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What is solo role playing?#

Solo role playing is a form of role playing where you play completely by yourself as both the player and to a certain extent the GM.

Why should you play solo?#

Unparalleled freedom, allows forever GMs to experience being a player, lets people unable or unwilling to find a group experience TTRPGs.

What does solo play have over say writing or /qst/ing?#

"Well the randomness from the dice, tables, and other systems take the game in directions you wouldn't think to, so it's unpredictable. That's pretty much it: randomness." / "Would necessarily use the term "over." Soloplay has it's own sets of challenges when compared to writing, running or playing in a /qst/, or cobbling together or using a CYOA. Oracles are not always kind, neither are the dice or cards. A lot of times you're forced to push forward with non-optimal choices, and in a lot of cases you have to accept loss or defeat. It can be a lot closer to a solitaire wargame, like the pocket ones they sell for travel or camping." / "Solo play is what you want it to be - it can part writing, part rolling and interpreting within an oracle and system, or it can be mostly rolling and going through the scenario in your head. You could play something similar to a /qst/ that goes in ways you don't expect - without voting - because of the dice rolls; you could face a bad situation that gets worse, then the character performs poorly, creating tension and twists where you wouldn't find it writing. Some of the quality will depend on how you setup your random tables and game, some on your interpretation and imagination - it's not something you can pick up and do at a high level without some experience and practice."

How do I get started?#

Play Ironsworn or use a system alongside Mythic GM Emulator, Conjectural Roleplaying Gamemaster Emulator, or MUNE. If you struggle to get things moving watch the first episode of Me, Myself and Die which demonstrates how solo play works ( )

What systems/tools are available?#

There are all sorts of different systems, tools and play aids available. Da Curated Archive has some solo troves with plenty of them, and you'll also find some in the pastebin. This document has a list of various tools and systems, keep scrolling down.

"You want to play fantasy? Ironsworn." / "Mythic is kinda fiddly and some people don't like the chaos mechanic - I think the newer oracles that use clocks for interrupts on No results have better elegance. The rest of the system is solid and the variations are good but roll heavy and require some system expertise to work, so it's not just pick up and play. It does have a lot of good supplements you can use with or without Mythic, such as the Adventure Crafter, Location Crafter and Creature Crafter. MUNE, Zathrum, Apocalypse Oracle are all simpler and effective oracle systems. They work best when tacked onto an existing RPG system, though. For these, you generally want to find other tables and - I'll call them themed oracles because I'm not sure what to term them - tables that have specific outcomes that you find lacking in your game (dialogue, encounter, scene, seed, etc). UNE is a good example of these and the author has a few other short books that are solid. I suspect most of people use a mish-mash of stuff they like if they play for more than a few sessions." / "Oracles like 9 Questions and Perilous Intersections are solid and very useful if you feel your solo play is directionless or you struggle with making your adventures feel dramatic." / "Journaling solo rpgs lean on a mixture of oracles and prompts in order to progress the story. The nice thing about most of them, such as the Wretched & Alone series, is that it is a very fluid and quick system, with a lot of variations--however the prompts are usually limited, so you get more out of these types of games if you're willing to include your own prompts if you enjoy a particular game or setting."

What games are/aren't solo friendly?#

"Crunchy games. It seems like most people like simple games. So avoid things like Shadowrun, GURPS, HERO, or any kind of majorly crunchy game." / "Technically speaking you can run any system you want solo. However, crunchier systems can be challenging to run alone and generally aren't recommended for beginners to solo play."

How do I create scenes?#

"A scene is created by either randomly generating a prompt from a generator/oracle (The Adventure Crafter, Picture Dice, Word generators, etc) and then interpreting the results to fit the game currently being played; Or alternatively by manually thinking of a scenario for your characters to find themselves in during play" / "Either use a prompt from an oracle/random table or think of a scenario on your own."

How do I conduct combat?#

"Combat is conducted through the same means conducted during group play of an RPG. Your system will outline the rules of combat and you follow those rules the same way you would if playing normally, such as assigning each character initiative or tracking positions in battle. Any aspect of combat can be simplified, skipped, or expanded on to your liking at any time during play such as simplifying combat to just one or two rolls or treating a combat encounter with the same depth as a tactical game" / "In terms of mechanics the normal combat mechanics of your game should work fine. As for deciding what NPCs will do during encounters, you can either consult an oracle or make the decisions yourself. You can find a simple, universal oracle for NPC behavior below. "

How do I DM?#

This is a primer on the different skills you'll need to DM.


