They knew nothing but appearances ya know. Phillip would be so much easier to deal with. She was so relieved on that part but so excited for this evening.

That evening I helped get Jodi shaved, perfumed, and ready. She put on a new red dress that was knee length and form fitting. It was sexy but not a mini skirt. It looked high class even though it had a nice plunging neck line and hugged her curves perfectly. She wore a pair of dark stockings and a dark lace bra and thong. Wow what a package. She wore her contacts this evening and did a great job on her fairly conservative yet accentuating make-up. She topped it all off by standing on her black 4" heels with the sexy open toes and ankle straps. When she walked in those heels her ass moved so perfect. It was all I could do to keep from lifting that dress, bending her over and fucking her everytime I saw her dressed like that. Aaargh! What a turn on.

I dressed in a nice suit and tie and we headed to the restraunt we had arranged to meet Phillip at. He was waiting for us in the lobby. He looked quite presentable in slacks a dress shirt and tie. We looked like we were actually there for a business dinner. We had drinks and ate a very nice dinner and had a few more drinks. From anyone viewing it all looked so innocent. Little did they know Jodi had soaked her thong and was worried about a wet spot on the back of her dress where she sat. We joked back and forth and Phillip asked "What did you think of the animation details we discussed in your office today?" It sounded purely professional. Jodi smiled and said "I was so impressed with the larger font so everything was easy to see and no hidden fine print. I like the animation. It adds so much action to the large font. I am really interested." They both smiled a knowing smile. I added "Have you guys thought about video clips in the advertising, maybe some links in the website advertising. I like the idea of video links and instructional videos on the add sites." They looked at each other and said "Video clips would be acceptable. We need to get really good stuff for that. Nothing cheap or grainy." We all smiled.

This sounds like a great deal when can we finalize all the details. Phillip said "Why don't we meet at my office after dinner and get the ball rolling on this whole new ad campaign for your store." He said it nice and loud enough for tables around to hear in case anyone were listening. It was all fun. We both loved the way this guy operated. We all shook hands at the door and talked about meeting at his office. He got in his rental car and we got in our car and headed the ten blocks to his hotel.

He headed in and we waited ten minutes in our car. I asked Jodi how she was doing and she grinned an evil grin then whispered "I'm so fucking horney... This is exciting. He plays the businessman side of this so well. I guess he has to in case his ex is trying to have him followed to get something on him." We smiled and held hands. I kissed her deeply then said "You ready to get a great fucking my dear?" She smiled and kissed me then grabbed the car door. I guess so... I grabbed my camera bag and came around the car to meet her.

We walked in to the hotel and up to the elevator. We hugged and kissed in the elevator on the way to the right floor. At Phillips door she looked up and down and straightened her dress "Do I look OK?" I laughed and said "Yep.... I want to fuck you here and now. You look delicious." She just smiled as Phillip opened the door and ushered us in. He and I shook hands as he closed the door. As soon as the door was closed Jodi grabbed him and hugged the big guy in a tight hug. They kissed deeply and as they seperated she hissed "You were so cool... you were driving me crazy in that restraunt... I wanted to jump your bones." We all laughed. He showed us into his suite. He poured us some wine and had Jodi's favorite on ice. Perfect.

We had a glass of wine as Jodi snuggled up to Phillip on the couch. I sat in a chair and took some pics. He finally leaned over and began kissing her and she set down her glass and began kissing him back. It was incredible how fast her dress came off and he was sucking on her nipples. She definitely responded and began rubbing his crotch. She undid his tie, then shirt, then pants. He was in his underwear and so was she when she purred "Bedroom?" He rose and lead her by the hand to the bedroom. I filmed them walking hand in hand in to the bed.

They were kissing as her bra and panties hit the floor then his underwear hit the floor. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. His huge cock was right under her pussy. I watched her move around a bit then rub his cock between her pussy lips. I could tell she wanted fucked right then and there. Phillip had other ideas though. He rubbed his cock over her pussy lips but then turned around and layed her on her back on the bed. She let out a disappointed groan as he moved his cock away from her opening but he made up for it as he kissed her tits and closed his hands around each one as he sucked on the nipples. She responded big time as he kissed his way down her flat belly then ended up kissing all around her pussy.

