and a drink before the second round. Before sitting down, I said: 'I feel a bit over-dressed...' Taking of my small jacket; 'it isn't comfortable when having sex, anyway, taking it of will prevent stains later on.'

Their garden has a hedge to the side of the road, but leaves a bright view over the fields and the woods after their farm. Anna said: 'We can have a walk if you like, after that we'll have build up enough energy and appetite to perform our second round if you wish. It'll take only about fifteen minutes, you'll like the freedom and the views on our way..'

That seemed a great idea to me, while the men stayed home and had another beer, we went on our way hand in hand. In the distance we saw farms and a village, but having enough coverage most of the time we enjoyed the evening sun on our skin. We talked about how we loved the experience we had so far having sex together and swapping partners. Anna asked: 'Would the two of you mind having sex without condoms and going 'for the real thing' as you'll still have a week of holidays left?'

It was true; we definitely still had the opportunity to enjoy a lot of playing time together and would have an easier way of physical connecting under us without thinking when to have intercourse using a condom and the other time without.

II said: 'I for me would love to feel Jan's massive load being released in my womb, and swallowing cum like I did before could cause the same health risks.' Anna answered: 'And I would love to eat your pussy out after that!' We agreed having sex without limits and we would discus this with our husbands when we were back.

Without meeting anyone we returned on the terrace and joined our men having a drink. We brought up we wanted to go for the 'real thing', John and Jan directly enthusiastically agreed. They also saw the advantages; John suggested to get the bed outside on the terrace for the second round as there was enough coverage from the hedge to the side of the road. We all agreed and with the four of us, once the double doors were open, we carried the bed and towels outside.

Once installed, Anna revealed her wish and John answered: 'It'll be a pleasure following the etiquette to fore fill the wish of your hosts.' Giving Anna, who translated to Jan what was said a hand and leading her to the bed. I said to Jan: 'Can you please help me out; I would love to return the favor to Anna so you have work to do!' Jan seemed to understand, gave me a hand and lead me to the bed where Anna was already sucking on John's dick; when he laid down, I started to suck his dick again to prepare him for fucking. In minutes we were fucking like rabbits in the warm air under the evening sun. John was the first to reach his orgasm; after he had filled Anna's pussy he withdraw his dick so that Anna could close her legs to hold in his cum for me to savor. Then it was Jan's turn to pump his seed in me. I enjoyed his strong pulses of seamen shooting loads and loads on my cervix; being filled up, I felt his cum leaking out of my pussy. When he withdraw I immediately crawled in position over Anna's head and started licking and sucking John's cum from her pussy and sucking on her labia. After a few minutes we changed the upper and lower position to facilitate me in sucking the last cum out. Anna started to spasm towards her orgasm; I flicked my tongue around her clit, giving her her orgasm. She cried out loud:'Go on, don't stop..!' she spasmed until she was done and I finished licking.;

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