Free RPG Books#

Check out the PDF Share Thread on /tg/ for links to free RPG PDFs:


Browser tools#

Browser based Mythic GM oracle:
Story tracker (NPC generators, Yes/No Oracle, Adventure seed):
Dungeon mapping:
Tables to roll on:
Wide variety of generators for different subjects:
Wiki for generating random lists:
Virtual Game Master:
MUNE online tool:
Top down city generator:
City generator with dice:
UNE Webapp Generator:
GM Apprentice webapp:
Alternative mythic gme oracle:
Atlas generator:
Towns generator including quests:
Mythic Variations 2 form/result generator:
Oldskull adventure auto-roller:
Stronghold Generator:
Virtual tabletop:
Hex map and description generator:

Browser tools for idea generators#

Japanese word:
Mo (Tibetan divination dice)
Configurable phrase/seed geneartor:
Zero Dice:
Random faces and images:
Portrait generator for characters:

Sites# (variety of generators for rpgs) (Random tables for generation) (MUNE) (Dungeon design) (Player Emulator) (Using the mythic system to control players) (npc action choice emulation) (Tension Pool; event generator based on time spent and recklessness) (Tons of searchable random tables) (More tables for rolling up details, names, buildings, etc.) (desktop application for text logging, oracles, and random generators) (numerous tables for generating little and big details for an rpg) (excel sheet with a plethora of options for the Traveller rpg) (How to create themed meaning tables from novels) (Guide to solo roleplaying) (A collection all tools for playing) (Word frequency generator) (a system for determining NPC reactions) (Universal table for suggesting the first letter of a result) (Idioms as oracle results) (framework for creating locations with playing cards) (In depth Solo Wargaming guide)

Ironsworn play aids# (Online Character Sheet) (Oracles and Rollers) (work in progress)


Me, Myself, and Die
Ironsworn playthrough by Adam Koebel
Geek Gamers
Solo RPG Guy
RPG Tips
Talking About Games
Brian Washburn
Artichoke Dip

Audio play#

Tale of the Manticore
The Iron Realm

Written play#

MUNE tutorial (/srpgg/'s A Brief Solo-play Tutorial)

The 9Qs actual play


Vampire: The Masquerade

Various systems



Complete games#

Seekers Beyond the Shroud (2019)
Ironsworn (2018)
Four Against Darkness (2016)
The Drifter
English Eerie: Rural Horror Storytelling Game for One Player
Witch & Knave
D100 Dungeon
The Adventurer (
Storyleaves by Jamie Fristrom
MAZE RAT, Solo Roleplay Using MAZE RATS From PPM
Demonic Solo Rules for Shadow of the Demon Lord
How to Host a Dungeon 2nd Edition
Frostgrave: Dark Alchemy
Wretched & Alone
Fantasu Rulebook (
Cthulhu: Death May Die
Five Parsecs From Home
Rangers of Shadow Deep
Thousand Year Old Vampire

Games under development#

Fires Far Away: A Solitaire Journey

Game books#
Fabled Lands series

Gaming tools#

Mythic Game Master Emulator (2006)
Mythic Variations 2 (2017)
The Adventure Crafter (2018)
The Location Crafter (2014)
The Creature Crafter (2009)
The 9Qs (2012)
Combat Tactic (
Apocalypse Oracle (
One Page Solo
Daydream Universal
Story Cubes
Motif Story Engine (Solo and GM-Lite Roleplaying Toolkit)
Tiny Solitary Soldiers
Conjectural Roleplaying Gamemaster Emulator
Zathrum v2
Perilous Intersections
The GameMaster's Apprentice: Base Deck
Story Card deck
The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox for 5E D&D
The Solo Adventurer's Toolbox Part Two: The Toolbox Expanded
SOLO: Solo RPG Campaigns for the Cepheus Engine
Story Forge cards
Theme Generator 2e from Ken Wickham (His other tools are available here:
The Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook
Bivius Solo RPG
Soloist RPG by Chris Atthestudy
Tome of Adventure Design (2011) (Tables for random generation.)
Solocubes solitaire RPG engine
Compilation of tables from various systems (
Instant Game
Cutup tool for generating output from your favorite books (rebrand<dot>ly/solocutuptool)
Deck of Enemy AI (
Morning Coffee Solo Variations by Alea iactanda est
Ironsmith: Expanded Oracles
INRADIC Victorian & Pulp Fantasy Imagination Gaming
Silently Sworn

Android App#


Descriptions of free generic oracles, engines, and gm emulators#

3 Stone Stories ( )
3d6 system. You only roll to determine how well your character does at an action. The story is up to you to decide.