I thought she would levitate off the bed when he began tonguing her sensitive pussy. Jodi pressed into his mouth and bucked her hips. I think we were all in amazement at how fast she came on his tongue. Anticipation I think. Phillip was very good at what he did and he kept at it by placing a couple of his fingers in her pussy and continuing his assault with his tongue. She never missed a beat as his fingers stroked in/out she rocked her hips. Phillip kept at that for several minutes and as Jodi was right at the brink of cumming again he pulled his fingers out and worked his way back up to her tits. He played with them and kissed her neck then lips.

I filmed all of it and had a raging hard on. Phillip looked at me and said "Time for that later... get undressed and get over here. This little slut of yours wants some really good fucking. I think we both better give it to her. Don't you?" I hope I didn't break anything on the camera as I tossed it aside. Actually I set it in the chair pointed toward the bed and let it run.

Phillip and I played with Jodi's nipples and I kissed her neck and whispered things in her ears and proceeded to kiss her for a long time. I asked her if she was ready for Phillips huge cock and she hissed "Oh fuck Yes. I've been waiting... Want it sooo bad." Phillip was rubbing his cockhead between her pussy lips as he slid the head into her slowly. She let out a groan as the head was embedded into her opening. I kissed her again and whispered "Feel good?" She hissed out "Oh fuck that thing is big... feels so fucking good." Phillip looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and gave him a nod.

He began working in/out of her in short strokes and she responded in a big way. I began kissing her nipples then kissing her collar bone and neck. Before he was all the way in she had a huge orgasm. Her legs shook and she groaned out very loudly. We never missed a beat and Phillip kept fucking her. Be bottomed out and had a bit left so he started into the little short pushing strokes deep in her pussy. I could tell she was in heaven. Her hands were wrapped in my hair as I kissed her. I moved all over the upper half of her body as Phillip took care of her lower half. I could tell she was getting ready to cum again with him buried deep in her. At this rate she'd be exhausted in no time.

Phillip and I slowed the pace a bit as he just remained deep in her barely moving as she rocked her hips and worked herself up. I kept up my kissing and rubbing assault. She was loving every minute. When she finally came again Phillip began moving in funny little motions and grunted as he buried deep in her and groaned as he filled her with cum. As he pulled out Jodi looked at both of us and said in a tired voice "That was fucking incredible." We both kissed her and helped her sit up.

Phillip walked in and got our wine glasses and freshened them up. We drank as Jodi sat on the bed. Jodi finished hers and I stood up and took her glass and set it aside. She grabbed my raging hard on and pulled me to her. She went to work giving me a great blowjob. Because I was so damned aroused I didn't last long. She gobbled up every drop. We kind of chuckled as I shrugged. "Ya sure got me going there." She winked and said "Thats the idea right?" Jodi got up and headed for the bathroom.

Phillip and I did a good fist bump then sat on the bed. When Jodi got back she kneeled down in front of Phillip and began playing with his cock. She purred "Is this all my juices on this monster?" We all laughed and said "Yep" She began licking the head of his cock and it got nice and hard. Jodi stood up and straddled him and pushed him back on the bed. She grabbed his cock and rubbed it between her pussy lips for a good long while as she remained straddling him. I think she really liked that sensation cause she rubbed back and forth the full length of him up and down her slit. She was panting in little short breaths like she was very excited. She looked over her shoulder at my cock, which was rock hard again, and smiled as she said "There is no way you two guys can DP me but honey please fuck my ass while I rub on him." I obliged by slowly entering her ass. She groaned as I filled her. My pumping actions began rubbing her pussy up and down along his shaft. She was making some funny little noises and knew she was so so excited. On one back stroke Phillip raised his cock a bit. Instead of rubbing her slit the head pressed against her opening. She stopped right there but I kept my strokes going. After a couple strokes deep in her ass with Phillips cockhead right against her pussy opening Jodi pushed back at us both. She let out a loud whimper and bit her lower lip. I held still buried deep in her ass and she pushed back against Phillips huge intruder. She kept up the pressure and both of us held perfectly still. She was letting out a high pitched whimper and kept pushing back. I heard her let out a loud hiss as I felt his head pop into her pussy.

I moved back just a bit and that let her push back a bit. So slowly she pushed back and more of Phillip entered her. She was breathing short little breaths and we evened out with about 6" each in her. Jodi held still and whimpered a bit "I had to try... I got both of you in me. Oh fuck... so full.... just hold still.... I can do this..." She wiggled and rocked a bit. She managed another inch or so then backed off. All she could say was "Oh my fucking god... I just got DP'ed by the two biggest guys I know... I'm such a slut... holy shit". She finally moved forward and pulled herself off us. She kind of collapsed on Phillip. I backed away as she lay on him.

