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(𝗼˳★)? Mayvie ? ! he spook
7teen & yt librafem lesb ◟♡◝
◞◜introject sys bpd hldr
✦﹕mitski luvr

about me ♡ ?!

hiii im mayvie !!! im a sys alter
and introject of many (ask for
full list!!) i have bpd & it affects
how i act so pls be mindful of
this! i dont rlly have that much
of a dni aside from the basics
+ if you associate with this freak
in any way whatsoever!!! (cry ab it)
i love mitski soosososo much plz
dont say you like her more than
me!!! im also the no.1 halloween
fan :3 live laugh halloween best
holiday ever!!! i also lovemail her
and her + others soo much!! <3

Pub: 07 Dec 2022 17:20 UTC
Edit: 30 Dec 2022 13:18 UTC
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