A Basic System 12 ( )
1d12 system. A "yes and, no, maybe" answers system.

ALONe: A Solo Game Engine BETA ( )
Card system. Uses keywords to create a character. Scenes have a chance of triggering random events. Uses a deck to answer yes/no questions. Also emulates npcs. Makes use of the The GameMaster's Apprentice: Base Deck.

CRGE, Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator ( )
Percentile dice system and d20. Uses tables to answer questions with "Yes and, no, but" type answers and adds instructions to answers using the d20 table. Includes rules about scenes and threads.

Chapter System ( )
A short system for constructing a single moment or scene about the length of a typical novel chapter. Rules are about what to include in your scene and what to do with your elements.

Crossroads ( )
1d6 system. Story is decided by you but when you need an answer you flip a coin to decide between two directions the story could take. Uses a system of counting to limit the length of the story.

Daydream Universal ( )
You describe your character to create them. The descriptions are assigned a value for the purposes of calculating the outcome when they are relevant. Calculate results and refer to a table for a "No and, No but, Yes because, etc" answer. YOu gain a bonus to a roll when you role play your character. Has optional settings such as 1d10 oracle rolls and scene generator using a table.

EPIC ( )
1d6 system. "Yes and, no but, etc" answers oracle. You roll more dice the more choatic the narrative becomes. You also modify the number of dice depending on the likelyhood of the answer. Table for random events, event focus.

Impetus ( )
1d6 "Yes and, no but, etc" answers oracle. Provides charts to give you random ideas for where to take a story next. Sometimes results give you instructions.

In the Heart of the Delve & Dangerous ( )
This determines the features of a structure of your choosing using a hex grid. Includes a content engine for populating the locations.

In the Heart of the Unknown ( )
Used to generate outdoor areas, weather, and terrain features.

Miso RPG ( )
Uses coins and d6s to answer "Yes, No" questions. Handles combat, creates scenes, details, and background information. Relies on you to create options and to roll for one randomly.

Miso RPG Houserule: Rolling Critical ( )
Add on for Miso RPG that adds the option for event forcuses and more detailed answers of the "Yes but, no and, etc" variety.

One Page Solo Engine ( )
2d6, traditional playing cards or 1d12/1d4 system. Answers questions "Yes and, no but, etc" and complex questions with suggestions. Emultates npc reactions, enemy tactics, random encounters and locations.

Perilous Intersections ( )
Alters the course of your story for you. Provides random prompts and scene framing. Provides guidance for your story with rules and phases to the story.

Player Emulator with Tags ( )
2d6 system. Selects actions for your emulated players though motivational stats.

Recluse: A solo engine ( )
Two 2d6s of different colors. Answers questions with "Yes and, No but, etc". Adds a twist for double rolls that means the question you asked is wrong.

so1um ( )
3d6 system. "No and, yes but, etc" oracle system. Roll on a table for "Yes and" results. Includes combat and character creation rules.

Solo engine by Tiny Solitary Soldiers ( )
2d6 system. Answeres questions in the form of "Yes but, no and, etc". Special d6 for adding random events to the scenes.

The 9 Questions ( )
d6 and d4 system. A series of questions which give you answers to guide your story. Rules for how exactly to proceed with the narrative.

The Madey Upy Namey Emulator ( )
Includes a "yes and, no but, etc" type oracle. Roll an extra d6 when the answer is likely and take the higher result or lower result if unlikely. Has a system for random events. Includes guidelines on how to roll to inspire ideas. Has a system for determining random details to scenes.

Zathrum v2 ( )
d20 system. Includes a table for defining each scene, for probabilities, and a table with twenty different variations of "no unless, yes as long as, etc" with lots of variety. Tables for missions, targets, complications, emotion, personality, and descriptions.