After a little while she moved up to the center of the bed and motioned to both of us to get up alongside her. She rested with one of us on each side. I could tell she was relaxing. I got up slowly and went in and washed off. When I turned off the lights and returned she was on top of Phillip fucking him. After she came and he came she layed back alongside him. I layed down along her other side. I looked over at Phillip and he looked at me. We just smiled at each other. Jodi was snuggled up against him breathing like she was going to sleep.

After a little while I was relaxing and looking at the ceiling when Jodi rolled over and snuggled up against me. She kissed my chest and then layed there. It seemed like a half hour when she reached up and kissed my neck. I could hear Phillip lightly snoring. Jodi slowly slid up on top of me. She kissed me in long slow kisses. She whispered in my ear "I love you so much.... this was so great.... thank you." I kissed her a long passionate kiss. I was hard again and she felt it. She was laying on top of me and somehow worked herself onto my cock without even raising up. She laid there on me with my cock deep in her. That is how we went to sleep.

In the morning we woke to the sound of a shower. Phillip was in the shower and Jodi and I were laying on the bed together. Jodi was awake and nudged me. She said "order breakfast and I'll go join Phillip". She got up and padded of toward the bathroom as I called room service. I cleaned up a bit and folded up our clothes. I put on my underwear and pants and wandered the suite a bit. I heard a couple whimpers from the bathroom over the shower. Jodi was getting fucked.

They finished there shower about the time room service arrived. I tipped the guy and he left as they came out of the bathroom in a couple white hotel terry cloth robes. They smiled as I poured coffe and handed them a cup. Jodi's long hair was wrapped in a towel and her robe was loosely tied. We sat down for breakfast. We were all smiling. After breakfast Jodi asked "What do you have planned for the day Phillip?" He shrugged and said "No plans but so far it's a great day." We all smiled. Jodi said "We would like you to come to our place for dinner and dessert if you don't mind." I looked at her and smiled. Phillip agreed. We finished breakfast and Everyone cleaned up and got dressed. Jodi gave Phillip directions and told him to be there in mid afternoon. He readily agreed. We left and headed home.

On the way home Jodi reclined her seat and smiled. I looked over and she smiled at me "You Ok with all this?" I smiled a shit eatin grin and responded "Oh hell yes." She smiled and laid her head back a nice grin on her face. We stopped at the store and grabbed food for this evening and some more wine and headed home.

After we'd been home a little while I put the meat in a marinate and suggested Jodi catch some sun. She smiled and went in and got her small red bikini on. I smiled at that. I put some beer and wine on ice to cool. I figured Phillip would be here in a short while. I sat next to Jodi and added some nice coconut scented oil to her body. She purred at that attention. I wanted to fuck her then and there. I asked her what she had in mind for this evening. She looked around and said "I'll play it by ear... pretty sure my pussy will be full though." I laughed and said "I can guarantee it." She had a light little robe laying next to her and laid out enjoying the warm sun.

Phillip arrived about 3 and Jodi was still out tanning. I offered him a beer and we walked out onto the back deck. Jodi was glad to see him and stood up to greet him. She gave him a big kiss as she put on her light little robe but didn't bother tying it. She had on a white pair of sandals so her short stature was really accentuated between Phillip and I being a foot taller than her. She put an arm around each of us. She was smiling like a cheshire cat. She left us to go get a glass of wine from a chilled bottle. As she walked away I could see she was strutting pretty good.

We were all hungry so Phillip and I got to work grilling and Jodi went to the kitchen to finish up everything else. She purred "An early supper leaves more time for desert." Phillip and I looked at each other and kind of shrugged "cool". We had a couple more beers and dinner was ready. By 5 we were eating. After eating we sat on the deck for a little while. Phillip and I were in shorts and light shirts and Jodi was still in her bikini and robe. It was a great evening. Jodi suggested we go inside and watch some TV. We agreed and ended up in the living room. She asked what we were interested in. We both kind of shrugged. She said "OK I get to pick." She walked over to our fun movie drawer and winked at me. Oh boy was all I could think. She popped in a disc and said "You guys enjoy... I'm going to shower and get all this tanning lotion off me and get changed." "Back in a bit."