Hex flowers
Word Frequency Event Meaning Charts
Non-authoring solo

Old /solog/ paste section#

This pastebin#

Solo gamers general on 4chan#

Archived threads

Non-/solog/ solo threads# - Mirror - Mirror - Mirror


Solo Games
Quill - A letter-writing roleplaying game for a single player
Quill - Coal & Parchment
Quill - Love Letters

Call of Cthulhu solo CYOAs - Alone against the flames (7th ed.)
Alone against the Wedigo (2nd ed.)
mediafire download/bc4wndl3k6vhfpf/Alone_Against_the_Wendigo.pdf
Alone against the Darkness (2nd ed.)

OSRIC rules system - Grave of the Green Flame
Beyond the Black Wall

Traveller CYOA/solo Modules - Star Trader
Scouts Honor
Traveller Resources - mediafire folder/exr6if4x3xew4/RPG#h2np2yc46mj50 and folder/ko18jptnza760/RPG_STUFF#24622bifkjr8x

Tunnels and Trolls CYOAs - mega #F!5d02mZSQ!mtR7HH2mad0CLk9fgbNN_g!BB1QXCrK
Online Buffalo Castle -
Half Sized Adventures!

Street View - A google maps game
Dungeon Saga
Advanced Heroquest
Warhammer Quest
Sky Lord (Fighting Fantasy, No. 33) -- CYOA
Utopia Engine
Norse Odyssey
Star Wars: Battle for Endor
Redemption: City of Bondage
The part of the DMs Guide that had the random dungeon tables
The d30 Companion
How To Host A Dungeon
Four Against The Darkness --
Assassinorum: Execution Force
Flash Point Fire Rescue
Chronicles of the Blood
Arkham Horror
Level 7 [Escape]
Thunderbolt Apache Leader
Robinson Crusoe
Hounds of Halthrag Keep
Ruins of Undercity
Mad Monks of Kwantoom
Void Racers
Dungeon of Abkadev
Shadows of Brimstone
Arkham Horror
Eldritch Horror
Elder Sign
Descent 2e
Space Empires 4X
Baseball Highlights 2045
Mongoose Traveller - Into the Star
Mythic Game Master Emulator - Location Crafter.pdf
Free Will (Mythic addon)
Zombie in my Pocket
Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed. - Smart Device required
CYOA Threads on /tg/ - Gulp
Kingdom Death:Monster - mega #!KtpSDL4Z!FYMZ-x3nsmFWOMc_858CNJOwLmGLdMbxjkqVHO8ysWQ
Kingdom Death:Monster Expansions - mega #!nkBkBT6a!hh3n6E8cELWDPd2m7FZ57CHRXHd-cvL0YdzQ4XhC8vM
Dungeon Solitaire

Traditional Solitaire

Free CYOAs - - The Lone Wolf Series by Joe Dever
Sword Lords - mega #F!2gMmjQhY!LfRJbJp_jL3qXwRmo-1WUw

Solo D&D - (see below)
OSR Trove Link - mega #F!5d02mZSQ!mtR7HH2mad0CLk9fgbNN_g!AMkBlLSa -- See TSR 9082 - XS1 - Lathan's Gold; TSR 9157 - XS2 - Thunderdelve Mountain
TSR 9067 - Msolo1 - Blizzard Pass
TSR 9060 - Msolo2 - Maze of the Riddling Minotaur
TSR 9097 - BSOLO- Ghost of Lion Castle

D&D Card Master (solo rules included) - mega #!Wx1WAJwY!n0cR6J8FNJL9KvSDphh52S5RxMQMezdH0BhOJ8hvFpQ
Pathfinder - Adventure Card Game
All Things.. Zombie? -
Game Emulators --

Space Hulk Card Game - Death Angel
Warhammer Quest - The Adventure Card Game
Zombicide - Season 1, Prison Outbreak, Rue Morgue (3 core sets); Angry Neighbors, Toxic Mall (2 expansions)

Even More Solo Stuff# - A CYOA - Game Books - A Game - Text CYOA - Hands are tired Look at this link

One on One RPGs
Scarlet Heroes
Monophobia – Cthulhu Adventures for Lone Investigators (willing keeper needed?) -

Trove (beta) - mediafire folder/1ecybp6dp8rix/SoloTG - A tool to make solo RPG gaming easier and to generate content for sandbox RPGs. - Anon's own voyages into the world of Solo RPGs - The HotU Legacy Collection - Tools to create random stuff - The Famous dice roller web app - Last Updated in 2013 - Tools based on Mythic - Name says it all -- Tons of Heroquest (MB Boardgame) stuff -- solo Advanced Heroquest -- solo Warhammer Quest -- Snapshot Solo

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