Phillip and I looked at each other and grinned. I said "I wonder what kind of movie this little minx loaded for us. She's up to no good." Phillip laughed and said "Ya think?" We laughed and sat back with our beers. I pushed play. After a few minutes I looked over at Phillip and our eyes met. I kind of mouthed out "Whew" as we watched the screen. It was a bound gang bang video. A hot little redhead was tied to a bed and a group of various race guys were really fucking her. She acted like she was fighting them. Each time they would untie her to move her in a different position she would struggle. She got fucked and creampied. These guys were not gentle and she got fucked everyway possible.

The shower was on a long time while we watched the video. A second one on the disc was an interracial impregnation video where some blonde was getting fucked by a couple black guys trying to knock her up. Pretty good. There was silence from the bedroom for a long long time. We looked at each other and I said "I wonder if she fell asleep or something" Phillip laughed and said "Trying to decide what outfit or make up." We laughed and grabbed another beer.

A little while later we heard Jodi holler down the hall "Can you guys come help me. I did something dumb." It came from the spare room. We looked at each other and shrugged. When we entered the room we looked at each other then back at her. She was wearing a black little bustiere that covered the lower half of her tits, black stockings, 4" black heels and her hair was braided and in a bun on her head. She was standing next to the right bedpost at the foot of the bed. Her hands were above her head and she seemed to be fussing with something. We both saw she had a handcuff on her right wrist hooked to one of the rings up higher on the bedpost. She smiled and said "Silly me.... I tried this just for grins and ended up doing something silly. I can't get undone. See the key is over there." She reached for the left post as far as she could (the key was hanging from the post) but couldn't quite reach. She was facing the bed and had her back to us. She looked over her shoulder and spread her legs wide as she reached for the key. A perfect spread eagle standing. She said "You guys wouldn't take advantage of a girl in a compromised position would you?" I chuckled and took her hint. I grabbed another set of cuffs off the bed and clicked them on her left wrist and to the left post. She kind of let out a gasp "What are you guys doing? Not like this.... Oh no." Phillip grabbed her right leg and I grabbed her left and we pulled them way apart and cuffed them to the bottom of the bedpost. Jodi feigned alarm as I placed a blindfold on her eyes. The game was on.

Phillip began by wrapping his arms around her and rubbing her tits with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. She played like she was resisting but her whimpers and groans weren't quite convincing. I dropped all my clothes and got up on the bed and stood in front of her. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand and my cock with the other and guided it into her mouth. She started sucking my cock eagerly while Phillip finger fucked her quite furiously. She moaned and groaned on my cock as he assaulted her pussy. I looked over her back and saw Phillip lose his clothes and line his cock up with her from behind. She let out a groan on my cock as he entered her. We both fucked her from each end. Phillip came deep in her first. I pulled out of her mouth and got down off the bed.

Phillip and I undid her hands and placed them behind her back and re-cuffed them. I pushed on her shoulder blades and made her bend at the waste and put her chest on the bed. I grabbed some lube and worked a couple fingers in her ass. I followed those up by burying my cock deep in her ass. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard until I came deep in her ass. Once I was done Phillip undid her legs and pushed her up onto the bed and rolled her over. Her hands were still cuffed behind her yet he lifted her legs high and cuffed her ankles high and wide to rings on the bedpost. There she was wide open. Phillip had gotten hard again and buried himself deep in her pussy in just a couple strokes. Jodi was howling and cussing but in no time she was screaming for us to fuck her hard. When Phillip was done I took his place. After both of us had come she had cum leaking out of her pussy all down the foot of the bedspread. I grabbed a camera and took a couple pics of her leaking, stretched pussy.

I checked and found that Jodi had turned on the video recording stuff we'd set up in that room. Sweet. Phillip and I took a break and had a beer while she laid there whimpering. We ended up undoing her ankles and rolling her on her belly fully on the bed this time. We hooked her ankles back on the foot posts though. Phillip crawled up on her and spread her ass wide. He lubed her ass again and began finger fucking her ass violently. Jodi was howling yet breathng rapidly and I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. Phillip put his cock in her ass and began fucking her. She made all kinds of noises from pleasure to pain as Phillip picked up his pace and depth. After a little bit he was fucking her ass balls deep and fucking her so very hard. Her pleas were a mix of crying and cumming when she had a strong strong orgasm.

After we were done taking turns in her ass she laid there whimpering. We took a break and I leaned down and whispered "How'd ya like that?" She answered loudly "You kinds can't do this to me.... Oh god no... My husband will be home soon... Oh god no... no more... he'll be home soon. He'll kill me." I smiled at Phillip and he leaned in and whispered "We're gonna fuck you til he comes home... You shouldn't have been such a teasing slut wife.... now you'll pay the price...." She groaned "Oh no please no. I can't get pregnant.... please no." We chuckled and I crawled on her and fucked her pussy again and filled her with more cum. When I was done Phillip took his turn. When He was done he leaned over and said "There you go you teasing little slut wife. We fucked a baby into that little pussy of yours." She let out an exclamation "Oh god no anything but that." We told her to hold still til the count of 50 and undid her bonds. We turned out the lights and left the room.

Phillip and I were sitting in the living room when we heard the shower again. We drank another beer and sat back shooting the shit. Jodi walked out in a thin white robe. I could see she had nothing on under it. She grabbed a glass of wine then sat between us and cuddled up to me. She looked at Phillip and said "That was friggin awesome. Thanks you guys. I hope you had fun too." We smiled and said "Oh hell yes that was great. She rubbed my cock a bit and said "I sure liked it. Didn't know how you guys would work it." "You guys did it perfect"

We had some drinks then she suggested each of us catch a shower. Phillip headed in first. Jodi looked at me, smiled, then got up and headed for the bathroom. I could hear her groaning after a few minutes. A nice shower fuck for little Jodi. I watched another movie for something to do. They took a long time. I finally got up and slipped back to the bedroom. Phillip was laying on our bed and Jodi was on top of him riding his cock. I stood and watched the great show. I slipped on into the bathroom and caught a shower. I was near done when Jodi slipped in with me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply and said "I love you so much.... This is great. You OK with this?" I smiled and kissed her deeply. I put my arms around her waist and lifted her up. I lined up and sank my hard cock into her very wet pussy and she groaned in approval. She had her arms around my neck and kissed my neck. She whispered in my ear "You like fucking your little slut wife?" I smiled and thrust a couple times in deep and said "All day, all night". She kissed me and sounded so content. She said "Lets go in and go to bed. I love having both of you in bed with me. Phillip was asleep on one side of the bed as we slipped in with Jodi in the middle. She fucked both of us at least once during the night. What a great night.

In the morning we had a nice breakfast and chatted. Nothing seemed akward. Jodi asked Phillip "Are you into bondage then?" He laughed and said "Oh hell yes. That was fun. You shocked me in a pleasant way last night." She just smiled a big smile and said "You ain't seen nothin yet. Some other visit we can really have fun." We all smiled. She smiled at me then said "I wonder if he can be up to visit in September at the ranch?" Phillip looked puzzled and said "Ranch in September?" Jodi smiled and said "If your available we have some fun little vacation planned to the family ranch. We kind of want to live out a few fantasies if your interested we'd like you to be part of that." Phillip smiled and said "If this was a preview then count me in. Just let me know what days and I'll plan on it." Jodi looked at me and smiled a big grin.

Phillip left by mid morning with big kisses from Jodi and a firm handshake from me. What a weekend. When we were back inside Jodi leaned into me and hummed a little tune then stopped and said "Bob will be here in two weeks... wanna audition him the same way? I laughed and said "If your up for it." She smiled and said "Oh yes I sure am.... If this works out then we'll get all four of us at the ranch.... Ya know what I mean?" I smiled at that and said "Oh that poor little farmers wife. Prison break??? and???" She smiled a shit eating grin and said and she won't be on birth control oh my." I kissed her as we sat on the couch then looked at her seriously.

"That poor farmers wife gettting banged by those bad prisoners, that black farm hand, and say the banker trying to evict them, she'd have to put out for him." I shrugged and said "Oh that poor girl will get pregnant for sure.... Will my little wife?" She looked at me and kissed me. A couple more weeks till I have to get my BC re-done.... what do you think?" I kind of rubbed her belly then kissed her a long deep kiss and whispered "oh that poor farmers wife... knocked up". I just shook my head. She looked at me and said "Really" I smiled and said "If your ready to get pregnant. Lets do this and lets have a blast doing it." She looked concerned for a minute and said "What if one of them gets me pregnant." I smiled and said "WE got you, that poor little farmers wife knocked up, I am fine with it. I really am. Are you?" She smiled and said "Lets do it. First things first. Lets see how Bob works out."

Chapter 5 is in the works. Wondering how Bob should work out? Options. 1. He's a total ass and does bad things and doesn't work out. 2. He is really rough and plays to Jodi's love of rough. 3. He whimps out and isn't cool with the scenario. 4. He falls for Jodi and creates all kinds of problems. Still wondering how I wanna write this next one.

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